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Publication data Note from General Manager

NEWS KLEEMANN always believed in the val-
ue of the people who make the com-
Publisher pany. We are inspired by you and base
KLEEMANN the heart of our operations with your
Kilkis Industrial Area, PO Box 25, needs and interests in mind. In today’s
Post Code 61 100, Kilkis, Greece, world of globalization and economic in-
E-mail: stability, the value of co-operation and
mutual trust is in fact as much essential
E-mail as invaluable.
I strongly believe that this initiative will
Production design contribute to strengthening the long-
DEFIGN CREATIVE SERVICES term relationship that we have devel-
Dear friends and associates, oped and I am certain that you will em-
brace and support it with love, just as
It is with great pleasure that we present the people at KLEEMANN have.
you our very first company newslet-
ter. This informative publication is General Manager
issue 1 part of KLEEMANN’s continuous effort Costas Koukountzos
to maintain communication with all
stakeholders and provide them with
the latest company information. The
main objective is to present you with
KLEEMANN’s activities and future pros-
pects which aim at strengthening the
company’s increasing growth in the fu-
ture, a growth made possible thanks to
your contribution and dedication.

We started our operations 25 years ago
with a small number of associates and
today KLEEMANN counts over 1000
employees, with 5 subsidiary compa-
nies, a large network of customers,
and continues to strive towards strong
growth rates.
02 / Company news


In 2008 the Elevcon Congress,
the 17th international congress
on vertical transportation tech-
nologies, was hosted and exclu-
sively sponsored by KLEEMANN
in cooperation with the Inter-
national Association of Eleva-
tor Engineers (IAEE). It should
be noted that it is the first time
this top event takes place in
Greece, and it was marked with
great success.
The aim of the congress was
to promote the industry’s new
trends and innovations from
26 participating countries,
covering 48 specialized subject
matters, as well as to provide
participants of the lift industry
KLEEMANN… rises high!
from all over the world with the
The construction of the testing tower for the development opportunity to exchange opin-
of high-speed and high-rise elevator systems is a wager that ions and information.
KLEEMANN managed to win! It is expected that the 50 meter KLEEMANN presented its inno-
high tower will be ready in 2009. vative products and services,
which will also be presented in
greater detail in our next issue.
During a conducted tour of
KLEEMANN’s manufacturing
plant, Congress participants
had the opportunity to not
KLEEMANN participates in... only learn more about the com-
pany but also to meet and get
Building & Construction, Belgrade to know the people working at
22-26/April 2009 KLEEMANN. At the dinner that
followed, KLEEMANN present-
Lift Expo, Moscow ed the winners of the Innova-
27-29 May 2009 tion Contest it had organized
with awards amounting to a
Interlift, Augsburg total value of 10,000 euro.
13-16 October 2009
Company news / 03

New website for KLEEMANN
In an effort to provide full customer
support and continuously upgrade
the quality of its services, KLEE-
MANN presents its new website, The new
website addresses so much profes-
sionals of the field as individuals,
and aims to serve as a useful tool, as
it presents KLEEMANN’s full range of
products. New applications such as
“Choose your Lift” and “Design your
Cabin” will facilitate the selection of
the best choice in a complete lift sys-
tem and, using a visual interface, will
allow the visualization of the recom-
mended solution. Soon, www.klee- will operate a special
section with limited member access,
the members of which will benefit
from special updates and privileges,
including the complete tracking of
their orders and offers.

Heilbronn Conference

Electrotechnical Innovations -
Energy Efficiency and Ecology
The Third European Lift Congress was held on Sep- regarding lift directives and the development of
tember 23rd and 24th in Heilbronn. standards as regards energy efficiency of lifts and
The focus of this year’s Lift Congress was energy their components. Finally, technical innovations
efficiency and the ecology of lifts. The Technical aiming at reducing energy consumption during lift
Academy of Heilbronn University was once again operation were also presented.
exclusively responsible for the organization of the KLEEMANN marked its presence at the congress
congress that took place in the academy’s facilities. with the attendance of two engineers from the In-
The event was sponsored by the European Lift As- novations and Patents Department.
The main presentations focused on important facts

KleemannPark: Unlimited parking space…
distinction concerns the available
pit depth and the available height.
Thereby, vehicles of various types
and dimensions can park.

