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1 A technician needs to purchase a new video adapter for a computer. Which factors should be considered when se
the adapter?

type of hard drive installed

amount of memory installed

expansion slot type

case form factor

2 A user has been writing data to a USB flash memory drive. What should the user do before removing the device?

Shut down the computer.

Click on the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the system tray then on the device.

Right-click on the drive in My Computer, then click on Remove Drive .

Remove the power to the drive.

3 When calculating the total cost of ownership of a printer it is necessary to consider the cost of the consumables.
two consumables are associated with an inkjet printer? (Choose two.)


ink cartridge

ink ribbon


4 A technician is planning to convert a file system from FAT32 to NTFS. What step should be taken before doing the

Create a complete system backup.

Backup the registry.

Set a System Restore Point.

Create an Emergency Repair Disk.

5 A user is experiencing slow print rates when printing files that contain large complex graphics. What could be don
improve performance?

Use better quality media.

Add memory to the printer.

Run regular self-tests and test pages.

Change the printer cabling from parallel to serial.

6 In the event of a catastrophic system or hardware failure, which Windows XP utility provides a framework for sav
recovering the operating system?

Emergency Repair Disk (ERD)

Automated System Recovery (ASR)

Windows Recovery Manager (WRM)
Automated Windows Recovery (AWR)

System Restore (SR)

7 Which two interface types make it possible to attach different external components to laptops and desktops with
powering the computer off? (Choose two.)

Express Card






8 What characterizes spoofing?

Making data appear to come from a source other than the actual source.

Sending abnormally large amounts of data to a remote server to prevent user access to the server services.

Intercepting or inserting false information in traffic between two hosts.

Sending bulk e-mail to individuals, lists, or domains intending to prevent users from accessing e-mail.

9 What do the terms refresh rate, interlace, and aspect ratio explain?

hard drive efficiency
audio signal

scanner output

image properties of a monitor

10 A printer has a paper jam. An impatient user has sent multiple print jobs of the same document to this printer. W
be done to remove these print jobs?

Cancel the jobs in the printer queue.

Select landscape or portrait image layout.

Set the printed image to colors or to grayscale.

Adjust the settings to match the colors on the screen to the colors on the printed sheet.

11 On which two occasions is it most likely that a technician will have to perform a clean operating system installatio
backup has not been performed? (Choose two.)

A user requires access to a new printer.

The existing operating system is corrupted.

The existing security software requires upgrading.

The computer is being moved to a different network.

A new replacement hard drive is installed in a computer.

12 A technician wishes to boot a computer using a CD-ROM that contains a limited operating system and diagnostic
Where would the technician set the boot order for the PC?
My Computer

Control Panel

Device Manager


Start Menu

13 Which protocol adds security to remote connections?






14 A workstation is experiencing an error that is caused by suspected dirty RAM contacts. Which two materials shou
used to clean the RAM module? (Choose two.)

cotton cloth

distilled water

home vacuum cleaner

isopropyl alcohol

lint-free swab

mild cleaning solution
15 A customer needs to purchase a new power supply for a computer. What must be considered when selecting an
appropriate power supply?

The power supply converts DC to AC.

The power supply has sufficient wattage to support all components inside the computer.

The power supply provides at least 800 V.

The power supply must have both a P-8 and P-9 connector.

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16 A technician has installed a new sound card in a PC but it is not operating correctly. Where should the technician
investigate driver problems?

Computer Management

Device Manager

My Computer

System Tools
17 What approach should a technician take when receiving a call from a stressed customer?

Ask the customer to telephone back when the customer is feeling less stressed.

Ask the customer to hold, and then wait five minutes for the customer to calm down.

Try to establish a rapport with the customer.

Transfer the customer to a level-two technician who will ask the customer to explain the problem again.

18 The current IP configuration of a small company is done manually and is time-consuming. Because of increased n
growth, a technician needs a simpler way for IP configuration of workstations. Which service would simplify the
workstation IP configuration task?





