A well and new purge in scientific achievements in discovery has hit the foreground of modern physics in the form

of a new theory in physics. In all the transpursing of technology today modern physicists of this century seem to have given up on the problematic of advance and faster then light space travel theory. Everybody but one a new author of adavnce physics ina new book called ' The Supertellic Electromagnetic Gravitational Universe Technology Theory " long spelling for "SEGUTT". The first literature of its kind to anything that asserts the claims of Albert Einstein and other physicists whom have lost the interest to examine faster then light space travel. In Rodney Kawercki's book he explains the aspects to how and why faster then light space travel is a fact of the sciance. That his formula reveals these hyperspace equations that show faster then light interstellar space in a structure of the Universe that allows for supraluminal space travel within the standard model of the Universe. Not only does this book open the future for faster then light space travel but it also shows its possibilities within the same frameworks of special and general relativity developed by Albert Einstein in 1905, that was the first to open the door to time travel when he asserted traveling into the infinite future in his theories. All these facts about space nd more are illustrated in this new book on time travel by Kawecki' opening the door to the light constant. That bit and pieice of science developed by Einstein that put a universal speed limit on all space travel. But the stand don't stand - in Kawecki's book the Universe is open to an event in its structure that unlike a white wormhole or erotic masses creating a space bubble of zero weightlessness at its center that within the standard model faster then light space travel only needs to meet within the relativity framework and barriers. Rodney Kawecki has been able to achieve the impossible according to modern physics and Einsteinian laws of gravitation that predict that superluminal theory is not possible. Kawecki's book opens this new door of technology thought that only through laboratory wormholes were the gateway to the past and future from a local point of departure. Kawecki's theory shows exactly that superluminal theory is a fact of the science and should be calibrated into the technologies of today that stand by and behind a wall that keeps them from the technology that Kawecki has discovered about our Universe in his book. For the modern physicists " The Supertellic Electromagnetic Gravitational Universe Technology Theory " is a must read event. The first of its kind on faster then light space travel - that explains the fact of time travel through the fourth dimension and the discovery of the mathematical equations that allow for it. An outstanding book review of an event only available once in a life time that a new discovery in science is achieved. Rodney Kawecki has achieved the forethought of what is desrcibed as the impossible. The result of a fifteen year study called " The Quanta Physics Study " that and which this new type of technology was founded upon by this author.