Furthermore, KleemannPark KTS
Car Lifting Systems are used for the
vertical transportation of vehicles
between the ground floor and the
basement or between two (2) or
more levels, where the construc-
tion of a cement ramp or a car lift is
not possible. They are constructed
according to the machinery direc-
tive 98/37/EC and 2006/42 EC.
They are used for maximum ver-
tical transportation up to 9 me-
ters and the easy installation and
maintenance are their main ad-

Features / Advantages:
• Each case is studied and designed
specifically by the Engineering De-
KLEEMANN, expanding even more ent parking spaces for two (single partment of KLEEMANN
the series of its products, presents platform) or four (double platform) • Minimum space occupation
the KleemannPark KPS parking vehicles. They are constructed ac- • Easy and quick installation
systems, the ideal solution for the cording to the machinery directive • Complete certification and CE
problem of creating new parking 98/37/EC and the standard EN marking (by Liftinstituut)
spaces at areas that do not have 14010. Depending on the avail- • KLEEMANN guarantee & quality
such options. These are systems, able space, various types of these
which ensure more independ- systems can be used. Their main

MaisonLIFT with MaisonLIFT BASIC is the ideal «value
for money» lift (according to Machin-
wire ropes ery Directive). This hydraulic solution
The new MaisonLIFT with wire is fully applicable to buildings without
ropes is an addition that has come a concrete shaft and with shaft pit and
to improve its aesthetic, completely headroom limitations. MaisonLIFT
reduce noise levels and refine mov- BASIC completes the successful prod-
ing quality, making travel more en- uct family known as MaisonLIFT and
joyable. One of KLEEMANN’s most it provides another great solution for
successful products has become vertical transportation inside or out-
even better just for you! side a multi-storey residence.

Escalators and Moving Walks

KLEEMANN freeSTAIR Chair lift Type

KLEEMANN, Your 1st Choice In Lifts, is also a pioneer company in the mar-
ket of escalators and moving walks, offering high quality products and
services. Solutions for any space that requires escalators or moving walks
of efficient function and high reliability, offering KLEEMANN guarantee
and covering any need, no matter how specific it is.
KLEEMANN freeSTAIR Platform lift Type

Freedom of movement
The stair lift systems KLEEMANN
freeSTAIR are the most steady
solutions for moving freely, inde-
New Goods-Only Hydraulic Lift pendently and above all safely.
They combine high technology
with a simple operating system,
A new reliable solution, with additional safety pro- controllable handling and flex-
visions and a type examination certificate accord- ibility in their design.
ing to the Machinery Directive 98/37/EC, for lifting They come in two types: the
a maximum load of 1500kg. It has been designed KLEEMANN freeSTAIR Chair lift
primarily for lifting loads over relatively small dis- Type, and the KLEEMANN freeS-
tances. It is therefore suitable for warehouses, TAIR Platform lift Type.
workshops, commercial malls, manufacturing
units... and generally wherever there is a need for
vertical transportation of material objects.

Νew automation
components KLEEMANN Dumbwaiter:
Due to their unique characteristics, small freights lift
KLEEMANN’s new products com-
bine high quality and innovation KLEEMANN Dumbwaiter is a small freights
at low cost, thereby providing the traction MRL-Lift. It is the ideal partner for
customer with additional benefits! lifting lightweight goods / objects (such as
• New LCD storey displays which clothes, food, papers etc.) for commercial or
provide advanced characteristics residential usage (offers convenience and style
at a cost more indicative of classic to restaurants, coffee shops, stores, warehous-
– conventional technologies es, offices, hotels, houses, apartments etc.). It
• New low energy consumption complies with European legislation (ΕΝ 81.3).
and long life spotlights (30 times It offers quick and easy space-saving installa-
lower energy consumption and tion along with noiseless operation. Further-
guaranteed 10 year life duration) more, it can be adjusted to the environment
• Cosφ correction board where the of the building and can also be supplied with
combination of Siemens materi- ‘Self supporting’ steel structure frame. It is of-
als, the patent for the system’s in- fered with guarantee and technical support by
creased useful life as well as its cost, KLEEMANN.
render it unique in the market.

Steel structures
Solutions of steel structures, self supported or fitted
onto the wall, for lift installations where concrete shaft
does not exist, from Kleemann, your 1st choise in Lifts.
Constructions fully customized to your needs, designed
by Kleemann expert engineers, with a variety of clad-
ding choices.

Atlas Super Gigas
In the first trimester of 2009, KLEE- As a result of the 4:1 roping system
MANN completes, quite impressively and its innovative car frame design,
in fact, its series of Traction MRL lifts Kleemann’s R&D department man-
with the introduction of the Atlas Su- aged to fit all machine room compo-
per Gigas, the big brother of the fam- nents in the minimum Headroom of
ily. 3800mm, while the minimum pit of
a concrete shaft with the Atlas Su-
It is a traction machine room-less lift per Gigas does not need to exceed
using a 4:1 roping system for a total 1400mm.
suspended load of 7.6 tons, and a rat-
ed load of 5000kg, with the capacity It covers all travels with maximum
to travel up to 45 meters. cabin speed of 1m/sec.
new brochures / 07

Bus doors Αutomatic doors Semi automatic doors

Goods only Hydraulic Lift Flexylift Kleemann Park



• Once again this year
kleemann presents the
Escalators & moving walks Modernization Solutions company’s new product
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