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Team Assassins

This version of the document was made by IZ, credit to RW and TC for providing

---(Your Name Here) and His/Her Unnamed Assistants Are In Charge. You may
contact us by E- mail (email goes here) or in person (where do you live/work).

---Officially, we are SpyCentral.
If you are at all uncomfortable referring to us as an institution, you may also call
us by any of the following appellations:
- God
- The Master Assassins
- The Umpires
- The Moderators
- You Bastards
We are not necessarily fair or unbiased, and what we say goes.

The game in a nutshell...
("Help, I am in a nutshell!")
The object is to kill your targets.
If you kill all of them, you take their targets.
People will be trying to assassinate you.
The Advanced Explanation
You are assigned targets (via email only) who you must kill by the means available
to you. If you kill them, you must contact SpyCentral and will be assigned a new
New targets will be assigned approximately every 12 hours (12 A.M. / P.M.). If you
have not killed all your targets, you will not get a new assignment.
You also will receive points for killing people. Points can be used to learn various
tactics that will expand your Assassins arsenal. You begin the game with 3
If you die, you must contact SpyCentral and say you are dead. You may then be
assigned to be a terminator, or to do odd tasks.
If you kill people, you get points, roughly as listed below. Be sure to tell command
the details of your kills when reporting them - details are what will earn you more
(The part below is optional, and up for editing)
You must report in to SpyCentral every day starting on a date TBA. I will be in
my room from 7:00PM to 12:00AM, however, you can also check in by finding me
during the day, and handing me a note. SpyCentral does this to make sure you
are happy and content, and so that we don’t have to detonate the explosive we
implanted in your brains. The first failure to report in will result in two terminators
being assigned to you, and the second will result in your dramatic removal from
the game as your-head-a-splodes.
The Details Page
I) Assassins
Tactics................................................................................................ 3
II) Assassin
Specialties........................................................................................... 4-10
1. Basic Tech 5
2. Demo Tech 6
3. Covert Tech 7
4. Toxic Tech 8
5. Uber Tech 9
6. Team Tech 10
III) SpyCentral
Tactics............................................................................................. 11
IV) Point
System...................................................................................................... 12
V) Neutral
Areas..................................................................................................... 13
VI) Forbidden
Areas................................................................................................ 13
VII) Notes on Game
play........................................................................................... 13
I) Assassin Tactics--
This is basic assassin stuff. Anyone can do it!

→ CLOAK Defense (Free)
Place both hands FLAT on wall, any wall. No moving walls, and doors are NOT
walls. You are invulnerable, invincible, and untouchable. Well, you can still be
tickled, and heaven knows wedgies, over-the-moons, and pantsings are everyday
realities of life, but you can stay there as long as you want. As can your assassin.
Tick Tock. If you try to cloak yourself at the last moment and are unsure whether
your hands reached the wall in time, ties are resolved in favor of the assassin. Just
because they don’t know where you are now doesn’t retroactively mean they
didn’t know where you were.

→ Paper Plate Shield (Free)
You may use a shield made of paper plates to block sock attacks. You must
provide plates, and make the shield. Possibly useless, definitely funny. You are not
limited only to shields – feel free to make a Paper Plate Helmet, Paper Plate
Greaves, or the ever-popular Paper Platemail, first made by Agent Upgrade… if
you don’t mind looking like a doofus. Which you probably don’t.

→ Basic Combat Training (Free)
Player is allowed to use POST IT NOTES OF DOOM that can be used to assassinate
other players. You must write the name of the victim on them, and then physically
stick them to your target – they should feel it. Not so much that they scream in
pain, however.
II) Assassin Specialties
Here is where you can be unique. When you turn in death certificates, SpyCentral
will give you points. The first two options are highly recommended. The points
needed for each are listed below.

Formula for Team Discount:
Team cost = (Normal point cost) * (Number of teammates remaining) * 2/3
A nice table is provided below.

Number of Teammates
1 2 3 4
1 1 1 2 3
2 1 3 4 5
3 2 4 6 8
4 3 5 8 11
Cost of Ability 5 3 7 10 13
6 4 8 12 16
7 5 9 14 19
8 5 11 16 21
9 6 12 18 24
10 7 13 20 27

Until SpyCentral has sent an email approving your abilities, you may not
use them. Everything needs to go through SpyCentral first.

