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Promoting Israel’s Mobile Industry Globally

Catalogue 2010
Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010
Table of Contents (By Alphabetical Order)

Page Name of Company Location Categories

Aerotel Medical Systems 2 • Security & telemedicine

Allot Communications 2, 4 • Broadband Wireless Solutions
• Infrastructure
18 • Network monitoring &
• Vas (Value Added Services)
Asocs 4 • Handset
• Infrastructure

AtlasCT 2 • Location Based Services
20 • Vas (Value Added Services)
• SAAS (Software As a Service)

BoomRing Communication 2 • Business Applications
• Converged Services & IMS
• Vas (Value Added Services)
21 • Voice Services
• Wifi & Wimax
• SAAS (Software As a Service)


Ceedo Technologies 2 • Broadband Wireless Solutions
• Business Applications
• Converged Services & IMS
• Mobile Advertising
23 • Reducing Capex
• Service Delivery Platform
• Vas (Value Added Services)
• VoIP
• SAAS (Software As a Service)
Ceragon Networks 4 • Broadband Wireless Solutions
24 • Infrastructure
• Wifi & Wimax
Celle Brite • Handset
25 4 • Mobile Content Distribution
• Vas (Value Added Services)

Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010
Table of Contents (By Alphabetical Order)

Page Name of Company Location Categories

CellGuide 2 • Handset
• Location Based Services
Cvidya 4 • Payments & Billing
27 • Revenue Assurance

Communitake 4 • Business Applications
• Handset
28 • Vas (Value Added Services)
• SAAS (Software As a Service)
Comsys Mobile • Broadband Wireless Solutions
29 • Business Applications
• Converged Services & IMS
• Cutting Capex
• Handsets
• Infrastructure
• Location Based Services
• Messaging, Mobile E-mail & IM
• Mobile Advertising
• Mobile Content Distribution
• Mobilizing the Web
• Multimedia, Video & Content
• Music & Games
• Network Monitoring &
• Optimization
• Payments and Billing
• Revenue Assurance
• Security & Telemedicine
• Service Delivery Platform
• VAS (Value Added Services)
• Voice Services
• VoIP
• WiFi & WiMax
Dasur Pattern Recognition 2 • Handset
• Messaging
30 • Mobile Content Distribution
• Mobile E-Mail & IM
Datanetis 4 • Marketing Analytics
31 • Mobile Advertising
• Vas (Value Added Services)

Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010
Table of Contents (By Alphabetical Order)

Page Name of Company Location Categories

Electronic Lines 3000 2 • Location Based Services
32 • Security & telemedicine
• Vas (Value Added Services)

Ethrix 4 • Vas (Value Added Services)
33 • Video & Video Solutions

Fibrolan 2 • Broadband Wireless Solutions
• Business Applications
34 • Infrastructure
• Reducing Capex
• Wifi & Wimax
FTS 4 • Payments & Billing
35 • Reducing Capex

IBM Global Technology 2 • Business Applications
Unit (GTU) • Reducing Capex
36 • Mobilizing The Web
• Payments & Billing
• Service Delivery Platform
• SAAS (Software As a Service)
Idimoo 4 • Multimedia
37 • Vas (Value Added Services)
• Video & Content
Infinitive Memories 4 • Mobile Advertising
• Mobile Content Distribution
38 • Multimedia
• Vas (Value Added Services)
• Video & Content
ITS Telecom 4 • Business Applications
39 • Vas (Value Added Services)
• Voice Services
Ipoint-Media 2 • Broadband Wireless Solutions
• Business Applications
• Converged Services & IMS
• Infrastructure
40 • Multimedia
• Vas (Value Added Services)
• Video & Content
• SAAS (Software As a Service)

Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010
Table of Contents (By Alphabetical Order)

Page Name of Company Location Categories

Infogin 2+4 • Broadband Wireless Solutions
• Infrastructure
• Mobile Content Distribution
• Mobilizing The Web
• Multimedia
41 • Network monitoring & optimizing
• Reducing Capex
• Service Delivery Platform
• Vas (Value Added Services)
• Video & Content
42 Communications

Lognet Information Tech. 4 • Payments & Billing
43 • Reducing Capex

Mce Systems 2 • Mobile Content Distribution

MeCanto 2 • Mobile Content Distribution
• Multimedia
• Music & Games
45 • Vas (Value Added Services)
• Video & Content
• SAAS (Software As a Service)
Mobixelle Networks 4 • Mobile Advertising
• Mobile Content Distribution
46 • Multimedia
• Vas (Value Added Services)
• Video & Content
Mintigo 4 • Marketing Analytics
47 • SAAS (Software As a Service)
• Vas (Value Added Services)
MobiApp 2 • Location Based Services
• Messaging
• Mobile Advertising
48 • Mobile Content Distribution
• Mobile E-Mail & IM
• Vas (Value Added Services)

Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010
Table of Contents (By Alphabetical Order)

Page Name of Company Location Categories

MailVision 2 • Handset
• Mobile Content Distribution
• Vas (Value Added Services)
49 • Voice Services
• VoIP
• Wifi & Wimax
Mirtemis 4

NowForce 4

One Smart Start 2 • Business Applications
52 • SAAS (Software As a Service)

Optiway 2 • Broadband Wireless Solutions
• Reducing Capex
53 • Infrastructure
• Wifi & Wimax
OriginGPS 2 • Handset
• Infrastructure
54 • Location Based Services
• Security & telemedicine
Perfecto Mobile 4 • Handset

Puding Media 4 • Mobile Advertising
56 • Multimedia
• SAAS (Software As a Service)
• Vas (Value Added Services)
• Video & Content
Radware 4 • Infrastructure
57 • Network
Rad Data Communication 4 • Broadband Wireless Solutions
58 • Infrastructure
• Network

Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010
Table of Contents (By Alphabetical Order)

Page Name of Company Location Categories

RCS Rampal Cellular 2 • Handset
59 Stockmarket

Runcell/Ixi Mobile 2 • Business Applications
• Broadband Wireless Solutions
• Handset
• Messaging
60 • Mobile E-Mail & IM
• Mobilizing the Web
• Network monitoring & optimizing
• Vas (Value Added Services)
• Wifi & Wimax
Runcom Technologies 2, 4 • Broadband Wireless Solutions
• Handset
61 • TV/IPTV
• Vas (Value Added Services)
• Wifi & Wimax
Saguna Networks 2 • Broadband Wireless Solutions
• Infrastructure
• Mobile Content Distribution
62 • Multimedia
• Video & Content
• Wifi & Wimax
Sagarmatha 2 • Business Applications
• Personalization Solution
63 • SAAS (Software As a Service)
Skiller 2 • Mobile Content Distribution
• Multimedia
• Music & Games
64 • Vas (Value Added Services)
• SAAS (Software As a Service)
• Video & Content
Spikko By Audiogate Tech 4 • SAAS (Software As a Service)
65 • Vas (Value Added Services)
• Voice Services
Source IT 2 • Broadband Wireless Solutions
• Business Applications
• Payments & Billing
66 • Vas (Value Added Services)
• Wifi & Wimax
• SAAS (Software As a Service)

Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010
Table of Contents (By Alphabetical Order)

Page Name of Company Location Categories

Siklu Communication 4 • Backhaul
• Infrastructure
67 • Network
• Wifi & Wimax
Techmind 4


Telco System 4


Telemessage 2 • Business Applications
• Messaging
• Mobile E-Mail & IM
• Multimedia
70 • Vas (Value Added Services)
• Video & Content
• Voice Services
• SAAS (Software As a Service)
Telmap 4 • Location Based Services
71 • Vas (Value Added Services)

Traffix systems 4 • Network

trendIT 4 • Location Based Services
• Marketing Analytics
73 • Vas (Value Added Services)

Tjat Systems 4 • Converged Services & IMS
• Messaging
74 • Mobile E-Mail & IM
• Vas (Value Added Services)
TriPlay 4 • Converged Services & IMS
75 • Vas (Value Added Services)
• Video & Content

TTI Telecom 4 • Infrastructure
76 • OSS/BSS

Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010
Table of Contents (By Alphabetical Order)

Page Name of Company Location Categories

Tvinci 4 • Multimedia
77 • Vas (Value Added Services)
• Video & Content
WeFI 4 • Location Based Services
78 • Network
• Vas (Value Added Services)
• Wifi & Wimax
Wandy by CTWARE 2 • Business Applications
79 • Reducing Capex
• SAAS (Software As a Service)
80 Network Technologies Ltd

WizzBill 2 • Business Applications
• Payments & Billing
81 • Revenue Assurance
• Service Delivery Platform
• Vas (Value Added Services)
Wave IP 2 • Broadband Wireless Solutions
• Infrastructure
• Reducing Capex
• Service Delivery Platform
• Wifi & Wimax
3GVision 2 • Business Applications
• Handset
• Mobile Advertising
83 • Mobile Content Distribution
• Mobilizing The Web
• Vas (Value Added Services)
• SAAS (Software As a Service)

Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010
Table of Contents (By Category)

Category Company

Backhaul • Siklu Communication
Broadband Wireless • Rad Data Communications
Solutions • Ceragon Networks
• Allot Communicationts
• Ceedo Technologies
• Fibrolan
• Infogin
• Ipoint-Media
• Runcell/Ixi Mobile
• Optiway
• Runcom Technologies
• Saguna Networks
• WaveIP
• Comsys Mobile
Business Applications • Comsys Mobile
• Communitake
• ITS Telecom
• 3GVision
• BoomRing Communication
• Ceedo Technologies
• Fibrolan
• IBM Global Technology Unit (GTU)
• Ipoint-media
• One Smart Star
• Runcell/Ixi Mobile
• Wandy by CTWARE
• WizBill
• Telemessage
• Sagarmatha
Converged Services & IMS • Tjat Systems
• TriPlay
• BoomRing Communication
• Ceedo Technologies
• Ipoint-media
• Comsys Mobile

Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010
Table of Contents (By Category)

Category Company

Handset • Asocs
• Celle Brite
• Communitake
• Perfecto mobile
• Comsys Mobile
• 3GVision
• CellGuide
• Dasur Pattern Recognition
• RunCell/IXI Mobile
• MailVision
• OriginGPS
• RCS Rampal Cellular Stockmarket
• Runcom Technologies
Infrastructure • Asocs
• Percello
• Radware
• Siklu Communication
• TTI Telecom
• RAD Data Communications
• Ceragon networks
• Allot communications
• Fibrolan
• InfoGin
• Ipoint-media
• Optiway
• OriginGPS
• Saguna Networks
• WaveIP
• Comsys Mobile
Location Based Services • Telmap
• trendIT
• WeFi
• AtlasCT
• CellGuide
• Electronic Lines 3000
• MobiApp
• OriginGPS
• Comsys Mobile
Marketing Analytics • Datanetis
• trendIT
• Mintigo

Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010
Table of Contents (By Category)

Category Company

Messaging • Tjat Systems
• Dasur Pattern Recognition
• RunCell/IXI Mobile
• MobiApp
• Telemessage
• Comsys Mobile
Mobile Advertising • Datanetis
• Infinite Memories
• Mobixelle Networks
• Pudding Media
• 3GVision
• Ceedo Technologies
• MobiApp
• Comsys Mobile
Mobile Content • Celle Brite
Distribution • Infinite Memories
• InfoGin
• Mobixelle Networks
• 3GVision
• Dasur Pattern Recognition
• InfoGin
• MailVision
• Mce Systems
• MeCanto
• MobiApp
• Skiller
• Saguna Networks
• Comsys Mobile
Mobile E-Mail & IM • Tjat Systems
• Dasur Pattern Recognition
• RunCell/IXI Mobile
• MobiApp
• Telemessage
• Comsys Mobile
Mobilizing The Web • InfoGin
• 3GVision
• IBM Global Technology Unit (GTU)
• InfoGin
• RunCell/IXI Mobile
• Comsys Mobile

Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010
Table of Contents (By Category)

Category Company

Multimedia • Idomo
• Infinite Memories
• Mobixelle Networks
• Pudding Media
• Tvinci
• InfoGin
• Ipoint-media
• MeCanto
• MEP- Technologies
• Skiller
• Telemessage
• Saguna Networks
• Comsys Mobile
Music & Games • MeCanto
• Skiller
• Comsys Mobile
Network • Percello
• Radware
• Siklu Communication
• WeFi
• RAD Data Communications
• Traffix systems
Network monitoring & • Allot communications
optimizing • InfoGin
• RunCell/IXI Mobile
• Comsys Mobile
OSS/BSS • TTI Telecom
Payments & Billing • Cvidya
• IBM Global Technology Unit (GTU)
• Lognet Information Tech.
• WizBill
• Comsys Mobile
Personalization Solutions • Sagarmatha
Reducing Capex • FTS
• Lognet Information Tech.
• Ceedo Technologies
• Fibrolan
• IBM Global Technology Unit (GTU)
• InfoGin
• Optiway
• Wandy by CTWARE
• WaveIP

Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010
Table of Contents (By Category)

Category Company

Revenue Assurance • cVidya
• WizBill
• Comsys Mobile
SAAS (Software As • Atlasct
A Service) • Boomering
• Ceedo Technologies
• Communitake
• IBM Global Technology Unit (GTU)
• Ipoint-media
• MeCanto
• One Smart Star
• Pudding Media
• Sagarmatha
• Skiller
• SourceIT
• Spikko By Audiogate Tech
• Telemessage
• Mintigo
• Wandy by CTWARE
• 3Gvision
Service Delivery Platform • Ceedo Technologies
• IBM Global Technology Unit (GTU)
• InfoGin
• WizBill
• WaveIP
• Comsys Mobile
Security & Telemedicine • Aerotel medical systems
• Electronic Lines 3000
• OriginGPS
• Comsys Mobile
TV/IPTV • Tvinci
• InfoGin
• Ipoint-media
• Runcom Technologies
• Comsys Mobile

Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010
Table of Contents (By Category)

Category Company

Vas (Value Added Services) • Celle Brite
• Communitake
• Datanetis
• Ethrix
• Idomo
• Infinite Memories
• InfoGin
• ITS Telecom
• Mobixelle Networks
• Pudding Media
• Spikko By Audiogate Tech.
• Telmap
• Tjat Systems
• trendIT
• TriPlay
• WeFi
• Tvinci
• Mintigo
• Allot communicationts
• 3GVision
• AtlasCT
• BoomRing Communication
• Ceedo Technologies
• Electronic Lines 3000
• InfoGin
• Ipoint-media
• RunCell/IXI Mobile
• MailVision
• MeCanto
• MobiApp
• Runcom Technologies
• Skiller
• WizBill
• Telemessage
• Comsys Mobile

Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010
Table of Contents (By Category)

Category Company

Video & Content • Idomo
• Infinite Memories
• Mobixelle Networks
• Pudding Media
• TriPlay
• Tvinci
• InfoGin
• Ipoint-media
• MeCanto
• MEP- Technologies
• Skiller
• Telemessage
• Saguna Networks
Video & Voice Solutions • Ethrix
Voice Services • ITS Telecom
• Spikko By Audiogate Tech
• BoomRing Communication
• MailVision
• Telemessage
• Comsys Mobile
VoIP • BoomRing Communication
• Ceedo Technologies
• MailVision
• Comsys Mobile
Wifi & Wimax • Siklu Communication
• WeFi
• Ceragon networks
• BoomRing Communication
• Fibrolan
• RunCell/IXI Mobile
• MailVision
• Optiway
• Runcom Technologies
• Saguna Networks
• WaveIP
• Comsys Mobile

Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Aerotel Medical Systems (1998) Ltd.

Category: Solution at a Glance
Security & Aerotel Medical Systems is a world leading manufacturer of modular, home and
Telemedicine mobile telecare and telemedicine solutions designed to transfer essential data over
the telephone, mobile phone and the Internet. Our solutions provide peace of
mind, improve quality of life and save costs to users and service providers.

Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• Caring for the ageing population through ambient assisted living (AAL)
•• Reducing healthcare costs by offering remote monitoring in the home
•• Responding to the growing need for personal safety with tele-assistance

Our Offering
Home and mobile personal telemedicine systems, Mobile personal safety and
location systems, Homecare hubs (PSTN, cellular and IP-based), telemedicine
receiving systems.

Unique Differentiators
•• Innovative mobile and home-based telecare solutions for anywhere, anytime
•• Cost-effective, high-quality, user-friendly solutions
•• A flexible company offering a wide range of telecare and telemedicine solutions

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Aerotel has a client base in over 45 countries around the globe. Winner of the
“Innovation and Growth Strategy Leadership of the Year Award 2007” by Frost
& Sullivan.

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Allot Communications

Category: Solution at a Glance
Broadband Allot is a leading provider of intelligent IP service optimization and revenue-
Wireless generation solutions based on Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology.
Solutions Allot Service Gateway solutions for mobile broadband are compliant with 3G,
4G/LTE and WiMax networks and provide full cell awareness.
Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• Lower CapEx, OpEx
Monitoring & •• Differentiate and add value to service offering
Optimizing, •• Create new revenue streams, increase ARPU
•• Optimize traffic and improve network management
Our Offering
Allot Service Gateway platforms provide:
•• Network awareness at cell and sector level
•• Granular visibility of IP traffic by volume, protocol, application, user
•• Intelligent policy control and resource allocation
•• Network and subscriber value-added services to differentiate and increase ARPU

Unique Differentiators
Designed specifically for mobile and next generation networks, the Allot Service
Gateway facilitates the fast and easy introduction of network and subscriber value
added services, such as URL filtering, intelligent internet content acceleration,
network security, tiered and quota-based services and more.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Allot Service Gateway technology partners include Camiant, HP, Huawei, Qosmos
and more

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010


Category: Solution at a Glance
Infrastructure ASOCS Ltd. – Founded in 2003, ASOCS develops and markets MultiComms™
processors that provide seamless connectivity over diverse wireless networks.
Handsets The ASOCS MP100 processor, featuring the ModemX™ core, represents a
revolutionary approach to communications and runs multiple communication
standards concurrently on a single chip.
ASOCS - making wireless convergence - TRANSPARENT.

Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• Smaller and less expensive devices
•• Active and dynamic management of system performance and power
•• Very low power consumption
•• Fast, reliable handovers across heterogeneous wireless networks
•• On-the-Fly upgrades, updates, and configuration changes

Our Offering
ASOCS has had healthy silicon in house since February 2008 (first silicon
coming less than two years from its first institutional funding round). In June
2008 ASOCS introduced an MP100 based Communication Development
System (CDS) and has sold the systems to customers in Japan, Korea, and
Europe. ASOCS is well positioned to deliver semi-custom IP for integration
into leading Application- and Baseband-processor product lines in 2009.
In 2010, ASOCS will deliver private-label integrated silicon and software
MultiComms solutions as well as ASOCS branded silicon and solutions.

Unique Differentiators
•• Concurrency: Three wireless standards running independently.
•• Flexibility: Reduced R&D efforts ensuring short-time-to-market
•• Performance: Develop LTE and WiMax today on ASOCS MP100.
•• Low Power: Unique architecture (no DSP) runs WiFi+Bluetooth+GPS @ <200HMz.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company- ASOCS
Partnerships References andwith
has partnered Strategic Business
leading chip, Partners
device, software and
module developers to provide mobile consumer electronics vendors with a
complete MultiComms solution.
Investors - a. Harel-Hertz investment house
b. VERTEX venture capital
c. Fujitsu Inc.
d. Fintech Global Capital (FGC)

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010


Category: Solution at a Glance
Location Based AtlasCT (Atlas Cartographic Technologies LTD) offers a wide range of products
Services for LBS applications and services, with the ability to provide a complete solution,
adjusted to the customer needs, for all types of platforms, with remote or stand-
VAS alone service.

SAAS (Software Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
As a Service)
•• Full LBS stack in one place.
•• Tool of self development or complete solutions for short TTM.
•• Choose between remote and stand-alone services.
•• All platforms enabled solution (mobile, web and wap).

Our Offering
AtlasCT provides the full stack of LBS:
Customizable maps and GIS services, LBS SDKs for web & mobile and even
complete end-to-end solutions, which enable the customer to offer rich
applications which integrate all platforms, with remote or stand-alone services.

Unique Differentiators
AtlasCT is one of few companies in the LBS domain which can provide services in
all relevant categories, from GIS services and stand-alone servers, to development
packages for both web and mobile and even complete solutions and applications,
including Navigation.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Nokia - Maps for mobile search application,
Noverca Italia MVNO - WAP maps
Fleet management - Ituran, Pointer, more…
Yellow Pages, D&B
Partners - NAVTEQ, TeleAtlas

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

BoomeRing Communication (2005) Ltd

Category: Solution at a Glance
Business •• Complete solution for hosting providers and enterprises, seamlessly integrates
Applications mobile, VoIP and fixed communication.
•• Cost control & mobile least cost routing implementation.
Converged •• Environment aware roaming – seamless roaming between WiFi & cellular
Services & IMS networks including sophisticated handoff mechanism.
•• Offer low-cost roaming & international calling solution from mobile.
VAS •• Simplify the user experience.

Voice Services Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• Increased ARPU, pay as you grow business model & low risk deployment.
VOIP •• Usability – no change in end-user behavior – enhances functionality for
WiFi & WiMax •• Compatibility – implemented with almost any PBX type, Soft-Switch and handset
operating systems.
SAAS (Software
•• Over the air (OTA) deployment and configuration.
As a Service)
Our Offering
Complete unified communication services platform including:
•• Business Communication Server.
•• CLIENT software installed within a smart phone.
•• Provisioning tool that generates CLIENT on the fly.
•• Cost control & savings.
•• Simplicity – Least Cost routing capabilities & standard call handling features.

Unique Differentiators
•• Identifying optimal network connection for each call.
•• Seamless roaming between WiFi & cellular including sophisticated handoff
•• Comprehensive solution – Server side, CLIENT side, Provisioning tools.
•• Flexible Business Model & superior ROI.
•• Compatibility – Variety of mobile operating systems, PBX types & Soft-switch
•• Focus on usability.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company references - Verint, Teva, Alvarion, Veraz, Microsoft, Johnson&Jonson,
Nice, GE, Loreal.
Strategic Customers: Bezeq (Israel), Netone (Greece), IBM (Israel), Accenture (Italy).
Main partners - AudioCodes, Tadiran Telecom, Bezeq International.
Investors - Mediatek Group.

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010


Category: Solution at a Glance
•• bTendo develops and manufactures range of projection modules to the Consumer
Electronics (CE) markets. The Company’s goal, expressed by its mission statement – “To
Make Projection Personal”, is to bring the sharing of visual information to the individual,
personal level.
•• bTendo develops a new type of optical display engine based on MEMS spatial modulators, novel
beam shaping optics and RBG laser technology. This optical engine will be used to facilitate
personal projection applications as well as small, energy efficient, high-resolution displays with
exceptional color gamut. The company’s core competency is in the area of MEMS based light
modulators and optical design. The company targets the portable CE display market cell phones,
PDAs, portable multi-media players as well as stand alone, miniature, personal projectors.

Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
Portable CE market dynamics drive products to ever decreasing size, power consumption
and weight. At the same time, the content available to, and hosted by, this type of devices
is beginning to resemble the content viewed on standard media displays – TV screens,
monitors, high quality paper prints etc. In order to efficiently view and share this type of
content; portable devices must have larger displays while still maintaining their small size,
low weight and low power consumption attributes. Embedded projection is the most
desired functionality to solve the power/size/usage matrix for handheld devices.

Our Offering
•• bTendo developed a MEMS & Laser based Optical Engine along with the integrated circuit
controllers that drive the system. The use of reflective MEMS mirrors as spatial light modulators
and RGB lasers as light sources results in high levels of illumination, high dynamic color range,
fast switching speeds, low power and high efficiency. bTendo’s optical engine combines a
novel architecture of a MEMS micro mirror scanning device and a unique optical arrangement
to achieve superior technical attributes at the lowest cost structure known to date.
•• Optical Engine – an electro-statically actuated vertical-comb-drive motor and micro mirror
architecture – the lowest power consumption of all MEMS actuators leading to best-in-class
efficiency (Lumen/Watt)
•• Fabrication process - self-aligned fabrication from pre-fabricated Double SOI (Silicon on
Insulator) wafers– simple, robust, high-yield, patented and cheap to manufacture.

Unique Differentiators
bTendo’s technology supports VGA/SVGA resolution and True Color display. The product delivers:
•• Superior brightness – up to 15Lumen,
•• Superior color gamut,
•• Very low power consumption (~1.5Wrms),
•• Small size (<4cc) and low-profile form factor (h<6mm)Scanning mirror technology in general,
and bTendo’s technology in particular, deliver superior end-user value when compared to
competing picoprojection technologies such as LCD, LCoS or other MEMS (e.g. DLP).
Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Round A Investors – Carmel Ventures, BRV

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Ceedo Technologies (2005) Ltd.

Category: Solution at a Glance
Broadband Ceedo AppCenter allows fixed and mobile operators to deliver PC software
Wireless applications over the web to the subscriber’s desktop, to manage those
Solutions applications remotely and us the platform to provide additional services direct to
the PC.
Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
Converged Ceedo’s platform lets operators monetize PC software sales as a new revenue
Services & IMS stream, as well as opening up the PC desktop as a rich opportunity for delivering
innovative services while providing a better experience for subscribers.
Our Offering
Reducing Capex Using Ceedo’s platform, operators can own a rich content and services window
right on the subscriber’s desktop PC, delivered to subscribers on hardware such
Service Delivery as USB modems and netbooks or deployed through the web.
Vas (Value Unique Differentiators
Added Services) Ceedo AppCenter for Operators is the first PC software delivery platform designed
specifically for telecom operators. It integrates with existing infrastructure and can
VoIP be rolled out in phases – with an initial hosted stage for extremely fast roll-out to
SAAS (Software
As a Service)
Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Partners incl. Avaya, Safenet, Citrix. Customer references incl. Intesa San Paolo,
MPS, Banca Carige, Banca Carilo, Banca Marche, Deutscher Ring, Generali,
Alvecon, Suva

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Ceragon Networks Ltd.

Category: Solution at a Glance
Broadband Ceragon Networks (NASDAQ/TASE: CRNT) is a leading provider of wireless
Wireless backhaul networks. Ceragon’s microwave solutions enable risk-free migration
Solutions from TDM to IP, providing fiber-like connectivity and supporting all wireless access
technologies, including GSM, CDMA, EV-DO, HSPA, LTE and WiMAX. Ceragon’s
Infrastructure solutions are deployed by more than 150 service providers and in hundreds of
private networks, in nearly 100 countries.
Wifi & Wimax
Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• Answer the growing demand for mobile & broadband backhaul capacity at the
lowest total cost per bit served over limited spectrum resources
•• Design, build, provision manage and maintain an LTE-ready wireless backhaul
network serving current 2G/3G/WiMAX services and can evolve to accommodate
future services
•• Facilitate the migration to all IP networks while maintaining a cost effective
legacy TDM support

Our Offering
•• Ceragon offers FibeAir®, a complete family of point-to-point microwave
solutions for the licensed (6-38GHz) and unlicensed (<6GHz) spectrum.
•• Native2 and Carrier Ethernet platforms that facilitate the migration to all IP
networks include: FibeAir IP-10 and FibeAir IP-MAX2, in split mount or all-indoor
•• TDM Trunk radio platforms, with an upgrade path to IP, to serve long haul, high
capacity high availability core and utilities networks in split mount or all-indoor

Unique Differentiators
•• Exceptional system gain and spectral efficiency with unique Native2/Hybrid
solutions enable cost efficient, risk-free migration to next generation networks
•• Leading networking capabilities, including a MEF 9/14 integrated switch,
advanced QoS, integrated TDM cross connect and SNCP support
•• A highly integrated, modular architecture combine the most advanced
technology with a competitive and favorable cost position

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Customers include - Hutchison 3 group, Tata, Reliance, KPN, AT&T and more
Main partners - NSN (OEM), ECI (Solution Reseller), Hutton, Connectronics
(Vertical Resellers)
Ceragon is publicly traded on NASDAQ and Tel Aviv Stock Exchanges
(symbol: CRNT).

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

CelleBrite Mobile Synchronization

Category: Solution at a Glance
Handset CelleBrite provides content transfer and backup solutions for mobile handset
devices, empowering mobile operators, POS and repair centers to provide value-
Mobile Content added services to their customers. Our products enable users to transfer, backup
Distribution and restore content from cellphones, including: Phonebook contacts, SMS
messages, Pictures, Videos, Ring tones and Audio files, regardless of the mobile
Vas (Value vendor, model, technology or carrier
Added Services)
Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• Supports more than 1500 mobile phones available in the market regardless of
the carrier and network.
•• Protects customer privacy by securely transferring content without exposing the
information to store employees.
•• Easy to learn and operate.

Our Offering
The UME-36Pro, our flagship product, is a stand-alone solution that transfers
content, including pictures, videos, ringtones, SMS & phonebook contacts between
a wide range of mobile phones, smart phones and PDAs.
The UME-36Pro was designed with the needs of the mobile phone industry in mind
–rugged, thorough and easy to use.
The UME-36Pro provides mobile service providers automated firmware updates
that keep the UME-36Pro current with all the latest cellular phone models in their
respective market

Unique Differentiators
•• Transfer of phone’s internal memory and user’s SIM card – all with Unicode
language support.
•• Easy to use, standalone hardware, with a fast learning curve thanks to the
simple GUI and no need for PC connectivity.
•• Coordination with cellular manufacturers and operators allows us to support
almost all phone models available, with new models supported before they
are released to market.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company references - Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile UK, AT&T, Telstra and 80 other
T1 operators and retail chains worldwilde.
Main partners - Confidential
Investors - Cellebrite is 95% owned by SUN Corporation, a listed group in Japan

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

CellGuide Ltd.

Category: Solution at a Glance
Handsets CellGuide’s G2 GLONASS Co-processor chip adds GLONASS capabilities to any
existing GPS chip. The unique architecture of G2 allows fast and easy integration of
Location Based the additional GLONASS beacons to the existing GPS solution increasing the overall
Services performance of the device dramatically.

Our Offering
3 mm x 3 mm WLCSP GLONASS Co-processor ASIC.

Unique Differentiators
CellGuide’s G2 GLONASS co-processor is the world’s first GLONASS chip which
adds GLONASS receiving capabilities to any existing GPS chip.

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

cVidya Networks

Category: Solution at a Glance
Payments & cVidya is a product company specializing in Revenue Assurance, Data Integrity and
Billing Dealer management solutions. We provide our customers with a combination of
sophisticated data analytics techniques. The suite implementation allows operators
Revenue to streamline and monitor their revenue chain and data integrity among sources thus
Assurance enabling quick identification and closing of existing and potential leakage points.

Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• MoneyMap® and DealerMap® provide an end-to-end view of all revenue
chains, processes, rate plan verification and dealer management, enabling quick
identification of leakage points.
•• Relevant information is visible to the user via an interactive dashboard
mechanism. All rules and KPI creation are managed via a step by step GUI
allowing easy management and maintenance of the system
•• The incorporation of data analytics methodologies and techniques enables
users to easily identify leakage points and bottle-necks revenue chains, pointing
towards the probable cause of the problem.