19 Which Windows tool should be run before upgrading the operating system?





20 A computer technician needs to test the COM ports on some new computers. Which diagnostic tool can help ach
task properly?

digital port reader

loopback adapter

port scanner

network analyzer

21 Which type of cable standard uses a 9-pin connector and supports data rates in excess of 800 Mbps?



IEEE 1284

IEEE 1394a

IEEE 1394b

22 Why do mobile devices such as laptop computers use specially designed CPUs?

They consume less power.

They are smaller.

They are lighter.

They require customized cooling mechanisms.

23 ABC Inc. decided to integrate redundancy by connecting multiple hard disks to duplicate the information they sto
Which type of adapter will need to be installed on the servers to accomplish the desired redundancy?


Wireless NIC

USB gateway

RAID adapter

multiple slave hard disk adapter

24 A call center technician answers a call from a frequent customer who is known to be impatient and lacks experien
computers. The customer has an issue with an application that the call center supports. The customer informs the
technician that the problem had been reported before but the original technician was rude, did not listen, and di
the problem. If the technician is confident that the problem can be resolved by increasing the amount of memory
computer, what should the technician do?

Tell the customer to install 1 GB of DDR2 PC2400 RAM.

Explain that the original technician is no good and the supervisor will be told.

Suggest that the customer purchase a new computer.

Confirm the issues and give detailed instructions to solve the problem.

25 A network administrator is troubleshooting a server that keeps crashing. While monitoring traffic to the server, th
administrator notices repeated, larger than normal pings to the server. What is the name of this type of attack?

multi-ping attack


ping bomb

ping of death

zombie attack

26 A user is reporting that a new external hard drive is defective. The laptop will allow access to the drive at times, a
will report that the drive cannot be found. Upon an initial examination of the laptop, it is discovered that the user
USB devices connected to the laptop.

What is the best quick solution to this problem?

Remove all the peripherals except the hard drive and observe the results.

Move the laptop to another location and observe the results.

Replace the power adapter and observe the results.

Replace the USB hub and observe the results.

Flash the BIOS on the laptop and observe the results.

27 When installing the Windows XP operating system, a technician is given a choice of file systems to use. If security
requirement, which file system should be chosen?





28 A customer is angry and calls to complain that the service scheduled on his computer took longer than expected.
technician reviews the work order and notices that the service was performed by a new employee. How should th
technician respond?

Verify that the computer is working properly now.

Listen to the complaint and then apologize for any inconvenience caused by the lengthy service on the comp

Explain that the repair technician sent to perform the repair is inexperienced.

Put the customer on hold until a supervisor is available.

29 When installing a service pack or security patches on an operating system, what should be done to protect the sy
the event of a faulty or aborted installation?

Create a restore point.

Check the updates for the latest ones.

Disable Automatic Updates to prevent interference with the current operation.

Test all aspects to ensure that the update is correct for the operating system.

30 A technician is designing a hardware preventive maintenance plan for a company. Which strategy should be inclu
the plan?

Avoid performing maintenance operations on plug and play devices that are controlled by the operating syst

Only clean equipment that is requested by the customer.

Omit performing maintenance operations on components until the equipment malfunction.

Schedule and document routine maintenance tasks.
A small business has used a high quality configurable flatbed scanner to scan a number of photographs to print as larg
posters. However, the quality of the images printed as posters is poor. What should the user do?

Replace the flatbed scanner with an all-in-one device.

Use OCR software when scanning the photographs.

Save the scanned file in JPEG not TIFF format.

Increase the resolution of the scanner.

32 Because of the potential for electric shock, which two computer components should only be serviced by authoriz
personnel? (Choose two.)

hard drive

video card

power supply

CRT monitor

ink jet printer

33 A technician has installed a new sound card in a PC but it is not operating correctly. Where should the technician
investigate driver problems?

Computer Management

Device Manager

My Computer

System Tools
34 Which network device uses a MAC address table to segment the network?