* - Special Type Assassinations marked with a * must be executed while the
assassin or an accomplice knowing about the operation is close enough to reliably
witness the kill. The assassin or accomplice must immediately (within 60 seconds
or so) tell the victim they have been killed if the trap/poison is a success, or else
the kill is not successful.
Basic Tech

→ Small Arms Training [SAT] (2)
Sock your enemy with... socks. You may only have two socks on your person at a
time. Socks can be balled and thrown, or used in melee. NO WEIGHTING SOCKS!!!
Only Plates may protect you from thrown socks. And the socks must, repeat must,
be clean by your mother's standards.

→ Defense and Evasion (Requires SAT) (1)
Socks may be used on anyone who is attempting or has attempted to attack you.
Use socks as noted above. If successfully hit, that person cannot attack you for 30
minutes. Laugh at them.
To Clarify: If a player spots a would-be assassin closing in on them, they may
attempt a preemptive strike. In the event of a close tie (i.e. your assassin and
yourself throw socks at each other and are unsure whose sock hit first), the
defender is given the benefit of the doubt. This is the only exception to the “rule
in favor of assassin” rule. SpyCentral prefers assassins who can catch their
targets unprepared.
Addendum: Paper plate armor will prevent a neutralization.

→ Advanced Small Arms Training [ASAT] (Requires SAT) (1)
Assassin may carry one extra sock for each additional one point spent.

→ Advanced Arms Training [AAT] (Requires SAT) (3)
Allows the use of plainly non-realistic dart/nerf/foam guns (no water guns).

→ Gun Fu (Requires SAT, Defense and Evasion, AAT) (3)
Your gun is a part of you, and you can do things with it no one else can. You may
neutralize opponents with dart/nerf/foam guns as though through Defense and
Evasion. Your neutralizing shot must be able to go through any armor it hits in
order to count, though.
You may also deflect attacks with guns - if you are hit in the hand or arm while
holding a gun in that same arm, it is assumed to have been expertly deflected as
though you were wearing paper plate armor on the exact spot where you were hit
(this does not upgrade to 'mythril' even if you have bought or later buy Advanced
Paper Plate Shield). Your opponents will have to try again.

→ *Remote Combat Training (Requires SAT and AAT) (3)
Allows POST IT NOTES OF DOOM, socks, or (in theory though maybe not in
practice) Nerf guns to be used remotely as traps. For instance, a sticky note
might be left sticky side up in a chair, or a tripwire may drop a sock from the
ceiling. If socks are involved in a trap, they (1) must be clear that they are part of
the trap, and (2) count toward your maximum sock carrying count. If concerned
about legality, clear any clever trap ideas with SpyCentral before using them.

→ Advanced Paper Plate Shield (1)
Your Paper Plate Shields are upgraded and can now block any kind of attack –
post-it notes, guns, you name it. Think of it as upgrading from paper to mythril.

Demo Tech

→ *Demolition (3)
Set a time bomb to blow up your target! Attach a sign that reads “You have been
assassinated” to an alarm clock, set the alarm, and LEAVE THE CLOCK IN PLAIN
VIEW. An “alarm clock” is defined as a timekeeping device with a loud, audible
alarm which is plugged into the wall. When the bomb goes off, the explosion will
kill your target as long as he is within a (conveniently) dorm room length radius
and there are no cloakable walls or closed doors in the way (i.e. he is in the same
room). The assassin does not need to flee the area, and upgraded paper plate
armor does nothing to protect the target.

→ *Advanced Demolition: Portable Explosives (Requires Demolition) (3)
Allows the use of smaller timepieces for the demolition ability, such as watches or
cell phones. While the assassin need not clear the area, some effort should be
made to put the explosive “closer” to the target than to the demolitionist; we’re
not going for suicide bomber emulation here. The alarm for any explosive must
be set at least 5 seconds before going off. Consider the explosion size to be
dependent on how big the bomb is; for example, a watch would likely have a
range of 2 meters, while a cell phone might have a blast of 4 meters. Ask
SpyCentral if you are not sure how big the blast should be.

