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“Nothing but good news !

And Good people doing Great things!
From Arlington, Cherry, Ladd, Seatonville/Hollowayville,
Spring Valley,and Dalzell, Illinois”

A “John the Barber Foundation” Publication

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Cherry “Monthly Pie and Coffee Retiree Social Hours” Stepping Up Their Game: The “Templeton Family Band” Appearing at the Thursday March 5, 2015 Event
If you have not had a chance to make it to the Cherry “Monthly Pie and
Coffee Retiree Social Hour,” Thursday March 5, 2015 would be a Great
day to make your first visit! The successful effort is in its third year, being held every first Thursday of the Month from 1:30 – 3:30 at the Cherry Church Hall, providing guests with a couple hours of fellowship, fun,
and entertainment. The “Templeton Family Band” is well known and
growing in popularity throughout the local area and Midwest region.
The Christian based group specializes in Bluegrass and Gospel. The
event is free and no reservations are needed. Please come and bring

Italian Choir From Ladd’s Sister-cities
hopes to be there for the Ladd 125th in June 2015!
In 2012, the men of the villages of Alto Reno Valley in the Emilano
Ramagnoli providence in Italy formed a choir….all men who love the
mountains and popular songs. The villages include Porretta Rerme, Gaggio Montano, Lizzano in Belvedere, Montese, Castel di Casio Granglione.
The group of twenty-five is hoping and planning to be in Ladd for the
125th anniversary celebration in June, 2015. Charles Bernardini of Chicago, with roots to both Ladd and Cherry, will assist with escorting the
group. HELP: Here is a Great chance to step and “help the needy (of
sorts)” and “reach out to strangers.” Members of the group would very
much appreciate being “put up” by folks in the Ladd area for 3-4 days.
What a Great opportunity to do something Great and help out….plus get
to know this wonderful people from Ladd’s sister area in Italy. Email or
mail JTB if you are interested in having a guest or two!



* Luke 6:32-36 “If you love
those who love you, what
credit it that to you? Even
sinners love those who
love them. And if you do
good to those who are
good to you, what credit is
that to you? Even sinners
do that. And if you lend to
those from who you expect
repayment, what credit is
that to you? Even sinners
lend to sinners expecting
to be repaid in full. But
love your enemies, do to
them, and lend to them
without expecting to get
anything back. Then your
reward will be great, and
you will be children of the
most high.” (“Ravioli Alley
Translation:” Don’t pat
yourself on the back for
being nice to easy going
folks, people you know,
and your friends. Even sinners do that, it’s easy! You
really score points with
God when you are good to
people you have fought
with. Pat yourself on the
back when you do that!“

Here’s what people around the country
are saying about “Up Ravioli Alley!”
* Dave Barra from Washington, DC formerly of Ladd writes, “Thanks…love reading

and catching up on news back home.”
* Kenneth Lund of Tucson formerly of Ladd writes, “Please give me the cost details
to sponsor an issue! Will see if my local relatives want to kick in!!! I am from the
area, living now in Tucson, but still a “Ravioli Alley Kid” from years past.”
* Barbara Marchiando Hillesheim of Tavaras, FL formerly of Cherry writes, “I loved
the article about Jerry Flaherty. I too am a Hall High 1956 graduate and it is great
to see what he has accomplished. Also, my cousin Peter Pranzini is often mentioned in the paper and I love that connection as well. Thank you!”
* Mike Fitton of Homer Glen, IL formerly of Spring Valley says “Would like to be put
on URA email list! Irishmen like Ravs, but my Wisconsin wife says they are Tortellini. What’s up with that! We went to a wedding in Ottawa and had Fried Chicken
and Ravs. Of course she said they were Tortellini. She stood alone amongst the
300 or so in attendance. “
* Paula Lenz of Omaha, Nebraska writes, “Thanks! In Omaha, Nebraska we love
your news, homemade sausage and of course the BEST TORTELLINI ever! Keep up
the Great work!”
 Carol Fraher formerly of Ladd writes, “My brother, Dave Barra, told me about Up
Ravioli Alley and I was wondering if you can add me to your e-mail distribution
list. He found out about it through Pete Lunn. I grew up in Ladd and have been
gone for 27 years.”

