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Farrowing Crates

Gerardo Moran
Role-play: Pig Farmer Per. 03

In my lifetime, if anything has brought me and me family health and

well being, it has been the farrowing crates I have bought for me swine.

Invented in 1960’s, this is by far the most innovative appliance for my

concerns. The farrowing crate has introduced to me farm the main

commodities in production rates, sow/piglet survival and profitability. I

resolve that these are the main purposes for this revolutionary comfort.

The first important purposes for the crates are the protection of the

sows. Traditional work systems have evidently been bypassed in the matter

concerning to provide a safe welfare of the animals in the swine production,

by the recent introduction of the crates. Traditional systems in production

maintained sows among each other during the time of gestation, this

arouses bullying and fighting among sows. The confinement of the sows has

solved this ancient problem and by result a better health for the piglets.

Better health for sows is primordial for the second purpose of the

crates, the crate’s attribution to the piglets’ survival rate. The restricted

movement of the sow is the key to the improvement of the survival rate, for

it is virtually impossible for sows to stand or lay on the piglets, a continuous

problem in other piglets. Hence the amount of live piglets proves to be more
efficient in gross income, cause of the resolved danger in other systems

where piglets have to be removed as victims of crushing to death by the


Safety and profitability are the third main purpose of the crate system.

Because the space is limited to each sow and litter, less space is required per sow

than in other systems. This reduces costs and increases the profitability of the

enterprise. The fact that the animals are all inside allows the temperature of the

farrowing house to be carefully monitored. Safety is provided to both the animals

and humans taking in consideration the fact that in the need to provide vaccination

sows. During gestation time sows tend to bite and run around, making it hard with

all the movement to properly apply the shot. Crates provide for a solution to this

problem as well.

Certainly crates accommodate to the necessities required for a healthy, safe,

and profitable environment that can offer the best production. Crates are innovative

utilities that show a more humane of treating the production of animals, allowing

the piglets to grow healthier and then confined for their own safety and

reproduction, the crate system has become the most helpful tool in my farm.