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By Alphee Lavoie, Ncgr Research Director, Ncgr Level IV
Wouldn't it be wonderful if, in just seconds, a parent or a teacher could find the right
career potential for any child?
With serious work, Astrology has exactly that potential to make this possible

Air Software’s Astro Investigators Research Program has a module in which we use
NeuralNet mathematics to create an artificial intelligence to give weights to thousands of
Astronomical/Astrological criteria. The program uses 75% of the group sample to educate
the computer, and then 25% of the group sample to test the findings against it. By using
various statistical mathematics, it arrives at strong and weak criteria that the control group
has in common. Depending on the strength or weakness of these criteria, the program
assigns each one a weight value. In this system, we use the regular Astrological criteria but
also go far beyond that, using different, unusual, and out of the ordinary criteria, such as,
planetary phases, aspect between planetary phases, planetary speed and acceleration, all
types of planetary pictures and much more.
We took thousands of charts of scientists, musicians, actors, military people, teachers, and
sportsmen and ran them through the NeuralNet program to create special models. Once
these models are made, an entire file of natal charts can be compared with each of these
models and weighed accordingly. This is a wonderful feature that lends itself to so many
areas of research. For example, we could take thousands of natal charts of youngsters and
see what profession each child would be best suited for according to the natal chart. Our
goal is to create hundreds of these NeuralNet models for many professions. The biggest
problem that we have in astrology is getting accurate birth times…just the birth date is not
good enough. This is not an easy job. According to a survey, there are at least 2 million
people who believe in astrology. If we can convince all these people to send us their birth
data, we would have no problem; we’d have sufficient data.
The following graph shows actors. I purposely chose actors who are also singers to show
where their talents lie. Is their talent that of a singer or actor?

15/Sep/2010 5:05 PM

com/air_reading/Futuristic/alphee_futuristic. The following graph is are scientists. 15/Sep/2010 5:05 PM . Look at the three boxers. All of them show talents in science but also as teachers. Notice that even though a sport person can be aggressive they would not be good military people.alphee.htm The next graph is of sports people. The following graph are musicians.A NEW FUTURISTIC VIEW OF ASTROLOGICAL RESEARCH 2 of 4 http://www.

I then calculated all the Quarter Moons before these days and ran the Quarter Moons through one of the NeuralNet modules of our AIR Software’s Astro Investigator Software. that the weather forecasters are wrong because our weather Locality Map shows that Isabel would pass 15/Sep/2010 5:05 PM . from 1948 to 1999. The Neural Net’s artificial intelligence created a model for 1 inch of rain or more. I can use this model to forecast the possibilities of rain falling in Connecticut.alphee. THE SAME TECHNIQUES WORK TO FORECAST RAIN I took all the days when we had over an inch of rain in Connecticut. NOTICE that Hitler is a better actor than a Military person. Carol. The following graph shows the Quarter Moons before Hurricane Isabel. I told my wife. The graph above displays that.htm The following graph is of people in the NEW FUTURISTIC VIEW OF ASTROLOGICAL RESEARCH 3 of 4 http://www. I used the same NeuralNet as described above for forecasting rain. After looking at this map. All the local TV meteorologists said that Isabel would have a direct hit on Connecticut. I calculated this map a week before Isabel came to Connecticut.

alphee.htm West of Hartford. These are fascinating results. The Locality Map was absolutely right! As you can see. Copyright 2000 Air Software Alphee Lavoie 15/Sep/2010 5:05 PM . With more research we can finally bring astrology to a new but the reddish brown is where the maximum strength is of the Hurricane. the Hartford area is painted brown. indicating rain. and that is much farther West of Connecticut .A NEW FUTURISTIC VIEW OF ASTROLOGICAL RESEARCH 4 of 4 http://www. from receiving jeers and mud slinging to respect and admiration.