Hoping you and your kids can do something Great in 2015!
Volunteer to help at your church as a lector,
choir member, usher, server.
Here’s a chance for you and your family to do something a little bit Great in 2015!
Contact your minister or priest via phone or email and say “hey, I want to help!”
“Do you need an extra lector, usher, server, greeter, anything?” Participating in
the service will allow you to gain just a bit more out of your experience while assisting your church along the way. Remember too, your kids and grandkids will see
you doing it! Take a look at these 1995 servers from St. Benedicts Ladd. Recognize
any of them? That was almost twenty years ago already! Wow how time flies!

The “John the Barber” Foundation
P.O. Box 88
Cherry, IL 61317







Geneseo’s 52 Game Winning Streak Ended by Hall Remember the Feeling in 1971?
Most Hall football fans remember and will probably never forget the famous Red Devil victory back in 1971 that ended the
Geneseo Maple Leafs’ 52-game winning streak. This all-time
upset would catch the attention of the entire state. It was the
fourth game of the season and Homecoming for the Red Devils.
Needless to say, the Devils were big underdogs. The 52-game
streak meant that the Leafs had gone from 1965 to 1971 without losing. There were people who had gone through high
school without having lost a game. It was an incredible record.
Hall on the other hand had finished way down in the conference standing for several years prior. The Devils hoped
to turn things around with their new coach, 24-year-old Kelly Kane. It was clear that Kane had his team were ready
for this game. To the surprise of all fans, the first period ended with no score. Geneseo was finally able to score in
the second period on a 23-yard run, but the Devils toughened up and held on the extra point. The score stood 6-0
at the half. It was clear that Kane had something going. It was generally agreed that Hall had played tough ball, but
Geneseo would blow it open in the second half. The Devils did not agree. On the first play of the second half, Hall
QB Rob Chiesi handed off to back Dave Hoover who turned and threw back to Chiesi who raced all the way to the
Geneseo 25-yard line. Coach Kane later says that this was the turning point in the game. It proved that the first
half was no fluke. Following carries by Chiesi and Ted DeSerf, the ball rested on the Geneseo 12. Chiesi faded to
pass and hit Bob Demichelis in the end zone. Hoover’s extra point kick was good and Hall led 7-6. Geneseo realized
that they were in a ball game! The Leafs began to drive into the line and pile up yardage. They were in Hall territory throughout the rest of the third quarter. On the final play of the period, the Geneseo quarterback scrambled in
from the 12 to give them the lead. Hall refused to give up. The Devils again held on the extra point try. The score
stood at 12-7. Coach Kane tried to keep his troops moving. After the teams traded punts, the Devils found themselves with a first down on their own 27 and 4:23 to play. Quickly and surely Hall began to move. For 12 plays they
marched down the field. Finally the ball rested on the Geneseo 6 with just 49 seconds left. Chiesi faded back looking to pass. He spotted senior end Jim Frey in the end zone. Chiesi threw in the direction of Frey and a Geneseo
defender. Now came the sight that Hall fans will never forget. The ball was high and both Frey and the Geneseo
back grabbed it. The two struggled for control as they fell to the ground. Frey pulled the ball to his chest and the
referee signaled touchdown. The Hall stands went wild. Hoover again added the extra point and Hall led 14-12. It
looked as if the game was over, but Geneseo would not give up. They drove back like the champions they were.
The game came close to being the 53rd win instead of a great upset. Geneseo ran a flea flicker in which the last Hall
defender saved the game with a tackle way down at the Hall 24. There were still 12 seconds left on the clock. The
Geneseo QB looked to throw but Devils Al Pinter and Ron Fusinatto came through for the sack and the end of the
game. As the clock ran out, the Hall stands emptied onto the field. A large crowd of fans remained at the school to
congratulate the Devils as they left the locker room. Geneseo dominated most of the final stats. They has 306
yards rushing to Hall’s 132. The stat that killed Geneseo was that they were penalized eight times for 60 yards
while Hall had no penalty yards. Coach Kane gave much credit to his defensive front four who were Pinter, Jerry
Stank, John Campbell and Phil Hocking. The Red Devils would finish the season with a record of just 3-5-1. Geneseo would go on to win the conference. Still, it didn’t matter. The most important game was over and so was the
longest winning streak in the United States.



