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Since Obama visited India twice U.S. media is full of articles extoling that India will
surpass China soon. One of the major reason that is promoted is that India has
similar political system as the U.S. That China’s multi party consultative democracy
is doomed to fail. None the less, ironically China’s multi party consultative
democracy has the support of more than 80% of the population and is fast catching
up with U.S. economically. The other two major reasons given by the supporter of
India are that India is more innovative and entrepreneur than China. The matter of
fact is that both India and China have ample entrepreneurs as evidenced by the
business startup activities in both countries. As to innovation both countries are
innovative in their own way. This is supported by history that for most of history
China and India were the no.1 and no. 2 trading nations of the world.
However, the most striking part of these articles is that support of India superiority
only mentions India advantages and not Chinese advantages. The fact is China has
far more advantages, just to name a few:
1) China invests far more in education and R and D. Thus China has far more
research institutes and university graduates.
2) Chinese women have far more participation in business than India women.
China has far more women billionaire that started their own business that
India. The top10 women billionaire starter mostly hailed from China.
3) The fact that China is factory of the world supports the conclusion that China
is good a t manufacturing. India is only the back office of the world. The
advantage of manufacturing over back office is the former employs far more
4) The West and India is strong in business management and MBA education
flourishes. Country development management (CDM). Most Chinese officials
are given extensive training in CDM. The Chinese government’s success in
managing her economic development in the last three decades speaks ample
for their CDM training. China’s university CDM training will soon spread
around the world.
5) The Chinese Confucian culture are conducive to self discipline and hard work.
This explains the success of China,Japan and Asian Tigers fast success in
modernization during the last half century.
The above are definitive China advantages that will allow China to fast catch up with
U.S. as no.1 world economy by 2020. For India to catch up with China’s economy it
is easier said than done.
Francis C W Fung,Ph.D.

Director General. World harmony Organization
San Francisco, CA