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Russia’s Population Problem – Indian men the answer?
January 29, 2012 Anuraag Sanghi Leave a comment Go to comments
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Across Russia and Central Asia, women seem to perceive Indian men through the prism of values that
they have seen in Bollywood movies.

Four young Ukrainian women went topless on the
balcony of the Indian envoy’s residence in Kiev with
placards pronouncing “Ukraine is not a bordello” and
“We are not prostitutes”. The

Femen quartet are

'famous' for topless protests against topics ranging
from sex tourism to Silvio Berlusconi’s peccadilloes.
This time they were protesting the alleged tightening of
visa rules by the Indian mission in Kiev for Ukrainian
women in the 15-40 age group. | Image source &
courtesy -

One label for One Nation

4/17/2013 4:44 PM

2 of 12 http://quicktake.” Russia has a population of 142 million spread across a territory five times the size of India. says the feminist: “If we do not balance off the Chinese with Indians. The ministry expected (as per news reports) that some of these women were being purportedly recruited on a short-term basis by political parties to ‘motivate’ party cadre in election bound states of UP and Punjab. A Russian feminist has proposed a radical solution to the falling birth rate — importing Indian bridegrooms for Russian girls.” Indian bridegrooms can help ward off a Chinese demographic invasion in Russia. mortgage or pensions. Russians are coming up with some bold ideas on how to overcome Russia’s demographic crisis.. STOP Press! Saturday. Indians. a court in Siberia was hearing arguments on why the Bhagwad Gita was a threat to Christianity in Russia – and must be banned. here. and many Sanskrit and Russian words have the same roots. ‘Tasting India’.wordpress. The Charges – hooliganism and desecration of state symbols. which can be used for education.000. some women from Ukraine protested when the Indian External Affairs Ministry (MEA) decided that it will restrict visas to Ukrainian women. writer and TV moderator. Femen Group members have never faced imprisonment – worst being fines or brief arrests. like Russians. Under a federal programme launched this year.” she said presenting her new book. Joining the dots 4/17/2013 4:44 PM . Maria Arbatova. by 2050 China will annex Russia’s Siberia up to the Ural Mountains. the Indian Government decided to scrutinize visa applications from Ukrainian women in 15-40 years age group as ‘probable’ prostitute-candidates. thinks Indian men make ideal husbands. The Indian embassy in Kiev denied this report. So. Russia has less than ‘Hindus’ who spontaneously converted from Christianity to Hinduism under the aegis of the American guru’s Krishna Consciousness Foundation – popularly known as Hare Krishna devotees.. A few weeks ago. Active since 2008.As I. Its population is shrinking at one-third of a million a year. women who give birth to a second or subsequent child are given certificates worth $10. Wah! Taj Around the same time.. Desperate to reverse a steep decline in their numbers. (via The Hindu : Front Page : “Import Indian bridegrooms for Russian brides”). 18 February 2012 17:57 | PTI | Moscow The Ukrainian government has decided to press charges against the Femen group for their protest in the Indian embassy. To complete the chain And then the older story (from 2007) which amused a lot of Indians – and promptly forgotten. are Indo-Europeans. Africans or aliens.Russia’s Population Problem – Indian men the answer? | Quick Take . “What is more. The Tomsk court finally decided that the ban was not justified. “They are crazy about their family and children. who married an Indian businessman a few years ago “after 25 years of keeping marrying Russians”.

com/2012/01/29/russias-population-problem-i. Related articles Bollywood in Russia (2ndlook.cnn. 3 of 12 http://quicktake.wordpress. Are You: Russia-India tank deal in doldrums (nation. To find ‘good’ Indian husbands Ukraine activists topless to protest Euro 2012 ( Naked ambition: Femen topless protests go global ( Share this: 4/17/2013 4:44 PM .com) Ukrainian Activists Go Topless in Prostitution Protest Ahead of Euro 2012 Soccer Draw ( Ukrainian women’s rights activists stage topless protest against Uefa (guardian.As Storm in Lok Sabha over move to ban Bhagwad Gita by Siberian court ( Gita ban: Russia rejects India’s complaints (thehindu. very popular in USSR region Far fetched! See this Ukraine women activists strip to protest Euro 2012 (sportsillustrated. Based on an image built by Bollywood Anti-brothel striptease: Topless activists target Indian embassy (rt.Russia’s Population Problem – Indian men the answer? | Quick Take .co.. Russia pledge to galvanise bilateral trade ( Russian radio drama for Indian audiences ( Davos took the shirt off FEMEN’s back (VIDEO) (rt.nwsource. Ukrainian women coming to India What’s Behind Russia’s Attachment To Syria? (npr.wordpress..

