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A few words from the writer / Несколько слов

My friends in this book, and knowledge, which keep the dusty Greek manuscripts of Aristotle,
Plato and other ancient fotodoton through masterfully blended events of economy, religion,
Greek history and mythology of confirmations of Medicine and the multidimensional social
structures you presenting with episodic manner cycles of 50 years revolutionizing the
mainstream polity, destroying and reconstructing the society magazines where mining
resources of land and man by man reaches a breaking point that affects the very nature. We
even economic indicator behaviors with which it is possible to spend almost painlessly
through this economic tidal wave, get ready my friends for the collapse of the dollar and wage
dive without any safety net, stories Reality With an enormous number of error events for the
constellations, and possible falsification of cosmogony, incidents involving the Nazis and the
possible bases in space, President Obama, and the new doctrine Panthriskeias launched in
conjunction with the worship of infernal beings are a new mirror through which can be seen
the current mainstream The rapid development in the areas of MIND CONTROL, the chip
EMV of Bill Gates on bank credit cards, the emerging banking system in relation to the
Financial Collapse of America, SIONISMOS, and the new order of the 4th Reich, and
PEOPLE CLONES - Men in Black, and the CIA than reactive and anti-government slogans on
walls define a new reality, which leads to control police use of centuries of hidden rifles Sound
of the ancient Greeks, developed from the Greek Nuclear epistimoina C. Gkiolva. The
creations of the Draft "Arrow" (sound rule) and the sound "Artemis", as the internet sources
are presented in detail below in relation to biological warfare from the U.S. aircraft-spraying
from chemical and microbial air over cities. By Bantouva model [the Cretan bravery under the
instructions of Mahatma Gandhi, is trying to reduce the harmful effects of these anti-
constitutional activities are using Genetics Industry, extensive fires, building new towns in the
concentration camps of the Reich D, applied geo-strategic plan implementing a new war in
the Balkans because of Kosovo where the project "Blue Ray" at the upcoming riot until the
end of 01/2010, new weapons will chrisimopoiithoun low frequency police with physical
effects of radiation on the human organism KARKINOUS The whole controversy will graduate
and prevalence of Russia and Greece in the Balkans, and economic and cultural situation of
simultaneous degradation of the roles of Germany and gal, and development of China
By Price
LIAPIS Panagiotis
It is an old story vlpoume repeat all too often. From very old to the U.S. prodspathousan
lenxoun plythismous since the Philadelphia Experiment and more ago. MANY black
epichirisis followed damn destroyer Eltrige which resold in 1951 to the Greek Navy and the
beer continued from Amrikaniki basis of Dion in Souda, Crete and the basis of Penteli Athens,
fully equipped with mirrors, receivers ELF frequencies. After the klisimo of continuing naval
submarine base in the region
A few years later by setting up a network of satellites the U.S. beer try sending a terrestrial
microwave frequency radar with the code name I.A.A.R. R.
One of these vrisktai located in the secret base at Pylos. Pylos, Gateway, as we say Stargate,
see coincidences;
But what is the I.A.A.R. R.;
HAARP, which stands refer to High-frequency Active Aural Research Programme or on the
ellinikoteron, Research Program High-Frequency Active Radiation. In fact, this is a terrifying
weapon system electromagnetic radiation which is developing the U.S. systematically since
1987. This is a system where "perfected" will be able to cause climate change a selection,
closure and destruction of all electrical and electronic devices in a specific place,
unprecedented magnitude earthquakes, holes in the ionosphere, lightning incredible intensity,
up control of the human brain by low-frequency emission similar to human!
The idea began in the late 19th century by the renowned natural Tesla. The H.A.A.R.P.
consists of an antenna system, through which electric waves produced by specific power
plants placed in a super dish. The waves through the ionosphere spill multiply the force of
radiomagnitikis frequency (at an advanced stage of planning will reach 10 billion Watt) and
directed to desired locations. The first phase of testing took place in Alaska, which has
created a huge antenna, and the information leaked talk about two other points in the world,
the icy Norway and at Akrotiri in Cyprus.

