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Volume 3 No. 6

Thursday, February 5, 2015


State law to affect spring election write-in votes

By Ginna Young
Voters will have the opportunity to cast their ballots for officials in the coming weeks, but some may not know of voting changes for 2015. Those who intend to run as a write-in
candidate, now need to file registration papers with the clerk
in order to be counted.

33rd alumni weekend

set for Feb. 14 & 15
The 33rd annual Lake Holcombe mens basketball and
womens volleyball tournaments, sponsored by the Lake Holcombe Alumni Tournament Committee, will be held Saturday, Feb. 14, and Sunday, Feb. 15, at Lake Holcombe School.
Mens basketball games are set to start at 8:30 a.m., Saturday, with 10 games scheduled.
Women participating in the volleyball tournament should
meet in the small gym Saturday, 9 a.m., to determine teams.
A group photo will also be taken at that time, and a roundrobin tournament will follow.
Four mens basketball games are scheduled for Sunday,
starting at 11 a.m. A championship game, starting at 2:15
p.m., will conclude the weekends activities. Graduates from
2008-2009 are the returning champions.
One Lake Holcombe school supporter will receive the
Honorary Sports Fan award during halftime of the championship game.
The Lake Holcombe PRIDE committee will also hold their
Super Raffle drawing Sunday, following the completion of
games. Tickets, if any are left, will be available throughout
the weekend and support Lake Holcombe Schools. For more
information about the raffle, contact Bruce Anderson at 715579-0734.

The act went into effect April 2, 2014, for Wisconsin as

part of the 2013 Assembly Bill 419.
It helps that you dont have to count and record Mickey
Mouse and Donald Duck, and everybody else who wants to
fill a write-in, said Judy Talbot, Cornell mayor. It also
means if you want to be a serious write-in candidate and you
put flyers up, but dont come to the city office, your votes
dont count.
If a write-in candidate has not registered, the vote will only
be eligible if there is an open position where no certified candidates appear on the ballot.
Residents may vote for officials at the following dates and
In Cadott: The Cadott School Board will hold a primary
election Tuesday, Feb. 17, at the Cadott Fire Hall, Town of
Arthur and Town of Sigel. In the running are incumbents P.
Scot Kelly and Christine Rowe; opposing are Greg Maziarka,
Charlotte Seibel and Terri Goettl.
(See Spring Election Page 3)

Left to right, Don Langteau, Jan Langteau and Jim

Beede act as judges for the Taste of the Tundra
Chili Contest Jan. 24, at Holcombe United
Methodist Church. Out of the 10 varieties of chili entered, Liz Dempsey walked away with her prize of
the Chili Bucket. The bucket lists past winners
and will be on display in her kitchen until next
years cookoff. More photos on Page 10.
(Photo by Ginna Young)

Cornell School Board

Full-sports co-op something Cornell wants to look at

By Monique Westaby
Right now, the basketball numbers are down for both
school districts, said Dave Elliott, Cornell principal, of Cornell and Lake Holcombe. Both boys and girls. Volleyball
has been high in both districts.
Elliott gave that information in response to a question from
board member Paul Wallerius, at a regular Cornell School
Board meeting Jan. 26. Wallerius had asked Elliott if he had
talked to Lake Holcombe about co-oping the sports, following an administrative report that had been sent to board members before the meeting.

New Cadott postmaster lands ideal location

By Heather Dekan
assignments, and worked as a supervisor in River Falls,
Donna Woodcock is the new postmaster at the Cadott Post Hudson and Eau Claire. She also worked as an account repOffice. Although on paper she has officially been the new resentative and customer service representative in St. Paul
postmaster since April 2014, because of a
and Minneapolis.
shortage of employees across the area, Donna
Donna has spent some time working as offiwas still needed in the Bloomer Post Office
cer in charge of several offices, which she says
until June 2014.
gave her the experience needed to be promoted
When Joanne Crapisi, postmaster of
to postmaster.
Cadott, retired in January 2014,said Donna,
Her first postmaster position was awarded in
Ijumped at the chance to be closer to home
1998 at the Conrath Post Office, after holding
and applied for the Cadott postmaster posidown that office for eight years. She was then
promoted to the Thorp Post Office postmaster
Donna graduated from Cornell High School
until 2011, when she transferred to Bloomer
in 1981, and married Jim Woodcock in 1982.
for almost two years.
Together, they have three daughters and three
It has been my goal since Istarted in the post
grandsons. Jims family has roots in Cadott,
office to be the postmaster of the Cadott Post
Donna Woodcock
and Donna also has a sister there, so she says its like com- Office,said Woodcock. It is close to home and the coming home.
munity is so friendly.
Donna started her postal career in 1986 in Eau Claire as a
Ilook forward to serving the Cadott community as postcity carrier, then transferred to the Chippewa Falls office in master, and I dont have any plans on leaving here until I re1993. She traveled to other offices on what she calls detail tire, and that will be a few years yet.