Don’t Forget:
Cherry United
Church of Christ/
Holy Trinity
Cherry Pie
& Coffee
Social Hour,
first Thursday
of each month.
1:30 – 3:30
at Cherry
Church Hall.
Bring a friend!”

“One of the secrets
of a long and fruitful life
is to forgive everybody,
everything, every night
before you go to bed.”
-Bernard Baruch,
American statesman
and business man

“Day after day,
ordinary people become
heroes through
extraordinary and selfless
actions to help their
Sylvia Mathews Burwell,
American Politician,
current Secretary of the
US Dept. of Health and
Human Services

Here’s a few quick Rav-notes...

St. Thomas More Dalzell Doing Great things!: Sorry for being a bit late but JTB
wants to do a “shout out” for St. Thomas More Dalzell members “helping the
needy” and “reaching out strangers” in 2014! Thanksgiving baskets and a wonderful Christmas Giving Tree effort did both! “Good Dalzellians doing Great

Great job Hall students! Here’s a big “Hoo –Ray” for the following Hall students
who have been recognized as Illinois State Scholars: Alberto Baldonado, Haley
Cessna, Lindsay Choate, Luke Lee-Brown, Tyler Pullman, and Josephine Wales.
Great job students! Great job parents!

Cherry United Church of Christ Helping the Needy!: Here’s a shout-out to CUCC
for all it is doing to help the needy! Their team donated Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to the local food pantry and is on tap to do the same at Easter. They
also collected and donated needed items to PADS during the holiday season.

Dalzell Fire Department Helping the Needy this winder!: Members of the
Dalzell First Department delivered fruit trays to community seniors this winter,
providing a Great healthy treat and welcome surprise. Their goal was to put a
smile on the faces of the seniors and also get members of their team out into
the community meeting the resident of Dalzell. They plan on making it an annual
tradition. Hat’s off to the Dalzell Fire Department gang! “Good fireman doing
Great things!”

Ellen Hermann of Hall “Voice of Democracy” essay contest winner: Ellen won
first place in the “Voice of Democracy” essay contest sponsored by the Peru
VFW Post 8232. Students in teacher Ann Maller’s honors English IV class at Hall
submitted essays. Ellen won $100 along the way! Three cheers for Ellen! Three
cheers for the Peru VFW! Three cheers for Ann Maller! Finally, three cheers for
Ellen’s parents Patrick and Charlotte Herrmann of Spring Valley!

Hall High 2015 Illinois State Scholar Winners Announced: If you get a chance,
drop these students and their parents a little note, email, text message, Facebook message, phone call, fax, Hallmark card, Pony express letter, or carrier pigeon and say “Great job!” Winners and parents include: Alberto Baldonado son
of Amber Backus of Spring Valley, Hayley Cessna daughter of Robert and Sue
Cessna of Spring Valley, Lindsey Choate daughter of Melissa McLain of Spring
Valley, Luke Lee Brown son of Barry and Kim Lee Brown of Princeton, Tyler Pullam son of Frank and Kathy Pullam of Cherry, Josephine Wales daughter of Robert and Beth Wales of Ladd. These young folks are headed for Great things!

DO SOMETHING GREAT! Have your family or business sponsor the printing of “Up Ravioli Alley”for one month!
Email or mail John the Barber to learn how to do it!







Please spread the word!
Sale of this home in Cherry could help bring URA
to you and your’ s throughout 2015!
Buy this house in Cherry with as little as ZERO money down, with good
credit and income! USDA/Rural Development loans are available NOW
to help you get it done. We are working with banks in the LaSalle/Peru
who support this program. Email JTB at to find out more! Buses from the
Dimmick school circle Cherry every morning, picking up kids, coming
straight back to Cherry when school is over. Great! John the Barber is
selling this house and the profits will go to pay for "Up Ravioli Alley"
newsletter....the highly successful publication that is now being read online and off-line by thousands every month! Please follow this link to check out the house. http://
Would greatly appreciate it if you could spread the word, share, etc. this info and help us sell it. Thanks!

