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Othman Abdullahi Farah


Cowdirosis Ruminatium , muqlo
Cowdria Rumination is acute non contiguous disease of the tick borne of cattle , sheep ,
goat and wild ruminatns, causes by rickettsia known as Ehrichia Ruminantium , which
is tramsmitted by ticks of genus Amblyomma.
Quanter of century before elapsed cowdrisis infection agent in infectee animals and ticks
rickettsia he named Richettsia Ruminantium , that name later changed Cowdria
Ruminantium and eventully to Ehrilichia Ruminantium .Epidemology of C. ruminantium
relating the tick vector,during the seasonal change influencing the tick abudance and
activity of C.ruminantium occurs East Africa , central Africa.
Infected ruminants may manifestes a wide range of clinical sign involves per acute sub
acute , acute and inapparent forms of disease like high fever,
40co, respirortu distress , nervous signs, leg extended, stiff , recumbency , head extended,
Tachypnone and Opisthotonus .

The disease have seen lesion like severe oedema , mediastinal and bronchial lymphnodes
oedematous , hydropericardium , lung edema , straw colour fluid in thoracic , tracheal
and bronschi presence of frothy , swollen lymphnodes , petechial heamorrage presence of
muocus membrane.
The demonistraton of the disease can performed in two ways
1. demonistration of the organism stains purplish with GIEMSA STAINS
2. Antibody Detection, like Indirect Fluorescent Antibody, I.F.A.

The disease can be treated with tetracycline such Oxytracycline and sumphanamides are
administered in early days of the fever onset.
Prevention of the disease can be perform three methods
• Antibody or supportive therapy of tick throughout the early year of infection to
avoid Ambyloma spp
• Sytemic dipping with reliable accaricides
• Should be avoid where areas the disease endemic to regulate number of tick
presnt and to prevent the debilitating effect of severe tick infection

Cowdriosis Ruminantium disease from community
The disease is tick borne diseases of goat,sheep, and camel it causes of tick called
garba cass or shilin cas the infected animal canbe seen paralysis, recumbency,
They treat using dipping and drenching mixed plans in topical like salaam mac and by
burning adipose or fat of sheep with the infected camel
Comparison of two finding
The disease is endemic is Somali ecosystem cause by tick garab cas tick cowdriosis
northern Somali is called muqlo while south is called heartwater so the disease have
mortality is high they have same cause , sign , control , treated when is compared the
elders as they told me the muqlo as I mentioned below
20th /01/2010
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