What can cause the HAARP
Where they end up these enormous power electromagnetic waves occurring dramatic and
irreversible changes.
First created enormous environmental damage by creating holes in the ionosphere at worst
and excessive thinning of the atmosphere in the most optimistic scenario, the effect of the
earth and living organisms at the mercy of solar ultraviolet radiation (of course the
responsibility of the program argue simply that it's like when you put your hand in the water
created a hole, but when the draw closes).
Also in the diluted region of the atmosphere over an area does not have the relief of lightning,
so they arrive with incredible intensity on the ground. The Earth will be electrically charged
and the temperature rises, thus adding to the greenhouse effect. The impact of radiation in
the ionosphere radiomagnitikis parts will pushed higher and the gap will be created will rush
to cover other air masses from adjacent areas, which in turn would leave a gap which will be
covered by others and so on, with resulted in the Earth's atmosphere phenomenon
'dominoes'. We will change the whole climate in selected regions with massive floods,
prolonged droughts, etc.
The H.A.A.R.P. will be able to paralyze any electrical and electronic equipment in selected
areas, this means that (stopping machines in intensive areas of hospitals, inactivation of each
radio frequency, interruption of communication with aircraft control tower, destroying
satellites, etc.). Also if radiomagnitika waves diverted to the subsurface, it is very likely to
challenge biblical earthquake. And we come to influence the use of HAARP in living beings,
which is the tromaktikotero scenario. In accordance with sound scientific research and
experiments are possible through the emission of electromagnetic waves at certain
frequencies and coordination with the respective human, affecting the functioning of the brain.
Experiments have shown that certain low-frequency confounding function of the human (all
animals) brain, reaching up to the point of control. It is not in such frequencies for prolonged
periods can cause terrible damage to the body ranging from migraines, unexplained irritability,
depression, depression and reach the cancer and the alteration of DNA with horrific
consequences not only victims but also to future generations .

H for humans
The human body is essentially electrons vibrate continuously and emotions which are fed by
chemical reactions and transported in the body and brain via electrical signals through the
nerves. Respective roles and other organizations. Fortizontas in the world, with unimaginable
amounts of electrical charge f true scientist who knows what effect this documentary will have
on humans and the environment? Certainly the program management is sparing in their
statements. Constantly say "do more experiments," a scientist who has some qualms waiting
for him to show us, "the Navy and the Air we entrusted the money of the American people
and therefore know something," the system will be used for research on underground
deposits of minerals, oil, etc. and to communicate the Pentagon's U.S. submarines and other
such banal. However, the 'sound' scientific community responds strongly (even in the U.S.)
and the only positive story is that while we learn in the past experiments and results "novel"
weapons 10 or 20 years later, in this case noticed early on the creepy scenarios, resulting in a
relatively well informed, alert and react.

Responses and Contracts
Long ago the Swedish MEP Mrs Brittan asked a question in the European Parliament to be
informed about the HAARP program and possible effects on climate. The response of the
President of the European Parliament was that there are no details as the U.S. refused to
provide answers about the potential impact of these experiments.
The Americans for their part argue that the HAARP program aims to systematically study the
ionosphere, the creation of modern communications with submarines and between
submarines, modern communication with underground tunnels and even reduce the ozone
hole. If all this is true then that explains the exclusive interest of the Navy and U.S. Air Force
Program HAARP; company E-systems has contracts amounting to 1.8 billion dollars to the
CIA, the Defense Department and other similar organizations. The company E-systems had a
number of patents for the HAARP program when purchased in 1994 by Raytheon Company
one of the largest companies in the world production of weapon systems with dozens of
patents, useful program HAARP. Specifically, twelve patents company Raytheon are the
backbone of the HAARP program The patent (patent), the Bernard J. Eastlund, US Patent
4,686,605 entitled "Method and Apparatus for Change Region of the atmosphere, ionosphere
and / or magnetosphere" marked secret and sealed in a secret order of the government. The
company Raytheon is one that performs experiments HAARP Yukon in Alaska for aviation
and shipping in U.S.
Link H.A.A.R.P. and chemtrails
Ultimately what is the relationship if indeed there is such a tremendous program between the
U.S. and strange contrails left behind by the aircraft around the world?
According to scientists who studied the issue in America and Europe, can the chemicals leave
the aircraft back to play a supporting role in the experimental features of superiority. Typical is
the complaint human SS the data available to the magazine who saw last September
chemtrails over the island of Ikaria. That evening, an earthquake in Ikaria. Coincidence? So
say scientists. Greece is indeed an earthquake zone. But anyone who would like to test a
weapon that can cause earthquakes, will not try it in an area with no history of earthquakes so
as not to attract attention. And this autumn, the Aegean was afflicted by several earthquakes

