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Stephen Lewis

Time Lords

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18 December 2014

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Dr. Benjamin Dykes

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Dr. Benjamin Dykes is a widely-praised philosopher, translator, scholar and traditional
astrologer. He joins us to discuss the Time Lords -- a hierarchy of spiritual and
angelic energies that guide and influence the many cycles we are under at any given

affect every dimension of life -. children.? Do you get the impression that in some area of life you have "covered this ground before"? How much control do we really have over life? Is something guiding us individually? What? Well travel. and understand your past in a way that would have been impossible before listening to this show. befriending or meeting the same kinds of people. And -. Learn how to divine your future in every detail. Dr. Benjamin Dykes is a leading medieval astrologer and translator who earned his PhD in philosophy from the University of Illinois. siblings. Listen to this week's Psychic Viewpoint and understand how to decipher the most mysterious facets of your existence. they're real. We organize our labors into cycles of 40 (often more) hours per week.Show Information Sheet – Page 2 Paragraph 1: Paragraph 2: Paragraph 3: Short Bio: Does it ever seem as if you always end up doing the same kinds of things. These Time Lords. multiple "somethings" do indeed guide us through life. Are they angels? Spirits? Whatever they are. etc. or Chronocrators. These "somethings" are referred to by ancient sages as Time Lords. accidents. shaping our world by sometimes bringing us good and sometimes bad. many others? And each one of these spiritual cycles is controlled and guided by a Time Lord. love.very interested in us. The Hellenistic Greeks knew them as the Chronocrators.and they steer the spiritual cycles which hold the key to unlocking true bliss and accomplishment. Every twenty-four hours we experience the cycle of the Sun transiting across the sky and sinking into oblivion beneath the Setting Place in the west.the answer is. Our year is governed by the cycle of the seasons and the various festival cycles of the world's religions. loving the same kind of partners. But did you know there are many. So powerful and pervasive are these Time Lords that a knowledgeable astrologer could write your biography from beginning to end without ever even knowing your name. He earned his medieval astrology qualification from Robert Zoller and taught philosophy courses at universities in Illinois and Minnesota. We are all aware of the cycles that guide our lives. money.The Psychic View . everything -. based just on these cycles and the planetary spirits that rule them -the Time Lords. .

Benjamin Dykes is the quintessential Renaissance Man.The Psychic View . and elections. The Logos & Light series introduces modern students of esoteric thought to traditional philosophy. questions. classical scholar. magician -. It is ideal for people with some knowledge of traditional thought but who want to enrich their understanding. translator. Additionally. techniques of sacred geometry. which is embedded in all aspects of the Western Tradition. and much more. In 2015-16 he is publishing translations from Arabic and Greek. Dr. .Dr. and The Book of the Nine Judges. and he has resurrected the most potent and cherished intellectual monuments of the ancient world in order to make them available to students everywhere. he published 13th-century astrologer Guido Bonatti's complete Book of Astronomy. In 2007. traditional astrologer. He recently published Astrology of the World Vols.Show Information Sheet – Page 3 Long Bio: Philosopher. Dykes reads charts for clients worldwide. Traditional Astrology for Today. His efforts have helped give the field of spirituality and esotericism a new eminence and prestige. He has drawn on his extensive experience as a college instructor and ceremonial practitioner to distill many fascinating philosophies of life into digestible portions without sacrificing important details. The series has three goals: to instruct. to provide constructive materials for a philosophy of life of your own. and since then has translated and published numerous traditional works on nativities. and to offer critical perspectives on the assumptions we make about ourselves and our world. 1-2. He currently offers the popular Logos & Light college-level philosophy courses on MP3 for astrologers and occultists." but practice adopting important attitudes towards emotional balance. In 2007–08 he also translated the Works of Sahl & Masha’allah. You will not only study the "big questions. on all branches of traditional astrology.

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