Mr. (Greg) Sonnentag (Cornells AD) was supposed to

talk to Cindy Miller (Lake Holcombes AD) on Friday, said
Elliott. I didnt get a chance to talk to him about that so I
didnt bring it up in my report here (at the meeting), other
than in there (emailed report).
Elliott says while numbers for volleyball have been high,
they may be lower in the future, judging by predicted upcoming numbers.
Its getting kind of foolish to have just a couple not (cooped), Elliott said. We should really buy in and get that
taken care of.
With a basketball and volleyball co-op between the two
schools, all sports from Cornell and Lake Holcombe would
then be combined. Elliott says with the higher numbers, it
could mean two JV teams, where freshmen would play their
own games, and games could be scheduled for them.
The problem with having even JV sometimes in the Lakeland Conference is some of them dont even have JV teams,
says Elliott. Were getting to the point now where our injuries, with the boys and with the girls, that we have to drop
a couple JV games ourselves.
Its something I want to look at.
Paul Schley, Cornell superintendent, said for a basketball
and volleyball co-op, student and community support would
be crucial.
I wish it would happen, said Schley. Then, if were in
the conference that has no JV teams a lot of times, maybe it
makes sense to look at the Cloverbelt Conference together.
Ive mentioned that to Greg and Cindy as well. Id love it
if we were co-oped in everything. Lets get in the Cloverbelt,
have some good competition. And youve got teams for JV,
C-squad and the whole gamut.
I havent heard of any of our co-op groups being an
issue, said Elliott. We just want more kids coming from
(See Cornell School Board Page 10)

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On the third potato, I realized I dont always know, but moms do
Thursday, February 5, 2015


By Monique Westaby
Managing Editor
Since learning Ihave a
tiny human growing inside me, Ive spent a lot
of time thinking about
motherhood. Many of my
friends have been more
than willing to offer their advice on the
topic, and my mother has been no exception.
Although I say this with appreciation at
all the words of direction Ive received, Ive
always been a little, lets say, uncomfortable,
with guidance, especially from my parents.
To explain, lets go back a few years. OK,
maybe a few decades.
As a small child, mom would warn me to
scream if anyone talked to me or even
looked at me. Id giggle and say, I know
Mom. Shed told me before I shouldnt talk
to strangers, but I always questioned if Id
actually scream if the situation happened. It
never did, so I guess Ill never know.
During my driving age, kind words of direction bounced off my eye rolls as I walked
out the door while my mom said, Drive
safe, watch out for deer.
Mom, Id respond. I know.
Shed smile and Id close the door behind
me, with teenage annoyance oozing from
my veins.
The years went on, and Mom and I grew
closer as I finally realized her suggestions
were there to help, not nag. The stubborn in
my blood would still come out in sarcasm
now and again, but I tried to keep it under
I knew the be safe was just another way
of her saying I love you, and the dont hit
any deer was merely a reminder to watch
the ditches. Although Im sure she still doesnt appreciate the sarcastic I was planning
on it, but now that you told me not to I wont

hit any deer, response I give now and then.

Now, while I sit with child, I often reminisce about the advice my parents gave me.
I remember those moments where Id be
told something I didnt want to hear, and
think, When I have kids, Im never going to
do that.
I chuckle at the thought, and my husband
laughs when I tell him what rules this little
kid will have once its born. He reminds me
every time what I said just a few years ago,
before parenthood was actually a reality.
And then this weekend happened.
My mom had just returned from vacation
and was getting over not feeling well, so I
offered to make her and my dad dinner for
the big game. They gladly accepted and I
brought all the supplies needed for a delicious, health conscious meal.
We talked about the baby, and how sick
Ive been, while I prepared the seasoning for
a perfect pork tenderloin. Mom offered her
advice on eating correctly, so her grandchild
would be healthy.

and nutrition, and I cut the first few potatoes

with ease and dropped them into the bowl.
And then, on the third potato, as if God was
saying, Im sick of you acting like you
know everything when it comes to your
mother, the knife slid through the potato
and into my finger.
Owww, I moaned and walked to the
Are you OK? Mom asked.
Even with my back turned and finger
throbbing, I could almost feel the I told you
so smile on her face. While she denies it,
Im about positive she whispered those four
words under her breath as she got me a
The next several minutes were a blur as I
tried to numb my finger and stop the bleeding, but one thing came through clear as
day never cut potatoes while distracted
Im kidding. In reality, after 26 years,
maybe I should finally admit I dont know
everything, but apparently, mothers do. If
only Id realized that 10 minutes sooner.

Dont be a crutch, be a supportive friend

By Kayla Peche
No matter who you are
or what your situation is,
your life is going to be a
struggle. Some struggle
more than others and in
different ways, but in the
end, we all struggle to
Its the reason humans need each other.
Without one another to rely on, most of us
wouldnt make it. People need other people
in their lives, and good people are always
willing to help friends in need.
The problem is understanding what will
help, and what wont help. More often than