Attention Ladd Grade School Alumni!
We need your help with upcoming class reunion efforts!
In conjunction with the LADD 125th Anniversary (July 9-12, 2015), the committee is planning a Ladd Grade School
reunion. We are trying to get the word out to all alumni and are asking for your help. Some classes have already
named a class contact to help plan your reunion weekend. If you have not heard from anyone yet please contact
one of the names below.
Graduating classes:
1949 and previous - Jean Conway at
1950-1959 - Mike Grivetti at
1960-1969 - Dave Margherio at
1970-1979 - Kay Gallagher Chiado at
1980 to present - Linda Jegglie Peterson at
Faculty, staff & coaches contacts:
Nina (Cattani) Urbanowski at
Marie Fiocchi at
NOTE: If you do not get a response from your contact above try any one of the other email addresses for more information.
We are planning an open house at Ladd Grade School on Saturday July 11, 2015 from 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Some
classes are already planning yard parties and group gatherings at bars and restaurants in Ladd. Other ideas include
classes participating in the parade on Sunday July 12, 2015. Some classes are designing t-shirts specific to their class
graduation year for the weekend. Have fun and come up with your own unique class plans. If anyone has pictures
or collectibles from your school days please contact: Jim Piacenti at Don't be left out…it's
going to be a Great celebration! Follow us on Facebook (…we will be
posting the schedule of events soon! Thank you, Dave Margherio, 125 th Committee



“The final test of a
gentleman is his
respect for those who
can be of no possible
service to him.”
William Lyon Phelps,
American author, critic,
“Ravioli Alley
A truly Great person is
someone who respects
everybody, especially
those folks that don’t get
respected too often……
and even more yet, A
Great person respects
those folks that could
never do anything for
them. Not as common of
a thing as you might

We NEED your stories
about people from your
town “doing Great
things”…either now or in
the past. Please email or
mail to JTB.

“Up Ravioli Alley” Volume One Collector
Book Available NOW Via Mail and at
State Bank of Cherry and Cherry Country Store!
Wow! Here’s something pretty cool that
would make a Great present for your
“Ravioli Alley” friends and relatives, especially those living now in other parts of the
country. Get your copy of the hardbound
Volume One Edition of “Up Ravioli Alley.”
This cool book includes all issues of “Up Ravioli Alley” from October, 2013 through September, 2014 completely in COLOR! A limited number of copies have been printed.
Books on-sale NOW at the State Bank of
Cherry, Cherry Country Store, or by mailing
to JTB at Box 88, Cherry, IL 61317. Books
are $20/each (plus $4 shipping via mail in
orders). Book beautifully produced by St.
Bede Abbey Press. (Might want to give Cherry Country Store a quick ring at
815.894.2793 to check on store hours before heading to Cherry)

Hey high school/college journalism students!
“Up Ravioli Alley” needs you!
“Up Ravioli Alley” is looking for a
bright, young junior-journalist to
help us create our monthly
newsletter part-time.
Desire someone with an
understanding of “Ravioli Alley”
area culture, current events,
history, etc.
Need such a person to envision
potentially interesting stories and
do the research, interview, and
leg work to put the articles together. Good resume builder, looks Great on college application, Great experience.
To find out more email
Check out this very cool shot from the “Hall Times” newspaper from back in 1974!







“Ravioli Alley Non-For-Profit Organizations
All Showing that ‘John The Barber’ Spirit This Winter”
Do “something a little bit Great” and…
TAKE someone who doesn’t get a chance to get out too often.
BRING a carry out to someone new on your block.
SEND in a donation if you can’t make it.
* Seatonville Congregational Church, Independent Second Sunday: Sunday, February 8, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. Second
Sunday is an alternative worship gathering with an eclectic mix of ancient-future worship practices and elements.
People can expect a unique blend of psalms, spiritual songs, hymns, choruses, music video, The Word, The
Table, and more. All folks and families from the Illinois Valley and Bureau Valley region are invited to come and
experience this unique alternative worship gathering. The Seatonville Church is located on Rt.6 in Seatonville. For
further info call Pastor Bill Jacobsen at 815-228-6717 or on Facebook at second sunday.seatonville.