. Everything you need to know about the HAARP here

James Bond 007: Goldeneye. When the imagination of Hollywood can be a nightmare. It is
the only film in which reference and apply to electromagnetic radiation weapon. See to see
what it can do.
Just type the word HAARP CHEMTRAILS or in a search engine on the Internet. The reports
of complaints concerning scientific evidence is endless!

Well actually it is ultimately the legacy of Uncle-Tesla, of course, the specific thinking on the
alternative energy and to my knowledge had plans to split into 3 forces to end not to fall into
the hands of one. Apparently our friends the Americans to work though.

Anyway to express one or two reflections on the topic (not necessarily simple disagreement

Generally the Americans if they want to keep something secret to keep. Unless it is now up
and running, so exercise the power without any spin. So I tend distinguish two:
1) The range of ready (;)
2) harass dissidents and opponents by showing them what they want to show (;)

Now for the scientific community (outside the program) only detached cases can make if no
data available, nor detailed surveys and studies can be conducted.

Generally is a very frightening scenario whole thing ...

PS. Really what are the sources for the above; I just want to know if we are to judge how
reliable it is anyway and see what's around this "game".

The bellicose known to all Americans that were bright idea to draw a weapon that could give
rise to radiation excitation in molecules of the upper atmosphere and have led to high or low
blood pressure according to what we want to occur.
As we all know the weather changes prokallountai from low to high pressure in parts of the
atmosphere. T this weapon can say for a country to destroy dimiourgontae a cyclone or a
hurricane literally razing everything.
And I ask all intelligent readers of this Article here what would happen if in fact this whole
system in place;
will happen they say the older "going to burn the god" that something will happen;
Another very disturbing factor is that scientists are crawling and trying to find information and
to build models but which are certainly primitive stages in relation to the size of the problem.
This means that any prediction on the climate is risky and impractical means of course that is
even more difficult to propose measures and again can not be made and consequences of
these results.

I wish, I wish in principle to realize the financiers of this world, those who determine the fate of
this former paradise, what is happening and make no immediate reduction in emissions but
these disappear 'and never mind let us have cars, let there be some other goods anyway they
foisted on us is necessary. Why do than I have understood to begin to talk about anything
else in this step is a prerequisite. I wish I could have left even a hope.
Usually, in an arbitrary manner and thus autistic repeated phrases and clichés of the SMEs
and interviews with relevant non-specific. "The Nature of revenge, showing the hard face.
Nature breaks out, punish, and is relentless. Artificially, they appear as victims and are in the
constant harassment by the perpetrator. Possibly, the victimized us is to act as an excuse to
get rid of any responsibility. Moreover, if we take the view that everything driven by higher
power again become 'hapless' responsibilities.

For example, when enskiptoun earthquakes and sinking, usually talking about disasters, not
natural disaster. The higher power is everywhere, in their view. That is, in most cases, we
have chosen to play the role of small and weak, and even those words are from Danish
human societies. And this is another manifestation of the challenges our disposal to the
natural environment, it seems that we know almost nothing about what was happening in
nature, the processes, the effects of natural phenomena being the frequency and
aggressiveness have been intensified and extended to most areas.