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I know Mom, I said, using my response

for nearly everything.
In fact, I didnt, and dont know. Ive
never been pregnant before and shes a
three-time expert. But, since a child, Ive
known everything, so its become a reflex.
The pork was ready for the oven, and it
was time to cut up the baby red potatoes. I
washed and scrubbed each one, then asked
for a knife to quarter them. Mom dug
through the drawer and pulled out what
looked like a serrated samurai sword.
Whoa, I said. I just need a little knife.
She grabbed a smaller one and I reached
past her and picked up the littlest one still in
the drawer. I pulled it out of the sheath and
determined this would be the perfect size.
Be careful honey, she told me as I
turned back toward the cutting board with
my weapon. That knife is sharp. Ive only
used it once or twice.
Mom, I said, I know. Im 26 years old.
I know how to operate a knife.
We continued our conversation on babies


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not, a helping hand turns into a crutch. Just

like not using your legs for so long will
make it much harder when you have to, so
will relying on others to keep you up.
While crutches are sometimes necessary,
relying on them for too long weakens you.
When we find ourselves in tough situations, we take whatever help we can get. The
problem is we often take more than we ought
to. If youre the one helping your friend get
back on their feet, make sure to help them in
a way that actually helps.
Being supportive is helping someone help
themselves being someones crutch is
helping them as if they couldnt help themselves.
Do your best to rely on other people as little as possible. If you can avoid relying on
someone, youre better off doing so.
This doesnt stem from the thought people
shouldnt be trusted, or we should do our
best to live our lives in solitude, instead, at
any moment in your life, you may find you
relied on the wrong people. When it does,
youre the one who ends up paying for it.
Sometimes, however, we have no choice
but to ask for a helping hand. Sometimes
were hanging off the side of a cliff and find
our arms are too weak to hold on. Its moments like this youll be glad you have
someone in your life you can rely on.
It also may be times like this when youre
glad you hadnt been asking for help the entire time. People arent so willing to help
those always looking, and sometimes get
tired of hearing the same old story.
Toxic Charity, by Robert D. Lupton, is
about an author who does charity work for
decades and compiles his findings and observations.
After years of charity work, he realizes
how useless, and even counterproductive,
traditional charity actually is. Instead of
helping people, traditional charity ends up
leaving them worse off.
Lupton found giving people handouts only

led to them wanting more. And over time,

people learn to expect these handouts as if
they were entitled to them, fully relying on
them for their livelihood, with no plans for
making life changes.
If people can avoid doing work to get
what they need in life; they will. If you decide to become someones crutch, you may
very well find that person sucking you dry.
People will never change the way theyre
living unless they have to.
What Lupton found is allowing and teaching people to help themselves made it possible for a lasting, positive change to take
So, when your friends or family members
come to you for help, dont help them by trying to fix their lives or their situations. All
this will do is put a band-aid on a wound.
Help someone by showing them how to
help themselves, by teaching them to understand how they can best get out, and stay out,
of their situation.
Show the people you love how strong and
intelligent they are, and how much potential
they possess.
People dont fail because they dont have
it in them to succeed. Most people fail because they believe they arent capable of
Let a friend know the life they wish for is
possible if they hope to have it. More than
that, they have to believe their ideal life is
It isnt always easy to have such strong belief in yourself. How can someone believe
theyll succeed if life has proven them
wrong time and time again?
As a friend, its your job to remind and
convince your friends the lives theyve always dreamed of are lives they can one day
live. This is really all the support anyone
needs. Nearly all people can take care of
themselves what most people really need
is a reminder they can be great if they choose

Attitude is a little thing

that makes a big difference.
- Winston Churchill


Tax scam avoidance starts with awareness
Thursday, February 5, 2015


Theres a new face on Main Street at the Cornell Police Station, as Cleoan Wright officially began her
secretarial duties Jan. 27. Wright was hired by the
city after former police secretary Kathy Goulet retired. Wright grew up in Cornell, moved away and
returned to the area in 2008. She says she looks forward to doing her job the best she can, and that Police Chief Brian Hurt has been wonderful in
showing her the ropes and very patient while she
(Photo by Ginna Young)

WisDOT cautions drivers

on winter driving speeds
From the WisDOT
Vehicles in a ditch along a highway or stuck in a snow
bank on the side of a street are a familiar part of Wisconsins winter landscape. Although drivers try to blame slippery roads for losing control of their vehicles, frequently
the truth is they are driving too fast for conditions.
Driving at the posted speed limit often will be too fast
for conditions when theres ice, snow and slick spots on
roadways or when visibility is reduced by snow, sleet and
fog, says Wisconsin State Patrol Captain Jeffrey J.
Frenette. The speed limit is set for safe driving on dry
pavement with good visibility. You might not be able to
stop or control your vehicle at the posted speed limit on a
slippery road or during hazardous weather.
It is illegal to drive at speeds that exceed what is reasonable and prudent under existing road conditions. Drivers
are required to adjust their speeds to take into account the
actual, and potential, hazards because of weather, highway
conditions or other traffic.
A violation of the state law is $213.10, with four demerit
points added to the drivers record. A second offense within
a 12-month period is $263.50, with four additional points.
The slogan Snow Means Slow also applies to fourwheel drive and other heavy-duty vehicles, which can still
slide, skid and fish tail while trying to slow down or stop
on slippery roads, says Frenette. If you drive too fast for
conditions and slide off the road or crash, you likely will
have to pay for an expensive traffic ticket, plus towing and
vehicle repair bills. Its much cheaper, safer and certainly
less frightening to maintain control of your vehicle by
slowing down.