Our Offering
MoneyMap® is a combination of products allowing for management of all
operations including reconciling usage and configuration data and Rating & Billing
DealerMap® is a suite which enables operators to manage the life cycle of
their dealers including a dealer’s operations management, dealer’s commission
verification and the identification of potential dealer fraud.
Consulting services: The consulting process allows operators to evaluate current RA
capabilities, asses levels of financial risk, and set goals for the RA organization.

Unique Differentiators
•• Highly configurable solution allowing a short deployment period and very low
customization effort
•• Out-of-box library of business rules for fast deployment and identification of
failures and discrepancies
•• A sophisticated data mining technology allowing the identification of probable
causes for problems in the RA process

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company references - BT, Telefonica, Telecom Italia, Swisscom Mobile, Bezeq
Main partners - HP, Amdocs, Ericsson
Investors - C.Mer industries, Hyperion Venture partners, Carmel Ventures

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Communitake Technologies Ltd.

Category: Solution at a Glance
Business Communitake provides advanced remote service software over mobile devices.
Applications Communitake platform empowers service providers and device manufactures
to remotely support, guide, and sell to device end-users through a complete
Handset interactive device replica. With Communitake, service providers have the ability to
reduce operating costs; the competence to provide effective and superior service;
Vas (Value and the understanding of customers so as to maximize revenues.
Added Services)
Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
SAAS (Software Communitake addresses the following service providers’ challenges:
as a Service) •• Higher support cost (e.g. increased call volumes and lengthy resolution calls) is driven
by the spread of advanced mobile devices. Communitake’s platform dramatically
lowers average handling time and assures first call resolution.
•• An increase in device oriented inbound support calls followed by the need for devices
experts. Communitake intensifies agents’ impact through automatic resolution scripts
thus accelerating problem resolution and eliminating the need for support experts.
•• High operating costs driven by extensive returns of non-faulty devices. Communitake
platform allows device diagnostics, applications management and real time graphical
guidance that facilitate crisp resolution and significant reduction in device returns.

Our Offering
Communitake provides a complete trusted remote service platform for mobile devices:
•• Device remote control through real time complete interactive replica.
•• Diagnosis and automatic resolution of device related issues through operating scripts.
•• Graphical guidance features on how to operate the device.

Unique Differentiators
•• The only vendor that delivers exclusively to the mobile devices ecosystem leveraging
veteran industry experience to offer a complete remote service platform.
•• Superior technology: multi-OS; multi-platform solution; no operating systems or
devices limitations; small client footprint; operating in limited bandwidth.
•• Advanced and unique functionality: automatic resolution scripting; simultaneous
voice and remote control session; innovative GUI for effective agent conduct;
advanced guidance features.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company references - deployment pilots in process with several service providers.
Main partners - IBM, Amdocs, HP, Alcatel.
Investors - Communitake had gained funds from private investors.

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Comsys Mobile

Category: Solution at a Glance
Broadband Wireless •• Multimode Communication Processors (baseband) supporting mobile WiMAX
Solutions and 3GPP LTE for 4G mobile devices. Our solutions focus on high mobility, low
Business Applications power consumption, optimized cost and multi-radio coexistence supporting
service continuity.
Converged Services & •• Our Multimode solutions enable gradual deployment by Operators, reducing
IMS deployment costs while providing an “always connected” customer experience.
Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• Optimized for Mobility: Performance, board area and power consumption
Location Based optimized for handsets and other mobile devices.
Services •• Full Mobility & Service Continuity: Embedded PHY and MAC support multi-
Messaging, Mobile radio coexistence and high speed mobility
E-mail & IM •• Fast TTM: Complete handset reference designs reduce TTM, risks and costs to
device ODMs.
Mobile Advertising
Mobile Content Our Offering
Distribution ComMAX®™ product line of 2G-4G communication processors including:
Mobilizing the Web •• CM1100 - mobile WiMAX co-processor
•• CM1125 - single-chip multimode mobile WiMAX/GSM-EDGE baseband
Multimedia, Video &
•• ComMAX LT800 - LTE baseband co-processor supporting 3GPP-eUTRA Rel.8
Music & Games FDD & TDD.
Network Monitoring •• Reference designs incorporating complete pre-integrated ecosystem
& Optimization
Payments and Billing Unique Differentiators
Revenue Assurance •• Single-chip Multimode Mobile WiMAX/GSM-EDGE baseband processor
•• Multi-radio Coexistence and Service Continuity between CS and PS
Security &
•• Low power consumption and high mobility support
•• LTE solution that is scalable to support FDD & TDD , 3GPP Release 8 & 9
Service Delivery
TV/IPTV Company References and Strategic Business Partners
•• Company references and Strategic Customers – dmedia, Elite Computer
VAS (Value Added
Group, Datang Microelectronics, Infomax, SAI Technology, Texas Instruments
•• Business partners - Agilent, Comneon, Infineon, Maxim, Micron, Numonyx,
Voice Services Sasken, Skyworks, Rohde & Schwarz, Texas Instruments
WiFi & WiMax

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Dasur Pattern Recognition

Category: Solution at a Glance
Handset Dasur has developed a new methodology for entering text into TouchScreen mobile
phones and PDA devices.
Messaging Our solution: SlideIT is a revolution in virtual keyboards that enables the user to enter
text by sliding along the letters using fingers or a stylus.
Mobile Content Our unique and patented algorithms are a breakthrough in the present state of the art.
Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
Mobile E-Mail & •• The TouchScreen market for handheld device is in full expansion; its only current
IM disadvantage is the difficulty in entering text easily. Dasur keyboards are the
solution to this major problem.
•• The increasing demand for more text and email writing requires better, faster,
easier, and fun ways to do it. SlideIT is the ultimate solution for text input.
•• The transition to TouchScreen devices made the keyboards smaller and created
the need for a better engine and mathematic algorithm to distinguish between

Our Offering
•• In our solution, you can slide your fingers or a stylus along the letters and the
words will “magically” appear; there is no need to be accurate.
•• Features such as sliding, tapping prediction, disambiguation, graffiti, shortcut
and gesture are combined successfully. It is the only virtual keyboard that does
not request the user to switch between layouts (in landscape mode).
•• Loved by users, SlideIT is suitable for writing text in all applications. SlideIT can
be adapted to any OS in a short time.

Unique Differentiators
•• A unique, efficient, and self-developed pattern recognition engine enables our
solution to require a smaller “foot print” (less RAM, ROM, and CPU processing
power). A co-processor is not requested and SlideIT responds in real time—even
in older generation or “low cost” mobile phones.
•• High maturity: SlideIT has existed and worked for more than 18 months.
Thousands of people around the world have downloaded SlideIT from our
website and used it in their mobile phones with great success.
•• Strong granted patents.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company references: our solution is already installed and used successfully by
thousands of users all over the world.
Main partners: Dasur is looking to cooperate with cellular handset manufacturers,
mobile operators, or with other text input companies that would like to use and
integrate our technology and solutions.

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010


Category: Solution at a Glance
Marketing People are ten times more likely to react to offers from a friend than to advertising.
Analytics Datanetis’s solutions enable organizations to leverage, for the first time, social
networks and social influencers as part of their marketing activities on a large scale.
Mobile Our customers are consistently experiencing an increase of x5-x15 in return on
Advertising every marketing dollar spent and a real improvement in profitability.

Vas (Value Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
Added Services) The challenge faced by marketers is to maximize the return on marketing spending
by focusing resources on the right people.
By using the Datanetis technology our customers are consistently experiencing a
x5-x15 increase in return on efforts directed at:
•• Churn prevention using existing retention centers and campaign methodology.
•• Increased ARPU through increased product and services take up rates.
•• Higher customer acquisition rates in targeted acquisition campaigns.

Our Offering
Datanetis offers a set of products that allow organization to increase their
marketing ROI:
Datanetis LEADSTM - identifies the influencers in your database enabling you to
spend more marketing $$ on influencers first, while keeping or reducing the overall
Datanetis VARSTM - quantifies the social influence every customer is under
enabling you to optimize campaigns to fuel positive virality (e.g. service take up) or
block negative virality (e.g. churn) within the social network.
Datanetis TRENDSTM - identifies what products are more viral and analyze trends
as they evolve.

Unique Differentiators
•• Accurately identify real life social influencers by subject matter.
•• Highly scalable solution using a robust high performance engine delivering
very accurate results very fast on transactional databases with sizes exceeding
hundreds of terabytes.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company references - Globally active, customers in production. Details upon
Main partners - Territory focused CRM consulting firms
Investors - Privately held.

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Electronics Line 3000 Ltd.

Category: Solution at a Glance
Location Based Residential security and control solutions, with remote management applications
Services which utilize advanced communications. GSM, TCP/IP and GPRS platforms enable
end-users and providers to interactively manage and operate the system and home
Security & automation features using WAP and Web user interfaces, receive SMS and email
telemedicine notifications, utilize advanced video capabilities, enjoy location based services,
remote mass management, remote firmware updates and more.
Vas (Value
Added Services) Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• Generate revenues, expand offering and increase customer loyalty.
•• Enhance brand image and increase customers reach.
•• Benefit from an advanced, easy-to-integrate residential security solution with
remote management, state-of-the-art technology, innovation and design.
•• Complete solution, including; training, support, consulting and co-marketing.

Our Offering
We offer providers a triangular business model: we provide products and solutions,
consulting and technical support; monitoring companies provide monitoring,
installation and know-how; service providers enable mass marketing by capitalizing
on existing infrastructure, market presence, brand and sales force.
Providers benefit from a platform for value-added services which can also be used
as an advertising platform to communicate marketing messages. The platform
leverages providers’ existing infrastructure and can be branded for enhanced
brand image.

Unique Differentiators
•• GPRS platform with proprietary remote management tools for diagnostics,
programming, firmware updates using a dedicated application server with telco-
standard redundancy.
•• Wireless solution for a short and simple installation. Attractive design for
•• Interactive Web user interface for end-user on-line system management. This
can also be branded by providers and used as an advertising platform. Includes
new advanced video capabilities and new location based services.
•• WAP user interface for interactive remote system management by end-users via
mobile handsets

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
References - G4S, Security Land (Austria), SECFRA (France), Essent (Netherlands)
Investors - Publicly traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (trading symbol: ELN).
Major shareholders - Argyle Security Inc.

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010


Category: Solution at a Glance
Vas (Value Ethrix is a proven leader with 8 years of experience in providing tailor-made,
Added revenue-generating Video (IVVR) and Voice Value Added Service solutions to
Services) mobile telephone operators, broadcasters, content aggregators and media agents.
A turnkey solution based on a fully telco-grade platform. Live domos @ Ethrix, Hall
Video & Video 4 Hospitality building
Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• A vast variety of proven video & voice applications, ready or tailor made,
provided along with a package of professional services for customization
and localization, and a complete management toolkit for superb customer
•• A proven easy to deploy fully telco-grade platform with video & voice gateway,
featuring live video streaming from any source (handsets / webcams UGC video,
TV etc.), voice recognition / DTMF menus, text overlay, video & voice recording,
video & voice conferencing, outbound video calls, direct 1X1 connectivity
between video & voice calls.
•• Easy and rapid upgrade of existing voice portals and services to video portals and

Our Offering
Built-in comprehensive support package including training for easy self application
creation, professional services and full applicative and tech support.
Easy and rapid deployment in customer’s premises or in remote hosting.
Flexible business models, highly competitive pricing.

Unique Differentiators
•• Full call completion: A voice response in case of a non video call with identical
content. Automatic conversion of video content to voice content for voice
•• Full separation in handling video & voice streams of a video call, i.e.: Automatic
Speech Recognition over Video, voice call center connected to a video call.
•• Easy to use application creation environment including video & voice calls
simulator, friendly content management tools, Fully telco-grade platform

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company references - Mobile and cable operators, Banks, TV and Radio stations
Main partners - IBM

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Fibrolan Ltd.

Category: Solution at a Glance
Broadband Advanced Mobile backhauling solutions for 2/3/4G, LTE and Wimax base stations,
Wireless as well as Carrier Ethernet Access and cWDM.
Business Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
Applications Allows cost effective migration from radio to fiber backhauling infrastructure,
absolute protection of investment.
Reducing Capex
Our Offering
Wifi & Wimax Falcon line - ME Access
Falcon SET line - Mobile backhauling
Full range of products - passive and active - for xWDM

Unique Differentiators
Flexibility, scalability and future proof while maintaining excellent price/
performance ratio, and backed up with committed support
Latest product: Falcon SE family – extremely powerful devices for Business Access
and Mobile Backhauling (2/3/4G) applications.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Cellcom, Orange, Telstra, NSN, ALU

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010


Category: Solution at a Glance
Payments & FTS is a leading provider of Billing, CRM and Business Control solutions for
Billing communications and content service providers. By analyzing events from a
business standpoint rather than just billing them, FTS allows providers to better
Reducing Capex understand their customer base and leverage business value from every event and

Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
Customers Challenges: Time to Market in launching new services, Reducing
High OPEX and CAPEX, Solving low customer satisfaction resulting in customer
churn, Real Time Response, Creation of new market opportunities, Cross Network
Services, Vendor Independency
FTS’ Solutions provide:
•• Maximum Flexibility and Vendor Independency
•• Cross-Network, Cross-Services Support with Unified Product Catalogue
•• Pre-integrated, convergent pre/postpaid Charging, Billing and CRM

Our Offering
Leap™ Billing & CRM - Convergent, flexible BPM-based billing & CRM solution
that realizes substantial reductions in OPEX and CAPEX while increasing customer
satisfaction and retention.
Leap Billing - End-to-end billing, customer care and business control solution with
a rich feature set and future-proof capabilities to handle any straightforward or
multi-play transaction
Leap BCE - (Business Control Engine) - a robust, network layer business
management engine

Unique Differentiators
•• Maximum flexibility & vendor independency - leading to fast Time-to-Market
•• Cross-network, cross-product service plans - suites Multi-play environments and
providing Business control, Quota and Policy Management
•• Pre-integrated, convergent pre/postpaid charging, billing & CRM, reducing
implementation time and risk, and featuring a unified product catalog

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company references - Freenet - Germany, Telenet - Belgium, Vodafone - Iceland,
Paetec - USA, STI - Indonesia
Main partners - HP, BEA Systems Inc., Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Cisco
Investors - Public Company (AIM)

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

IBM Global Technology Unit (GTU)

Category: Solution at a Glance
Business IBM’s Business Solutions for Telco include:
Applications • BSS/OSS, Billing and CRM- Integrate back-office systems & processes.
• Network Transformation - Leverage network convergence to improve service
Reducing Capex delivery.
• Service Delivery Platforms - Speed delivery of innovative new services.
Mobilizing The
Web Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
Payments & The GTU Provides 4 Types of Support for Partners:
Billing 1. Business Development - enables structuring the partner.
2. Marketing - designed to create new opportunities.
Service Delivery 3. Sales - for local/international opportunities.
Platform 4. Technology - optimal implementation of IBM’s technologies.

SAAS (Software Our Offering
As a Service) The GTU is leading the cooperation between IBM and many Israeli Telco oriented
high-tech companies. Together, we build joint solutions and define a clear go-to-
market strategy based on our Telco industry perspective and proven experience.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Examples of IBM’s customers worldwide:
1. Asia - Bharti, Idea. Maxis, GTEL, Globe
2. North America – AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile
3. Global account – Telefonica, Vodafone
Partners: Comverse, Amdocs, Mobixell, cVidya, Traffix and others.

Unique Differentiators

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

idomoo Ltd.

Category: Solution at a Glance
Multimedia An automatic mass video clip generator. idomoo turns automatically any pieces of
existing content/media (photos, text, videos, etc.,) from any source (RSS, HTML,
Vas (Value email, etc.) into an integral video clip. No installation is required and the initial
Added Services) set up is straightforward. The video clip is a premium service which is offered to
the mobile operators’ users. The relevant arena within the operator is marketing/
Video & Content content.

Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• New immediate and clear way to make revenues leveraging existing content.
No human video editing is required. The video is generated automatically using
existing content/media.
•• Promote users’ actions (e.g. send to mobile, purchase tickets/music, download
ringtone/game/tone, fill a form)
•• Advertising on the new video “real estate”– pre-roll, post-roll, interactive.
personalized content, that gives real value to user – higher exposure, higher

Our Offering
Mobile Video Magazine - Automatic daily personalized (per location, time,
specific subjects, content sources, etc.,) news clip using existing content (for
example, RSS feeds). Till today the operator offered premium news/entertainment/
sport SMS alerts and now the operators will offer, in addition, video magazines.
Video newsletter - instead of the traditional newsletter the user will receive to his
e-mail account a video newsletter generated from the RSS feeds of the traditional
TV networks - “import the internet to the TV”. Always up to date video channels,
generated automatically from any websites’ content

Unique Differentiators
•• Automatic mass video production
•• High throughput, minimum latency, high speed video generation
•• High quality art & graphics
•• Application layer/framework which provides interactivity to the user

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company references - The Company is in advanced negotiations with an Israeli
mobile operator. In addition the company is having pilots with Ynet and NRG
(Israeli Internet market leaders) and HOT (Israeli biggest cable company).
Investors - private professionals

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Infinite Memories

Category: Solution at a Glance
Mobile Our company builds the optimal media platform for mobile content. Our
Advertising solutions are a Key element in creating cost effective, wide spread mobile content
Mobile Content
Distribution Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
Multimedia Traditionally premium content has always been released on low cost READ ONLY
medium; LP records, CDs and DVDs are all a low cost READ ONLY medium.
Vas (Value Mobile devices do not support CDs, and DVDs. Existing NAND based FLASH
Added Services) solutions do not address the problem; they are too costly and are not designed for
content Distribution.
Video & Content Our solutions allow end users to consume mobile content simple and easily, and
they will Work in any mobile device.

Our Offering
Our unique technology is called OTP (One Time programmable) FLASH. Unlike
traditional FLASH we can put 4 bits of information in a single cell, and we produce
memory product in sizes optimized for content distribution, creating the LOWERS
cost content mobile Content distribution medium available today.
In addition we provide end-to-end solutions including; application design, content
Loading, customer registration and more.

Unique Differentiators
•• OTP FLASH designed for content distribution
•• End-to-end services
•• Customer tailored, low cost production.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Upon request :

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

ITS Telecom

Category: Solution at a Glance
Business Connecto is an All-In-One wireless office communicator, a 2G/3G/4G appliance
Applications with IP-PBX, Router, Data Switch, Firewall, Cellular Gateways, WiFi access point
and multiple connectivity interfaces to cellular and fixed line networks. Connecto
Vas (Value drives the entire office voice & data traffic via the cellular network and brings the
Added Services) operator new business opportunities while empowering the customers with new
Voice Services
Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
Using Connecto and its mobile interface allows cellular operators to become a one-stop-
shop for all the office voice, data & Internet activity, approaching the lucrative SMB/
ROBO market with a complete service offering, increasing revenue, differentiate from
competitors and enhancing customer’s loyalty.
For the small offices, the Connecto offers the convenience of one converged
communications solution in an integrated appliance. Connecto enhance office
productivity with advanced tools, simplifies operation and save on communication costs.

Our Offering
Connecto is a IP-PBX, Data Router, WiFi access point, Voice Mail & Auto Attendant
with multiple up/downlink interfaces: Cellular (GSM, HSPA, CDMA, EVDO), IP,
Enabling complete PBX calling features provides connectivity to any extension
type, while maintaining secure VPN and firewall capabilities. The wireless offering
includes 2G/3G/4G Internet access with QoS & WiFi for all the office voice & data

Unique Differentiators
The Connecto is a unique All-In-One wireless office communications appliance. It
provides a revolutionary way for cellular operators who seek to extend their market
share by providing a total office-in-a-box for their clients.
With its mix & match capabilities between external/internal interfaces and
applications, the Connecto is a perfect media exchange center enabling SMBs
significant CAPEX & OPEX savings while enhancing the work flow.
The Connecto enables seamless migration to the IP world with existing office
equipment while providing an alternative wireless connection for voice and data.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Established in 1994, privately owned ITS Telecom has achieved international
recognition as a major manufacturer and developer of complete voice, data,
cellular, IP and video solutions that create a highly effective business environment.
These solutions serve the data and voice requirements of businesses in more than
60 countries. ITS Telecom and its US subsidiary are members of the ForeGroup
(formerly, Elgadcom) group of telecommunication companies.

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

iPoint-media LTD.

Category: Solution at a Glance
Broadband iPoint-media develops and markets the “Vitrage” platform , Hosted 3G Video Calling
Wireless Applications and Services Platform. The Vitrage platform provides with all necessary
Solutions tools and technologies for smooth service launch:
•• Hosted / Multi-tenant + Multi-layered administration and ASP account management
Business •• Intuitive graphic Web Service Creation Environment (SCE) for services creation
Applications and customization
•• Inbuilt content management / repository with transcoding auto-converter
Converged •• Sharing of content between ASPs and brand marketers
Services & IMS •• Embedded HTTP tunneling for “no-boundaries” video calls
•• Generated traffic reporting / billing tools (For the host, aggregator, content provider,
Infrastructure content owner)

Multimedia Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• Customer challenges are to 1) provide attractive and revenue generating services, 2)
TV/IPTV they need simple to design and easy to deliver solutions and services and 3) ways to
increase broadband and 3G traffic.
Vas (Value •• Vitrage business benefits are 1) by providing a one stop shop for all video calling
Added Services) services for 3G/IP, 2) Fast Time-to-Market by enabling large variety of services with
quickest “design-to-launch” cycle. 3) Hosted platform allows for flexible usage (“on-
Video & Content deck” or “off-deck” services, developed/managed/provided in-house or by ASPs /
SAAS (Software
As a Service) Our Offering
Our offering is of a hardware / software system that is provided as customer platform or
in some cases as a hosted / managed service from broadband a datacenter. We provide
the full cycle of customer centered services including professional services to fully
customize and adapt the platform to the customer requirements and preferences.

Unique Differentiators
•• Large variety of video applications and services contained in a single platform – video
IVR, video shop, Live TV, info-cams, infotainment, participation TV, video call
center, One2many video chat, video point-of-sales, health-care nursing center,
and many more…, all can be developed / customized by the user to cater for any
type of service.
•• Multiple media / content sources (video clips, live feeds, streams, interactive video
•• No programming skills required.
•• “No-hassle” end-to-end video content delivery by wBuilt-in firewall traversal technology.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Vodacom, H3G, SEAT Pagine Giale, BBC, Glowpoint, Materna, MCN Telecom, Eutelia,
Echovox, Avea, Orange, Partner, Cellcom, BH Telecom, Media Corp, Ericsson, Bank
Mizrahi, Siemens, Accenture, Comverse, MM2002

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010


Category: Solution at a Glance
Broadband InfoGin, the pioneer and market leader in Web to mobile content and functionality
Wireless adaptation solutions, enabling the ultimate browsing experience on any mobile device.
Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
Infrastructure •• Best User Experience: InfoGin’s technology resolves Web to mobile content
adaptation challenges such as unsupported formats, rich web technologies, difficult
Mobile Content navigation and poor presentation.
Distribution •• Supporting over 7000 devices: InfoGin optimizes web sites to meet each and every
device’s capability and functionality, including enhanced surfing on high end devices.
Mobilizing The •• Increasing Mobile Data Usage while saving on operational costs of content creation.
Multimedia Our Offering
Web Surfing From Any Mobile Device: Enabling real-time, automatic or customized
Network reformatting of any web site to any mobile device.
Monitoring & Operator Brand Enhancement: Providing a branded header and footer Navigation Bar
Optimizing enabling operators to add their logo, links, smart navigation aids, etc.
Mobile Advertising: Delivering the full range of ads from any web site, extending any
Reducing Capex campaign to mobile.
Editing and Development Tools: Enabling content providers full control and
Service Delivery customization of their mobile site’s design and presentation.
Platform Conversion from Any Markup Language to Any Mobile Device.
Management and Reporting Tools: Allowing operators to fully analyze browsing usage.
TV/IPTV Traffic Optimization: Expediting browsing through caching, compression, markup
optimization and more.
Vas (Value
Added Services) Unique Differentiators
Video & Content •• Presentation: InfoGin’s technology automatically and in real-time, analyzes and
reformats Web content according to its importance.
•• Usability: InfoGin’s Smart Navigation technology enables end users to access the
desired content with minimum clicks via direct access to web page sections.
•• Functionality: InfoGin’s platform supports adaptation of rich Internet technologies
such as java script, AJAX, Flash, fragmented images, image maps, Word, PDF files and
•• Time-to-Market: Network-based solution enables quick deployment in less than 3

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Over 40 customers across the globe, including top tier operators and service providers
such as Vodafone, Orange, Microsoft, mobilkom austria, KPN, Telefonica, AIS, AOL,
Mapquest, Cellcom and Pelephone. Partners include Motricity, Nokia, 7*24 Solutions,
Comverse, and more.

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

IPgallery Converged Communications

Category: Solution at a Glance
IPgallery delivers network-centric solutions enabling converged IP Telephony, IPTV and
Web services for residential and business segments. Based on a vast ecosystem the
company offers modularity and ease of applications integration, allowing operators
to flexibly and efficiently launch advanced ARPU driving services including: Class 5 IP
Telephony, IP Centrex, Mobile Virtual PBX, FMC, IN Services, IMS RCS services, Telco
2.0 and unlimited innovative multimedia services.

Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• New ARPU driven applications for business and residential segments such as Web
2.0, Telco 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 and IPTV integrated services.
•• Flexible and cost effective introduction of advanced telephony and multimedia
•• Minimizing application integration requirements and network operations to
dramatically reduce operators costs (CapEx & OpEx).

Our Offering
•• Operators approaching the Consumer Segment: IP Telephony, Family Centrex,
FMC, IN Services, IMS RCS services, Telco 2.0 and multimedia services (clear
roadmap to IPTV)
•• Operators approaching the Business Segemts: Class 4 and 5, IP Centrex,
Mobile virtual PBX, FMC, Enterprise 2.0 services
•• System Integrators: integrating new services and applications into operators’
existing ecosystems: SDPs (if available), Application Servers, available networks
(legacy and IMS) and OSS/BSS. Creating an hybrid centrally managed and centrally
provisioned environment with minimum investments
•• Partners: An integrated environment for easily deploying applications and services
at operators’ existing ecosystem

Unique Differentiators
•• Openness, flexibility and completely converged solutions
•• Significant reduction in operators’ CapEx and OpEx
•• Highly scalable and highly reliable solutions
•• Flexible and responsive company with in-house professional services and
software integration capabilities

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
•• Company references – 40 deployments world wide
•• Main partners - SUN, HP, IBM, Audiocodes, Ulticom, Mind and MTS.
•• Investors - Financially backed and supported by Weiss, Peck & Greer a

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

LogNet Information Technologies

Category: Solution at a Glance
Payments & LogNet is a leading software provider of telecom ebilling and customer self-service
Billing systems across the wireless, wireline and cable markets. LogNet’s unique Account
Management Suite platform supports the specific requirements of business
Reducing Capex customers (SOHO, SMB, Enterprise) as well as consumer customers of telecoms.
By implementing our suite, telecoms can enhance the use of their self-service
endeavors while generating new revenues, increasing customer satisfaction and
loyalty and reducing operational costs.

Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
The five most common benefits that our customers have derived from our
solution were:
•• Reducing operational costs and reducing calls into Call Centers
•• Improving customer satisfaction
•• Improving customer retention and loyalty
•• Providing enhanced capabilities for high-value customers
•• Improving marketing capabilities and generating new revenues

Our Offering
•• LogNet’s Account Manager Suite offers a complete web based platform for bill
analysis, bill presentment and customer self-service.
•• Our complement modules includes web SSO, product catalog, notification
mailer, one 2 one marketing, digital signatory and self-service kiosks.
•• The platform is J2EE based and our open architecture allows customization to
the specific requirements of the telecom.

Unique Differentiators
Business customers demand online control of their accounts. LogNet’s unique
Usage and Costs Analyzer (UC Analyzer) enables those customers to manage and
control all their account aspects from a single point of contact. By using our web
based report generator, customers can generate reports like the highest spending
handsets, most frequent dialed destinations, distribution of calls between cost
centers etc. Account management includes capabilities for managing thresholds,
activation of services, ordering and trouble ticketing.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
We are proud to have excellent references from all our customers which includes
among others Orange, Bezeq, Cellcom, Pelephone, Mirs, HOT and Unitel.

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Mce systems

Category: Solution at a Glance
Mobile Content Mce Systems creates advanced mobile content management software for
Distribution operators, dealers and end-users, Based on our patented technologies, our SW
solution have solved the connectivity issue between the PC and the mobile phone.

Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• Data loss due to mobile theft or damage is devastating and this fear make
subscriber upgrading to a new phone or operator.
•• Keeping your customers data safe, increases their satisfaction and loyalty, help
bring new customers from your companies and is an excellent marketing tool.
•• Transfer & Backup service create new revenue, generate higher ARPU from
existing customers upgrading to phones and offers a very high ROI.

Our Offering
The mce 100 is a mobile-to-mobile content transfer solution for operator, vendors
and repair centers. A fully automated, PC based solution, enabling the transfer
of all mobile content between devices, it user friendly and offers the only true
“one”click” operation on the market .

Unique Differentiators
•• The mce 100 is fast, Simple and stable, with fully automatic mobile device
recognition, a multilingual, picture based user-interface and true “one Click”
•• Plug & Play straight out the box, our SW supports XP, Vista and is Future friendly
with updates done over the net, no driver collisions and no technicians required.
•• WE look after our customers on a business and personal level, by offering
Corporate reporting, color coded cables, Full branding, 24/7 Customer support
and much more.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Customers: Telus mobility – canada , Telefonica – Peru , Pelephone communication
– Israel , Wind – Canada.
Business Partners: FusionOne – USA

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010


Category: Solution at a Glance
Mobile Content MeCanto enables seamless synchronization and streaming of music collections
Distribution through web browsers and using client software for mobile devices, supporting
Symbian, Iphone, Android, Windows Mobile, and others. MeCanto provide social
Multimedia networking through integrations with Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LastFM, and
Music & Games
Vas (Value Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
Added Services) •• Internet & mobile music streaming service
•• Music is provided through MeCanto, thus allowing customers access to
Video & Content purchased music files anytime/anywhere without the need to copy/download
files to devices and computes.
SAAS (Software •• Music libraries provided for listening based on time-base subscriptions.
As a Service)
Our Offering
MeCanto provides a centralized system for storing, accessing and organizing the
entire personal music collection from any location, either through an internet
browser or mobile phone, without the need to perform any file conversions, or
lengthy data transfers.

Unique Differentiators
Leading–edge infra-structure that allows Service Providers to easily and cost
effectively establish state-of-the-art web and mobile music services without the
need for high development costs and content purchasing complexities.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Our mission critical solutions are being used successfully around the world by
companies such as:
HP, Nokia, Marvell Technologies Group, Qualcomm Inc, DSPG, Emblaze, NTT
DoCoMo Inc., Willcom, Inc., Ferrari S.p.A., Groupe Volkswagen France, and
many others.
Main partners: HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Yappa Co.