Moreover, the human relationship with nature, and we recruit, of results, increasing
proportions. It is customary to say "to meet our needs, even hide the word 'unlimited',
although it is obvious that natural resources are becoming scarcer. The competitive mood
towards the natural world is indisputable fact.
The scientific view of natural phenomena-such as rain, snow, drought, storms, temperature,
earthquakes, landslides and other-occur, sometimes with and sometimes dominant with
lesser means. These and a wide variety of natural phenomena ultimately shape the Earth.
Natural phenomena are part of the evolutionary process of Nature. This is a process of
environmental change that takes place millions of years.
Although for humans can become forces of destruction, for Nature is creative forces. They
define the face of the Earth in different seasons. It could even be described as the friendly
man formed because such an environment that allowed him to have and to live on Earth, and
are detrimental to the existence, when they create losses which are considered by modern
conditions as acquired by humans.
Moreover, only recently realized that interfere most active, pressing, threatening in nature and
do not adjust our requirements in relation to natural phenomena. The paradox now is that we
ourselves we have increased the vulnerability of our presence so even small events have
enormous consequences. For example, in a town where they should live one hundred
thousand people now live more than one million. Thus, when occur, earthquake or other
natural phenomenon losses will certainly be huge.
Realizing that the risks to the environment know no boundaries and other distinctions, we
must strengthen our presence in practice and to intensify pressure on all our full range of
aspects of environmental protection. It is definite need for constant adaptation and
implementation of effective policies for environmental protection. Both state authorities and
civil societies have to raise the sovereign environment nucleus each of our activity. The
environment is the neighborhood in which we live and live and our children. It is our home and
protection is a matter for all the family. Sustainable development and the preservation of
human and natural resources have already been made-priority targets for the international
community. Let us make for us, for each requirement for a better quality of life.
The eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus, situated at the crossroads of three continents
and around the sensitive Middle East region. This fact makes the position of one of the most
important geostrategic position in the world.
Something acknowledged by the British government, based on statements by the Minister of
Defense of Britain in 1996, Michael Portilo which featured the British bases in Cyprus as a
national kefaliao for England because of its position and the British Army describing the basis
of Verde as the most important foundation of the Royal Air Force.
The English army has military bases in Cyprus, remnants of colonialism or vestiges of
colonialism, guest of the United Nations which prohibits so-called sovereignty of the former
colonial powers in the former colonies.
The British, the Treaty of Establishment in 1960, has 3% of its territory in the form of military
bases in different parts of the island and specifically:
• military base at Dhekelia (near Larnaca)
• air base at Akrotiri and Episkopi epistathmia
• military base to operate radar on top of the Troodos
• small part of Nicosia airport located in the buffer zone
• use of land in Akamas National Park to conduct military exercises
The base at Akrotiri Limassol is the most important basis of the British island located in the
geographical coordinates 34 37 N, 32 58 E. There are no facilities of HAARP, an air base
supporting the military operations both in Afghanistan as in Iraq. Rightly classification which
has been attributed to Cyprus as the land of NATO aircraft carrier.
Also from the air base at Akrotiri manage the program of aerial spraying air with heavy metals
such as aluminum or barium (chemtrails).
The following photos are from the deployment of HAARP in Cyprus and compared with
corresponding HAARP facilities in Alaska.
HF Ionosonde Antenna

Two called Pluto, height 96 meters and a width of 200 meters long and 58 meters height and
width of 100 meters, the smallest. The operation of these antennas is to collect the reflected
waves to the Earth and that the frequencies used are relatively low is huge and expensive.

HF Ionosonde Antenna at the HAARP facility in Alaska.
I.R.I - Ionospheric Research Instrument

The IRI consists of RHF transmitters, their function is to send low-frequency electromagnetic
waves in the ionosphere and the cloud generated by chemtrails. The system IAARP in Alaska
there are 360 antennas of this type, and in its system in Cyprus is unknown, their numbers,
and their validity
HF Ionosonde Antenna στις εγκαταστάσεις του HAARP στην Αλάσκα.

