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To improve small savings across India, the government of India, has

started issuing, in 2011-2012, which of the following?
Answer: 10-year National Savings certificate
Which abbreviation is not related to banking? (1) NPA, (2) CRR, (3)
SLR, (4) NAV, (5) PLR Answer:4
Banks which do money management for their clients, offering higher
returns are known as? Answer: Investment banker
Dr. Vijay L.Kelkar is the chairman of the?
Answer: 13th finance commission & (14th: Y.V.Reddy)
The Highest body that approves five-year plans in India is the?
Answer: National Development Council
Credit information sharing by banks & credit Bureaus, in India is
undertaken as per________
Answer: Credit information Companies (regulation) Act
Every year in January, the world Economic Forum meeting, known as
Davos Summit is held is which of these countries?
Answer: Switzerland
Pink Slip is a term associated with?
Answer: Job Termination
As per Government of Indias directors NBFCs cannot ________.
Answer: Accept Demand Deposits
10. Post-harvest loan scheme for farmers at low interest rates of 7% is
launched by which of these banks? Answer: NABARD
11. Recently which department of central government applied to RBI, for
banking license to start banking Operations across India?
Answer: Department of Posts
12. Basel Committee for Banking Supervision (BCBS) is located in?
Answer: Switzerland
13. Negotiable Instruments Act (NIA) is specifically brought in by
government of India, for the purpose of which of the following sectors?
Answer: Banking
14. Deposit insurance facility is available for?
Answer: Bank Customers (SB A/C holders)
15. Which of the following is considered to be a very economical and
reliable form of advertising and sales promotion?
Answer: Satisfied Customer
16. Brown Label ATMs which are expected to be operational in 2012, are
Answer: Rental ATMs

17. Which of the following is a measure of solvency of a bank?

Answer: Capital Adequacy Ratio
18. An economy where people are free to pursue their own self-interest
without any state intervention is called a?
Answer: Laissez Faire economy
19. For everyday usage of financial instrument like cheques and drafts, all
rules and regulations are given by which of the following acts?
Answer: Negotiable Instrument Act
20. Which Organization was formed for promoting small industries
development, by government of India?
Answer: SIDBI
21. Asian Development Bank (ADB) is located in which country? Answer:
22. M/s Moodys Investor Services is a/an? Answer: Credit Rating
23. DAX is the stock exchange index of? Answer: Frankfurt Stock
24. The Basel Norms deal with? Answer: Capital Adequacy in Banks
25. The central Government & RBI have decided to introduce plastic
currency for the 1st time in which denomination?
Answer: Rs. 10/26. The Term insurance is basically related to? Answer: Risk
27. SARFAESI Act empowers (and enables) the banks to recover their
NPAs (bad & doubtful debts/loans) from defaulting customers without the
intervention of court, if the defaulted loan amount is above Rs. ______?
Answer: Rs.1 lakh
28. E-kiosk a 24x7, all 365 days facility for depositing cheques, is created
for bank customers in Chennai during 2011 by which of these banks?
Answer: IOB
The Government of India proposed that village knowledge centers
are set up by which of these? Answer: NABARD
Annual Budget every year is proposed and tabled for discussion
in parliament by the? Answer: Finance Minister
31. Ushathorat committees suggestion that Rs.50 crores is required to
start which of the following organizations in India? Answer: Non-Banking
Finance company(NBFC)
32. IDRBT (Inst. Of Development & Research in Banking Technology) is
established by which of the following? Answer: RBI
33. Which of the following is a financial instrument? (1) pay order, (2) zero
coupon bond, (3) Derivative, (4) share certificate, (5) all the above
34. Marketing that uses famous people to help sell a product (endorse it)
is? Answer: Image Marketing

35. The term KPO refers to? Answer: Knowledge Process Outsourcing
36. World Development Report is published every year by which of the
following? Answer: World Bank
37. Which organisaiton in India comes to the help of bank depositors in
case a bank fails and becomes insolvent? Answer: Deposit Insurance &
Credit Guarantee Corporation of India (DICGCI)
38. Apart from Stock exchanges which of the following come directly under
the control of (SEBI)? Answer: Credit Rating Agencies
39. What is true about LLP (Limited Liability Partnership)?
(a) LLP is a separate legal entity like limited companies
(b) Liability of partners is limited to their contribution
(c) NO partner in a LLP is liable on account of independent and
unauthorized actions of other partners
(d) Liability of a partner is limited, in case of errors and omissions
negligence, and incompetence of LLPs employees. Answer: all the
40. What are MSF (Marginal Standing Facility) schemes for banks?
Answer: Banks will be able to borrow from RBI, up to 1% of their
respective Net Demand and Time Liabilities
41. Solitaire range credit cards for women, were released by which of
these banks? Answer: HDFC Bank
42. Which state in India, utilized NABARDs schemes right from its
inception, by participating in 1023 projects for the development of and
creation of storage facilities in rural areas? Answer: Andhra Pradesh
43. A process of reducing debt (loans) through savings & payment by
installment (interest and principal) is known as? Answer: Amortization
44. Profession Tax is levied by ______. Answer: Municipal Corporation
45. What is debenture? Answer: An interest paying loan issued for a
limited period & traded in stock markets
46. AMFI Stands for? Answer: Association of Mutual Funds India
47. What is dear money policy? Answer: Credit is not easily available
from banks to all
48. What is a subsidy? Answer: Assistance given directly or indirectly
as per government schemes to a beneficiary
49. Farmers Clubs is the initiative of which of the following banks?
Answer: NABARD & SBI
50. Credit information Bureau of India Ltd (CIBIL) provides data to
commercial banks on which of the following?
Answer: Customer Credit