35 ABC Company wants to configure laptops to automatically power components off to improve battery life. Which
management control can be used to accomplish this?






36 A technician has replaced a failing floppy drive. While testing the new drive, the technician notices that the flopp
light remains lit constantly. What is most likely the cause of the problem?

The new floppy drive is faulty.

The ribbon cable is installed incorrectly.

The jumper settings are set incorrectly for the floppy drive.
The floppy drive has been disabled in the BIOS.

37 A company is expanding its business to other countries. All branch offices must remain connected to corporate
headquarters at all times. Which network technology is required to support this requirement?





38 An employee is receiving e-mail from unknown banks asking for username and password information. Which type
security attack is the employee experiencing?



Trojan horse



39 A user has a motherboard with a ZIF socket. Which type of processor connector can the user add to this motherb




40 Which two types of connectors can be found on DVI cables? (Choose two.)
41 A newly purchased scanner is not functioning as efficiently as expected. Which step should a technician take to im

Download drivers and utilities from a user forum on the Internet.

Download drivers and utilities from the manufacturer web site.

Reinstall the software that came with the scanner.

Buy a different scanner.

42 A company uses a single computer to receive and test all Windows updates. When the most recent update was in
several programs failed. What is the first course of action that a technician should attempt to remove the update

Run a System Restore from the last restore point.

Use the Add or Remove Hardware applet in the Control Panel to remove the update.

Restore the hard drive from the last system backup.

Use the Recovery Console to restore the operating system.

43 What should always be done prior to replacing components that are not hot-swappable in a laptop?

Discharge all power that remains in the battery.

Place the laptop in hibernate mode.

Unplug the laptop and remove the battery.
Remove all PC cards and expansion cards.

44 A home computer owner has a PC system that runs Windows XP. For security reasons the owner has been using a
local user account for a number of years. The owner wishes to install a new piece of software, but the user accou
not have the necessary permissions. Which type of account does the owner need to use to install the new softwa





45 When a Windows XP computer has completed the POST for each adapter card that has a BIOS, what is the next st
during the boot sequence?

BIOS reads the MBR.

NTDETECT.COM is used to detect any installed hardware.

NTDLR reads the registry files.

The WINLOGON.EXE program is started.

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46 Which power mode should be used by a laptop so that all the data is saved, all the applications the user was work
are left open, and there is no power used by the laptop?


Left on with no power mode

Soft shutdown

47 A network technician receives an error that there is insufficient physical disk space on an external drive to hold a
a Windows XP computer. What is a possible cause for the problem?

The technician lacks the file attribute rights to the file to copy it to the external drive.

The external drive is formatted with a FAT 32 file system and the file is too large for that file system.

The file is a system file and will cause the operating system to fail if it is moved.

The technician needs to add the file to the Master File System before trying to move the file.

48 Which three things should be investigated first when troubleshooting a printer? (Choose three.)

equipment power

corrupt print driver

low-ink warning

out of paper

operating system compatibility

firmware version

49 What is the logical topology used for the Ethernet architecture?

double ring

extended star



50 A computer can access devices on the same network but can not access devices on other networks. What is the p
cause of this problem?

The cable is not connected properly to the NIC.

The computer has an invalid IP address.

The computer has an incorrect subnet mask.

The computer has an invalid default gateway address.

51 What is the purpose of an IRQ?

Perform input/output between the CPU and peripherals.

Establish peer-to-peer communication between devices and software.

Request information from the CPU.

Access the computer RAM for reading and writing.
52 A user believes that a data file on a Windows XP computer has been corrupted. Which
utility can provide the best information about the data file?





53 A technician is having trouble with laptops that keep overheating. What preventive
maintenance procedure can be performed on the laptops to reduce this problem?

Regularly replace the laptop battery.

Encourage users to run the laptop from the battery more often.

Encourage users to run the laptop from the AC adapter more often.

Remove and clean the CPU.

Clean the air vents.