I.R.I - Ionospheric Research Instrument

Το I.R.I αποτελείται από RHF transmitters, λειτουργία τους είναι να στέλνουν
ηλεκτρομαγνητικά κύματα χαμηλών συχνοτήτων στην ιονόσφαιρα ή στα νέφη
δημιουργούμενα από chemtrails. Στο σύστημα του ΗΑΑRP στην Αλάσκα υπάρχουν
360 κεραίες τέτοιου τύπου, στο δε σύστημα στη Κύπρο είναι άγνωστος ο αριθμός
τους, όπως και η ισχύς τους
RHF transmitter
To σύμπλεγμα κεραίων Ι.R.I στις εγκαστάσεις στην Αλάσκα, αποτελούμενο από 360
VHF Ionospheric Radar
VHF Ionospheric Radar στις εγκαταστάσεις του HAARP στην Αλάσκα

Operation Center
RHF transmitter

To cluster dishes I RI in egkastaseis in Alaska, consisting of 360 antennas
VHF Ionospheric Radar

VHF Ionospheric Radar at the HAARP facility in Alaska
Operation Center

HAARP antennas of the British base at Akrotiri Limassol became operational by the end of
1993 at an experimental stage. By 2001 the system went into full operation which led the
English army to upgrade the system with the second major HF Ionosonde Antenna, height 96
meters and 200 meters wide.
The antenna is that the British installed the wetland in the Limassol Salt Lake next to the
smaller antenna is the same type occupying a total area of 13 hectares. Before installing the
antenna, governments of England, through the British High Commission in Nicosia and the
Government of Cyprus agreed on 28 August 2001 to undertake joint epidemiological studies
on the effects of electromagnetic radiation to residents in the surrounding area (the nearest
village 800 meters from the antennas of HAARP) and jointly handle environmental issues.
England mandated unilaterally by 17 to December 19, 2001, conduct environmental study in
the English Institute I.E.M.A (Institute of Enviromental Management and Assessment) and
step consisted of two experts, an Englishman and a Canadian.
The Foreign Minister of Cyprus, declared its opposition to the experts appointed by the
English because it was felt by the agreements that the study will be effected "a respected,
independent, transparent and well-known international group of experts with relevant
The British not meet the agreed on 28 August 2001, the decision to publish that on June 11,
2002 will proceed to install the antenna.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs and relevant departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
informed the authorities of British bases for the decision, but concealed the information from
the Parliamentary Committee on Environment addresses the issue by installing the
gigantokeraias by the English! (minutes Cypriot parliament 20/06/2002)
The Parliamentary Committee on the Environment was informed of the decision to install the
antennas from the press and by local residents. It seems that the Cypriot government
sabotage the parliamentary committee that was responsible for examining proposed to install
a satellite dish.
The Cypriot Parliament through the Parliamentary Environment Committee denounced the
arbitrary and the British Government's attitude to the sessions of 12/07/2001 and 20/06/2002.
Excerpts from the minutes of the Cyprus Parliament, sessions on 12.07.2001 and 20.06.2002
on: "The planned establishment of the British dishes in Limassol Salt Lake and the impacts on
environment and health of citizens"
The House of Representatives of Cyprus,
Expressing serious concern over the planned by the British establishment of a new antenna in
Akrotiri Salt Lake and its environmental impact and its possible effects on health of residents
and workers,
considering the report of the Parliamentary Committee on the Environment and the
preliminary findings of the Parliamentary Committee for Defense and Health
considering the area of Akrotiri wetland, particularly in the area is planned to install the new
antenna of British environmental paramount importance for Cyprus and for the whole region
of Eastern Mediterranean
whereas the installation of new antenna will have a negative impact on the natural
environment of wetlands Verde and cause serious irreversible effects on the ecosystem of the
region, flora, fauna and ptinopanida,
arguing that the health of local residents and the potential impact of the proposed installation
of the antenna in that the electromagnetic energy is a priority,
reiterating its position that any antenna installation should be preceded by documented
scientific and objective study of environmental impact and health effects on residents,
The terms m a n h f
1. Calls on UK Government to suspend any action towards the deployment of the antenna,
which will be necessary to obtain the prior consent of the Cyprus Republic and the House of
Commons of the country to act in the same direction.
2. Invites the Government of Cyprus to take all necessary steps and not to consent to
commencement of installation of the antenna before conducting the above studies.
3. It empowers the President of the body to make all necessary representations to the
European Parliament, parliamentary bodies, the British Parliament and where considered
useful to raise awareness of the body to prevent such a reference in British Energy.
