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His teaching is guiding light to us. We would like to thank our teacher. 2010 First and foremost. Umair Zia for his help and support which has provided us the inspiration to proceed with the venture we had envisioned and has assisted us in every facet of our endeavors. we would not have been able to complete this report. THANK YOU GROUP MEMBERS SHOAIB RIZVI SAMI BAIG KANTESH KUMAR . Mr. we would like to thank our friends and parents who inspired us with many ideas all throughout this report. Last but not least. we would like to thanks ALMIGHTY ALLAH on the completion of this report.PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Letter of Acknowledgement May 13th. without his help and guidance.

and an independent business unit called Swiss Premium Ice Cream was created. Our products use only the finest ingredients. Movenpick alone has the author of every recipe and their influence has impact the stage of production. always selected with greatest care and always processed in a natural manner with no artificial colors or flavorings. Originally. Movenpick’s ice cream has a "no artificial additives" policy. Bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar. in the 1960s. always searching the world for best. For example. You can see the passion in the quality of the ingredients we use . the selection of ingredients. combination of swiss cream and innovative techniques too. Nestlé bought the international rights for Movenpick ice cream. The plant in Bursinos was built in 1972. Movenpick ice cream was produced for restaurant sales only. Gastronomy was always our guiding passion as you have seen form the early days of Movenpick ice cream.PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Executive Summary Movenpick Ice Cream is a brand of ice cream of Swiss origin produced by the Nestle Corporation. In April 2003. however production has now been shifted to a larger state of the art unit in Rorschach. .

Islamabad. MARKET DESCRIPTION The target market for movenpick includes teenagers. It is mostly bought by teenagers. aware the people about its feature that deliver the desired benefits valued by each customer group. Movenpick mostly targets the upper middle class people due to its rich status. Lahore. SEGMENTATION GEOGRAPHIC World region or country Pakistan Cities Karachi. walls. igloo etc. The leading Ice cream brand in Pakistan is walls and movenpick is not far behind. movenpick has a tough competition with competing brands such as gelato affair. The target marketing strategy adopted by movenpick is concentrated (niche) marketing because it attracts only the upper middle class people and in small quantity. Competition is therefore quite intense but “Movenpick” is competing in a way that is carefully targeting the specific segments. Movenpick is currently not amongst the top ice cream brand in Pakistan but its market is constantly growing. The target has young and energetic people. suburban Climate Preferably Hot and Dry DEMOGRAPHIC Age Children Teenagers (7-12) (13-19) . The Ice cream market in Pakistan is quite stable therefore. currently.PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING CURRENT MARKTING SITUATION Movenpick Ice cream is amongst the most sophisticated and expensive Icecream in Pakistan. Rawalpindi etc (major cities) Density Urban. second to them are young adults followed closely by children. young adults and children.

creative. rich etc BEHAVIORAL Occasions Regular occasions And Special Occasions Benefits Quality. Convenience and Taste Readiness stage Aware. informed and Desirous Attitude towards product Positive and Enthusiastic Loyalty Status Strong and Absolute . young. Rich Lifestyle Social and playful Personality Modern.PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Young Adults (20-30) Gender Boys & Girls Religion All Race All PSYCHOGRAPHIC Social class upper middle class.

The sales are increasing steadily. They are also constantly increasing the quality of their product in order to attract new consumers from competitors. Increased competition is forcing movenpick to constantly add variety to their flavor.PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING BCG MATRIX MAPLE HAZELN UT CARAMEL ITA Meringu e SWISS CHOCOL VANILL A DOUB LE CREA Dream swiss product life cycle: RASPBERRY pistachi o Cream brulee The market of World is in the growth stage as its economy is growing steadily. Movenpick ice cream in growth stage: Movenpick is in its growth stage because of increased competition from other ice cream brands. Ice cream is a non-staple food which is considered a luxury and thus with a growing economy the demand for ice cream is also growing. . People are better off than before.

cocoa and/or nut pastes. Gelato made with fresh fruit. our emphasis has always been on providing consumers with quality ice cream with a vast variety that guarantees consumer satisfaction. it was acquired by Unilever in 1922. Founded in London in 1786 by butcher Terence Banyard. and water and without dairy ingredients is sorbet. the main purpose and for what Hot Spot is famous for is its ice cream Igloo Ice Cream. cookies. they are added after the gelato is frozen. As a nation wide premium ice cream manufacturer. sugar. or biscuits are added. is the pioneer ice cream manufacturer in Pakistan & operating since 1974. nuts. The Hot Spot is an out fashioned outlet surrounded with Pakistani tins and posters giving it a ‘filmi background’ with Punjabi film character. If other ingredients such as chocolate flakes.PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Competitive overview Wall's is a United Kingdom-originated food brand. small confections. Wall's itself is now core to Unilever's Heartbrand global ice cream business. covering both meat products and ice cream. titles and lines along with jokes and horror images hanging on the wall. Gelato is typically flavored with fresh fruit purees. used currently in upto 15 countries. owned by Unilever. The Company operates from .

PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Karachi. consumers follow brand loyalty. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths  It is a very strong brand so. however its distribution network covers a vast area of Sindh and Balochistan.  Dedicated and friendly staf  Geographical Location (at diferent locations)  Young and Passionate Management  Variety of flavours compared to other brands Weaknesses  Expensive compared to other brands  Limited Resources  Limited Segment Opportunities   Expanding into new geographic markets-more countries Expanding the product line Threats  Political Conditions of the country  Competitors like gelato afair. dairy queen etc .