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Mobixell Networks

Category: Solution at a Glance
Mobile Mobixell’s technology enables Mobile Operator to provide their subscribers with
Advertising high quality services based on multimedia - Videos and Images. Mobixell sells
Multimedia enabling solutions in three areas: Mobile Multimedia messaging,
Mobile Content Mobile TV/Video and Mobile Advertising. Mobixell has over 250 installations in
Distribution Mobile Operators worldwide, including many Tier 1 Operators such as Verizon,
Vodafone, Orange, Telefonica, Turkcell and many more.
Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
Vas (Value Mobile Operators strive to provide their subscribers with new services which involve
Added Services) rich media – video/TV, audio, images; poor quality and poor user experience have
inhibited the mass adoption of these services. Mobixell products ensure high
Video & Content quality and excellent user experience and enable operators to increase ARPU from
multimedia services (such as Mobile TV and multimedia messaging). In addition,
Mobixell products enable the operators to integrated advertising into these
services, providing an additional revenue stream and an ad-funded business mobile
which is attractive to end users.

Our Offering
•• Mobixell’s Mobile TV Solution enables the mobile operators to provide a Mobile
TV solution which includes advanced services for live TV, VOD, internet video and
other mobile TV and mobile Video applications. Mobixell’s Rich Media Service
Center (RMSC) is a network-centric service center for all multimedia handling,
creating the ultimate experience for consuming rich media on a mobile phone.
•• Mobixell’s CPS enhances the ability of mobile operators, content providers and
content aggregators to produce, manage, and sell content for mobile devices.
•• Mobixell Ad-It is a multi-channel media-rich advertisement solution specializing
in delivering optimized, high quality, multimedia ads over a variety of delivery

Unique Differentiators
Over 250 commercial deployments, World leader in providing mobile multimedia
solutions to mobile operators. A dominant expert in multimedia & content in the
mobile Telco industry. Partnership with leading Content and Service providers.
Broad mobile device knowledge. Dedicated customer service

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company references - Vodafone, Orange, Swisscom, Telefonica and More
Main partners - ibm, Comverse, Ericsson and More
Investors - Intel Capital, Apax, and SMAC Partners

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Mintigo Ltd.

Category: Solution at a Glance
Marketing Mintigo is The Social Biometrics™ company, delivering marketing intelligence with
Analytics unparalleled rich customer profiling, covering the entire competitive landscape.

SAAS (Software Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
As a Service) In the relentless Telecom environment it is a daunting task to acquire new
subscribers and protect your own subscribers from churning - while also upselling
Vas (Value
more value-added services.
Added Services) What would you say to an automated system that points at the right and ripe
prospects to acquire and targets your own subscribers who are ready for your next
best offer? What about a system that pinpoints those subscribers who are on the
verge of churning away from you?

Our Offering
Mintigo offers ground breaking services based on the patented approach of
Social Biometrics™. This system guarantees increase customer acquisition, churn
reduction and shorter time to money.
Mintigo services offer:
•• High value subscriber acquisition
•• Lower customer churn
•• Increase customer loyalty
•• Faster value add services & content adoption
•• Targeted marketing and advertising

Unique Differentiators
Our Social Biometrics approach is based on ground-breaking technology that
identifies unique signatures. These are like fingerprints, showing people’s unique
behavior patterns and their network in-depth characteristics.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company references - Mobile operator, Fixed line operator
Investors - Private investors

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010


Category: Solution at a Glance
Location Based MobiApp develops local social mobile networks that enable people attending
Services events to know about each other’s presence on site for free
When you enter a MobiApp location you will receive a notification inviting you to
Messaging enter the network. Entering the network will let you know who is present at the
location and will enable you to send and receive messages to whoever you wish.
Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
Mobile Content •• Retail businesses must increase revenues whether by increasing number of
Distribution customers or by increasing average revenue per customer, customer loyalty and
added value for retailers is mandatory.
Mobile E-Mail & •• MobiApp creates added value for the users and direct connection between the
IM retail businesses to the customers.

Vas (Value Our Offering
Added Services)
We offer a system which includes customer management and real time laser
marketing (personal, local, timing) for crowded area like:
•• large entertainment centers (pubs, discos), stadiums, campuses, shopping
malls, etc.
•• We can offer revenue sharing model or monthly retainer model.

Unique Differentiators
MobiApp’s system uniqueness is in the ability to create local network that enable
users to communicate without cellular provider dependency.
This enables us to offer laser marketing to the retail businesses directly with
intimately relationship with the customers.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Maayan ventures ltd is an investor with the Israeli chief scientist.

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

MailVision Ltd.

Category: Solution at a Glance
Handset Recent economy change and the demand from consumers for cheaper roaming
rates, force service providers to look for alternative ways to reduce their roaming
Mobile Content cost and allowing them to offer more attractive packages for their customers.
Distribution MailVision’ Mobile VoIP Solutions has become a real alternative to the standard
GSM Mobile Networks, by taking advantage of the data connectivity available
Vas (Value today via WiFi and 3G Data Networks.
Added Services)
Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
Voice Services
MailVision offers an efficient solution for the broad range of Service Providers, who
VoIP seek to deliver high-quality voice services over Wi-Fi and Data(3G/GPRS) networks
as an alternative to the traditional Mobile Operators.
Wifi & Wimax
Our Offering
•• Mobile SIP Clients for: iPhone, iPod Touch, Nokia S60(Symbian 9), Blackberry,
Android and Win mobile 5 and 6
•• Distribution Server: Management of downloads, updates, upgrades and over-
the-air set up
•• Over 40 Deployments in the last 12 month

Unique Differentiators
•• Branded SIP Mobile Clients designed to meet Service Provider requirements.
•• End-to-End SIP Mobile Solution (Mobile – Distribution Platform)
•• Sends SMS over VoIP data networks (Wi/Fi and 3G/GPRS)
•• Enables the users to use his current GUI hand-set for Mobile VoIP calls and SMS
•• Client Management Server for advanced management features :
•• Over the air configurations, upgrades and updates and more

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Selected Worldwide Customers: Motorola – USA, Intel – USA, AudioCodes –
Strategic Partner, JaJah – USA, Comvers USA, Cellcom – Israel, Bezeq – Israel,
Megacable – Mexico, Globe Wireless – USA, Deloitte – Belgium, PTV- Spain,
WestCall – Russia, Mybcnet, Philippines

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010


Category: Solution at a Glance
Company main message – Mirtemis develops real-time super-resolution image
processors for camera OEMs in consumer electronics, aerospace and defense
sectors. Mirtemis Hawkview increases image resolution ways beyond the
resolution limits of the imaging sensor, with no additional optics. This enables
OEMs to offer up to X5 more zoom, sharper images, dramatically reduced noise
and turbulence compensation, at the same level of bill-of-material cost

Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• Up to X5 more zoom
•• Sharper images and dramatically reduced noise
•• Turbulence compensation

Our Offering
•• HawKview super-resolution image processor is used by leading companies in the
defense sector
•• Digital and mobile Camera OEM can significantly improve their camera
performance while staying at the same level of bill-of-material cost

Unique Differentiators
•• Mirtemis technology was strengthened by the high standard of the Israeli
defense industry, ensuring true real-time performance and exceptionally high
•• With HawkView Real-time super-resolution technology, mobile cameras can
generate high quality images, enable them to rival digital cameras

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
•• Company references – Mirtemis RT super-resolution technology is used by
leading Israeli defense company
•• Investors – private

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010


Category: Solution at a Glance
•• is the creator of SNAP – the first on-demand mobile lifesaving
network that provides a SaaS Command & Control platform for emergency
responders that works with any GPS-enabled mobile phone.

Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• It is a huge challenge for emergency organizations to manage their field-force
personnel. Tracking, communication & Situation Awareness are the key to
optimized response.
•• Command & Control solutions are available only to organizations that have
the ability to invest in expensive software and hardware, and spend months on
intensive integration.
•• There are thousands of emergency organizations with first responders on the
field, all carrying mobile phones.

Our Offering
•• With SNAP organizations can now track, communicate and collaborate with
their first responders using their existing mobile phones - all through an internet
portal accessible from anywhere.
•• Using SNAP’s web based portal, organization can setup their environment,
download the application to their responders’ mobile phones and start working
in less than a day.
•• For over a year Nowforce’s SNAP technology is connecting 4,200 public schools
to a network of thousands of first responders providing immediate, location-
based medical response.

Unique Differentiators
•• SNAP is the only comprehensive Command & Control solution that works on
regular mobile phones and can be accessed from any browser (no hardware/
software required).
•• SNAP’s architecture enables a generic interface to any IP-based sensor, panic
buttons, and other information systems (E911-ALI/ANI/CAD/ERM etc.).
•• With the pay-as-you-go on-demand pricing approach, even small-medium
organizations can now enjoy a top-tier Command & Control (C4i) solution.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
•• Company references – Mirs Mobile, Natali-Sequlife, United-Israel-Rescue, IDF,
•• Main partners - Motorola, Microsoft, ESRI, IsraeLife Foundation
•• Investors – Private Investors

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

One Smart Star

Category: Solution at a Glance
Business One Smart Star™ (OSS™) offers corporate customers a unique, innovative service
Applications which provides a short number for communication: Voice, Fax, SMS, Mail, Email
and Website. It enhances the brand of the corporate and communication access,
SAAS (Software centered on a short nickname of asterisk (*) and four digits. One Smart Star™
As a Service) solution narrows the gap between The Corporate and its Customers.

Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• For Operators: Increased traffic, airtime and number of calls. New Revenue
Stream. Putting the Phone service in the center of communications.
•• For Corporate Customers: Create a single identity for the Corporation based
on one short number. Faster and increased interaction with customers. More
effective advertising.

Our Offering
Enable a seamless, quick, easy and innovative method for corporate customers to
reach companies through all operators via multiple communication methods such
as Phone, SMS, Fax, Regular mail, Email, Website.
All services are accessed using the *xxxx (asterisk and four digits) or *ABCD
(asterisk and four letters) number. while *xxxx do not interfere or contradict the
national numbering plan
This Star Service will ride on top of any Physical or Virtual PABx provided by
Operator, or other devices, enabling for example, access to local offices of a
company with multiple locations such as Taxi, Flower Delivery, Parking, etc.

Unique Differentiators
•• One Smart Star™ is a patent-protected innovation that enables mid to large size
enterprises to achieve a compelling brand advantage by providing single point
access to unified information.
•• One Smart Star Number™ (OSSN™ nickname) for all communication services
•• No investment and no management attention from Operators
•• Multiple levels of OSSN™

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company references - The One Smart Star™ system is fully deployed in Israel,
Bulgaria, Georgia and Slovakia with over 2,000 OSSN™ customers and is being
introduced in over 50 countries.
Strategic Partners - All Operators
Main partners - Amazoco, DigEvo, Wi-Media, OSS Georgia, OSS Bulgaria, OSS

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Optiway Ltd.

Category: Solution at a Glance
Broadband Optiway offers affordable in-building cellular coverage with single optical fiber
Wireless solutions. Optiway’s solution simplifies design and dramatically reduces your project
Solutions costs by multiplexing sources, with a range of different technology standards for
single or multi-operators, on the same single-fiber-platform.
Reducing Capex
Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
Today, cellular connectivity is expected virtually everywhere, especially indoors,
Wifi & Wimax where most cellular calls are made. Optiway offers affordable in-building cellular
coverage, delivering multiple cellular technologies over a single optical fiber,
simplifying projects from design to implementation and providing effortless control
with a unified management system.

Our Offering
Optiway offers affordable in-building cellular coverage with single optical fiber
solutions. Optiway’s solution simplifies design and dramatically reduces your project
costs by multiplexing sources, with a range of different technology standards for
single or multi-operators, on the same single-fiber-platform.

Unique Differentiators
Optiway offers affordable in-building cellular coverage with a range of different
technology standards for single or multi-operators, on the same single-fiber-
platform. Optiway solution simplifies projects from design to implementation and
provides effortless control with a unified management system.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
ABIresearch® 2009 “In- Building Wireless Systems: Connecting Networks and
Services” Selects Optiway as one of the two IBW leading innovators: “Optiway, an
Israeli DAS vendor, has introduced optical multiplexing technology into their Active
DAS solution, which purports to both reduce the number of elements and to save
50 to 70% of overall costs, while maintaining power and capacity in the system”

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

OriginGPS Ltd.

Category: Solution at a Glance
Handsets The OriginGPS’s GPS receiver modules with built-in antenna have been designed to
address markets where smallest modules, performance, highest level of integration,
Infrastructure power and flexibility are very important.
OriginGPS’s products consist of the following technologies:
Location Based Unique antenna design - Module integration
Services Antenna-module design - Shielding for EMI
Unique module design - Noise Free Zone System
Security & Floating antenna - Unique technology
Telemedicine Molding technology - Improved performance & stability for components, requiring high
stability in harsh conditions

Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
The OriginGPS integrated antenna-modules were specially designed to meet wide range
of OEM configurations and applications.
The small size of the module and full integration feature makes it ideal for integration in:
•• Cellular handsets - for navigation and location-based services.
•• Handheld consumer navigation and multifunction devices.
•• Precise timing devices.
OriginGPS customer’s challenges are an electronics design houses, mobile and handheld
manufactures and worldwide distributors.

Our Offering
OriginGPS offers three products series:
ORG-11XX series - Fully integrated GPS antenna-module ideal for applications require
processor such as Notebooks/Netbooks.
ORG-13XX series - Fully integrated GPS module including antenna.
This series is a standalone device for embedded products with low system resources.
ORG-20XX series is program host characterize with the smallest integrated GPS
modules including antenna with small size: 14mmX14mm.

Unique Differentiators
•• OriginGPS provides the world smallest GPS antenna-modules, optimizing integration
with mobile devices, PDAs, smart phone, Netbooks / Notebooks.
•• Series ORG-2000 is OriginGPS smallest fully featured GPS receiver. The module
provides a miniature multi-channel receiver that continuously tracks all satellites in
view and provides accurate positioning data.
•• Featuring OriginGPS microstrip patch antenna and OriginGPS Noise-Free Zones
technology the ORG-2000 offers the ultimate in high sensitivity GPS performance,
capable of both autonomous and aided modes of operation.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Our strategic customers are an OEM manufacturer or distributors working with design
houses that integrated GPS modules at their products.

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Perfecto Mobile

Category: Solution at a Glance
Handset The Perfecto Mobile Handset Cloud service provides remote access to a
multitude of real mobile handsets located around the world, and enables users
to automatically run test and validation procedures on them. Perfecto Mobile
continuously provides immediate access to the latest and most popular devices,
making it an ideal service for application developers and content providers. Mobile
operators and device manufacturers can utilize Perfecto Mobile’s unique Private
Handset Cloud service to provide their partners with a secure environment where
they can access new devices before they are launched commercially.

Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• Perfecto Mobile significantly reduces time-to-market and the cost and logistical
effort needed to develop, test, deploy, and monitor new mobile services.
•• The ever increasing number of mobile devices available on the market presents
significant challenges for companies who need to verify that mobile applications/
solutions work properly on all of them.
•• Mobile networks may behave differently from each other. Therefore, there is
a need to validate that the application/service works properly under the target
network conditions.

Our Offering
Perfecto Mobile Handset Cloud service: Perfecto Mobile provides an on-
demand remote access service to real mobile handsets in the UK and the US.
Automated testing procedures are also available on these handsets.
A Private Handset Cloud service: Perfecto Mobile can provide a secure
environment for individual customers and their eco-system partners. This can be
provided as a dedicated service or a dedicated leased system.

Unique Differentiators
•• Devices are introduced to the service very quickly, enabling Perfecto Mobile to
provide a flexible and dynamic device offering based on customer demand.
•• The Perfecto Mobile ScriptOnce technology enables automated testing on
multiple devices without the need to rewrite scripts.
•• Perfecto Mobile’s non-intrusive technology is a great fit for: Pre launched devices
& Customers using their own devices for automated testing; customers sharing
their devices across their organization; or for customers sharing their devices
with external partners
•• Low cost of ownership for leasing the system, based on usage or co-sharing

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Aegis Mobile (USA), GSMA, RIM, HP, Vodafone, SwissComm, OMTP and others.