51. Indias foreign exchange reserves are kept in the safe custody of the?
Answer: RBI
52. Bank loans by hypothecation and Mortgage are called as? Answer:
secured loans
53. Banking services for individual customers is known as? Answer:
Retail Banking
54. A person who agrees to pay another persons debts in case of default is
known as? Answer: Guarantor
55. Current and savings accounts in banks are known as?
Demand Deposits
56. What is a Demat account? Answer: Share trading account of
individual investor in dematerialized/ electronic format
57. Know your customer (KYC Norms) procedure requires obtaining
information from which of the following? Answer: Bank customers
58. M/s High Mark is a credit information bureau for which of the
Answer: Micro finance companies
59. Foreign direct investment (FDI) is NOT permitted in which of these?
Answer: Arms & Ammunition and atomic energy and Railway
Transport and coal mines
60. FIPC (Foreign Investment Promotion Council) is constituted under the
chairmanship of?
Answer: ICICI Bank
61. Which of the following is a direct tax? (a) Income Tax, (b) Property Tax,
(c) wealth Tax, (d) Capital Gains Tax
Answer: all the above.
62. A crossed cheque can be encashed by?
Answer: through a bank
account only
63. What is Interbank Transfer? Answer: payment process by NEFT &
64. What are sovereign wealth funds (SWF)?
Answer: money invested
out of countrys reserves for the benefit of nations economy &
65. Deposit Insurance & Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC) is solely
owned by? Answer: RBI
66. Microfinance / micro Credit is meant for poorer sectors of the society
and this is routed through?
Answer: Self Help Groups (SHGs)
67. Bank of India (a public sector banking organization) tied up with
which of the following insurance companies for coverage of some of the loan
offered by it? Answer: Star Union Dai ichi Life insurance

68. NFS (National Financial Swith) is used for? Answer: Networking of

all ATMs of different banks
69. FIMMDA (Federation of Money Markets and Derivative Association) is a
self-regulating body of which of the following?
Answer: Scheduled
Commercial Banks
70. Deposit insurance facility by DICGCIL (Deposit Insurance and Credit
Guarantee Corporation of India ltd.) is not available to which of the
following customers? Answer: NBFC depositors
71. Proxy banking in rural areas, by an internet kiosk and ATM is actively
propagated (by) which of these banks? Answer: ICICI Bank
72. The process of analyzing & noting the difference in two related records
(entries in a bank pass book and a bank statement) and correcting the same
is known as? Answer: Reconciliation
73. The Zero Coupon Bonds floated by NABARD are known as? Answer:
Bhavishya Nirman Bonds
74. Trade control in India is regulated by? Answer: DGFT
75. As per the RBIs rules for NBFCs, they should have a net owned fund
of Rs. _________ to
commence business.
Answer: 200 lakhs
76. Head quarter of World Bank is located at? Answer: Washington D.C
77. Central Banking Enquiry committee was set up in? Answer: 1931
78. Social control on banks was imposed in? Answer: 1967
79. Presidency bank Act came into existence in? Answer: 1876
80. Punjab National Bank was setup in 1895 at? Answer: Lahore
81. US Federal Reserve was established in? Answer: 1913
82. Agricultural Refinance Corporation of India was set up in? Answer:
83. District Credit plans were initiated in? Answer: 1973
84. The main function of the National Credit Council (NCC)? Ans: To
Assist the RBI and Government to allocate credit according to plan
85. Reason for announcement of social control over banks? Answer: To
secure a better alignment of the banking system to the needs of
economic policy
86. Differential Rate of interest scheme aims at? Answer: to cater to
the need of the weaker sections of the society and for their growth.
87. Health Code System introduced in 1985 aims at? Answer: To strong
training the banking system
88. At Present, How banks have to classify their advances? Answer:
Standard assets, sub-standard assets, doubtful assets and loss assets

89. To strength the capital base of banks which system was introduced for
banks including foreign banks in India? Answer: Capital- to risk
weighted assets ratio
90. Securitization and Reconstruction of financial Assets and enforcement
of security interest (SARFAESI) act was enacted in?
Answer: 2002
91. How many million notes are driven out of circulation every year in
India is about? Answer: 8Million
92. Modernized currency notes press are under establishment at?
Answer: Mysore and Salboni
93. Coins are minted at which places? Answer: Mumbai, Kolkata,
Hyderabad and Noida
94. RBI has decided to put into circulation coin of Rs. 5 and Rs. 2 with the
theme of? Answer: XIX common wealth Games 2010 Delhi.
95. The small coins (offences) Act was enacted in? Answer: 1971
96. India millennium deposit scheme was launched by? Answer: State
Bank of India
97. A minimum lending rate was prescribed on all loans, except for the
priority sector in? Answer: 1973
98. The evaluation of total operations and performance of the banks was
under which system since July 1997? Answer: CAMELS
99. The branch licensing policy for Regional Rural Banks was rationalized
Answer: June 1995
100. The route of merger or amalgamation of RRBs was suggested by?
Answer: V.S.Vyas Committee
101. Tax payable on profits made on sale of assets, is _______. Answer:
Capital Gains Tax
102. Which of the following is not a function of the Reserve Bank of India?
Answer: Appointment of chairman of public sector banks