Movenpick also has its own public relations . selected from the worlds best available. It is advertised through electronic media and print media and it is also advertised through billboards. Promotion: It is a highly promoted product which is promoted through advertising. Wallls and Igloo because of its higher quality. Prices are set by taking into consideration o What Customer believes for high price & high quality? o There price are high. because they believes in zero defects. o Prices are set by taking into consideration of the scoops . Movenpick icecream must be kept at a maximum temperature of –18°C (or less). In order to scoop an ice cream ball. as it is available at a higher price than other ice creams like.PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING MARKETING STRATEGY PRODUCT STRATEGY Movenpick is a tangible and specialty product with unique characteristics and a super premium brand that was founded in Switzerland and has expanded to pleasure ice-cream lovers around the where they have Promote their ice cream. Movenpick choose only the best parts of nature for their natural ingredients. Movenpick ice cream has its own website by the name of Movenpick-icecream. They have range from RS175 to RS230 per scoop. the ingredients are then processed in the traditional way into Movenpick ice cream. PRICING STRATEGY The pricing approach used by Movenpick ice cream is cost-based and the price-quality strategy is premium strategy. For sales promotion. sales promotion and public relations.

Movenpick also advertise through huge celebrities as we can see in the picture Michelle Vawer which really impacts the image of the company and reflect its standard. From these sales channels. retailing. The sales channel include gastronomy. . DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY COMPANY COMPANY DISTRIBUTOR RETAILER CONSUMER Movenpick ice-cream is sold from company through five sales channels. MARKETING COMMUNICATION STRATEGY Movenpick communicates its message to the consumers through the following medium of promotion to create the right positioning of its product in the minds of consumers. ice-cream reaches the final retailers and is finally consumed by the consumers through retail outlets. boutiques and impulse sales. Lahore and Islamabad . Positioning: It is a widely distributed ice cream. scooping stations. it is distributed through a complex distribution channel and is sold through outlet and Stalls at shopping malls and super stores like . Karachi . Park tower.PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING department where any queries. Naheed and Aghaz etc. which is available in many counties of world but in Pakistan it is available in some cities like . comments or complaints from the public are registered. ADVERTISING: Advertising for Movenpick has been the biggest factor so far which attracts the consumer towards the taste.

Feedbacks are gained from consumers that visit the outlet through surveys and questionnaires. has a taste for sweet delicacies but for sports too-golf. Movenpick has participated in sponsoring major sporting tournaments including ATP tennis. MARKETING RESEARCH Movenpick constantly does descriptive research of its product that benefits its target market and effective segmentation.  International Show Jumping Competition 09 .  ATP Tennis Tournament Barcelona Movenpick ice cream gallery has opened its doors to 110.  XI International Padel Tournament of Catalunya Movepick sponsors the XI International Padel Tournament of Catalunya that will take place from 2011-14 june in Barcelona. Players could savor delicious Movenpick ice cream right on green. ACTION PROGRAMS The following is the Action program of what Movenpick has achieved and will be doing recently during the past year and the future year. Feedbacks from consumers help Movenpick further enhance and develop their product compared to competing brands. Apart from advertising.  Movenpick partnering Golf tournaments Movenpick. where Rafa Nadal has reached the victory for the 5 th consecutive year. there is a small scale of communication through Internet technology and even through magazines.PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Advertising is the main source of communication strategy by movenpick.000 visitors of prestigious ATP500 tennis tournament. swiss premium ice cream brand . They also analyze consumer’s attitude towards competing brands.

paktive.PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING For the fourth consecutive year Movenpick will sponsor the 98 th International Show Jumping competition which will take place in Barcelona from 17 th to 20th September.2011 the Davidoff Swiss Indoors will be presenting once again world class tennis as part of the ATP WORLD TOUR 500. Movenpick develops their product from time to time in order to stay ahead of their competitors and to keep the right positioning of the product.2011 to www.moevenpick-icecream.  Davidof Swiss Indoors From Again this year Movenpick supports this tennis tournament as a partner and stands by http://www.html Movenpick number: 02135370880 02135730900 . CONTROLS Movenpick plans tight control measures to closely monitor the quality of their product and the customer satisfaction.12. As the ice cream market is very stable.restaurantdiningcritiques. APPENDIX BIBLIOGRAPHY: www. This is also the reason for their success amongst so many competitors. Monthly sales and monthly expenses are also monitored closely in order to keep an eye on the annual revenue. This enables them to react quickly in correcting any problem that occurs. They do research and feedback programs on regular basis to find out the problems that are arising.

PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING WORK DIVISION SAMI Executive Summary Current Marketing Situation Competitors Review Action Programs SHOAIB Current Marketing Situation  Market Description Current Marketing Situation  Segmentation .

PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Current Marketing Situation  Product life Cycle SWOT Analysis Marketing Strategy  Marketing Research Controls KANTESH Current Marketing Situation  BCG Matrix Marketing Strategy  Product Strategy Marketing Strategy  Pricing Strategy Marketing Strategy  Positioning Marketing Strategy  Promotion Marketing Strategy  Distribution Strategy Marketing Strategy  Marketing Communication Strategy .