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Advanced Professional Diploma in Management

Strategic Planning & Implementation

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Crafting and executing a management strategy

You have been advised to construct a management strategy that will address the following
major problems faced by the Wakewood organization.

• Attitudes to change and organization must be changed
• Attitudes to , and knowledge of new technology, must be improved dramatically
• The organization structure must be reviewed in order to introduce marketing and
quality audit ideas into the unit

Part A.

Using the information given in the case study, develop appropriate vision and mission
statements. Formulate objectives and measures for evaluation.


Consider the organization’s ethical, cultural, environmental, social and business
background against current stand points

Ethical background of Wakewood

The Wakewood organization comprises seven units. Their ethics part is very important. In
the case of Wakewood organization, they should follow ethics for both individuals and
public. As a production firm it should follow social responsibility. Where , it should ensure
that they don’t make harmful process maintaining against environment. Even it has
environment effecting wastages or garbage it should recycle or dispose without harmful.
They operate seven units. They bring changes in the organization. But change arrive, they
have responsibility to job secure of employees. Also there are pressures in management level.
Key element of pressure is dissatisfaction of clients. It may cause to lower revenue and higher
cost for the firm. Even if they face increased cost they should follow customer loyalty and
pay tax to government properly. Those are key roles in ethical background of Wakewood.
There customer dissatisfaction has been increasing with its product/ service. As a business
organization it should satisfy its clients’ needs.

Cultural background of Wakewood

The Wakewood has a culture which is participative management style in the organization.
But each unit has general manager. Their management structure don’t follow functional
structure. If the functional is brought it can achieve some more benefits. For instance HR
management can help to reduce It is an important cultural change in this firm. Here a
professional team working going on. Even there found poor staff morale. In order to find
solution, they should identify the reasons for poor staff morale.

Environmental background

Organizational environment consist of all factors that in one way or another affect or
affected by the organization decision.
Wakewood Organizational environment refers to the forces that can make an impact. Forces
made up opportunities and threats. Organizations dose not exist in isolation. It works with the
overall environment.
these can be divided into two main parts as, Internal Environment and External Environment
Internal Environment
Organizations internal environment refers to the elements within the organization. Internally,
an organization can be viewed as a resource conversion machine that takes inputs (labour,
money, materials and equipment) from the external environment (i.e., the outside world),
converts them into useful products, goods, and services, and makes them available to
customers as outputs. Current employees Management Share holders Current employees- this
refers to the number of employees that and firm has. Employees or the working people are
the main resources of an organization. In other hand these employees can make a big
difference for an organization. If an organization has unskilled labors they may find a
difficulty of getting things done. Organization benefited with skilled labor. It requires
motivation and skills development to take the maximum performance of the labor.

Management- A manager is someone skilled in knowing how to analyze and improve the
ability of an organization to survive and grow in a complex and changing world. This means
that managers have a set of tools that enable them to grasp the complexity of the
organization's environment. A management system describes the organization and the set of
significant interacting institutions and forces in the organization's complex and rapidly
changing environment that affect its ability to serve its customers. The firm must
continuously monitor and adapt to the environment if it is to survive and prosper.
Disturbances in the environment may spell profound threats or new opportunities for the firm.
The successful firm will identify, appraise, and respond to the various opportunities and
threats in its environment.
Share holders-they are the owners of an organization. A shareholder or stockholder is an
individual or company (including a corporation) that legally owns one or more shares of
stock in a joint stock company. A company's shareholders collectively own that company
They invests there recourses to an organization in order to obtain a profit.
External Environment
It consists of all the outside institutions and forces that have an actual or potential interest or
impact on the organization's ability to achieve its objectives:
Competitive-these are the other organizations witch operate in the same field. They share the
same customer group of the organizations. They can make an effect on the organization.
There price, quality, distribution and other factors affect the overall organizational goals.

Technological- is a broad concept. After the industrial revolution technology became an
important factor for organizations. Technology brought the effectiveness to the industries. In
modern technology is used also for management to bring the better organizational

Political-can make the worst or the best effect to an organization. The political situations or
the system of a country can make the organizations future. Better policies make a good
business environment for any organization. Legal-every organization and there resources,
including the employees have to act under the legal factor. No one can go beyond the law of a
country. Witch ever an organization dose they have to scope with the legal factors.
Technological Environment

The Wakewood has been introducing a computer technology. But it is a slow progress. Then
they should consult with computer experts. If they give on the job training to employees, it
would be useful for the organization.. The business needs to survive and retain in the business
as a leader with increasing competition for provision of products and services. The company
needs to enhance their computer system in way that the stakeholders get the maximum
benefit of it. It essential to make sure that the consumer is at the forefront and offered the best
product and service through the enhanced technology.

Social background

Here they introducing computer technology for minimise the costs for production. On the
other hand they intend to redundancy the employees’ volume. Where, it causes to poor staff
morale with the change of technology and minimum job secure to employees.