Extract from the meeting on 20/06/2002
The Parliamentary Committee on the Environment, having before it the above data indicates
the following:
1. Considers arbitrary and unacceptable action the British authorities to proceed without prior
consultation with the Cyprus Republic to the arbitrary announcement of the final decision to
install the antenna in Salt Lake wetlands in Limassol. The British have announced the
decision to implement their projects without first implemented material conditions which gave
a commitment in the Joint Statement of 28 August 2001 between the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs of the Republic and the British High Commissioner. In particular, it is noted that the
British announced their decision without:
I. to shape the final protocol to conduct an epidemiological study in the medical area for the
II. to implement a joint program to monitor the movements of birds in the region and its impact
on mortality, due to the antennas,
III. to complete the process for integrating wetland Verde list wetlands of international
importance under the Ramsar Convention of 1971. Note that even the proposal of the British
bases to the Ramsar Secretariat has included the area where we intend to install the new
IV. to complete the management plan for the protection of the Salt Lake Verde, including the
creation of a comprehensive protected area near the salt lake.
Apart from the above included in the joint statement the two sides and that the action of the
British ignored completely, the committee believes that additional study to review
environmental impact is far should logically lead to the decision to install antenna. First,
because using the same study is that the figures given for the purpose of the survey is
incomplete and therefore the decision is premature, and secondly because it identifies
significant environmental impacts from the planned project.
2. The characterization of the action of the British as arbitrary reinforced by the fact that there
was no standard by the minimum of respect to our side and to the joint statement under which
it was the result of an environmental study to be considered jointly by the both sides. Unlike
made the announcement of their decision, while, according to the statement of the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs on June 11, this study examined by the relevant departments of the State. In
conclusion, then, to the committee that the British do not even exchanged views with the
authorities of the Republic on the issue.
3. Apart from the above, the Committee notes that the British are not informed or did not carry
out any consultation with local residents, as imposed good will, ethics, and the spirit of the
Treaty of Establishment.
4. In relation to the conduct of government by the majority of the committee believes that the
government and especially the Foreign Minister did not show adequate commitment or
brought criticism would be expected in such an arbitrary action by the British, which clearly
violates the spirit and letter the joint statement the two sides.
The majority of the committee considers that a press release issued on 11 June 2002 by the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a dry listing of facts without any attempt to denounce the violation
of agreed and arbitrariness of the Britons. The majority of the committee believes that, apart
from all the above reasons, the Cypriot government should respond, at least for the fact that
while the government has not yet evaluated the study, the British have gone to the
announcement of their decision.
The majority of the committee also notes that the government failed to inform the
Parliamentary Committee on the Environment on the latest developments, so the latter
informed by the press what is happening. In addition to submitting the report of the expert
committee would expect further information from the government, which repeatedly
requested, and the government is committed to inform.
The members of the parliamentary party Democratic Rally, disagreeing with the above
position of the majority of the committee in relation to the conduct of Government and Foreign
Minister stated that this position is not supported by the facts.
The State Committee member of the species by Androula Kingdom, also disagreeing with the
position of the majority of the committee in relation to the attitude of the government, said that
should have been consulted before the Committee on Foreign Minister again to advise them
on the facts, as was her report.
By submitting the above supplementary report to the body it solely driven by the need to
protect an area with significant environmental value, not a personal acquisition of the Cypriots
but legacy for all humanity, and desiring also to protect the health and ensure the welfare of
local residents calls the House of Representatives adopted a resolution aimed at withdrawing
the unacceptable and arbitrary decision of the British to proceed with installation of the
antenna in Akrotiri Salt Lake.
The MEP Marios Matsakis in session on 20/06/2002 said:

