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TV Advert Final Evaluation

What was the brief?

We were told to look at Unilever and the products that
they produce and distribute. We needed to take an existing
product in their range and rebrand it so it appealed to a
different target audience. One advert we looked at before
we started our task was that of Old Spice who had
rebranded their product to reach a younger target

What was your chosen product and how did

you decide as a group to choose it?
I decided to choose Vaseline as my product to rebrand, firstly and most importantly because it was
part of Unilever. I have always used Vaseline mainly throughout the winter to save from the pain of
chapped lips, so it was in the back of my mind when this
task came about. Vaseline is stereotypically a female
product and I felt it would be good to rebrand it to meet a
new target audience that being males. We were arranged
into groups according to what we had chosen to rebrand, I
was put in a group with Lois and Alana who had also
wanted to rebrand Vaseline which made it a whole lot
easier when planning as we all had similar ideas.

Who is your current target audience for the

product and who did you decide to appeal to?
The current target audience of Vaseline is middle aged woman and there isnt really a social grade
that Vaseline fits into due to its
affordability yet good quality. After
looking at the Old Spice advert and taking
inspiration from it I decided that products
can be re-branded in a way that can then
appeal to a new target audience. I knew
as said previously that Vaseline was a
predominantly womans product and
hadnt reached out to males before, this
was my plan.

How did you collect the feedback

(comments from others) on your finished advert from your target audience?

I decided the best way to collect results would be from an online surveying website, I used Survey
Monkey. This was the best way to achieve a large reach and the most
economical in terms of time. I could also monitor who was
responding to the survey and create visual aids that help with the
analysis side. Not only was the analysis side better than any other
way of collecting results but I could delete and silly responses or
responses that I didn't need.

Do you think you managed to get the main message to your target audience
you specified in pre-production? Would the advert have an appropriate impact
on them?
The idea of the advert was to base the whole narrative on a stereotypical situation with a
stereotypical lad. We wanted to make the characters in the advert stereotypical so you could
connect with them easily without having to think deeply about it. I feel that the way we delivered
the advert meant that we were
able to make a considerable impact
on them in a way that they may be
interested in the product. Of
course when it comes to rebranding its not going to win over
everyone but from the survey
responses it seems there advert did
a good job. As most males said they
would purchase the product. I feel
the pub atmosphere was the
biggest win for us though as
everyone has been to a pub and its
a friendly environment where all
walks of life can connect, Vaseline is a mainstream product and needed that similar atmosphere.

Do you think your finished advert effectively sells the product to the specified
audience through its storyline/narrative
Our objective was simple; create an advert that appeals to the mass male audience. We had
to find a way of doing that and trying to create a
manly environment with a typically feminine
product. Using the pub and the girls provided
the perfect stimulus to base our advert from and
I feel the narrative was perfect. The feedback
proved that the narrative was relatable to and

people would purchase the Vaseline. In my eyes, that means the advert worked.

Use of mise-en-scene, camera, editing and sound.

Pre-production was very important for us as this was the time when we would figure out what kind
of feel we wanted to create in filming and post production. We wanted to keep the feel fairly rustic
and natural, two of Vaselines traits that we wanted to reflect within the advert. When completing
our recces we felt the pub was
perfect, the natural lighting was
good and the layout of the pub
worked nicely as well. I was
behind the camera and directed
also, I wanted to keep everything
natural looking so we used no
artificial lighting and made sure
that I captured the entire of the
rustic pub features. I used the
storyboard throughout the shoot
and referred to it when looking at
what shots I was about to use which meant everything ran smoothly on set. It was important we
were not too bland when it comes to camera shots but we also didnt want to over complicate things
as we only had 30 seconds to get sell our product and complicating camera shots wouldnt have
helped us. Sound was the trickiest thing for us and we had to re-dub a few pieces of dialogue. The
pub had a lot of ambient sound and this was tricky to shoot on the built in camera we were using on
the camcorder. If we could shoot again I would have used an external microphone for optimum
sound quality. One piece of speech near the end was almost un-hearable so we re-dubbed this. In
terms of editing we carried out all of this on Adobe Premiere Pro and followed the guidelines when it
came to organising files. I had some basic knowledge when it comes to editing and Alana and Lois
were also great help, there was nothing major to be done. The only things we done was add music,
cut clips where necessary and add some colour correction to clips, this was probably the most simple
part for us.

Clarity of communication: what was the message you were trying to send to
the target audience? What were the main techniques used to send that
The message of this advert was to send the message that men wearing Vaseline isnt embarrassing
and should be acceptable as its currently something that could be looked down upon as not being
manly. The end quote in our advert is anything is possible, by sending this message not only does
it give off the thought that Vaseline could boost confidence but also make dreams become more
realistic. Within society it seems ideologies are shifting towards people the belief that anything is
possible and individualism is at an all-time high, although Vaseline isnt a huge product in terms of
effect we feel that putting the quote in at the end will help males connect with the brand. Of course
on the surface the advert is simply a man in a pub trying to impress some girls, but connotation can
be read from this into a man slowly building confidence by using a product and overcoming fears to

become a better product. We tried to convey a fairly complex message with a simple advert, we
think it worked.

