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RM800 Million Can not inherit from UMNO BN

Sorry, I do not want to defend UMNO but as ever I copy diblog this before, do not blame UMNO if we can
not control our desires savage.

I want to comment on news headlines Harakahdaily which says, "RM800 million: Inherit Case Kelantan

Headlines and the essence of the news seems to grant concessions to timber Timbermine Sdn Bhd and
revocation of the concession was made by UMNO and the Barisan Nasional.

Empowerment is extremely wide area of timber in 1964 made by the PAS Menteri Besar Dato 'Ishak Lotfi.

While the cancellation is made by the Menteri Besar PAS BN in 1974, is Dato 'Muhammad Nasir.

PAS has joined the National Front after its inception due to post-Mageran racial riots in 1969. PAS in the
1974 election has been contested over the leadership of UMNO against PAS which exclude themselves
because they do not agree to join the BN. PAS won about 22 seats and UMNO won approximately 13
seats (the reader can hope to correct number of seats is because I can not check).

PAS is still dominant in the BN government which ruled Kelantan. Among the reasons the cancellation
agreement with Timbermine Pte Ltd is a new partner because PAS that UMNO in BN do not feel very
comfortable with the provision of timber land area that seems to want to take in pawn PAS Kelantan.

Members of the Legislative Assembly PAS subsequently proposed ballot not trust their own Chief Minister
as the reason they felt Dato 'Muhammad Nasir is optional and non-BN parties PAS requirements.
Muhammad Nasir collapse and riots occurred in Kota Bharu. Emergency declared later.

PAS was then removed from the BN.

PAS work suggests new name for the position Menteri Besar but their application in decline and a state
election in the call in 1978.

Elections in 1978, UMNO has been soundly issue contract awards using timber as evidence that PAS
tried to soak Kelantan.

Election results is quite sad when PAS only 2 seats in the Kelantan State Legislative Assembly.

New Menteri Besar Tan Sri Muhammad Yaacob was appointed to represent the Barisan Nasional. I
informed the negotiations held between the Kelantan State Government at that time with Timbermine Ltd
involving land that was later given to the Federal Government to be developed by KESEDAR. The State
Government to pay compensation to Timbermine Sdn Bhd for the area.

Regarding scenarios and issues cover incidents in 1964 to 1978, I was hoping my friend, Mr.. Hj.
Hydzelan can share with us in space IJ because I know he has information that can be accurately as well
as contact sources credible, let alone his father is one of the Assembly during the period 1974 to DUN
Kelantan in suspension.
While the connection string and the facts regarding the incident after incident between Timbermine Pte
Ltd is the Kelantan State Government hoped the State Government or the Timbermine Ltd can submit
their own. Kelantan people would surely want to know what actually happened and more importantly how
such land in the area provided to the private sector.

Hopefully the people of Kelantan can take from history is instructive example. The State Government's
annual budget is only about RM400 million a year. Order payment of compensation amounting to RM800
million is equivalent to 2-year budget of the State Government.

If the appeal is received and Kelantan but still directed to pay compensation to the amount of
compensation was reduced to RM200 million, it's still a number of very-very large for a state like
Kelantan. With that said accumulated deficit reached almost RM1 billion, the Kelantan diambang

I hope whatever action the State Government it will not be based on the results proposed by the
roundtable meeting in private residential island in the Malacca Chief Minister.