«.... I think that if these antennas, used or know for what purpose ... Others say for spy
purposes. a Briton who has written me sent me information saying that might be used for a
special electromagnetic warfare. There are several elements that are several years studies of
the human mind and thinking through radio waves. He said that even with exposure to certain
frequencies can cause paranoia, may cause mania, may cause a tendency towards suicide
and various other things. And I already said that America especially since 1960 with the
"Pandora", Russia in 1970 with the system "Woodpecker" and America today the system
"Haarp" make experiments that can, by exposing people to specific frequencies influence the
way in which struggling or fighting may cause psychological problems in populations and can
affect the morale of the military. I do not know if they can be, but are already experimenting
with such electromagnetic weapons the great powers ... "
The British proceeded to install the antenna and upgrading of the HAARP system with the
blessing of the Cyprus Government ...

As for the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the health of residents in the surrounding
area, just confirmed their fears with the epidemiological survey conducted by the Department
of Oncology and Medical Physics, University of Bristol, in June 2005 in cooperation with the
Cyprus Republic.
The results of the survey show that residents of Akrotiri and intangible, as the antennae of
Britons have increased symptoms of migraines, headaches, dizziness and depression. Also in
Asomatos an increase in heart disease and asthma, and Akrotiri is much higher rate of
emotional stress. The study also recognizes that the electromagnetic radiation is responsible
for the neurological symptoms are those living close to antennas.
Note that in Kyvides Over the radiation levels measured at 0,001 volt / m, while the Akrotiri
0,57 volt / m and Asomatos 0,46 volt / m (ie 500-600 times above).
The environmental impact is irreversible. The British construction of the HAARP system
destroy the wetlands in Limassol at Akrotiri Salt Lake. Representative of the Department of
Forestry on information to the committee on the environmental importance of the Akrotiri
wetland, especially given its geographical position, located along one of the eight major
migratory routes of birds from Europe and Asia to Africa and vice versa and is one of the most
important wetlands in the Middle East.
DONITAI and we have EARTHQUAKES, earthquakes swing building materials and we have

The situation changed when it first must understand all of us. The impact on health of
residents of the area, the destruction of wetlands is only the tip of the iceberg of the projection
takes the existence of such superiority in Cyprus. The possibilities of such a weapon render
the Cypriot government to protect its residents and its national security. English people have
no desire to leave the island. Let us focus on the elimination of this weapon. The United
Nations prohibits the possession and use of such weapons .. And this applies not only to the
HAARP system in Cyprus and all IAARP the world that is constantly growing
Next time perhaps you are or your relatives in the rubble of priochis decided by the Americans
to reduce plythismo, the "AHRISTA mouths" as prigrafoun NATO plan GLOBAL 2000
The influenza vaccine I1N1, I1N2, I1N3, I1N4, I1N5, VEE, DN is anything other than purely
"biological weapons" as a son of the DNA-containing mixture derived from the DNA 4 items
sons of which one is from AFRICAN green monkeys, another son of Empoli, the third and
fourth SWINE RETRO-SON found in a sarcophagus containing formaldehyde in mvolio t is
carcinogenic and inactivates the mix for three months, after the body absorbs. Then the Son
wakes up and starts metalasei human DNA to DNA CAPE AFRICAN Monkeys The U.S.
stated that it was stolen from the SON MILITARY LABORATORIES VEE, or otherwise AVIAN
any vaccine use are based on the following away from them. At the end comes the chip will
dini apythias commands in your brain and not have to think about, ... .. since others caring for
the good you just for the animals before slaughter
Understand now who murdered so many people in Tahiti.
The most natural fainpomena ekdilonontai According to the political will of America
Scientists have gone mad