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PCN Planning
Introduction and overview of Packet Core


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) Charging OSS SIP/ISC Business partners GSM. GPRS.All-IP environment IN VoIP Server PoC Presence MMS Provisioning SMS List mgmt MSS IMS Other AS… (IP Centrex. EDGE. DSL. .… UMA Native IP (SIP) access 4 CT46171EN30GLA0 Corporate Access from fixed and mobile networks PSTN © Nokia Solutions and Networks 2014 . … Internet IP Transport IP PBX WLAN. Cable. WCDMA... HSPA. CDMA.

Intelligent Packet Core overview IP Multimedia Subsystem Service control Flexi NS Service gateways and Application Servers Lawful Interception Flexi NG Business partners 2G cellular 3G cellular Corporate MVNO Internet 5 CT46171EN30GLA0 © Nokia Solutions and Networks 2014 .

control & charging Mobility Management Routing. encapsulation and tunneling (2G) Compression and ciphering (2G) Logical link and radio resource management (2G) • Easy access to services: Override requested APN • Seamless access authentication and service authorization • Access independent service differentiation • Service.End user mobility and connectivity • • • • • Access authentication. subscriber and access awareness SGSN 2G cellular Flexi NG Business partners 3G cellular Corporate MVNO Signaling Data 6 CT46171EN30GLA0 Internet © Nokia Solutions and Networks 2014 .

Video sharing .MMS 2G GPRS AP 3G GPRS AP GERAN UTRAN 3G GPRS network service profile: -… .Broadband streaming .Browsing .FTP / file downloads • Flexi NG allow controlling the allowed services based on access network information • It is possible to configure dedicated Access Points per access network 7 CT46171EN30GLA0 © Nokia Solutions and Networks 2014 .Location aware services .Access independent service differentiation 2G GPRS network service profile: .

9G SGSN Charging Service Credit control provisioning CORPORATE PARTNERS DOMAIN Traffic analysis & service switching CT46171EN30GLA0 PARTNERED SERVICES -INTERNET- PUBLIC DOMAIN INTERNET Access Termination 8 Policy Control MVNO & ISP DOMAIN Service connectivity Brokers. GWs © Nokia Solutions and Networks 2014 .Role of Flexi NG in the PCN Billing System IN Prepaid balance Subs DB OPERATOR SERVICES DOMAIN Real-time Service Control SGSN GPRS/ EDGE 3G/HSDPA SGSN I-HSPA/3. Proxies Appl.

UDP Layer 3 = IP Service Awareness is implemented in Flexi NG to analyze layer 3. FTP. WAP. 4 and 7 protocol headers Legacy 3GPP GGSN sees only the IP address in layer 3 header Layer 2 Layer 1 Example: IPv4 packet IP Header bits Protocol Source IP address Destination IP address 9 TCP Header bits Source port Destination port CT46171EN30GLA0 Higer layer Headers’ bits User data L7 lookup available for • HTTP.0 • Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) • MMS (sending and receiving) © Nokia Solutions and Networks 2014 . WAP1. SMTP.x. Layer 4 = TCP. etc. RTP.Service Awareness Layers 5-7 = HTTP. WAP2.

3GPP interfaces and reference points Other PLMNs BG Node B X1_2 X1_3 X2 X3 X1_1 RNC Gp LIB LIC Gn Gb Flexi NG Gi Ga/Gz SGSN BSC Gx Ga Gs Gr Gf Ro/Gy Gd CG MSC/VLR HLR/Auc/EIR 10 X2 X3 X1_1 Iu BTS Gn Gn CT46171EN30GLA0 OCS PCRF SMSC © Nokia Solutions and Networks 2014 .