Replace the fan.

54 A technician wants to create a new partition on a new additional hard drive. Which tool
should be used?


Disk Management



Device Manager

55 A student enables file sharing on a laptop so that a friend can access music files. Which
type of service is being configured?





56 Which protocol dynamically assigns IP addresses to network devices?






57 The technician has been asked to upgrade the printer driver for an old printer. What is the
best source for a new driver?

manufacturer's website

Microsoft Update website

printer installation disk

Windows Device Manager

Windows hardware profiles

58A home computer user is trying to customize the power management on a computer using
Windows XP. However, the custom configuration is unsuccessful. What task must be
completed to enable power management to be configured?

ACPI power management must be enabled in the BIOS using Administrative Tools in the
Windows Control Panel.

APM power management mode must be configured in the BIOS before ACPI can be used to
enable power management.

APM power management mode must be configured in the BIOS so that Windows XP can be used
to enable power management.

ACPI power management mode must be enabled in the BIOS before Windows XP can be used to
configure power management.

59 A technician is asked to set up one hard drive that will support two operating systems and
will store data files in three separate drive locations. Which partition settings will support
these requirements?

1 primary, 3 active, 1 extended, 2 logical

2 logical, 2 active, 3 extended

2 primary, 1 active, 1 extended, 3 logical

3 primary, 1 active, 2 extended

60 What are three important considerations when installing a CPU on a motherboard?
(Choose three.)

Antistatic precautions are taken.

The CPU is correctly aligned and placed in the socket.

The CPU contacts are first cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.

The CPU heat sink and fan assembly are correctly installed.

The CMOS EPROM battery is removed prior to installing the CPU.

Maximum insertion force is applied to the load lever so the CPU is locked in place.

61 Which three benefits are gained by networking computers? (Choose three.)

decreased need of personal training

fewer peripherals needed

decreased computer-to-user ratio
lower cost licensing

increased user specialization

increased communication capabilities

62 A call center technician is on a call with a customer when a colleague indicates that there is
something to discuss. What should the technician do?

Interrupt the customer and ask whether the customer would mind going on hold for a few

Tell the customer that the call will be put on hold for a few minutes.

Signal to the colleague to wait.

Mute the line to the customer while discussing the issue with the colleague.

63 A customer is upset and wants to speak to a specific technician to resolve a problem
immediately. The requested technician is away from the office for the next hour. What is the
best way to handle this call?

Refer the angry customer to a supervisor.

Advise the customer that the requested technician is out of the office and insist on trying to
resolve the problem.

Make an offer to help the customer immediately, and advise the customer that otherwise the
requested technician will call the customer back within two hours.

Ignore the request for the specific technician by walking through a step-by-step process with the
customer in an attempt to refocus the customer and solve the problem.

64 Where in Windows XP can the shutdown, hibernate, and standby modes be configured?

Start > Control Panel > Power Options

Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools

Start > Control Panel > Power Modes

Start > Control Panel > System
65 Which are three steps in the laser printing process? (Choose three.)







66 What is the purpose of wearing an antistatic wrist strap?

to reduce the electrical charge to a harmless level in a monitor

to protect the user from any harmful electrical discharge

to equalize the electrical charge between the user and the equipment

to monitor the electrical charge that is generated between the user and the equipment

67 A tire store needs to print customer invoices using carbon copy paper so that both the
store and the customer have a copy. What is the best printer solution?

dye-sublimation printer

inkjet printer

thermal printer

impact printer

68 Which two ports on a laptop allow connection or removal of external devices, such as hard
drives or printers, without powering off the computer? (Choose two.)





69 Which motherboard feature controls the amount of data that a CPU transfers at one time?

pin grid array

front side bus

MMX instructions

read-only memory

70 A technician needs to free some hard disk space in a computer. Which management tool
can help find files that can be safely deleted?



disk cleanup

disk management




Refer to the exhibit. Which two port types are shown in the graphic? (Choose two.)