From The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture,

Trade and Consumer Protection
Imagine going to your tax office with all of your paperwork and finding out that a return had already been submitted and paid out in your name. Or receiving a letter in
the mail that a tax return using your information was filed
in multiple states without your knowledge.
These are only a couple of examples of tax identity theft
that have been reported to the Wisconsin Department of
Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP). Tax
ID theft causes delays in victims tax returns and costs victims significant time and money in repairing the damage to
their identities.
The DATCP asks consumers to review the security
around their personal information, but also to be on the
lookout for tax-related scams throughout the tax season.
Criminals love tax season because it presents so many
opportunities for theft and fraud, said Sandy Chalmers, division administrator for the DATCP. Tax ID theft is the
most commonly reported form of ID theft nationally.
Tax identity theft usually involves a criminal using your
stolen Social Security number (SSN) to file fraudulent tax
returns to obtain a refund. It can also happen when someone uses your SSN to get a job or claims your child as a
dependent on a tax return.
Tax identity thieves get your personal information in a
number of ways, including going through your trash or
stealing mail from your home or car; sending phony emails
that look like theyre from the IRS asking for personal information; employees at hospitals, nursing homes, banks

Expectant mothers urged to enroll in WIC program

From the Chippewa County Department
of Public Health
The Wisconsin Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Nutrition Program encourages all pregnant mothers to take advantage of services during the first trimester of pregnancy
to improve birth outcomes and the overall health of mom
and baby.
Serving over 100,000 participants monthly throughout
Wisconsins 72 counties, WICs goal is to provide nutrition
education, breastfeeding support, nutritious supplemental
foods, and health care referrals to low and moderate-income mothers.
Mothers who seek prenatal care earlier in pregnancy consume more key nutrients such as iron, folic acid, protein,
calcium, and other vitamins and minerals. WIC also improves the dietary intake of pregnant and postpartum
women. Studies have shown that WIC mothers have a reduced rate of premature birth and low birth-weight babies.
Pregnant mothers should schedule an appointment immediately with a family doctor to receive medical advice
and childbirth education, said Judy Fedie, registered dietitian and Chippewa County WIC program director. We
advise that prenatal nutrition is implemented as soon as
possible to prevent nutrition deficiencies and ensure

Spring Election - Continued from Front

The Cadott Village Board will hold their elections Tuesday, April 7, at the Cadott Fire Hall. Up for re-election are
Anson Albarado, president; Randy Kuehni, Terry Licht and
Gerald Rykal, trustees.
In Cornell: The City of Cornell will hold its annual elections Tuesday, April 7, at the Cornell City Council Chambers. On the council ballot are incumbents Mark Nodolf,
Floyd Hickethier and Glenford Logan; opposing are Bonnie Selmer and Jim Hodowanic; running un-opposed for
judge is Mindy Carothers-Harycki.
The Cornell School Board will hold elections Tuesday,
April 7, at the Cornell City Council Chambers. Incumbents
Paul Wallerius and Lyle Briggs will seek re-election.
In Holcombe: The Lake Holcombe Town Board will hold
a primary election Thursday, Feb. 19, at the Lake Holcombe Town Hall. Newcomers running are Beau Bowlin,
for the open chairman spot; Brian Guthman and David
Staudacher, for the two open supervisor seats. Anneleise
Willmarth, clerk; Tracey Geist, treasurer; and Keith Swanson, constable, will run as incumbents.

and other businesses stealing your information; and phony

or dishonest tax preparers misusing their clients information or passing it along to identity thieves.
To reduce your risk of identity theft, the DATCP suggests
filing your tax return early in the tax season before identity
thieves do, and using a secure internet connection if you
file electronically. Dont use unsecure, publicly available
Wi-Fi hot spots at places like coffee shops or hotel lobbies.
The DATCPalso says you should mail your tax return
directly from the post office; shred copies of tax returns,
drafts or calculation sheets you no longer need; respond to
all mail from the IRS as soon as possible; and know that
the IRS wont contact you by email, text or social media.
If the IRS needs information, it will first contact you by
Dont give out your SSN or Medicare number unless necessary. Ask why its needed, how its going to be used and
how it will be stored.
Get recommendations and research a tax preparer thoroughly before you hand over personal information. And, if
your SSN has been compromised, contact the IRS ID Theft
Protection Specialized Unit at 1-800-908-4490.
Be sure to check your credit report at least once a year
for free at to make sure no other
accounts have been opened in your name.
If a consumer is a victim of tax identity theft, they should
contact the FTC to file a complaint immediately (either
online at or by phone at 1-877FTC-HELP). They should also contact the IRS at 1-800908-4490.

healthy development of the baby. WIC is designed so

mothers do not have to wait until after pregnancy to receive
WIC food benefits.
Even if a mother has already delivered a baby, its not
too late to enroll in WIC. Income eligible families with
children from birth to five years can benefit from the
healthy outcomes of WIC throughout the early development of their childrens lives, which include improved
readiness for school, healthy growth and development, and
up-to-date immunizations.
In addition to nutrition services, WIC mothers receive
referrals to other programs such as Prenatal Care Coordination (PNCC), smoking cessation, drug and alcohol abuse
counseling, BadgerCare Plus, Head Start and FoodShare.