→ Advanced Demolition: Mine Field (Requires Demolition) (3)
Set up a mine field. Your room is now a neutral area; only “Covert Ops”-type
(clean, no-witness) kills will be allowed there, by you or anyone else. Note: You
may claim you have one of these in place (regardless of reality), but don’t be
surprised if your assassin tries to kill you in front of your mom anyway.

→ *Advanced Demolition: Vehicle Bombs (Requires Demolition) (3)
Vehicle bombs may be used on your target’s car, bike, horse, Segway, shoes, etc.
Place a sticky note on their vehicle that says “you have been assassinated”, and if
they attempt to use it without finding and removing the note, they are dead.
They won’t be getting away so easily now, will they?
→ Expert Demolition: Phone Bombs (Requires Demolition and one Advanced
Demolition) (3)
You gain the ability to activate the bombs that the government has hidden in
every phone. Call your target on any phone (room phone, cell phone, video
phone, whatever), and if the first word the target utters is not “Disarming,” inform
them “KABOOM!” and tell them that they are dead. Please delay at least one hour
before retrying if they successfully disarm you.

→ *Expert Demolition: Door Bombs (Requires Demolition and one Advanced
Demolition) (3)
Place a “You have been assassinated” sign on a door. Any door. If the next person
to open that door is your target, they die. If they place their hand on the door and
say DISARMING first, out loud, clearly and audibly, then they do not blow up.

Covert Tech

→ Covert Ops (3)
Allows stealthy assassination in neutral areas. Stealthy means “NO witnesses” can
see the kill, and the attack must be quiet and gentle. A full frontal assault with a
battering ram is not covert in any sense of the word. To be clear, a “witness” is
someone other than the assassin or the target who notices the assassination
before the moment it happens. To dispute a covert ops kill, you should find a
witness immediately after the kill, and that witness should be able to provide
details about the kill without prompting. Be honest though. Unless anyone saw it,
you’re dead.

→ Special Ops (Requires Covert Ops) (4) (One use)
Allows you to kill one cloaked target. The ability must be repurchased after being
successfully used if it is to be used again.

→ Advanced CLOAK (3)
Cloaking may be achieved with both hands flat against stationary walls, AND
floors, AND ceilings. All other rules for cloaking still apply.

→ Hacking (3)
A spy in SpyCentral will provide the name of both the target and the assassin of
any one person you choose except yourself. You may use this ability once every
day. You will receive info on one of their targets and one of their assassins.

→ Advanced Hacking: Switch Target (Requires Hacking or having survived 3
rounds without scoring a kill) (?) (One Use) (Entire team must buy)
Your team will be randomly reassigned a new target. This will leave you jobless
until the next reassignment round. Can’t kill your targets? We’ll give you a free
use after 3 rounds, no questions asked!
→ Advanced Hacking: Swipe Dossier (Requires only Hacking) (2) (One Use)
Receive all the information SpyCentral has about any player in the game,
including but not limited to codename, past kills, current points, skills, and
assigned target. SpyCentral may send a terminator to “investigate” the missing
files if you do not have enough skill in being covert.
Note: This means if you have Covert Ops, you will not receive a terminator.

→ Advanced Hacking: Point Split (Requires Hacking) (2)
If the person who purchases this ability is killed, your team will receive an equal
amount of points that were given to their killer.

→ Expert Hacking: Stall Tactics (5) (Requires Hacking, and one Advanced Hacking)
You send a hypnotizing message to an assassin of your choice, temporarily
neutralizing their powers. Choose an assassin to cause them not to be able to
make a kill during a 12 hour time period. This can be used once per day on any
one assassin.

Toxic Tech

→ *Chemicals and Toxins (2)
Allows poisoning with “Poison” stickers to be placed on food products. Not that
Cafe food needs much help in this regard. Still, this ability can be used ANYWHERE
there is food, regardless of neutrality.

→ Advanced Chemicals and Toxins: Truth Serum (Requires Chemicals and Toxins)
You can use one “vial” every 12-hour time period. Each vial allows you to ask 1
game-related yes or no question of ANYONE playing the game. They must tell the
truth. Duh.