72 All default Windows XP tools and utilities are installed on a computer. The technician
discovered that a few other Windows components are still needed. Which procedure can
accomplish this task?

Press Ctrl-Alt-Del. Choose Task Manager > Performance > Add/Remove Windows Components

Open the Windows XP CD. Locate the Windows Components folder. Right click on Component.
Choose Install.

Right click on the Desk Top. Choose Properties > Settings > Add/Remove Windows

Choose Start > Control Panel > Add Remove Programs > Add/Remove Windows Components

3- Refer to the exhibit. What is the correct order of steps to safely remove one of several hot-
swappable devices using the least amount of steps?

• 2, 3, 5, 6

• 1, 3, 5, 6

• 1, 4, 5, 6
• 2, 5, 6

4- Which utility can be used to determine end-to-end connectivity between source and

• Ipconfig

• Nbstat

• Netstat

• Ping

5- Which topology has only one central point of failure, is easy to troubleshoot, and is most
commonly implemented in newer networks?

• bus

• mesh

• ring

• star

7- Which Windows XP command displays the route taken by packets crossing an IP network?

• iproute

• netview

• nslookup

• ping

• tracert

8- Which type of program causes banners and ads to appear on the desktop without any user

• adware

• spyware

• stealth virus

• trojan horse
11- A technician thinks that the file system on a computer has a problem because Windows XP is
reporting integrity data issues. Which Windows XP utility will check the file system for errors?

• Attrib

• Chkdsk

• Fdisk

• Format

12- Which specification was developed to resolve the problem of hardware conflicts?



• IRQ-and-DMA

• OSR2

• PnP

• of users forgetting them.

14- Which set of related files store all the settings of a Windows XP installation?

• Registry

• Control Panel

• .ini


17- A technician has been asked to install memory that detects multiple bit errors and corrects
single bit errors in memory. Which type of memory should be installed if the motherboard
supports these features?

• parity


• non-parity


18- PATA data cables are available in two different types. The types are distinguished by the
number of conductors. Which two types are available? (Choose two.)
• 6

• 40

• 68

• 80

• 120

19- How many conductors are found in a SATA data cable?

• 3

• 4

• 7

• 10

• 12

22- Which three system resources are commonly used for communication between the CPU and
other components in the computer? (Choose three.)




• I/O port address


• PnP

23- Which three computer components contain hazardous materials and require special
handling for disposal? (Choose three.)

• batteries

• floppy drives

• monitors

• optical drives
• parallel cables

• printer toner

• cartridges

24- Which two tools can help protect against ESD? (Choose two.)

• antistatic wrist strap

• compressed air

• antistatic mat

• safety glasses

• rubber-sole shoes

26- Which three tools will optimize computer performance after using the Internet? (Choose

• Fdisk

• Spyware Remover

• Defrag

• Disk Cleanup

• BIOS updater

• Disk Management utility

27- Which tool should be used if a user needs to optimize space on a hard drive?

• Defrag

• Disk Management

• Fdisk

• Format

28- A technician is installing a new power supply in a computer. Which type of power connector
should be used to connect to a floppy drive?

• Berg

• Molex
• 20-pin ATX connector

• SATA connector

29- Logical addressing and routing function at which layer of the OSI model?

• Application

• Data Link

• Network

• Physical

• Transport

31- A technician is assembling a new computer. Which two components are often easier to
install before mounting the motherboard in the case? (Choose two.)


• memory


• sound card

• video card

32- Which port is typically used for external wireless NICs?

• Parallel

• PS/2



33-The ABC Company manager is calculating the TCO for an inkjet printer that the company
needs to purchase. Which three factors should be included in this calculation? (Choose three.)

• warranty

• software costs
• user training

• price per page

• purchase price

• environmental requirements

Which technology is used by laser printers?

• digital drop

• electro photographic

• electrostatic spray

• impact

• ink melting

Which three factors are reasons to choose a client/server model for a network instead of peer-
to-peer? (Choose three.)