Advertising / News Deadline

The deadline for news articles and display ad copy is 12 p.m.
on Monday. Classified ads must be in no later than 12 p.m. on
Monday. All copy must be placed in the Cornell/Lake Holcombe office or Cadott office by deadline to ensure placement in the Courier
Sentinel paper the same week.

Let your hair fly

The Lake Holcombe School Board will hold an election

to fill the vacant board seat Tuesday, April 7, at the Lake
Holcombe Town Hall. No one has declared candidacy, and
the position will be filled by write-in vote.

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Weather, Sports
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Thursday, February 5, 2015


Couriers of the Past

10 Years Ago
Cornell Head Start finishes their learning unit on
quilts with a visit from quilt
lady Virginia Hakes, who
brings samples of quilt patterns and answers sewing
Lake Holcombe faculty
members Eileen Waeltz,
Becky Omtvedt, Julie Korish and Dana Mengel organize a bring your favorite
bottle blind auction for the
Through the auction of
maple syrup and glue bottles, among others, $194 is
raised for the Lake Holcombe Food Pantry.
20 Years Ago
Larry Sime, fertilizer department manager at Cornell
Farmers Union Co-op, is
recognized as one of the elite
members of the Eagle
Squadron by the Seed Division of Cenex Land OLakes
Ag Services.
The second annual Hard
Water Golf Classic is held at
Perch Lake. The frozen
course, which consists of
nine holes cut in the ice, sees
30 competitors battle for the
Driftwood Trophy and other
accolades. This years winners are Paul Dumholt, Bud

Sherry, Elmer Dumholt and

Ken Hartzell.
30 Years Ago
Cornell High School graduate Kristin Arneson makes
history as the first female patrol officer for the Savage
Police Department in Minnesota.
According to The Cornell
Courier, and Cadott Sentinel, employees say they
suffer from cabin fever for
the third year in a row. Because of the sickness the
newspaper offers half off
camera ready ads.
40 Years Ago
Under the senior leadership of Deb Beighley, Nan
Hendrickson, Sally Hurlburt,
Peggy Prentice and Sandy
Schwab, the Cornell Arrowettes cheerleaders conclude their season at a game
against Owen-Withee.
The Holcombe Lions Club
plays a celebrity basketball game against the Super
Stars of WAXX Radio and
WEAU-TV to benefit the
Jerry Hayes family. After
many shenanigans, the Lions
take the game in overtime,
50 Years Ago

The Cornell Business Association requests that Cornell businesses close for a
two-hour period Friday afternoon in respect of the passing of fellow businessman
William Prentice. Prentice
was the owner of Our Hardware Store, and was active
in city politics and civic organizations.
M.G. Farrington, formerly
of Worthington, Minn., purchases Lubachs Super Fair.
Farrington says he plans to
remodel the store somewhat,
and convert to the Super
Valu chain of grocery stores.
60 Years Ago
Cornell 4-H member Judith Blank wins an essay
contest on fire safety, earning a free trip to 4-H Camp.
Sixty Cornell Lions Club
members and their wives attend a Ladies Night Dinner,
with Pres. Sherwood Nelson
overseeing the nights
100 Years Ago
Magnus Swenson, of the
Food Administration, reminds Wisconsin businesses
they must have a license to
sell food/groceries. Failure
to apply for and receive a license will result in a $5,000
fine, two year imprisonment,
or both.

Neighboring News
Area Times
The Augusta boys basketball team claims their third
win in a row when senior
Noah Plewa leads the
Beavers to a 74-48 victory
with 23 total points over Cornell.
Two more wins are racked
up by the Augusta girls basketball team with a 60-32 win
over Eleva-Strum, followed
by a 61-48 defeat of the Eagles of Alma-Pepin.
Darlene Prickett writes a
childrens story, Joey Roos
Outback Adventure, aimed
for readers from 6-12 years
old. The book can be purchased online at BAM! and
A term of three years and
six months in state prison is
handed down to 20-year-old
Jesse Sweeter, who was involved in several armed robberies, including one at a
Rice Lake bank in July 2014.
Hannah Schimmel and
Riley Scheidecker are this
weeks Bloomer High School
students of the week.
Bloomer freshman Payton

Dachel leads the boys basketball team to a 51-35 win over

Chetek-Weyerhaeuser with
19 points.
The Bloomer School District four-year-old kindergarten registration days will
be held with a supper Thursday, Feb. 12, from 4-6 p.m.
The Colfax Village Board,
with the approval of the Colfax Public Library Board, selects Ayres Associates as the
architects for building a new
library or a new multi-purpose building.
A 36-year-old Colfax
woman, whose house was the
target of an arsonist, is now
charged with 10 additional
felonies related to drugs and
bail jumping, bringing the
total felony charges against
her in three counties to 43.
Four candidates will be on
the ballot for two open positions on the Colfax Town
Board for the April 7 election.
The Ladysmith Common
Council votes 7-0 to approve
an investment not to exceed
$12,500 from the citys min-

ing fund to purchase manufacturing equipment for use

by the local school district.
Ladysmith Police respond
to an accident involving a
Canadian National train and a
vehicle at the State Highway
27 crossing on the citys north
side. No injuries were reported.
The Ladysmith Common
Council votes 5-1 to hire a
new assistant public works
A ceremony is held prior to
the Orioles girls basketball
game honoring Jamie Reit for
scoring her 1,000th point,
which she reached at a game
in Altoona.
Five volunteer members of
the Stanley Lions Club
arrange guarantee pledges
from residents to reach donations of more than $1,600 for
the yearly UCP telethon
Stanley-Boyd senior Clint
Warminski is honored in a
ceremony at Lambeau Field
for making the Wisconsin
Football Coaches Association
All-State Team as a defensive

