"The Supertellic Electromagnetic Gravitational Universe Technology Theory" by Rodney Kawecki A new theory for Faster Then Light

(FTL) Speed Space Travel has hit the book market. The name of the author is Rodney Kawecki of Los Angeles California. The book is titled " The Supertellic Electromagnetic Gravitational Universe Technology Theory ". The author of this defines the means for faster then light space travel within the frameworks of the standard model of the Universe. His formula stems as an extension he calls 'The Quantum Constant' that is mathematically equal to 372,000 miles per second. The basis of his theory illustrates a passage in the Universes physical structure that allows for FTL within the framework of relativity and E=Mc2 entailed by Einstein's atomic energy constant. But what does change is the velocity. Kawecki explains that the theory of relativity developed by Einstein is a science of gravitation. Gravitation being the interruption entity that slows objects as they accelerate. Since matter velocities on the earth's surface are slowed down by gravity which he explains is not an actually field as Einstein claims. But that gravity slows objects from them having the ability to travel at their full potential. It is this potential that in empty interstellar space allows a speed of an object to increase by. From traveling at the speed of light - 186,000 m/s the light constant called the Kawecki Constant in the Supertellic Universe book increases to twice the velocity or as I mentioned 372,000 m/s. The interruption of TIME in Kawasaki's theory is bound by the new velocity that in relativity the infinite future is dialogued. But in The Quanta Physics Study " is increased where time flows backwards as a result from traveling at the speed of light and traveling the infinite future dimension frame. Kawecki has transformed the dialogue of advance modern physics to a fantastic intermediate literature. Believed to be a fact of the science in modern physics Rodney Kawecki believes his theory is unique enough to be accepted as a sound and protective dialogue for future scientific exploration technology. SEGUTT - short spelling for the title of the book. Is an ambitious book literature comparable to quantum dynamics and relativity and those physicists in the development of classical modern physics advancements? Even though The Supertellic Force' asserts a faster velocity then relativity its mathematics are in sequence with relativity equations. Acting as an extension SEGUTT or The Quanta Physics Study ' illustrates an increase in objectal velocity traveling through open interstellar space assumed to Albert Einstein to be the same as his gravity field figures. This division of space and field descriptions are separated in Q.P.T. study math and explained as separate entity fields. That approach not relevant with Einstein's works that is contradicted. As such this book is a must read for community interest groups that are most interested in science especially modern physics and the controversy about the Universe space time and future exploration technology. Written well enough that a layman can understand it. To order The Supertellic Electromagnetic-Gravitational Universe Technology Theory: The Quanta Physics Theory click on the title! Share this article with your friends