• The network is small with less than eight users.

• The company network requires secure access to confidential information.

• The users need a central database to store inventory and sales information.

• Each user understands how to safely share files across a network.

• The data gathered by the employees is critical and should be backed up on a regular

• All employees passed a strict background check as part of the corporate hiring practices.

Which Windows XP command displays the route taken by packets crossing an IP network?

• iproute

• netview

• nslookup

• ping

• tracert
A technician is troubleshooting a computer that is experiencing hardware failure detected by
the BIOS. What is one way this failure is indicated?

• The computer automatically boots into Safe Mode and displays a warning on the screen.

• The screen flashes with a red background and displays a warning message.

• The computer emits a pattern of beeps indicating the failing device.

• The computer returns an error message indicating the I/O address of the failing device.

A technician receives a call from a customer dissatisfied with past service who continually
complains about the service during the call. How should the technician handle this call?

• Remind the customer that his company is probably better than the competition.

• Advise the customer that they can always leave his company and do business with the

• Listen to the complaint and advise the customer that he will make every effort to avoid
what they are complaining about.

• Ask the customer to submit his complaint in writing.

46- A technician is installing dual operating systems on a computer. Which disk management
tool should be used to create two partitions on the hard disk?

• Chkdsk

• Defrag

• Fdisk

• Format

• Scandisk

47- A customer calls to report a computer problem. Which two actions can the technician use to
establish a good rapport with the customer? (Choose two.)

• Personalize the call by periodically asking questions unrelated to the computer problem.

• Allow the customer to speak without interruption.

• Use technical terms to determine the level of knowledge the customer possesses.

• Ask only closed-ended questions.

• Refer to the customer by name whenever possible.
50- When analyzing a protocol used on the network, it is discovered that multicast messages are
being sent to network devices. Which class of IP addressing is being used to send these

• A

• B

• C

• D

• E

51- A fingerprint reader is an example of which security technology?

• authorization

• biometric

• key logging

• secure ware

• smartcard

57- Which two types of connectors can be found on DVI cables? (Choose two.)

• 3-pin

• 15-pin

• 24-pin

• 29-pin

• 32-pin

58- Which two quick solutions are commonly recommended when a technician is
troubleshooting a laptop? (Choose two.)

• Reboot the laptop.

• Reinstall the operating system.

• Disconnect the peripherals.

• Have the customer verify the problem.

• Call a level-2 technician.
60- Which is an effective method to protect against data loss?

• biometrics

• data backup

• encryption

• smartcards

61- What are two examples of malware? (Choose two.)

• registry cleaner

• pop-up blocker

• spyware

• e-mail

• grayware

62- Which wireless security technology is a good choice when using Cisco equipment in
conjunction with operating systems such as Windows and Linux?





63- A technician needs to upgrade the file system on a Windows XP computer from FAT32 to
NTFS. Which course of action should be taken to upgrade the file system to NTFS?

• Format all the existing files with the NTFS File tool.

• Create a new NTFS partition and copy the files into the new partition. The existing
partition can not be changed.

• Run the Microsoft Convert utility.

• Overwrite the FAT32 file system with NTFS. Files will automatically be added to the new
file system.
64- A technician has many new computers to set up. The technician completely configures one
master computer and makes an image of the hard drive. This image is then installed on the
other computers. What is this process called?

• disk array

• disk copying

• disk cloning

• disk mirroring

• disk multiplexing

65- While performing preventive maintenance, a technician notices that the operating system
is missing updates. How can the technician enable automatic updates?

• Run the Sysedit utility from the command line.

• Run the Autoupdate utility from the command line.

• Run the Automatic Updates utility from the Control Panel.

• Click the Update icon in the System Tray.

• Right-click My Computer and then choose Advanced > Updates

66- When booting the Windows XP operating system, which file will be read to find the path to
the boot partition?





67- Which command adds a permanent IP-to-MAC address map?