Sentinel Look Back

10 Years Ago
Cadott Elementary students raise over $1,400 for
tsunami victims and present
the money to the American
Red Cross.
The Cadott Snoball court
includes Jaimie Chapek, Allison McGinnis, Stephanie
Boos, Brianna Cornell,
Tiffanie Stasczuk, Samantha
Bluemel, Danielle Paff,
Melissa Muska, Cole Olynick, Shane Geissler, Rory
Zempel, Greg Sonnentag,
Peter Goettl, Patrick Nolan,
Don Nelson and Eric
20 Years Ago
River Country Plaza is
drawing customers from the
highway with a new sign, replacing the one that blew
down last year in a strong
wind storm.
Laraine Post is welcomed
as a new member to the
Cadott Womans Club.
The Cadott High School
auditorium will come alive
with music, fun and laughter
as the 10th Annual Gospel
Music Winterfest takes to the
The Cadott boys basketball

team posts a 76-59 win over

the Cornell Chiefs.
30 Years Ago
The Cadott-Goetz-Sigel
Fire Department is called to a
chimney fire at the Dave
Hanke residence. About 15
men battle the blaze for an
hour and a half, and there is
no damage to the house.
Cadott students Kyle Balts,
Lisa Matott, Travis Sikora
and Lona Buttke will have
their art work on display at
the State Capitol in Madison.
In an announcement from
the Cadott Post Office, the
rates for mailing first class
letters will increase to 22
40 Years Ago
Ted Arneson is elected
president and John Stanek is
elected vice president of the
Cadott Chamber of Commerce by the board of directors.
Barbara LeCleir is named
Cadott High Schools 1975
Better Crocker Family
Leader of Tomorrow.
Jody Lorenz and Randy
LaRose win championships
in their weight classes at the
Cloverbelt Junior Varsity

Wrestling Tournament.
50 Years Ago
Cadott volunteer firefighters are called to Stephens
Motor Shop on County Highway X to extinguish a fire,
presumed to have started
from an overheated heater.
Five Cadott women are involved in a two-car accident
in Eau Claire when a car slid
out of control and swerved in
the opposite lane. All occupants were transported, with
minor injuries.
Ruffs Super Market has
ground beef, 87 cents for 2
60 Years Ago
Phillip Brown and his wife
open a variety store in
T.J. McGlynn, a veteran
school administrator and former principal of Cadott Public Schools, announces his
plan for retirement.
Cadott residents donate
over $400 in the March of
Dimes drive.
Dale Baldwin is among the
500 music teachers from
schools throughout Wisconsin to attend the Mid-Winter
Music Clinic.

Tales of our Beginnings

Cadott Cornell Lake Holcombe areas

Baker School

The Baker School was built in 1887 for a total of $25 by Carl Spaeth. It was located
at the southeast corner of County Highway XX and County Highway O. In 1892, it was
ordered that school was to begin the first Monday of October for a six month term. The
teacher was paid $25/month.
In 1961, the school was vacated as consolidation moved students to the Cadott Community School system. In May 1962, the building was moved to the upper Riverview
Park. In August 2010, the school building found its current resting place, when it was
moved across State Highway 27 to the Cadott Area Historical Society Grounds.
Tours can be arranged at the Historical Society, which is open Mondays, 9 a.m. to 4
p.m., except holidays.
(Courtesy of the Cadott Area Historical Society)


Thursday, February 5, 2015



Borderline Rebels 4-H club

meeting, workshop, pizzas

Commodity program has

openings for senior citizens

Submitted By Quinn Sikora, club reporter

The Borderline Rebels 4-H Club met Saturday, Jan. 10, to
hold their first meeting of 2015. This meeting of the Rebels
was a little different than most as it also included an arts and
crafts workshop, and pizza-making.
Before the meeting began, club members and advisers
fashioned themselves the crust of their own personal pizzas.
After tossing the crusts in the oven, Matt Irwin, Rebels Club
president, called the meeting to order.
Quentin Muska and Quinn Sikora led the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H Pledge.
Saige Sikora, secretary, gave a re-cap of the December
Christmas caroling. She made a thank-you card for all members to sign for Bill Olson, of Huffcutt Concrete, who donated FFA fruit for the cheer baskets.
Quinn Sikora reported on the 4-H On-The-Air program
with Bob Bosold. Quinn also explained the start of the 4-H
Archery Program with 4-H Bow check day, which took place
in December. The first shoot at the Stanley Rod & Gun Club
was held Jan. 4.
Zach Irwin was officially installed as club treasurer by
Mary Muska.
As the group moved on to new business, members were
reminded to sign up for the Arts & Crafts Festival, to be held
March 7 at the Augusta Community Center.
A Box Lunch Auction will be held during the next meeting,
and the club also agreed to send care packages to military
persons stationed overseas on the motion of Quentin Muska.
After the conclusion of the meeting, everyone finished
preparing their pizzas and began to bake them. While they
were baking, members began their arts and crafts projects.
Several members made fleece blankets.
The next meeting is set for 6 p.m., Feb. 15, at the Delmar
Town Hall.