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Pudding Media

Category: Solution at a Glance
Mobile Pudding Media provides a full-service mobile advertising solution that encompasses
Advertising a carrier-grade ad platform, a global ad network and ad sales teams, allowing
mobile carriers to rapidly build or expand their advertising business.
Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
SAAS (Software
•• Create new revenue sources by turning your voice, messaging and mobile Web
As a Service) traffic into lucrative advertising channels.
•• Attract new subscribers by creating attractive ad-sponsored calling plans.
Vas (Value
•• Reduce churn among prepaid subscribers through ad-funded loyalty programs
Added Services) based on our patented technology.
Video & Content
Our Offering
Carrier-grade platform
•• Delivers ads on Ringback tones, SMS (Both P2P and A2P), MMS and the Mobile
•• Comprehensive behavioral targeting, subscriber rewarding and opt-in interfaces
•• Advanced reporting and analytics
Ad Network:
•• Regional media sales teams sell your inventory and complement your ad sales team
•• Advanced campaign manager for agencies and brand advertisers
•• Easy-to-use self-service tools for small & medium advertisers
Services: Our experienced team can help with all aspects of your ad operations,
creative services, trafficking, tracking, analytics and optimization of your advertising

Unique Differentiators
Full solution to revenue that includes a platform and an media sales
Behavioral targeting across all media channels
Partnerships with the top agency groups
Deployment flexibility: The platform is offered as a hosted solution (SaaS) or an
in-network deployment

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company references – Global Tier-1 carriers in India, Thailand, Singapore &
Malaysia. More details upon request.
Advertising partners - Live testing with agencies and brand advertisers
Investors – Opus Capital (; BRM capital (

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010


Category: Solution at a Glance
Infrastructure Radware is the industry leader in intelligent application delivery solutions providing
wireline and mobile carriers optimized IP services, guaranteeing high availability,
Network maximum performance, service and network integrity and efficient infrastructure
utilization. With Radware, carriers are able to ensure the performance and quality of
IP-based services, reduce service delivery costs and introduce new services and Internet
business models to grow revenues and IP service profitability.

Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
Carriers’ Challenges: Despite massive investments in network infrastructure, swelling
volumes of IP traffic and growing numbers of subscribers, carrier networks lack
awareness of users, services and content. The lack of visibility makes it impossible
for operators to control the quality and reliability of IP-based services and effectively
support new Internet-based business models.
Business Benefits:
•• Enable new carrier revenue growth and monetize investment based on user, service
and content awareness
•• Drive IP service delivery performance for improved network quality of service and high
end user quality of experience.
•• Reduce CapEx/OpEx by optimizing utilization of network elements, infrastructure
simplification and consolidation across multiple services and sites.

Our Offering
Radware transforms carrier networks into user-service-content aware networks
delivering the visibility, intelligence and control needed to manage carrier’s IP services.
Radware solutions include:
•• Application Delivery Controllers providing high availability and service quality across
all service tiers such as web, SIP, SOA and network infrastructure (OSS/BSS) enabling
network and service transformations such as FMC, IMS , IPTV and CDN.
•• Network Delivery Controllers based on configurable policy switch (DPI based) for
scalable service factory enablement for new service introduction and effective
utilization of network resources.
•• Network and Service Integrity solutions based on behavioral technology adding new
dimension (dynamic signature generation) for infrastructure integrity: enhanced clean
IP, clean service.

Unique Differentiators
• Superior Global load balancing capabilities • OnDemand switching for license based
scalable performance • ADC for SIP applications and services based on proxy based
architecture • Network based behavioral technology extending network based security
beyond perimeter DDOS and firewall.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company references - NTT DoCoMo, Telecom Italia, Telus, Guandong Mobile,
Telecom Austria. Main partners - Alcatel-Lucent, Juniper
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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

RAD Data Communications

Category: Solution at a Glance
Broadband RAD Data Communications is a world leader in access and backhaul solutions for carriers, service
Wireless providers, mobile operators, and enterprises. RAD’s best-of-breed products enable users to lower
Solutions operating costs and extend network reach by effectively leveraging existing and next generation
network infrastructure to speed deployment of multiple services. RAD’s value proposition is based
Infrastructure on technological innovation, flexibility and responsiveness to customer requirements, a long-term
approach to customer-partner-vendor relationships, and an excellent price-performance ratio.
Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
Customer Challenge for Mobile Operators: In the face of shrinking ARPU, how to
decouple traffic capacity from backhaul costs and prepare the network for new mobile
broadband services such as HSPA and LTE
Solution: Deploy best-of-breed cell-site gateways and aggregation site hubs which
support 2G, 3G, 3.5G and 4G traffic over converged SDH or all-IP backhaul networks
Customer Challenge for Fixed Line Operators: How to deliver high-margin premium
Carrier Ethernet services with end-to-end QoS and guaranteed SLAs over any infrastructure
Solution: Deploy intelligent Carrier Ethernet demarcation devices which offer
differentiated EPL and EVPL services with end-to-end QoS and guaranteed SLAs using
Ethernet OAM, traffic management and performance measurement capabilities

Our Offering
•• ACE-3220 Cell-Site Gateway • ETX-204A Carrier Ethernet Demarcation Device

Unique Differentiators
•• ACE-3220 Cell-Site Gateway • Best-of-breed cell-site gateway, enabling IP RAN access
over multi-mode copper xDSL, as well as over fiber and microwave links, with highly
accurate clock regeneration using major industry standards • Specifically designed
to accommodate the rapid expansion in cellular backhaul traffic resulting from
the widespread deployment of new mobile broadband services • Simplifies service
provisioning and control by enabling seamless delivery of multi-generation traffic –
from 2G to 4G – over the same transport network to ensure continuity for on-going
services while moving to IP, thus avoiding the cost and operational complexity of
maintaining separate networks • ETX-204A Carrier Ethernet Demarcation Device •
User/network demarcation point for L2/L3 transport and SLA-based business services or
cellular backhaul with flow-based or bridge-based forwarding, QoS: rate limitation and
shaping per Ethernet flow (EVC.CoS). • Delivers SLA-based Layer 2 and Layer 3 business
services to the customer premises over native Ethernet access • Ensures SDH/SONET-like
performance and Five Nines reliability while converging voice and data services over a
unified Ethernet, IP or MPLS network all with differentiated quality of service and end-
to-end monitoring

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company references - Telia-Sonera, T-Mobile, Tele2, SFR, Orange, Golden telecom,
Corbina, Comstar, Vimpelcom
Main partners - Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

RCS Rampal Cellular Stockmarket Ltd.

Category: Solution at a Glance
Handsets • Sourcing the Deal
Hundreds of selling offers & purchase requests posted daily to RCS’ trading
• Selling the Deal
Skilled traders initiate secure deals providing financial solutions to qualifying
• Logistics
RCS’ 20 agents ensure reliable delivery.

Our Offering
All major brands and models of -
•• Mobile phones
•• Digital cameras
•• Notepads, computers and computer peripherals
•• LCD’s
•• Other portable electronics
•• Original accessories

Unique Differentiators
•• Reliability / Stability
•• Industry’s largest sales & logistics forces
•• Extensive know-how in international logistics and trading regulations
•• Financial solutions
•• Global Presence

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

RunCell / IXI Mobile

Category: Solution at a Glance
Broadband Client server solution, with centralized NOC providing connectivity to multiple
Wireless communities and email providers using various protocols. Clients consists of IXI’s
Solutions own dedicated Ogo mobile devices running with proprietary Connect-OS, as well
as clients for generic handsets running Java, Symbian and Windows mobile.
Application Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• Certified reseller of services – IXI provides official fully compliant feature
rich experience
Messaging •• Advanced traffic optimization (up to 80%) means increased battery lifetime and
much smaller data usage – greater ARPU for operators, better user experience
Mobile E-Mail & and less churn
Our Offering
Mobilizing the
•• Value added services for mobile phones
Web •• Multiple community instant messaging
Network •• Email – Push Email and Attachments support
•• Social networking connectivity
monitoring &
•• Network optimization – all services are data optimized to reduce traffic usage
optimizing and greatly increase battery lifetime and improve overall user experience
Vas (Value
Added Services) Unique Differentiators
•• Cutting edge data optimization services, using IXI’s own telco grade gateways
Wifi & Wimax •• Multiple protocol push Email support, can even add push to POP accounts
•• Intelligent smart forwarding of attachments
•• All services can be provided either hosted by IXI or turnkey solution

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
SwissCom - largest Ogo customer
Vodafone Germany - customer for both Ogo devices and clients for
generic phones
Microsoft - IXI is an official reseller for MSN (Windows live services)
ICQ - IXI is an official reseller for ICQ messenger

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Runcom Technologies Ltd.

Category: Solution at a Glance
Broadband Runcom provide 802.16e mobile WiMAX end-2-end solution.
Solutions Our Offering
Handset Runcom products include: Chipsets for User Terminals and Base stations, User
terminals that include: Handsets, PCMCIA cards, Video IP Phones, Indoor and
TV/IPTV Outdoor CPEs, TV over IP and Video Surveillance System, Base Stations: Indoor Pico
and Remote Radio Head, ASN GTWY, VAS and NOC.
Vas (Value
Unique Differentiators
Flexibility, the option to provide unique solutions, specific RF band development,
Wifi & Wimax MESH solution, Vertical integrated “all in one” from end-2-end solution including
the RAN equipment and network, down to the chip (Asic) level

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Commercial WiMAX deployment with Foris telecom in Mozambique Africa, OEM
manufactures in Europe and in the Far-east.

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Saguna Networks Ltd.

Category: Solution at a Glance
Broadband Saguna CODS™ is the first CDN solution totally adopted in to Mobile networks.
Wireless The system is built to address the ever growing demand for Internet content and
Solutions services.
The system creates a storage overlay inside the RAN and automatically brings the
Infrastructure most used content as close as possible to the users thus creating a much better
user experience, dramatic OPEX reduction and solving pick hour bottle necks, at
Mobile Content minimum cost.
Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
Multimedia The two major challenges are in content delivery over mobile networks are:
•• Networks are moving from Voice based to Data based services. Reduction in cost
Video & Content per MB (Backhaul & Radio) is hard to achieve with HSPA, LTE & WiMax while
Data usage is growing exponentially.
Wifi & Wimax
•• Unsatisfactory user experience creating service churn, and inability to attract
new users.
Saguna solution completely solves the above challenges and is totally transparent
to the transport layer, the application layer and the terminal.

Our Offering
Saguna CODS™ is a based on multi node caching proxy architecture (CODS-AN™
and CODS-MR™) which are located both within the Mobile Core Network and
the Mobile RAN. The nodes operate in a grid-computing scheme, performing
proxy/cache decisions which are based on the type of data/ content flowing in the
network, thus adding “Content Awareness” into the network. The system classifies
and identifies content currently being streamed through the network and presents
the ability to eliminate redundant traffic both from the MNO portal and the free

Unique Differentiators
Single system that solves the major issues related to content delivery over mobile
networks. Saguna’s patent pending technology supports all content types, and
guarantees a very short ROI cycle of approximately 6 month. The system is scalable
and can be deployed starting from only 2 nodes and growing to a several thousand
node system which can deliver Tera-bits of content per second.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
The company is engaged with Several Telecom Equipment Manufactures as well as
with some of the world prominent mobile Operators.

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Sagarmatha Ltd.

Category: Solution at a Glance
Business Sagarmatha enables mobile operators to maximize the marketing impact of their
Applications service offers by matching them personally to each subscriber, based on historic
data, customer behavior modeling, prediction and previous purchase information.
Solution Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
SAAS (Software The traditional cellular Campaign Management philosophy is based on finding for
As a Service) each voice plan or services offer a “segmented” group of subscribers. Sagarmatha’s
approach is to find the best set of offers for each one of the subscribers, the
subscribers being the main asset of the cellular carrier.

Our Offering
For every campaign period, the mobile operator defines a set of offers (voice plans,
content download promotions, prepaid refills, handset upgrades, etc.). Using our
sophisticated Data Mining engine and Artificial Intelligence techniques, SMART
matches the best offers to each subscriber.

Unique Differentiators
•• The core technology is a sophisticated proprietary Data Mining engine
•• More than 10 years of experience in developing and operating personalization
•• Impressive track record of helping service providers to increase ARPU and
generate incremental revenue.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company References: Israel’s Cellcom CMO: “As Israel’s largest cellular operator,
with more than 3 million subscribers, our challenge is to address our subscribers
personally with attractive offers for price plans and services that will help us to
increase customers’ loyalty and ARPU. Sagarmatha’s SMART solution gives us the
tools to do it effectively. During more than one year of using Sagarmatha’s SMART
system for 1-to-1 marketing, we achieved significant results, including substantial
incremental revenues.”
Business Partners: Motorola, IBM, Modiv Media, UPC

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Skiller Ltd.

Category: Solution at a Glance
Mobile Content skiller provides a mobile multiplayer gaming platform for skill games based on
Distribution contests and prizes. The platform is expandable platform, highly dynamic and
already incorporates a verity of skill games. Skiller aim to increase operator’s RPU
Multimedia by creating recurring revenues. We provide sticky and exciting gaming experience,
including building of player networks and lobby, messaging, rating, etc’. This is the
Music & Games real Game 2.0 - The new mobile gaming experience.

Vas (Value Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
Added Services) •• The gaming world today concentrates on single player games, as multiplying
expands on the internet, the same demand is rising for the mobile arena as well.
Video & Content
•• Increase RPU - Operators get recurring revenues from multiplayer gaming
SAAS (Software subscription fees.
•• By giving prizes to users, Build social networks, lobbies, and groupies, operators
As a Service)
increase brand impact and awareness.

Our Offering
•• The skiller platform actually gives the users the perfect mobile gaming
environment. Users can play against each other but they can also play against
the computer. The user gets:
•• High quality mobile multiplayer games in combination with the Ability to win
prizes and rewards makes skiller a mobile gamers’ haven.
•• Cross operator and geographically independent multiplayer games.
•• Buddy list, Massaging, Personal profile, statistics and more social elements.
•• Renewable platform – the user gets notification every time a new game is

Unique Differentiators
•• End to end service: client and server technology, operation, content, branding,
prize distribution – we can provide them all.
•• No need for complex infrastructure adaptations in the operator.
•• Social gaming – creation of the perfect social gaming environment.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company references - “The community aspects seem interesting, as you can sign
up friends as your buddies and then message them from within the application to
play a multiplayer game… It all looks very slick… after playing with the Alpha app,
we’re definitely going to keep tabs on Skiller to see how it develops… “- Stuart
Dredge, Pocket Gamer.
Main partners - Our partners are mobile operators and content distributers.
Investors - Privately owned company

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010


Category: Solution at a Glance
SAAS (Software Spikko technology offers the Ex Patriot community (residents outside of their home
As a Service) Country) the ability to communicate by telephone (cellular, landline, SMS) with their home
country or other Ex-patriots anywhere in the world for the same cost as making a local
Vas (Value call or less than that.The service is convenient and saves money for the Ex-patriot, while
Added Services) generates new yet to be explored revenues for the operator. This is a Value Added Service
without the need of the operator to invest in additional infrastructure.
Voice Services Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• The Ex-Patriots confronts the need to communicate with their home land, and confronts
various solutions which are not cheap and not straight forward. Spikko provides the best
available solution by providing local homeland country number and SMS free of charge
while generating revenues both for the homeland operator and Spikko.
•• The Spikko service is based on collaboration with mobile carriers, enabling those
carriers to create a new income source by receiving an entire new user base - Ex-
patriots, who normally use the services of the local carriers in their country of residence.
Now, they will receive their Spikko calls to a telephone number of a local carrier in their
country of origin, creating an entirely new source of income that would not be possible
for those homeland carriers without the Spikko platform and service.
•• The operator does not need to invest in integration or infrastructure to establish this service.
Our Offering
“Spikko” is a unique communication service employing global and mobile telephony, for
any mobile device, land line and PC. Spikko users download software to their communication
device (mobile phone, PC, home/office landline/adaptor-sent as a SMS to the mobile phone),
or register their mobile/fix-line and receive a new local phone number to use with the Spikko
service. Spikko credits the user for each incoming call and SMS, and allows user to send/receive
calls anywhere worldwide. Spikko users can always be reached at the Spikko local phone
number. Spikko becomes your mobile, landline and international phone, reducing Ex-patriots
communications costs to the lowest level compared to any other method or competitor.
SMS Suite: In addition to the new Ex-patriots markets Spikko introduces to the operators, it also
provides a unique SMS suite – Pushmail – SMS (completing the available push mail services to support
100% of the users base), Open© Email 2 SMS, and Managed SMS (SMS manage and backup).
Unique Differentiators
•• Providing a full communication services, free of charge while generating new market
and income for the homeland operator without the need of the operator to invest in
•• Developing and deploying a global distributed softswitch which is of unlimited size
(patent pend.).
•• Developing and deploying the Total Quality System and Algorithm © to allow high
quality of service in the public internet (patent pend).
•• Offering to the operator the unique SMS Suite solutions.
Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company references - Deployment of the global Spikko service. Main partners - Mirs,
Pelephone (operators in Israel) , IDS (Motorola-iDEN marketing partner). Investors - Israeli
OCS, Alon Carmel (Jdate), Yigal Ahuvi, private investors

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

SourceIT Ltd.