Business background

As a business organization , the Wakkewood should identify the customer needs and wants
before supply its products. If they did it well the customer will satisfy and retain with them.
But here the customer dissatisfaction are being increased in this case. So they need greater
strategy to satisfy the customer.


Develop appropriate vision and mission statements.

"Vision is to improve the performance of the core units chain. Whilst doing so we will
continue to explore and develop growth opportunities in other markets. Through
implementing 'Managing For Value' we will stretch our ambitions and challenge the
conventional wisdom within the Company, thereby unlocking our potential and delivering

"Our mission is to be the consumer's first choice for products of outstanding quality and great
service at a competitive cost through working 'faster, simpler and together."



• fair prices: To build on and stretch the lead in products. By sharing customers’
passion for convenience Wakewood will continue to innovate and provide leadership
in delivering quality products at fair prices, sourced with integrity.
• Accelerating the growth of complementary services: To continue to accelerate the
development of services following the principles of quality and value and to provide a
broader shopping experience for customers.
• Reaching more customers through additional channels: To extend the reach of
• brand by opening new convenience stores and developing the online home delivery
• Growing market space: To expand the Company’s store estate, actively seeking and
developing a pipeline of new stores and extending the largely under-developed store
portfolio to provide an even better product offer while also growing space for other

Part B.

Using the information given in the case study, generate, evaluate and select appropriate
strategies for the Wakewood organization.


Propose a suitable structure to ensure appropriate participation in the process.

Head of All

Unit-1 ons

Functional structures

Marketing Department

This is a key department to Wakewood. The final product gets sales by marketing activities.
Customer retention can be achieved through marketing.

Production Department

This department should handle the quality of products. They should ensure the minimising
the wastages and other unwanted costs.

Human Resource department

They should handle the employees related issues such as training and development activities.

Also they should handle their organizational problems and poor morale.


Develop criteria for reviewing potential options

In Wakewood the only general manager is not enough to achieve company objectives and it
is realy required the specific management. It can go through SWOT analysis.


• Long term surviving company
• Reputed firm
• Autonomously managed

• Lower customer communication
• Lower computer knowledge
• General manager has not enough time


• Can adopt more customers by many units
• Goodwill help to retain the existing customers


• Competitors can capture the customers
• Customer dissatisfaction may cause to lose them


Construct an agreed strategy and include its resource implications.

Proper structure of Management

The Wakewood Company is operating seven units. They are facing high expenses currently.
This problem should be solved. Where they can reduce staff costs by establishing a good
management structure. Because one manager only a person who cannot deal with all
problems of organizations.

Continue the profitable units by acquiring losing units’ resources

They should order the units based on revenue. According that they can continue high revenue
units. Then they can utilise the lower revenue units resources for high revenue units.

Cost reduction

The organization is facing high costs. In order reduce the costs they should handle proper
strategy. Where they can reduce the wastages and luxury costs other than essential expenses.

Salary and Incentives

If the company should pay good salary at right time. It is a bigger motivational factor for
them. Also they should share the profit for the employees. Then employees will tend to work
hard to increase productivity.
Special Marketing Department

Any organization depend on the marketing factors. even if Wakewood produce good product,
it should reach its customers. Its business success depends on the marketing techniques.
Therefore it should have a marketing department. It will help to face competition and
increase sales. Also will help to retain customers by promotional activities.

Part C


Develop outline timetable for implementation

Timescale for implementation and development
An outline timescale for the Wakewood, to permit a relatively rapid development, it would
be appropriate to phase the planning in a manner ensuring early completion of critical
facilities. Thus research activities may be initiated before the final completion of the whole
Proper structure of Management

The corporate level people should initiate this strategy. This need to set in three months.
Proper recruitment needed. The six month management training will help to progress well.

Continue the profitable units by acquiring losing units’ resources

past financial reports can help to identify the most profitable organization. It should be
implemented within six months

Cost reduction

It is a long term process. A good research can help to bring technology. Cost analysis can
help the reduction of costs.

Salary and Incentives

It should be implemented in immediate time.

Special Marketing Department

There need a research about the product and expectations of customers. A two year progress
needed to complete tasks.

P3.2 Create appropriate dissemination process to get commitment.
For the organizational develop, they often should undergo significant change at various
points in their development. Change management entails thoughtful planning and sensitive
implementation, and all the above. Consultation with involvement of people affected by the
changes. If the firm force change on people normally problems arise. Change must be
realistic, achievable and measurable. These aspects are especially relevant to managing
personal change.

P3.3 Set up monitoring and evaluation system

The strategic plan document should specify who is responsible for the overall implementation
of plan and also who is responsible for achieving each goal and objectives. The board of
Wakewood organization might expect the chief executive to regular report to the full board
about status the status of implementation including progress toward each of the overall
strategic goals. In turn the chief executive might expect regular status report from general
managers regarding the status toward their achieving the goals and objectives assigned to


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