By Ginna Young
The Cornell Food Pantry is looking for seniors 60 and
older who meet income requirements to sign up for a monthly
food supplemental program. The pantry started the program
in the fall of last year, and quickly filled the quota.
Since that time, their have been some openings, said Ann
Sonderegger, with the Cornell Food Pantry. We just want to
get the word out to the elderly that there is help available.
The senior program, as part of the Commodity Supplemental Food Program, is designed to help seniors on a fixed income in Chippewa County.
Those who qualify receive a monthly supplemental package of foods such as canned fruits, vegetables and meat,
peanut butter, dried beans, cheese, juice, grains, rice and
Household Size:
Monthly Income:
(Add an additional $440 for each household member.)
Income requirements are before tax deductions of lesser or
equal guidelines.
Sonderegger says the pantry delivers the packages of food
to those who otherwise would not be able to visit the pantry.
Often, I take them some supplies from the food pantry, in
addition to the commodity boxes, Sonderegger said. Its a
good way to get help to those who need it, and I think its really opened some doors.
To register for the program, contact Ann Sonderegger at

Deb Zais, left, and Sandy Schara, right, present a

check to Jean Carlson, center, for the Cadott Food
Pantry. The Marcellis family held their fifth annual
food pantry fundraiser Jan. 24, and raised over
$900 and over 400 pounds of food. Bona Fide provided music and about 150 people attended.
(Photo by Heather Dekan)

Cornell School Board member Lyle Briggs (right) is

presented with a certificate of appreciation for serving 20 years on the school board from Wisconsin
Association of School Boards Executive Director
John Ashley. Briggs was recognized at the 94th
State Education Convention in Milwaukee, Jan. 22.
Briggs, who is up for re-election in the spring, says
hell continue to serve on the school board as long
its interesting to him and people vote him in.
(Submitted Photo)

Briggs receives recognition

of 20 years on school board
Cornell School District School Board member Lyle Briggs
was recognized Jan. 22, by the Wisconsin Association of
School Boards (WASB) for serving 20 years on the Cornell
School Board. Briggs was honored onstage at the general session of the 94th State Education Convention in Milwaukee,
in front of hundreds of school board members and school district administrators from around the state.
Briggs was notified that he was to be recognized for his
school board service prior to the convention and made the
trip to Milwaukee to participate in the ceremony.
I was brought up with a couple of other school board
members who have served 30 years, so that was nice, said
Briggs. It doesnt seem like its been that long 20 years. I
just want to thank the community for their support.
WASB Executive Director John Ashley congratulated
Briggs on his outstanding commitment to public education,
and presented him with a certificate of appreciation.
I commend Lyle Briggs for his efforts to improve educational opportunities for the young people in the Cornell community, and to diligently work at ensuring an effective
governing body, said Ashley. I thank Lyle for his work on
behalf of public education in Wisconsin.
Briggs says he hopes to extend his years on the board and
is running as an incumbent at this years Cornell School
Board spring election Tuesday, April 7.

Courier Sentinel

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Youth Ballet and Dance

Beginner Ballet 3 & 4 year olds
Basic Ballet 5 & 6 year olds
The World of Dance 7 - 12 year olds
(ballet, jazz, hip hop and modern dance)

Practice begins Monday, Feb. 9,

at Cornell Elementary School.
Participants will showcase what
they have learned during a
spring dance recital.

Contact Stephanie Seidlitz for

registration information 715-456-1067.



15332 State Hwy. 27

Cadott, WI 54727
Wayne & Stacey Lautsbaugh

(locally raised)

Smoking & Sausage included

Whole Hog - $1.99 per lb.

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Half Hog - $2.09 per lb.

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Award winning hams and bacon.



Thursday, February 5, 2015


Church Listings
1/2 mile east of Lake
Wissota State Park on County O,
Anson Township.
Pastor Jason Kim
Sunday: 11:15 a.m. Worship Service.
Fall Creek (L.C.M.S.) Ludington, WI
10 Mi. N. of Augusta,
10 Mi. S. of Cadott on State Hwy. 27
(at Ludington Bend)
Pastor Cal Siegel 715-877-3249
Sunday: 10:30 a.m. worship service
Sunday School 9 a.m. (Sept. - May)
Pastor Lucy Schottelkorb
27095 120th Ave. Cadott
Sunday service 10 a.m. Holy Communion 1st & 3rd Sundays of month.
Maple & Ginty Streets
Pastor George Olinske
Sunday: Worship Service 10:45 a.m.
Holy Communion first Sunday of each
month; Potluck fourth Sunday each
month following Worship Service.


