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Issue Winter 2015

When and how should you contact your school trustee?
As a school board trustee, I am your connection to the Toronto District
School Board. I am committed to representing our community and
helping you successfully navigate a very large and complex organization
whenever you need an advocate. I will help you make sense of
governance, policies and decisions.
Working together, we can ensure the success of current and future TDSB
students. Please connect with me on social media and/or feel free to
contact me with any ideas, questions, or concerns.
If you or someone you know is celebrating a special school milestone or
you would like to recognize an individual for an outstanding contribution
to their school community, please contact me about receiving a
congratulatory certificate.


For information on current issues in your Ward, I invite you to join my
mailing list to receive regular updates
I look forward to hearing from you!

When and how should you contact your trustee?
Special Thanks to Norman
Perry for his years of
service as PIAC
representative for Ward 4

Upcoming Parent Council Meetings

Brookview Middle School:
February 3rd at 5PM
Westview Centennial
Secondary School: February
5th at 6PM
Blacksmith Public School:
February 6th at 6PM
Humber Summit Middle
School: February 12th at 6PM
Yorkwoods Public School:
February 18th at 6PM
Topcliff Public School:
February 26th at 6PM
Ward Council Meeting
March 2015



TDSB’s Challenges

588 school operations
102 schools BELOW 60% capacity
$3.0 billion in current renewal needs
$5.6 billion projected by 2028

Problems with Provincial Funding

TDSB must have the same access to provincial funds to support enrolment
growth as all other school boards
The TDSB receives a 5.2% of provincial capital funding, but has 12.6% of
Ontario’s students
Out of $2.4 billion capital funding for Ontario school boards by the
province since 2008-2009, the TDSB receives $107.3 million in capital
Other GTA school boards receive funds from levy education development
charges, but the TDSB is not eligible

In order to serve students and their
families better, the city and the
TDSB must work together. Hence
why I am excited that Councillor
Mammoliti and I are ready to work
together to make great changes
that benefit you.


Parent Council Meetings

Issue Winter 2015


Four parent council meetings were attended during
the month of January so far namely, Elia Public
School, Driftwood Public School, Lamberton Public
School and Jefferies Public School. At each meeting
the attendees included Trustee Tiffany Ford, Michelle
Minott (Parent Involvement Advisory Committee
Representative for Ward 4), School Council Chairs,
Principals in some cases, teachers, students and

Michelle Minott is a business owner and mother of 2
young girls. She plays an active role in the Toronto
District School Board in support of a better
education system. Michelle is dedicated to parent
outreach and engagement, and currently represents
Ward 4 on the Parent Involvement Advisory
Committee (PIAC) for TDSB. She has an amazing
heart for the community and strongly believes that
youth mentorship is vital to youth empowerment
Trustee Ford introduced herself to the parent council and is involved in different youth initiatives. Michelle
and outlined some of her plans for the ward the
spearheads a community initiative called PASS
upcoming four years. Most immediate, the formation (Parents Advocating for Student Success) and
of a ward council and councils were asked to submit a organization called TWOCANADA (Together for
representative to form part of that council by the
Women Orphans and Children of Canada). With her
second week in March. Michelle Minott (PIAC) also
busy schedule, Michelle still finds time to write
gave a brief introduction into PIAC and how the
children’s books. She currently reports for Caribbean
Parent Council can be supported by PIAC as well as
Headline News on Rogers, a show designed to
how they can get involved.
highlight community leaders and events not often
profiled in mainstream media.
Other discussions included topics such as report
cards, fund raising and issues that are being
You can contact her at:
experienced at the school. Arrangements have
already been made for Trustee Ford to attend
upcoming parent council meetings.


Westview Principle Cherilyn Scobie with Trustee Ford

Cherilyn Scobie

Mail: Trustee Tiffany Ford
Toronto District School Board
5050 Yonge Street, 5th Floor
Toronto, ON M2N 5N8
Phone: (416) 397-3488
Fax: (416) 397-3114
Instagram: @trustee_ford