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Class Kit License (CKL)

installation on Windows*

*For complete installation instructions, see the COMSOL Installation and

Operations Guide which is available in printed as well as electronic
(PDF/HTML) format.

Class Kit License Installation

This presentation shows how to install COMSOL Multiphysics with
a Class Kit (Floating Network) License (CKL)
The beginning of the presentation shows how to as a regular
user install COMSOL on any computer
The last part of the presentation shows how a license administrator
needs to install a license manager on a dedicated computer on a
local area network (LAN)

Before you begin:

1) Did you obtain a license.dat file from your sales representative?
2) If you did, open the license.dat and check the following information:
The string server_name should be
the name or IP-address of the
computer where you will install the
COMSOL license manager.
You need to manually replace the
default server_name with the data for
the computer which will act as a
license manager.
The 12 digit hexadecimal code
should be the Host ID of the
computer on which you install the
COMSOL license manager. Please
see the Installation and Operations
Guide for more information.

If this information is incorrect, then contact

your COMSOL sales representative to get
a valid license.dat file.

Basic Terminology

License Server:

License Manager:

Computer where the License Manager will be installed and run. A computer running a
License Manager is required for an FNL license type. To install the COMSOL software and
the License Manager files on the License Server computer, follow the instructions in the
rest of this presentation. Please note that any computer on your local network can serve as
a License Server. It does not need to be a computer that is sold as a server by a
computer vendor like Dell or HP.

This is a software for license management that is included on the COMSOL installation
media and that is automatically installed alongside with the COMSOL software. It
essentially counts the number of licenses that is currently being used. The Floating
Network License type requires the License Manager software to be activated manually. In
addition, in order for the License Manager to function, a so called license file is needed.
You will get this license file (license.dat) from the COMSOL staff.

License Client:

Computer where the COMSOL software is installed. On a Client computer, you do not
need to run the License Manager, but you need to have a connection to the License
Manager. The first row in the license.dat file (see server_name on page 2) will point the
License Client to the License Manager where to find it on your local network. To install
the COMSOL software on a License Client computer, follow the instructions up to slide 12
of this presentation.

License Server
(Where License Manager needs to be installed)



Connection is needed
between the License
Server and the License
Client computers.


License Client computers

(No License manager needs to be run here, but the first row
in the license.dat file needs to point to the IP-address or
hostname of the License Server computer.)

Insert the DVD/CD into your CD-ROM drive. The COMSOL Installer window
should appear automatically. If not, run the setup.exe on the installation DVD/CD.
After this, the COMSOL Installer Window will open (See Below).

Click here to
start a new

Step 1: Choose
License format to
License file from
drop down menu.

Step 2: Enter the path

of the license.dat file
or use Browse tab to
find the file.
Step 3: Enter your
name and company

Step 4: Click Next


Step 1: Choose
platforms to

Step 2: Click Next

These are two screenshots of the Features screen in the COMSOL Installer

Make sure you select all the products listed in the Features screen including the License Manager.
The destination folder is C:\COMSOL35a by default.
If you wish to install the COMSOL with MATLAB interface, click the check box next to MATLAB
Click Next.
If you wish to just install the License Manager, clear all other product check boxes.

Step 1:
Check these

Step 2:
Click Next


Click on Install.


Once the installation is successfully completed, you

will see this screen. Click on Finish.


Starting the License Manager

The following slides 14-22 are only applicable to
installation on the License Server computer.


Once the software installation is completed, you need to start the License Manager

1. Locate the license Manager files.

2. Double click on lmtools.exe. This will open the
License Manager Window See next slide.


1. In this window, click on Service/License File tab.

2. Make sure that the Configuration using services radio button is ON.



Click on the Config Services tab.

Enter a name in the Service Name field. Example: License Manager for COMSOL.
Enter the path for lmgrd.exe or click Browse to find it.
Enter the path for the license file or click Browse to find it.
Manually enter a path to create a log file. This log file is used to debug potential installation problems and
for you, as a license administrator, to monitor license usage.

lmgrd.exe, license.dat are located in the default folders shown in the screen
shot. You need to however create a path for the log file.


Click the check box for Use Services. Once you do

this, Start Server at Power Up will become active.


Click the check box for Start Server at Power Up. This will ensure that the
License Manger automatically starts if the computer running the license
manager is rebooted.


1. Click on the Start/Stop/Reread tab.

2. Click on Start Server. This will start the License Manager.


1. Click on Save Service. This will open a pop-up window.

2. Click Yes to save the settings for the service.


Click on File -> Exit

Now, the COMSOL License Manager is ready to use. To make sure that
the License Manager is running, follow instructions on the next slide.



On your keyboard, press Crtl+Alt+Del to open the Windows Task Manager.

Click on the Processes tab.
Make sure that LMCOMSOL.exe is running. This confirms that the License Manager is
installed and running.

Follow instructions on slides 3 10 to install COMSOL software on a Client computer