→ Advanced Chemicals and Toxins: Defensive Toxins (Requires Chemicals and
Toxins) (3)
Use a mutagen in order to make your hands secrete venom at will. You may now
neutralize would-be assassins like in the Defense and Evasion ability using your
bare hands.

→ Advanced Chemicals and Toxins: Radioactivity (Requires Chemicals and Toxins)
You expose your socks to radiation. If you successfully neutralize your assassin,
they may not kill you or any of your team for a full time period.

→ Expert Chemicals and Toxins: Capulet Capsule (Requires all Toxic abilities) (7)
(One Use)
Allows you to avoid an assassination by playing dead. Use this item immediately
after being killed – it must have been purchased ahead of time – and you will
survive, although your would-be assassin will still get the points for killing you.
After using this, you are effectively out of the game for one hour; you cannot kill
or be killed, or use any other skills until this time is up. Note: This is the only
exception to the rule requiring you to be truthful when it comes to being killed. If
you are using the Capulet Capsule after your death, feel free to tell your assassin
you are dead. Then they won’t see it coming when you come back after them.
While supplies last. Limit one per game.

To unlock these abilities, kill six (6) people.

→ Black Ops - 7 points for first use, 9 points for second, 11, 13, etc.
My name is Leonard Church! Fear my LASER FACE!!! You may assassinate any one
person without proper authorization, as though you were their assassin. The kill
must be of the covert nature. We do not want to attract attention to ourselves. If
the person you choose happens to be your own assassin, looks like we have a
preemptive showdown on our hands! (Don't blink first) Upon killing them, report
your actions to SpyCentral immediately. Warning! Combining the use of this ability
with privileged knowledge (such as always finding out and going after your future
assassins) could earn you a terminator. (Going after your current assassin, on the
other hand, is strictly encouraged)

→ The Ultimate Hack – 6 points
You have become the master of all things technological. You’ve found a glitch in
SpyCentral’s point tallying system, and now earn double points. (Maxing out at 8

→ Vitesse - 8 points
Your superior fighting and avoidance skills have trained you to have lightning-fast
reflexes. You now have no need of paper plates to shield yourself against enemy
projectiles or explosions. The only way to kill you now is direct melee contact. (If
you are hit by any such projectile, you immediately must explain that you are only
vulnerable to melee weapons. Play nice.)
Note: Poison will kill you. Speed can't help you avoid your esophagus burning
because you stupidly swallowed acid...

→ Manos, the Hands of Fate – 8 points
You have adorned your hands with the poison of the deadly poison dart frog.
Playing 'Tag' was never this fun! You may now kill your target with only your
hands. Effectively, you may now neutralize AND kill as though you had socks
covering your hands.

Team Tech
Team Discounts do not apply for these abilities.

→ Buyback Teammate (10)
You convince SpyCentral to let you use the revival ray they have in the basement.
You revive one teammate that is dead. He/She will become active during the next
time period. Any individual abilities only bought by them will be gone, however. If
your entire team dies before the revival, it will fail, and your country will fall!

→ Go Team ________! (6)
You make a really cool team sign, giving weaker members better powers.
For one 24 hour period, your entire team is allowed to use any abilities purchased
for individuals.

→ Revengeance Copycat (2)
Your fallen teammate teaches you a valuable lesson.
Whenever a teammate is killed, you may have one person on your team learn the
offending ability. So, if JoeBob is killed by Phone Bombs, you may have BobJoe
learn Phone Bombs.
Caveat: This ability must be used immediately upon death of a teammate.
→ Player Drop (teammate)
You just don’t like that guy.
Your team gets 6 points for “letting go” of one of your teammates, plus the
benefits of having cheaper ability buys. However, the team that is hunting you
gets 5 points for their own use.
Second use: 5 points for your team, 6 points for hunting team.
Third use: 4 points for your team, 7 points for hunting team.
You can’t suicide your team out of existence. Contrary to popular belief, it is not

III) SpyCentral Tactics

SpyCentral Only

→ Terminators
Terminators will be assigned to take out inactive players after 36 hours without a
kill. Killing within this time period will redeem said player. Multiple terminators
may be assigned. Terminators may be assigned for other reasons, and SpyCentral
reserves the right to give terminators whatever abilities we feel like giving them.
In addition, terminators who are dead agents may continually earn points and buy
items as they see fit.