Category: Solution at a Glance
Broadband advanced management platform ,the first and unique
Wireless SAAS platform that enabled managing all the aspects of connectivity services.
Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• Full accounts managements
Applications •• Full products management
•• Full Price lists and pricelist methods capabilities.
Payments &
•• Customized Look & Feel.
•• Multiply security levels
Vas (Value •• No installation needed (Software As A Service)
Added Services)
Our Offering
VOIP With /Connect123 platform enabled to increase your market by
approaching to Enterprise, SME & Individuals without increase the efforts.
Wifi & Wimax
SAAS (Software Unique Differentiators
As a Service) Connect123/ is unique platform that enabled today to offer iPass
solutions and other solutions to different customers segments Enterprises, SME &

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
•• iPass inc.
•• Amdocs.
•• Smile012
•• iAxcess
•• Comverse
•• Nice systems
•• Marvell
•• Given Imaging, etc

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Siklu Communication Ltd.

Category: Solution at a Glance
Backhaul Siklu develops revolutionary, milimetric-wave Gigabit Ethernet systems for service
providers’ backhaul networks. The company’s next-generation, carrier-grade solutions
Infrastructure are ideally suited for providing Carrier Ethernet services as well as mobile backhaul – in
particular serving 2G/3G/3.5G and future WiMAX and LTE networks. Offering flexibility,
Network scalability and easy installation, solutions from Siklu reduce Total Cost of Ownership by
an order of magnitude - helping providers mitigate the backhaul burden.
Wifi & Wimax
Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
The backhaul network is one of the major contributors to provider recurring operational
expenses. With the increase in demand for faster mobile data services, operators face the
challenge of exponentially increasing the backhaul network bandwidth, while keeping
backhaul expenses in check. With solutions from Siklu, Mobile Network Operators
will lower transport expenses significantly, while increasing backhaul capacity and
performance – meeting mobile data and HSPA requirements, smoothly rolling out new
data services, and migrating to LTE and WiMAX infrastructure. Featuring software-scalable
bandwidth and functionality, Siklu allows operators to gradually evolve and develop their
backhaul network, satisfying customer demands and maintaining profitability.

Our Offering
Siklu offers an all-outdoor carrier-grade Gigabit-Ethernet solution, operating in both the
licensed 70GHz band and the license-exempt 60GHz band.
Designed to be one of the building blocks of the NG backhaul and access segment of
Carrier Ethernet networks, Siklu solutions enable Layer 2 switching and include all the
tools necessary to ensure QoS, policing, prioritization and OA&M capabilities - as well as
software upgradable L3 networking/routing capabilities to support NG flat-IP topologies.
Siklu’s solutions incorporate a robust modem with real-time adaptive modulation
mechanisms to provide extremely high link availability, ensuring backhaul reliability.

Unique Differentiators
Siklu’s products are based on an innovative architecture using full VLSI design and offering:
•• Disruptive price performance that will change the mobile backhaul landscape - the
lowest price tag in market
•• Silicon-based, robust, reliable and small form factor device that delivers carrier-grade
Ethernet services
•• Reduction of recurring frequency operational costs - operates in the licensed 70GHz
spectrum and the license-exempt 60GHz spectrum
•• Milimetric wave radio delivers software-scalable, high-bandwidth Gigabit throughputs

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Investors - Evergreen Venture Partners, DFJ Tamir Fishman, Argonaut Private Equity

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Techmind LTD

Category: Solution at a Glance
Techmind’s “Celllution” is a proven network optimization platform that by methods
of heuristic algorithms and data mining supplies a full set of network optimization
parameters (RF, HO, Co.Ch, SC, Tilts and more). This non intrusive system monitors
the network 24*7*365 without taking up network resources and with immediate
results of improving network quality and reducing maintenance costs.

Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
In a network of thousands of sites where you need to optimize and plan ahead.
Do you need to optimize your network and don’t know where to begin? DCR are
rising and you don’t know why?
This is one system that will give you the starting point, the way and the solution
for your entire network. You will not need to invest in expensive investigation
equipment or Drive tests.

Our Offering

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Telco Systems, a BATM Company

Category: Solution at a Glance
Telco Systems is a leader in innovative, multi-service Carrier Ethernet access and
demarcation solutions to enable carriers and service providers to deploy highly
reliable and manageable Ethernet services to both business and residential
subscribers. These solutions support a cost-effective evolution to a service-assured,
all IP/Ethernet network.

Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
Enable service providers to introduce new services to capture additional revenue
and reduce churn through assured services

Our Offering
•• Commercial Carrier Ethernet
•• Native Ethernet
•• Circuit Emulation over Carrier Ethernet
•• Residential Active Ethernet (P2P) for FTTx
•• Fixed Wireless Demarcation
•• EoPDH
•• Native Ethernet
•• Optical Transport

Unique Differentiators
•• Stable, innovative public company
•• Market-oriented networking solutions which are purpose-built for the Ethernet
access network to enable both demarcation and multi-service extension
•• Value-added offerings for multi-lateral deployment – multi-vendor, interoperable
networks, partner-integrated solutions, standards-friendly enhanced services
•• Multi-layer network operations and management – multi-protocol, application-
oriented, with assured service delivery and OAM capabilites

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
•• Company references – Verizon, Time Warner Cable, Telefonica, Cern, AT&T,
Equant, BT, Finnet, NTT Communications, Embarq, Cogent, Hutchison Telecom
•• Main partners - Nokia, NSN, Alcatel-Lucent, and other Tier 1 equipment vendors
•• Investors – None

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

TeleMessage Ltd.

Category: Solution at a Glance
Business TeleMessage integrates in common PC applications: Outlook, Outlook Express,
Applications Internet Explorer, Firefox, Flash, Excel and Windows File Explorer.
We provide subscribers with applications to easily send Video, Picture, Music, and
Messaging Text from the Internet or PC to Mobile phones.

Mobile E-Mail &
IM Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• Allow Self Content Generation: Give subscribers tools to send Video, Picture,
Multimedia Music and Text from the Internet or PC to Mobile phones.
•• Expand SMS reach using Text to Speech to fixed line phones, elderly, rural or less
Vas (Value educated people.
Added Services)
Video & Content Our Offering
•• Offer Business users a Messaging Gateway to handle Fax, Voice, SMS, MMS, and
Voice Services Email from and to any system and protocol.
•• Bring Mobile network to subscriber’s PC, providing him PC to Mobile tools to
SAAS (Software
send and receive messages.
As a Service)

Unique Differentiators
•• Get TeleMessage as a Licensed or Fully managed hosted platform.
•• Combine TeleMessage PC to Mobile and Voice and Fax products in One system.
•• Integrate the Messaging Gateway with our PC to Mobile suite.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Verizon Wireless, Sprint-Nextel, Boost Mobile, Rogers, Telus, Bell Mobility, Cable &
Wireless Caribbean, Claro Guatemala, T-Mobile Macedonia, Kyivstar Ukraine, Utel
Russia, AIS Thailand, Telstra Australia, Pelephone, Mirs and Bezeq in Israel & more.

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010


Category: Solution at a Glance
Location Based A world leader in location solutions, Telmap has a unique end-to-end solution including
Services a mobile location companion, a complementary web companion, robust location
platform with a set of APIs to deliver a strong LBS strategy. Telmap5 is the world’s first
Vas (Value personalized location companion integrating innovative and patented technologies,
Added including Telmap Active Interface, Telmap Active Search and Telmap Active Widgets.
Services) Over 20 tier 1 operators successfully deployed Telmap’s solutions opening new business
opportunities and generating new revenue streams.

Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
By implementing Telmap, operators can get the following benefits:
•• Generate revenue from basic subscriptions, premium services, voice and location SMS
usage derived from the navigation service
•• Reduce risk with revenue-sharing model and end-to-end solution
•• Foster customer loyalty to a branded service
•• Leverage the navigation service to sell additional products and services (e.g. bundle
navigation data package together with an email package)
•• Differentiate from competing operators by offering a unique navigation service
•• Provide easy access to operator retail outlets and service centers through
customized POIs.

Our Offering
Telmap suite of solutions empowers mobile operators to offer a complete LBS strategy
and a true and valuable location experience, one that is rich, personal, local and flexible.

Unique Differentiators
•• Telmap5 is the first and only location companion available today
•• Telmap5 offers a unique location experience, one that is rich, personal, local and
•• Telmap5 includes new developments and patented location active technologies
•• Telmap is a white label solution allowing operators to leverage their brand and
customer’s loyalty using location on their mobile phones
•• Telmap5 offers a complete end-to-end solution including mobile companion, web
companion, location platform and set of APIs providing a full LBS strategy to come to

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company references - Orange Group, several Vodafone affiliates (UK, Germany,
Spain), SFR, O2, Pelephone and AOL/MapQuest.
Main partners - BlackBerry, Motorola, Palm, Sony Ericsson, Navteq, Lonely Planet,
Investors - Telmap is part of the Science Navigation Group .

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Traffix systems

Category: Solution at a Glance
Network Traffix Systems is the Diameter control plane expert. Traffix supports telecom operators
on their way to Next Generation Network (NGN, IMS or LTE) technology by providing
cost saving gateway and load-balancing solutions for the Diameter control plane
achieving network connectivity and scalability and thus enabling the opportunities to
generate new service revenues based on the Diameter control plane innovation.

Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• Instant cost effective connectivity between any Diameter protocol and any other
control plane or AAA protocol (RADIUS, LDAP, XML, CAMEL, etc’).
•• Enable network scalability, availability and assurance based on the Diameter control
plane load balancing solution.
•• Support any Diameter protocol connectivity based on the Traffix Diameter protocol
stack, the market benchmark for Diameter protocol development.

Our Offering
•• Traffix Diameter Gateway – Provides instant cost effective connectivity between any
Diameter interface to any other control plane or AAA protocol. Typical connectivity
scenarios include connecting Diameter network element and legacy network
elements or different vendors Diameter dialects.
•• Traffix Diameter Load Balancer – Enables network scalability based on unique
native Diameter load balancing technology which enables smart business oriented
contextual load balancing. This is a Diameter node which is uniquely familiar with
any Diameter interface.
•• OpenBlox Diameter Stack – Provides software developers the ability to develop robust
Telco grade Diameter interfaces and build NGN connections you can trust.

Unique Differentiators
•• Traffix is Diameter protocol expert. With over five years of experience working with
Diameter, Traffix is the only company in the field which is intimately familiar with the
Diameter protocol.
•• Traffix products are the only market solutions which are legal Diameter nodes in the
network with all the capabilities associated with this, automatic capabilities exchange,
watchdog and failover mechanisms.
•• The market benchmark for Diameter, with over 100 deployments.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
•• Company references – Bharti, Orange, Beeline, Vodafone
•• Main partners - Ericsson, Cisco, IBM
•• Investors – Leading venture capital firms and industry veterans

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010


Category: Solution at a Glance
Location Based trendIT’s platform is a unique, innovative management solution designed to
Services accurately measure and determine demographic trends. trendIT provides decision-
makers with dynamic, comprehensive and up-to-date demographics for a wide
Marketing range of applications: behavioral targeting, urban planning, commuting analysis
Analytics and home land security solutions.

Vas (Value Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
Added Services) •• Unique real time information on population behavioral trends - population
location and movements
•• Real time information on demographic segmentation - an in-depth picture of the
characteristics of the population
•• trendIT state-of-the-art technological platform allows the mobile provider to
create new markets by providing new services for their enterprise customers
•• Inflicts minimal interference with the infrastructure and network of the mobile

Our Offering
MacroTREND viewer - an accurate, fine-grained, real-time map of population
demographics and mass movements.
StatTrend - a geo-statistical analysis report by request
Webservices - the integration of dynamic demographic data into third party platforms

Unique Differentiators
•• trendIT’s demographic data is obtained from a significantly large and objective
sampling system
•• The system provides comprehensive geographic coverage
•• Near real-time spatial population distribution data, with high resolution accuracy.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company references - Cellcom
Main partners - Cellcom
Investors - Capital International (

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

TJAT Systems

Category: Solution at a Glance
Converged Tjat is a Technology leader in making the Mobile Internet a reality - bringing
Services & IMS a rich web messaging service to mobile devices. By combining our patent pending
“Virtual Client” technology and Mobile Widgets, Tjat has introduced the most cost
Messaging effective way of delivering a 360 degree messaging solution to the whole network,
from high end devices to legacy devices: Launch an immediate solution – fast Time
Mobile E-Mail & to Market;
IM Flexible, Scalable & Extendable - e.g. Different Languages, Personalization;
Simplicity - Presentation in a familiar, web like user friendly interface.
Vas (Value Award Nominations: 3GSM 2007, 2008 Global Mobile Award for Best Mobile
Added Services) Messaging Service.

Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• Mobile Web Messaging is expected to grow to 24% adoption rate or
80,000,000 users in Europe alone by 2013!
•• Operators must offer Web Messaging to ALL the Subscriber Base and for over a
thousand different handsets.
•• Launching a downloaded client solution is extremely expensive and practically
impossible - a money losing venture

Our Offering
The first Complex, Interactive mobile widget achieving the ultimate User Experience
Rich User interface for Web Messaging, including sound and vibration notifications,
fully animated emoticons.
Immediate and cost effective - offering mobile web messaging to the entire
subscriber base.

Unique Differentiators
•• Tjat Messaging Widgets: A True “Universal Client”, with no porting efforts,
Solving the Device Fragmentation Problem
•• Taking advantage of Tjat’s powerful Server based Messaging deployment (with
patent pending “Virtual Client” technology), adhering to W3C Standards.
•• Fully supporting Widgets for Opera, Symbian WRT, Netfront, Windows Mobile
•• Fully Hosted by TJAT, no purchase of software or hardware.
•• Flexible Business Model

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company references - Vodafone Live!, Cellcom, Movilisto Spain, Portugal and
France (Buongiorno companies), Pelephone, debitel, life, MIRS
Main partners - AOL ICQ, Infineon/Comneon, Chikka, Microsoft,

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010


Category: Solution at a Glance
Converged TriPlay delivers a Total Mobile Life solution enabling converged communication over
Services & IMS TV, Web and Mobile Phone.
TriPlay members can seamlessly send and receive any type of message, text or
Vas (Value multimedia, to and from any Mobile Phone or PC in the world.
Added Services) TriPlay operates through its service and partners with leading operators
and internet communities to promote its technology.
Video & Content
Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
TriPlay operates as an end user solution and operator co-branded service, offering
a simple solution to a multi device reality. Messages and replies can be generated
from any device and received by the user anywhere, any time. The service includes:
•• TriPlay Connect: Cross device rich media messaging over Web, TV or Mobile
•• BackPack: a 1 GB online repository allowing access to Photos, Videos, Music and
•• TriPlay CrEWs!: A 5 person group area accessible by Web or WAP allowing best
friends to communicate with each other cross device and around the clock.