They could very easliy implement this as well especially in the central and western regions. 4 of 12 http://quicktake.. so that eventually all barriers by Russian Women to Indian men will be overcome. very very dramticly increase Russia’s population and counter the Chinese in the far east . Categories: India.wordpress. the cultural and ethnic barriers will be helped by the governments approval. 2012 at 10:32 pm | #2 Quote 0 0 Rate This I just want to say that I think Maria is a very strong and forward thinker. 2012 at 6:22 pm | #1 Quote 0 0 Rate This observerman July 29.Russia’s Population Problem – Indian men the answer? | Quick Take . (yes this is a worldwide trend for White Women to Intermarry with men of other races and be assiliated by these 4/17/2013 4:44 PM . bhagwad gita. Religion. 2. Social Trends Tags: Bhagavad Gita. So as Russia wants to import Indian men to intermarry into mixed-marriages with its female population things would start slowly to overcome the any built-in resistence to it. Like this: One blogger likes admin February 5.. Also. and that she is right in that a government policy to attract Indian bachelors to Russia would be a very strong and effective policy and that this would. like White American and European Women have done in the rest of the world in the last 30-35 years. First off. just the as the Chinese men are doing in the far east primorey region where they are taking Russian wives because they are considered to be much better husbands than Russian men. International Society for Krishna Consciousness. Russia. Bollywood.. for many reasons. Also the “Opposites Attract” addage will eventually come into play and the Russian women.. Media. when Russian women find out and realize that Indian Men are much better husbands than Russian men then this perception will turn into reality for them. But after a short time as more and more Indian men are brought to Russia they will be overcome. As for the con part of the arguement things would be dramaticly changed and altered for good. Ukraine Comments (6) Trackbacks (0) Leave a comment Trackback 1.As I. other races whether African-black. you are among the prime of the species. So there would be many major changes in the country to consider because the Indian dominance in Russia would happen very very quickly before anyone could or would realize it. So these marriages will soon grow and gain a foothold. 3. PK Tnawar November 8... If you are a red-neck. 2012 at 2:32 pm | #4 Quote 0 0 Rate This This is exactly true because Indian men are honest in relation also. 5. a lot of native russians would be pushed aside and by that time the domination and conquest of Russian Women by India’s Males would be total and complete.As I. But it’s success is also it’s drawback. So. as a result. it would take needle point balance to tip over on the side of satire. Asian) will find the racial differences in skin tone.. Indian men will much more vigorouly.wordpress. which I highly doubt. 2012 at 11:26 pm | #3 Quote 0 0 Rate This Touché! I am so in love with the tone of this comment. So basically the much darker skin and exotic appeal will become a positive for the Indian men to use in wooing Russian women. What would be a more obvious expression of this than to have his White Girlfriend or Wife pregnant? After all the russians themselves told him that it was his mission. So. Newsx November 16. Also centuries and decades of pentup demand for White women by Indian Men will help fuel the drive and passion for this. So it is very easy to conjecture about how successful this program would be. attractive and appealing. (which self-respecting red-neck would travel to India?). I think 2ndlook readers are lucky to get come across an original practitioner of satire like you. of all of these factors. and the Indian man’s aareness of his mission in Russia to repopulate it. powerfully. and passionately plant his seed within Russia’a female population and much sooner than anyone would imagine will millions of Indians will conquer the Russian Female population completely and thoroughly. Your sense of irony and satire is so subtle. as well as the cultural differences to be very exciting. 5 of 12 http://quicktake. 2012 at 10:26 pm | #5 Quote 4/17/2013 4:44 PM . at some point the sexual attraction between the Russian women and Indian men will be much stronger than with Russian Men. Anuraag Sanghi July 29. for as Indian Men would more and more conquer Russia’s Female population and would become the country’s most dominant and preferred male.. 4.Russia’s Population Problem – Indian men the answer? | Quick Take . I might add that this is an unbiases assesment of the situation as I am an American who has been to boh countries. skin color.