Available for Everyone

→ Hired Assassin
For 3 points, you may authorize any one person to perform an assassination for
you. Send SpyCentral an email with your choice of accomplice. If the hired
assassin is not a player who is currently alive, that person has both Small Arms
Training and the free abilities, and cannot gain any more abilities. The extra
assassin remains employed until he/she physically scores a kill. Feel free to
authorize your targets to commit suicide if you’re feeling whimsical, but don’t
expect them to comply unless they’re totally emo.

→ Dual Assignment
For 3 points, a spy within SpyCentral will randomly assign you a secondary target
for the next time period only (starting at 12 A.M. / P.M.). After that, you lose your
secondary target. Kill both targets in one time period to receive a 4 point bonus.
If somebody else gets to one of your targets first, tough luck. Note: If a player’s
primary target is eliminated by another player or a terminator, they will be
assigned a new one when the next time period begins.

→ Clone
For 4 points, you may clone yourself onto one other person. This works much like
Hired Assassin, however, your clone only has enough energy for one 12 hour
round. The clone has all your abilities, and if they score a kill, you get the points!
(up to 5)
When a Clone is deactivated, all his/her traps and bombs will also be neutralized.

IV) Point System

1 point for any Kill.
+1 - Your First kill. The agency likes eager recruits.
+2 - Clever, Clean, or especially creative kill.
+1 - No-Witness Kill (it pays to be sneaky).
-1 - Victim was CLOAKED, against wall, immediately prior to death. Patience is
great, but boring.
+1 - You provide video evidence (via youtube) You have a 12 hour grace period
to post it.
+3 - Victim was naked.
-2 - You were naked.
+1 - Kill assisted by Justin Haveman (consultant bonus).
+5 - Live sheep involved.
+/ - ??? Points at SpyCentral's discretion.

Special Bonuses – You will be granted the following extra points for becoming an
expert in a certain area of skills. Optimize your skill selection to receive more
points. When you have the required skills, kill someone with one of the skills
within, then request your bonus from SpyCentral.
→ Weapons Specialist (+1) – Small Arms Training, Defense and Evasion,
Advanced Small Arms Training, Advanced Arms Training
→ Demolitions Expert (+2) – Demolition, Any 3 Advanced Demolitions, and one
successful demolitions type kill
→ Covert Ops Captain (+2) – Covert Ops, Special Ops, Advanced CLOAK, and
one successful stealthy assassination (neutral area or not, doesn’t matter)
→ Second Life Bonus (+2) – This bonus is granted upon use of the Capulet
→ Nontermination Bonus (+1 per time period) – This bonus is given once for
each full time period you evade all terminators who are after you. If for some
reason your terminators are recalled before the time period ends (e.g., an
inactivity terminator is recalled because you make a kill), the bonus is nullified. In
certain cases (e.g., a non-payment terminator) this bonus will not apply.

Team Bonuses:
Time Period Bonus – Score these kills in one time period to score the bonus. Your
team can only get one of these bonuses per time period. These do not stack.
+1 kill first member of target team
+3 kill two members of target team
+7 kill three members of target team
+15 kill all members of target team

(Neutral and Forbidden areas are up for edit too. For example, if you are running a
youth group at church, you feel like running a game where voyeurism is ok…
*shifty eyes*)

V) Neutral areas (Only "Covert Ops"-type Kills allowed.)
-Classrooms (not during lecture)
-SpyCentral HQ

VI) Forbidden Areas (No Assassinations or Neutralizations Here, Period)
-Churches/Places of Worship
-Places of Work
-Full Tubs, Running Showers, Toilet
-Area 51
VII) Notes
Finally, THE RULES are there to make this a fun game. If there are disputes, we
reserve the right to implement and interpret them. Or to kill people,
metaphysically speaking.

This game runs on the honor system, so be respectful (assassin and victim alike).