St. Thomas More Lenten Fish Fry: Friday February 20, 2015 evening at St. Thomas More Hall. Times still being
determined, so keep your eyes on the newspaper, bulletin, and web-site. Promises to be
Great time for all!

Ladd Fire Department Smoker: Saturday February 21, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. Entry is $12 and that gets you The Best
damn Chicken around, spaghetti, beer and soda. There will be plenty of "games" for all to play. Must be 21 to
enter. Also we have our cash raffle drawing going on in conjunction. Anyone interested in a ticket just contact
one of our members.

Project Success/Hall Township Food Pantry “Dueling Pianos”
Fundraiser: Saturday February 21, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at the
Peru Eagles Club. $15 tickets. If you have not seen “Dueling Pianos”
you need to check this out! Super fun time! Get your kids, aunts,
uncles, cousins together and buy a whole table! Call 815. 663.2085
for ticket information.

* Teens Encounter Christ (TEC) Peterstown: Saturday February 28,
2015 – Monday March 2, 2015 (Boys) and Saturday March 28, 2015 – Monday March 30, 2015 (Girls) in Peterstown, IL. TEC is a weekend retreat for teens of all Christian faiths, generally from ages 16 – 23, with a core target
group of junior year in high school. The weekend includes talks on faith, prayer, reconciliation, Eucharist, discipleship and love. There is time for reflection on serious questions of life. There is a long list of local teens and
adults that will quickly confirm that the TEC weekend is truly a Great experience.
Contact Robin Santman, at (815) 915-5395 or (815) 780-8402 or email to register or to find out more.

St. Patrick's Arlington Spring 2015 Sausage Making: Saturday March 7,
2015 at St. Patrick’s Hall in Arlington Sausage will be available for pickup on
Saturday at the church hall between 11:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. and on Sunday, March 8, 2015, after the 10:30 a.m. mass. Orders may be placed by
calling Lauren Koch at 815-638-2224 or Ann Hunter at 815-638-2691 by February 24, 2015. Members have made sausage to benefit the church in the
months of March and December for over forty years using the famous
Fonderoli family recipe. St. Patrick’s Arlington members (L-R) Brian Hewitt,
Jim Scully, Dave Weeks doing something a little bit Great, again helping with
the sausage making fund raiser

“cont….Ravioli Alley Non-For-Profit Organizations
All Showing that ‘John The Barber’ Spirit This Winter”

Boobapalooza Helps Cops 4 Cancer 2015: Saturday March 7, 2015 4:00 p.m. – midnight at Celebrations 150 at
740 East US Highway 6, LaSalle, Illinois. This is the sixth annual, highly successful, widely publicized event to benefit. All funds raised during this drive will be dispersed through Cops 4 Cancer, Inc. a 501 (C)(3) charity. Cops 4 Cancer (C4C) assists Illinois Valley area residents financially who are fighting cancer. Tickets available at Rudy’s Liquors in LaSalle. Event driven by “Ravioli Alley” alumna Betty Pape Glynn and her fantastic team.

Ladd Not-so-Junior-Women’s Club Luncheon to support the Ladd 125th: Wednesday March 25, 2015 at the Ladd
Community Center. The menu will include items from the group’s very popular luncheons from year’s past. Please
mark your calendars and keep your eyes open for further details.

Cut this one out and put on your fridge!

“Children Learn What they Live”
JTB would like to add:
If your child lives with a spirt of charity,
He will help the needy
If your child lives with a spirit out-going-ness,
He will reach out to strangers
If your child lives with spirt of forgiveness,
He will forgive

Lori Brown Going to the Next Level of
Doing Great Things to Increase
Awareness of Drug Overdose
As read in previous issues of URA, Lori Brown of Cherry
has been driving ahead in exciting ways with her efforts
to advance knowledge and awareness of drug overdose,
primarily through the organization “Buddy’s Purpose.”
Please email ,
call 815. 993.6294, or check out the “Buddy’s Purpose”
Facebook page to find out more. You will soon notice
the fantastic billboards that her and her group have been
able to put in place recently! Wow! Awesome! Some
Great things are going to come out of this effort!