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Fake Sabbath Calendar in the name of Veda

- Written by Sunil Nair
[This subject was discussed in AIA and hinducivilization yahoo groups - A reply to
attackers to astrology like AKK, who spreads the lies as astrology is against Hindu
religion and imported from west -it is Greek Chaldean contribution and argues that even
the calendars which we uses should be changed to their some vague lunar calendars]
This is what I gather about middle eastern, Greek or Arabic, Yehudian ( Jews ) calendars.
They all have a common belief and philosophy (Semitic philosophy) except old Greece. I
believe that - Hindu kings were ruling there in Greece till it was totally destroyed just 200
yr before Alexander’s birth. The period is called Minoans’ era. One of Kaul's favorite
argument is that - It is Greeks or Chaldeans or Mesopotamians or at least Jews who
give India all Vedas and technology and even Puranas. He does not spell it exactly as it is
– but as per his argument, as Puranas has astrological signs and hence they should be of
Greece origin! The Greece which went later under Roman Empire, just after Alexandrian
era, to became the seat of Jews and later of Christians. The old Mesopotamia (current
Iran) was habited by old Indus people too. Indus people must have been an elitist class
there, as there are several Indus seals discovered in that area, showing the supremacy of
the Indus people. They where respected as elite royal class even in Arabia (especially
Bahrain and Oman). Indus seals discovered in Arabia is a proof their supremacy and of
settling there and leading a influential life in those societies (Dilmun civilization)
All those western religions and people and civilizations they believe god created
everything and took rest on 7th day. It is known as Sabbath. The word ‘Sabat’ is Sapta in
Sanskrit – meaning 7th (refer at least Bible – I would suggests to those western favorites),
indicating that the word itself is of Vedic Sanskrit origin. In India all Indian religions has
same line of thought and same is true with all those western imported Asian religions too.
It is better right to use the Semitic religion the word western religions.
Arabic calendars do not have the concept of months. I mean – there was no specific
month names assigned to months with some specific meanings connected to seasons or
constellations or what ever, but only some religious belief attached names. I think it is the
same with other middle-eastern religions too. Actually, I don’t see any proof to agree that
they have a valid calendar at all - but I am open to discussions. Thus for Muslims sighting
of moon and moon periods was the whole of their calendar concept! All religious
festivals were decided by sighting of moon after Amavasya and it is not predetermined
like in Hindu Panchangas (almanacs/ephemeris). Another cute point to note which
emphasis the authentic nature of Indian knowledge is that, there is no proof of
panchangas in other societies which is used for religious purpose, but only in India. This
point to its uniqueness and originality in the use of Panchanga (5 limbs of time viz. Vara,
Karana, Tithi, Nityayoga and Nakshatra), and also point to the fact that these 5 limbs of
time including weekdays (Vara) originated in India itself. Every body know the age of
Muslim religion - with all valid proof and strong historical proof with valid support, now
it is only Hijra era is 1430, clarifying that the Muslim religion originated only around 6 th

It is interesting to note that .why they don’t call the week days with some specific name?! Some specific names connected with the planets or so but only call it as first day to 7th day etc. This means that even the European system of 7-day week is pirated from India and not from Arabia or so. And it doesn’t keep with seasons and it just keeps rotating in every year. Later the Arabs simply use the new English version of days in their modern calendar.Why these slave Greeks to Romans (Ancient Greek conquered by Romans) or slave Jews to Chaldeans (Arabia and Chaldia was under Indus rule earlier. we will fail to find any proper connection. Even their calendars has nothing to do with any astronomical specialty than some belief as this month is this way attached to some religious way. Otherwise . except on Friday which is named Juma or youm al juma (juma means religious mass prayers day in Arabic). Monday etc up to Saturday. . its seasonal and astronomical importance. such lunar calendar is the most authentic one and not the Indian solar calendar and we should change the Muslim way! Or better he argues that that was the Vedic way! May be he is trying to indicate that Hindus adopted all knowledge from Muslims! Let us review the Muslim system and see how correct it is. Their week day naming system is. But as per Kaul.Sapta Dinam) day – a Sanskrit adopted word. We are left wondering . Let us see whether those Arabic Muslim calendar concepts are in any way connected to seasons or not. youm al ithnain (2nd day ) till youm al sabath (7th day ) etc. how are they supposed to have influenced India?! Arabs became the torch bearers of Jew/Muslim Semitic branch and Greek being considered as the forefathers of the European/Christian renaissance and science.the Arabians who were very close to Chaldea and Chaldeans. youm al ahd (first day ). the Arabs had no idea about planets and planetary days. No. they were all eager to export all those knowledge to India! Poor thing! They Semitic Jews and Chaldeans don’t have any knowledge to influence even Arabs or Europe.century AD. Also remember that Arabic is one of the oldest language too. One major question that sprigs in mind is that . For example. Arab Jews were slaves under Chaldean rule) cannot influence Arabs or Europe? But as per Kaul.why there is no proof? Even Jews and old bible says Saturday as Sabbath (7th day . Where is proof for their authority in astrology or astronomy for their week day concept?! For us no such confusion and no such lack of clarity – since we have our base clear and know well the connection between week days and its astronomical and astrological connotation and explanation. the Ramadan month (their biggest fasting month) can be in summer at one time and in winter at another time Let us look at the week days they use as well. This all points to the fact that. Even after translating various astrological and astronomical texts from India and there were good astrologers in Arabic and Islamic periods. they are yet to master the calendar concept. and Jews or even to Mesopotamia (present Iraq) didn’t know anything much nor has a calendar. Is it that the original names are forgotten? Why they are using 7-day system in Vedas?! This means that the Arabic people never had the 7-day week system with names such as Sunday.

