PATRIOTS ONLY, PLEASE does not tolerate liberal trolls. Usually their sole purpose is to join this site in order to disrupt the flow of constructive discussion to our patriotic fight. We reserve the right to ban anyone for any reason we feel necessary to ensure the well being of the site and you, our members. If you suspect a troll and/or agitator, please report them and we will ban them. Thank you all for your patriotism and support! Here is the latest block list. Do what it as you wish. These people were blocked because they did not meet our 3 simple qualifications and/or requested to be removed: Melanie Sloan (Colgate) (remove) Joseph O'Leary (Delaware) (remove) Joseph O'Leary (N.C. State) (remove) Dustin Stanley (Kenyon) (remove) Bobbie Parker (Rider) (remove) Melanie Sloan (remove) Keith Shelton (N. Michigan) (remove) Melanie Sloan (MSU Bozeman) (remove) Matthew Armstrong (Stark State) (remove) Anthony M. Corliss-Smith (remove) Jon Bierly (remove) Benjamin Malley (remove) Bill Gibbs (remove) Liz Michael (remove) Scott Goldberg (remove) Michael Campbell (remove) Madeleine Begun Kane (remove) Ian Entwistle (Barclays) (remove) Billy Snowden (remove) Dino Crawley (remove) Khaled Ahmed (remove) Richard Galenes (remove) Layla Abu- Habibi (remove) Author Robinette (remove) Khaled Ahmed (remove) Patrick Merritt (SUNY Fredonia) (remove) Ahmed Khaled (Thomson Reuters) (remove) Benjamin Malley (Michigan) (remove) Lee Alford (remove) M Ray Deese (remove)

Norm Brookens (remove) Khaled Ahmed (remove) Rebecca Fladby (remove) Carlos Augusto (remove) Mika Otf Rasila (remove) Sandra Ingeborg Green (remove) Christine Vecchione (remove) Fausta Wertz (remove) Ahmed Khaled (remove) Janos Rojkos (remove) Melanie Sloan (remove) Janet Ann King (remove) Khaled Ahmed (Fair Lawn High School) (remove) Ahmed Khaled (remove) Matt Armstrong (remove) Khaled Ahmed Abdallah (remove) Dan Pflaum (remove) Khaled Ahmed (remove) Khaled Ahmed (remove) Paul D Metcalf (remove) Manny Whitlock (remove) Khaled Ahmed (remove) Bob Sugar (remove) Geoff Beneze (remove) Alan Whitenton (remove) Rachel Maddow (remove) Poppi Dee (remove) Green ‫( سبز‬remove) Radovan Mladic (remove) Alejandro Spillere (remove) Chris Parker (remove) Rachel Maddow (remove) Nancy Sears (remove) Judi Greig Lawson (remove) Jasmine Klapia (remove) Mitchell Lee (remove) Marissa DiPilla (Rider) (remove) Laura Martin (remove) Julie Gavis (remove) Peter James Montroy (remove) Darrell A. Hanson (remove) David C. Taylor (remove) Michael Button (remove) Megan Bennett (remove) Pat Patterson (remove) Radovan Mladic (remove)

Steven Michael King (remove) Radovan Mladic (remove) Crystal M. Jones-Alexander (remove) Gary Laing (remove) Valencia Curling (remove) Marilyn Slentz (remove) Kayla White (remove) Rachel Maddow (remove) Rachel Maddow (remove) Nick Neysari (remove) Tim Prince (remove) Charlene Barzee (remove) Eric Rhodes (remove) Jesse Gossett (remove) Mary Greer (remove) Heather Tomlin-Wagoner (remove) Don Martin (remove) Renea Lopez (remove) Linda Borst (remove) Brian Gattra (remove) John Reid Sheppard (remove) Douglas Weidl (remove) Beckie Schuster (remove) Jani Roukka (remove) Tony Saunders (remove) Alec Welsh (Red Mountain High School) (remove) Ingeborg Green (remove) Glenn Phoenix (remove) Melanie Sloan (remove) Amber Weinacht (remove) Stacy Kerley Kwawegen (remove) Susan Roberts (remove) Michael Steele (remove) Prynt Owwa Dolla (remove) Radovan Mladic (remove) Chris von Hagel (remove) Stefania Colac (remove) Cassandra Good (remove) Christopher Butterfield (remove) Hadi Shoa (remove) Aria Parsi V- (remove) Khaled Ahmed (remove) GreenIran Media-News (remove) Pear Blossom (remove) Lorraine Conley (remove) Hamed Shafiei (remove)

Sarah Mossberger (remove) Green Vote (remove) Hamed Sameti (remove) Steven Michael King King (remove) Janet Ann King (remove) Vanessa Hudepohl (remove) Sandralee Elycanthropy (remove) Jim Smith (remove) Melissa Collins (remove) Teak Cavis (remove) Benjamin Dover (remove) Nicholas Selheimer (remove) Judith Bedard Young (remove) Hallaj Mansour (remove) Dereck Eury (remove) Ziblim Basit (remove) Cynthia De Moss (remove) Ratko Mladic (remove) Tanner Dwyer (remove) Hallaj Mansour (remove) Cheryl Taggart (remove) Bob Onlytruth (remove) Joe Belleausi (remove) Melissa Pettingill (remove) Judy Grasso (remove) Seam Michaels (remove) Dean Forward (remove) Pear Blossom (remove) Sandy Dales (remove) Tanner Dwyer (remove) Cassandra Good (remove) Maries Jon (remove) Kristen Pasvrai (remove) Tess Yokohama (remove) Updated 3 hours ago · Comment · LikeUnlike · Report Note

Matt Scheidell Good info, thanks. I do not accept Friend Requests unless I know them, or someone I know sends them to me. Even then, I do quick research. 3 hours ago · Report

Douglas Timko How do you remove? just block or another way? Thanks

3 hours ago · Report

Matt Scheidell Denyse: Holy Crap! I just got 2 Friend Requests from Muslims! ... Ignored ... 3 hours ago · Report

Christopher Logan Lots of Khaled Amheds there. Thanks for the warning. 3 hours ago · Report

Mike Presnell I had one I bounced the other day and the moron would not give up..He emailed me on my other page!!...Robb Wexler I think his name was...Freakinig loser has an ass whippin if I find out where he lives!! 2 hours ago · Report
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