Overall do you feel your advert is fit for purpose? Does it look professional and
comply with advertising regulations:
First of all I think our advert does look professional, we shot the footage and edited it in a way that
would make it look professional. We concentrated a lot on continuity so there would be no mistakes
when it came to that as that would take a lot away when it comes to professionalism. Not only did
we concentrate on the basics but we were able to use industry standard
equipment which helped us make the advert look as good as it could. We
recorded the footage in full HD and were able to edit in state of the art
editing software which made the whole process a lot easier and more
importantly a lot more professional. In regards to advertising regulations
we also followed these. Due to us advertising Vaseline there were many
different categories we came under and had to comply to in order to stay
in compliance with ASA and BCAP. The first thing we made sure we didnt
do was provide misleading advertising as this is against the BCAP code, for example everything
within the advert was true its word. The only part that could have been misleading was the part
where Adam (man in advert) gets served after applying Vaseline which probably wouldnt happen in
real life but the majority of replies proved to us that it didnt come across in a misleading way,
instead in a humorous way. Code 04 in the BCAP rules states that no harm or offence must be
caused on a widespread level, after reading this we decided to veer away from any kind of comedic
element that would have the possibility to cause offence, we ended up with an advert that complied
with BCAP ruling 4 due to this. We also had to comply with code 19 in the BCAP rulings which was to
do with alcohol as there was alcohol within our advert. The main ruling within this code is that
irresponsible drinking cannot be shown on screen and this is shown under the BCAP rulings 19.2, we
only had one pint being pulled in the advert which complied with UK laws evidently meaning that
the drinking in the advert was responsible. Before completing the advert we researched into
whether you could use alcohol as the catalyst to becoming a better person. When we looked into it
we found that advertisements cant contribute to an individuals popularity but we then looked into
code 19.6 where it states alcohol can be used in a flirtatious manner which was the case in our
advert so we complied.

Personal reflection
How does your final advertisement compare with your original intensions?
Reflect on your documentation, e.g. storyboards and other pre-production,
final advertisement and audience/peer/tutor feedback.
Overall the advert went very well and is pretty much exactly how I thought it would look when
planning. I think that our vigorous pre-production work allowed us to carry out the shooting process
exactly how we wanted to, it was much easier to organise when in the pub shooting and I knew
exactly where the actors needed to be and also what shots I was about to carry out and what mise
en- scene I wanted. In our group Alana decided to take control of drawing the storyboard and me

and Lois fed her ideas that she then illustrated, this was the best possible thing to do as she had the
best ability when it came to drawing which made the visual element of pre-production easier to
understand. Of course the main objective we wanted to achieve was to successfully re-brand
Vaseline to a make demographic which I feel we done successfully looking at both audience and
tutor feedback. Our surveys show that the majority of our new target audience would purchase
Vaseline after watching the advert and the narrative was enjoyed by the majority of our peers.
Throughout the whole process we worked closely alongside out tutors to optimise what we had at
our disposal, Josh had incredible knowledge when it comes to Premiere Pro and Ellie helped us when
planning our narrative to get the best possible effect. Overall I am very happy with how everything
came together from pre-production to the finished product.

Reflect on how satisfied you were with your final advert. Would I do anything
differently if I was able to undertake the task again? Evaluate your own
involvement in the project.
Overall I was very happy with how my advert turned out as it reflected my original ideas which were
drafted up in pre-production work. There
are a few things I would do differently
though as Im sure when most creators
finish work there are things they are not
happy with. The first thing is the sound
quality, if I was to complete this task again I
would have definitely used an external
sound recorder as the one built into the
camcorder was very poor and created some
nasty sound that wasnt ideal. Another
thing I would have changed is the lighting, I
was happy with the majority of it but some artificial lighting may have helped, I decided to keep it
incredibly natural to create the pub atmosphere but due to relying on sunlight, it was inconsistent at
times. A good example of this was at the start the footage was very bright and when playing pool the
light dropped. Except for them two minor
things I was very happy with how everything
went and wouldnt have changed anything
Finally lets talk about my involvement in the
project. The duties were very much equally
split in pre-production with all of us carrying
out different tasks and we all had equal
workloads, my main task in pre-production was
relaying ideas to Alana to then illustrate into a
visual form on the storyboard. When it came to shooting our footage I decided to direct and also
take charge of the camera, it was my responsibility to organise all of the actors and also take control
of the technical side recording the footage. I thoroughly enjoyed this as it allowed me to take my

idea and translate that into shooting it, there was also pressure to deliver and a time limit to meet. I
was very happy with my involvement and also happy with how my group worked.