Now some fools are coming to us through various ways (in the name protecting god and dharma ) and saying that we copied them ( taking advantage of present English based education in India so to as to spread lies ) or some twisted versions . Dasa means 10 in Sanskrit). Indians has solid proof that we are using this kind of calendar.October the 8th month become 10th month. though not exact but based on Solar (saura) days . So the old roman 10 month calendar which is again pirated Sanskrit version has transformed into present 365 days yearly calendar. This happened after 3rd/4th century AD and they still has no clear calendar.No where in Quran /Bible /or Jewish holy texts has proof that they have real calendars or even proper week days. If the Arabs got only partial knowledge from India (for example only the 7-day week system and not the astronomical connection correlation and logic behind) it was just because of the fact that they never gained the knowledge from India in a systematic way. If they didn’t have any such knowledge available with them.Hindus insular nature has protected their knowledge unless some one can come here and settle. Please stop ignorantly claiming that you know every thing and have read every thing from cover to cover. Borrowed knowledge is almost always incomplete. Reading the front and back cover of books and saying that I have covered things from cover to cover don’t help.And main aim is make Hindu psyche submissive more to western than pride in own culture See fun of New western calendar . how they are supposed to export the same to India? If India had such knowledge earlier itself. one who never learned things in a traditional way). Out of context use of words can wreck havoc and will lead us nowhere. Please know that . Please become Sishya to some good guru and start learning – may be that could help. . is it not clear that they gained this knowledge from India and not vice versa? We know that during the making present western calendar the Europeans invited lot astrologers from India and connected also through correspondence (Indian literature available to Europeans). Nav means 9. become a true student (sishya) no gurus were ready to teach and those days there is no yahoo groups also with nature of present Hindu warriors. if even the words show the Indian connection.September the 7th month become 9th month . November the 9th month become 11th month and December the 10th month become 12th month (Sapta is 7. Please stop deriving use out of context meaning too (This is the typical symptom of one who do not have a guru. Can anyone explain me this magic me and say how it happened? It is my request to all those greek paksha/chaldean paksha vedic priests who made some fake calendar and is trying to call it Vedic version and says we took everything from west and other wise use his non existent mathematically impossible lunar calendar (let me put it clearly – It is my request to all those stupid Kaulians) that – please start to learn and understand the depth of Indian knowledge and understanding. It means they created all this only in export zone (since they had none of this knowledge for their native personal use) and exported all this to India as some tax benefits are available or what?! Please see the stupidity involved in this argument. Ashta means 8.

Those who intentionally twists everything is having a heyday with Sanskrit literature and Sastras may end up in hell in nether worlds and lunatic asylum in this world. -0- . learn to use and try to understand words in their own context. According to the text and context there is no reason to use varna or class remark here. So in that Ayurvedic context the meaning of that word ‘Dwija’ will became teeth. when used to explain personal traits of people who born in particular sign. and not out of context. So if you are a true seeker of knowledge. They create their own hell and dwell in it – may be just because of the cravings for missionary money. sthoola dwija = Big teeth. but I find in one text which is Ayurvedic the term used for teeth – i.For example dwija means twice born.e. Why? Because as human we get teeth 2 times in one life – teeth is Dwija ‘twice born’! I find same wordings in Horas (astrological texts) too.