Our Offering
Providing our partners with a ready to go platform enabling members to
communicate and share personal content with each other.
Content traditionally viewed over the web is now accessible by mobile and billable.
TriPlay provides a wide range of friendly gadgets making Mobile Life that much easier.

Unique Differentiators
•• Turning communication into a device, rather than a platform oriented
experience, users are free to communicate any type of message regardless of the
device they are received on. Transcoding of media files is performed on the fly
for a uniquely simple experience.
•• Our revenue stream is based on monthly subscriptions to the service or revenue
share deals with our partners.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company references - TriPlay has deployed a white labeled solution for
PelePhone, wireless subsidiary of Israel Telecom under the name “SyncSpace”.
Main partners - TriPlay has recently announced a joint venture with German Telco
Deutsche Telekom launched in Germany in October 2007.

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

TTI Telecom

Category: Solution at a Glance
Infrastructure TTI Telecom is a leading provider of next generation Operations Support Systems (OSSs)
to Communications Service Providers (CSPs) worldwide. For incumbent and emerging
OSS/BSS CSPs spanning fixed, mobile and cable markets, we provide a robust OSS platform that
helps manage their networks and services effectively. The company’s Netrac product
portfolio delivers an automated, proactive and customer-centric approach to Service
Assurance, spanning fault, performance, and service management.

Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• Reduce operating expenses and optimize operations efficiency.
•• Speed-up time to monitor new services.
•• Improve customer QoS and QoE levels and reduce churn.

Our Offering
Netrac Fault Management delivers real-time, centralized monitoring of complex
networks and empowers CSPs to solve service and network problems swiftly. The
product line delivers a scalable, flexible, robust event management for networks of
any size.
Netrac Performance Management is a highly reliable and scalable performance
management system that can handle large amounts of data from multiple sources
including Operational Measurements (OM), logs, xDRs, etc. It proactively detects
irregular network behavior so that potential network problems can be avoided.
Netrac Service Management comprises of dedicated service management as well as
fault and performance products that are enhanced with service information. It monitors
and analyzes services, QoS and business impact from a customer centric point of view.

Unique Differentiators
•• Converged Assurance Solution - TTI offers a complete Service Assurance offering.
•• Multi-vendor - TTI offers multi-vendor and multi-technology network adaptors.
•• Extensibility - TTI enables CSPs to quickly adapt frequently changing network
requirements as they deploy new services and technologies.
•• Automation - We offer tools that assure QoS by defining automatic rules for
network problem resolution.
•• Knowledge and Experience - With over a decade of Service Assurance experience.
We use our experience to better build Service Assurance products that fit today
CSPs needs.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company references - France Telecom, AT&T, Bell Mobility, KPN, Wind, 3 Australia.
Main partners - Nortel, Ericsson, LogicaCMG, Siemens, TechnoServ.

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010


Category: Solution at a Glance
Multimedia Tvinci enables mobile operators to manage and deliver video content to PC and TV.
We offer a flexible turnkey solution that can be easily customized in order to create
TV/IPTV highly engaging branded video environments. With Tvinci, telecoms and mobile
operators offer a video service online that is completely integrated with their
Vas (Value existing phone offerings.
Services) Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
We enable operators to offer effective Internet TV:
Video & •• Launching a branded video service online through one technology provider in
Content minimum time while maximizing advantages of web medium.
•• Providing a bundle of cross-device services by fully integrating internet TV with
existing systems (billing, packaging, pricing, user login/data base, support center,
CMS etc).
•• Maximizing revenues from a video service on PC, and setting the infrastructure for
a TV service with unified Content Management System (CMS) & User Interface.

Our Offering
•• Internet based video website for operators to securely offer “top-shelf” content.
This is a key step forward in becoming content provider for all three screens
(mobile, PC, TV).
•• Answers a key challenge of internet TV that operators face: simplifying end-
users’ search acquisition of relevant content, in an inherently content rich
environment such as the web.
•• Profitable solution that includes an easy purchasing process for premium videos,
utilizing the operator’s billing systems and leveraging existing invoicing, pricing &
packaging mechanisms.

Unique Differentiators
•• Stickiness: Tvinci displays videos differently. Our unique social & personalized
content discovery tools and interactive Flash-enriched video players evidently
keep viewers longer.
•• Flexible business models: Tvinci enables them all. Monetize via video ads,
unique sponsorship solutions, renting premium content or by packaging web
videos with mobile/TV offering.
•• Turnkey solution: minimize time to market with a comprehensive solution that
includes flexible CMS and entire user interface layer (as opposed to video player
only) for both PC & TV.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Company references - Orange (, MTV (, MSN.
Main partners - NDS, Alcatel Lucent, RayV.
Investors - Zohar Gilon, Ron Tamir.

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010


Category: Solution at a Glance
Location Based WeFi creates a virtual global wireless network of all available Wi-Fi access points
Services worldwide. Combining easy-to-use downloadable software for mobile devices
and server-side management based on patented technology, WeFi enables people
Network to seamlessly connect to the Internet through the best open Wi-Fi Access Points
around. Leveraging their rapidly growing number of global users, WeFi constantly
Vas (Value acquires and updates connectivity data through devices using WeFi software.
Added Services)
Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
Wifi & Wimax •• Subscriber’s today struggle with performance and quality issues of mobile
Internet, as well as rising cellular data and roaming costs, and when they try to
use Wi-Fi as an alternative, it is currently difficult, cumbersome and unstable.
•• WeFi makes mobile Internet connectivity easy and affordable by finding open
Wi-Fi networks wherever possible and connecting mobile devices to Wi-Fi
automatically. WeFi makes the connectivity experience over Wi-Fi similar to the
cellular connectivity experience.
•• Bandwidth-hungry mobile applications (image and video download/uploads,
games, streaming etc.) can easily bundle or integrate with WeFi and give their
users a fast, hassle-free mobile Internet experience while reducing dependency
on costly cellular data plans.

Our Offering
•• Free, fast, seamless Wi-Fi connectivity experience, easily integrated with
Social Networks
•• Easy integration and configuration tools for mobile application providers and
handset vendors
•• Value-added cooperation and private-label opportunities for Wi-Fi providers
•• Enabling offloading of 3G data traffic to Wi-Fi and managing data roaming

Unique Differentiators
•• Fastest and Easiest Wi-Fi Connectivity Experience
•• Rapidly growing network of over 14 million Wi-Fi Access Points worldwide
•• Efficient Wireless network management in the “Wild West” anarchy of Wi-Fi
Access Points

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Strategic Business - Rapidly growing network of over 14 million Wi-Fi Access
Points worldwide
Recognition - 1st Place Nokia World Barcelona, Forum Nokia EMEA Application of
the Year 2008
Investors - Pitango (Israel), Lightspeed (USA), Gemini (Israel)

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Wandy by CTWARE

Category: Solution at a Glance
Business Wandy is an innovative business application providing contact-center technology
Applications as-a-service (SaaS), designed to be delivered by carriers to their customers easily.
This smart multi-tenant, all-in-one platform features unique Do-It-Yourself
Reducing Capex capabilities allowing end users’ to implement and operate Wandy independently.
Wandy helps service providers to reduce customers churn rate, increase customer
SAAS (Software value and broaden the SMB market share while creating a new and accumulative
As a Service) revenue stream.

Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• An innovative service, based on standard infrastructure, requiring limited
•• Wandy allows service providers to increase customer value and attract new
business customers.
•• Wandy strengthens customer loyalty and reduces churn rate.
•• Wandy provides an affordable business model for the SMB market segment .
•• Wandy’s SaaS nature eliminates the need for costly purchases and complicated
IT projects.

Our Offering
Wandy is a carrier grade contact center suit delivered to customers by service
provides as a service using standard infrastructure.
The product is an immediate revenue generator. Carriers’ benefits from licenses use
and service while additional revenues are expected form infrastructure use, traffic,
and other related services and applications.

Unique Differentiators
•• Unique technology, go-to-market and business model.
•• A do-it-yourself product. End users create and operate a new contact center
within a day, reducing dramatically the operational cost.
•• Service providers can use Wandy to penetrate the untapped SMB segment and
other price sensitive markets.

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
A beta version of the product was tested in Israel with several customers operating
their contact center using the product. The product is also installed in the US,
hosted and sold by Transbeam.

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

Vayosoft Network Technologies Ltd

Category: Solution at a Glance
Vayosoft Network Technologies Ltd. Is a leading supplier of telecommunication
services for the mobile telephony and ISP companies. Vayosoft is pleased to present
Mo-backup a comprehensive over-the-air solution for Phone Backup. Mo-Backup fully
addresses world wide operator and ISP requirements and provides phone backup
of Contacts, Calendar, SMS, MMS and Media files (image, audio, video) to secured
remote storage accessed via a web interface.

Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
•• More than 50% of mobile owners reported they had their phone stolen or lost in
the last three years. Users upgrade their phones, on average, once every one to two
•• Backup of mobile information has become essential with the growth in use of
cellular phones. The demand for over the wireless network solution is in its starting
point, yet only few applications are available today. Cellular operators expect 15%-
25% of their customer to adopt the backup service two years after launch.
•• Backup solution increase operator’s revenues by providing: premium chargeable
services, growth in data traffic, support of new handsets sale by offering easy data
Our Offering
•• Vayosoft Backup solution allows subscribers to backup user mobile device data:
internal, external and USIM phonebook memory, calendar, Task, SMS, MMS and
media files.
•• Support for multiple terminal OS: J2ME, Symbian, Brew, Windows Mobile,
SyncML, STK and Blackberry.
•• Support for multiple network environment: CDMA, GSM, and IDEN.

Unique Differentiators
•• Supports three types of storage systems: Web server hosted by the operator,
Private web server located beyond the enterprise firewall, Home PC.
•• The server also support interfacing with other website applications for exporting
content (Picasa, YouTube, Facebook, etc).

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
•• Employees: 15
•• Main customers - Pelephone, Cellcom, Partner, Mirs, 013 Netvision, 012 Smile

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010

WizBill Ltd.

Category: Solution at a Glance
Business Innovative rating engine, very flexible, able to support one-on-one marketing • Reverse
Applications engineering engine, able to reverse engineer billing engines and other companies’
pricing plans • Rating & pricing design engine, Invoice analysis & transparency engine •
Payments & Revenue assurance engine
Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
Revenue MNOs
Assurance Increasing sales, Reducing churn rates, Increasing customers’ loyalty
Service Delivery New revenue streams, expanding & targeting post-paid customers, Ability to operate
Platform without having to compromise on wholesale prices, Resellers, Increasing sales

Vas (Value Our Offering
Added Services)
•• Ability to mine customer’s consumption patterns, to discover & define consumption
•• Ability to design and match new pricing plans to given consumption profiles
•• Ability to compare the effectiveness of own pricing plans to competitors’ pricing
plans when applied to given customers’ consumption profiles - both own customers
and competitors’ customers.
•• Ability to launch one-on-one marketing campaigns, where each customer if offered a
tailor made pricing plan
•• Billing errors detection and revenue leakage prevention
•• Invoice analysis for transparency – help reducing CSRs interaction time, and
leveraging web self-service access

Unique Differentiators
•• New brand of applications supporting door-to-door sales reps
•• New brand of applications supporting CSR, for reducing interaction times and helping
result disputes
•• New brand of applications to designing tailored pricing plans, (enabling one-on-one
marketing) and running them through financial simulations making assessment on
their economical feasibility
•• New brand of revenue assurance applications
New brand of applications for MVNOs enabling them to expand to post-paid segments
New brand of applications helping resellers boost dramatically sales

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
WizBill is a startup company just launching its products now.

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010


Category: Solution at a Glance
Broadband WipAir 6000 – The ultimate backhaul solution
Wireless Carrier class wireless Advanced OFDM 2x2 MIMO backhaul that comprises of:
Solutions High capacity – 200 Mbps net throughput (100 Mbps FD).
Best latency - 1ms typical.
Infrastructure More than 50,000 PPS.
40 dB dynamic range Output Power up to 26 dBm.
Reducing Capex RF and interference robustness - Automatic Interference Sensibility, ACM, ACS,
FEC and Fast ARQ.
Service Delivery Extremely low CAPEX & OPEX:
Platform • Most competitive price
• Rugged & reliable weather proof design
Wifi & Wimax • Compact and very simple to install: Built in RSSI buzzer Built in & RF analyzer,
Automatic Site Survey & Channel Selection.
• Over the air remote management
• Extremely low power consumption: < 6Watt.

Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
• Reliable, high throughput, low latency, and best price backhaul/ multiple
backhaul solution.
• Customer’s challenge is how to expand the network, extend coverage and foot
print quickly and cost-effectively with future proof solution.

Our Offering
WipAir 6000 – Next generation Advanced wireless MIMO backhaul radio
technology, based on field proven WipAirII that comprises of reliability, high
capacity, lowest latency, RF robustness, rugged outdoor design, flexibility and
simplicity to install & maintain.
WipAir 6000 offer up to 200 Mbps, longer ranges, with built in PTMP and time
synchronization capabilities.

Unique Differentiators
WipAir 6000 excels in all significant the parameters of backhaul solution:
High throughput of 200 Mbps, 1 msec latency, 50,000 PPS delivery, high output
power with 40 dynamic range, RF interference robustness, time synchronization
capability, software upgrade to Point-to Multipoint and most competitive price.
Versatile solution @:
4.9 GHZ – 5.9 GHz, 3.3 GHZ – 3.8 GHz, 2.3-2.5 GHz, 700 MHz – 900 MHz

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Israel Mobile Industry
Solution Catalog 2010


Category: Solution at a Glance
Business 3GVision’s solution links the physical world to mobile and web creating a fast-
Applications track for consumers to access multimedia mobile internet content while providing,
real-time insight into campaign progress, better ad targeting, and higher ROI for
Handset marketing, media and mobile operators.

Mobile Business Benefits & Customers Challenges
Advertising •• Eliminates need to enter URL’s by hand, easy access multimedia mobile
internet content
Mobile Content
•• Adds value to subscribers, generates higher Data ARPU and advertising revenues
Distribution for mobile operators
•• Provides real time insight into campaign progress to help marketers maximize
Mobilizing The
promotional spend
Vas (Value Our Offering
Added Services) i-nigma is the industry’s most comprehensive end-to-end 1D/2D mobile barcode
solution incorporating a highly intuitive and simple code-creation, campaign
SAAS (Software management and advanced campaign tracking platform. Telco-grade solution,
As a Service) supporting more than 300 GSM mobile phones, across all leading mobile operating
systems and platforms.

Unique Differentiators
•• Best barcode reader for all platforms
•• Best Advertising Campaign manager
•• Strong foothold in Japan, France, Australia, Brazil, Hungary and other countries
•• Most experience in the market– 120+ million phones embedded with readers for
global tier-1 mobile operators and mobile handset manufacturers
•• The de-facto industry standard in Japan

Company References and Strategic Business Partners
Telstra in Australia, France Telecom/Orange, Claro in Brazil, Hutchison 3 in UK, NTT
Docomo in Japan. Major Brands, Marketers, Advertisers and Publishers world-wide.

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