• mac -s

• arp -s

• ipconfig -s

• ping -s

• rarp -s
68- Which command provides a list of currently active TCP/IP connections on a Windows
NT/XP/2000 computer?

• ping

• netstat

• nslookup

• tracert

• telnet

• ipconfig

69-Which utility displays TCP/IP configuration information on a Windows 9x computer?

• ifconfig

• netconfig

• winipcfg

• config

• ixconfig

70-Which utility tests application layer connectivity between two devices?

• ping

• telnet

• netconfig

• arp

• tracert

• netstat

Refer to the exhibit. Which type of removable media is depicted?
hard disk
USB optical drive
PC card
*flash drive

Refer to the exhibit. Which sequence of steps describes the printing process used by a laser

Where can a user change the idle time after which a laptop will switch to standby mode?
Right-click the desktop, then click Power Modes > Standby.
Right-click My Computer, then click Properties > Hardware > Device Manager > ACPI.
*Left-click Start > Control Panel > Power Options, then click the Power Schemes tab.
Left-click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Power Management.

What is the default subnet mask for a Class A network?

A technician is asked to configure the time the system must be idle before the hard disk spins
down on all the
Windows-based laptops in the company. The technician configured the power options in
Windows but it
appears to have no effect. Where should the technician look to enable power management?
Administrative Tools
Command Prompt
Safe mode
System Registry

When analyzing a protocol used on the network, it is discovered that multicast messages are
being sent to network devices. Which class of IP addressing is being used to send these

Which three rules increase the level of password strength? (Choose three.)
Passwords should never expire.
*Passwords should be a combination of letters and numbers.
Passwords should combine a user's special dates and initials so they can be alphanumeric.
*Passwords should be changed by the user after specific periods of time.
*Password expiration and lockout policies should be clearly defined.

Refer to the exhibit. Which three status LEDs are shown in the graphic? (Choose three.)
*battery status
*Bluetooth activity
caps lock
hard-drive activity
*power on status
wireless activity

A technician is troubleshooting a computer that is experiencing hardware failure detected by the
BIOS. What is one way this failure is indicated?
The computer automatically boots into Safe Mode and displays a warning on the screen.
The screen flashes with a red background and displays a warning message.
*The computer emits a pattern of beeps indicating the failing device.
The computer returns an error message indicating the I/O address of the failing device.

Which type of power connector is used to connect devices such as optical drives and hard

What characterizes a DDoS attack?
*Many hosts participate in a coordinated attack.
Infected computers are called Daemons.
It is easy to identify the source of the attack.
All hosts must be in the same geographic area.

Which two general precautions should be taken before replacing any non-hot-swappable laptop
component? (Choose two.)
*Disconnect the power cord.
Keep any component in a plastic bag until installation.
*Remove any batteries.
Use carpets in cool areas.
Wear rubber-soled shoes to work with the computer

What are the four levels in the TCP/IP reference model.
HTTP, FTP, Telnet, SSH
*application, transport, internet work, network interface
application, presentation, session, transport
physical, data link, network, transport

Which type of scanner generally has high costs but produces top-quality images?

Which two quick solutions are commonly recommended when a technician is troubleshooting a
(Choose two.)
*Reboot the laptop.
Reinstall the operating system.
*Disconnect the peripherals.
Have the customer verify the problem.
Call a level-2 technician.

When installing a network adapter into a client computer, a technician notices that the contacts on
adapter need to be cleaned. Which solution should the technician use to clean the contacts?
glass cleaner
*isopropyl alcohol
mild detergent
rubbing alcohol

A technician needs to configure the hard drive on a computer so that there appears to be one
drive for the
operating system and four drives for data from different applications. How can the hard drive be
configured to provide this perception?
Create five primary partitions.
Create one extended partition with five logical drives within it.
Create one primary partition and an extended partition with four logical drives within it.
Create five extended partitions.
Create one logical partition with five primary partitions within it.
*Create one primary partition and one logical partition with four logical drives within it.