20588 Cty. Hwy. X,
Chippewa Falls, WI
Pastor Deborah Nissen
Sunday: 9 a.m. worship;
Wednesday: 4 p.m. live homework
help; 5:30 p.m. light supper; 6 - 6:45
p.m. study time all ages.
724 Main Street, Cornell
Pastor Mark Williams
Sunday: 9:30 a.m. Sunday School for
the entire family; 10:30 a.m. Morning
Worship Service. Other ministries vary
with age groups. Call the church for
4th & Ripley, Cornell, WI
Sunday: 9:30 a.m. Sunday School;
9:30 Adult Education Class; 8:45
a.m. Worship Service at Hannibal
New Hope; 10:30 a.m. Worship
Service at Cornell; Holy Communion
1st Sunday each month.

Holcombe, Wisconsin
Pastor Jason Kim
Church Phone: 715-382-4191
Food Pantry: 2 p.m. - 5 p.m.
715-595-4884 or 715-595-4967
Sunday: 8:30 a.m. Worship Service
107 S. 8th St., Cornell, Wisconsin
Father Peter Manickam
Deacon Dennis Rivers
Masses: Sunday at 8:30 a.m.,
Tuesday at 5 p.m., Wednesday at
8:30 a.m., Thursday at 8:30 a.m.,
First Friday at 8:30 a.m, Saturday at
4 p.m. Confessions 3 to 3:45 p.m.
on Saturdays.
County S South at 139th Ave.,
Jim Falls, Wisconsin
Pastor Jason Kim
Sunday: 10 a.m. Worship Service
Pastor William Turner
Co. Hwy. W, Cornell, WI
Sunday: 10 a.m. Morning Worship.
318 S. 7th St., Cornell, WI

Anson United Methodist Church Cadott, WI

Pastor Dan Gilboy

These weekly church messages are contributed by the following businesses:

(715) 239-6341
Appliance Sales Equipment Rentals
Mon. - Fri. 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.; Sat. 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Courier Sentinel
Your Hometown Newspaper
Cadott Office
(715) 289-4978
Cornell Office
(715) 239-6688

Schicks Bowl & Brew

106 Main St., Cornell (715) 239-3825

Celebrating 10 years
with ABC Supply Co.

(715) 289-5148
24/7 Towing call (715) 271-0731
224 S. Boundary Rd., Cadott, Wis.
Marty Sorensen

by the Creek Boutique

Member FDIC


Chippewa Falls


Bar & Grill

Cornell, Wis. (715) 239-6424 339 N Main St., Cadott (715) 289-4600 Chippewa Falls, Wis.
Dry Felt Facer Plant

(715) 723-2828
or 1-800-828-9395
Serving The Entire Chippewa Valley!

(715) 239-6800

Funeral Home

Funeral Home

Cadott, WI

Cornell, WI

Pre-planning, funeral and cremation options.

5939 210th St., Cadott

(715) 723-8316

Fuel Service
& DJs Marts

To Advertise Here
(715) 239-6688
Cost is $6 per week.

P&B Lumber
See us for all your building material needs!
249 N. Main St., Cadott, WI
(715) 289-3204

(715) 723-1701

Your Hometown Community Bank

CORNELL Member FDIC (715) 239-6414

220 Main St P.O. Box 742 Cornell

(715) 202-0505
To Advertise Here
(715) 239-6688
Cost is $6 per week.

Propane: 715-723-9490 Fuels: (715) 723-5550
Propane Diesel Gasoline Fuel Oil Storage Tanks

Bar & Grill

Stop for breakfast after church.
116 Main St., Cornell
(715) 239-6677

To Advertise Here
(715) 239-6688

Cadott Color Center

Cost is $6 per week.

(715) 289-4292 - Cadott, WI

Carpet Vinyl Ceramic


317 S. 8th St., Cornell 715-239-3862

Bringing High Speed to the Back Forty!

Quality Service Reasonable Rates Vintage

High Performance ATSG Certified Technician
111 Hwy. 27 Cadott, WI ~ Joe Rygiel - Owner

(715) 289-4665

(715) 447-5557

Sheldon, WI (715) 452-5195

Office: 715-239-6601 Fax: 715-239-6618

641 State Hwy. 27

Cadott, WI
(715) 289-4435


1 Mi. W of CC on Z, Cornell, WI
Pastor Jim Brandli
Sunday: Sunday School for all ages
9 a.m.; Worship Service 10 a.m.;
Sunday evening prayer meeting
7 p.m.; Mid-week Bible studies at
various times and locations.


(Missouri Synod) - Cadott, Wis.
Pastor Raymond J. Bell, Jr.
Sunday: 9 a.m. Worship Service
Sunday School 10 a.m.

4th & Thomas, Cornell
Pastor Greg Sima 715-289-3780
Non-denominational Services: Sunday
Morning 10 a.m. Wednesday: Bible
Study for adults & kids 6:30 - 7:30
p.m., nursery provided
6th & Ripley, Cornell, WI
Pastor Andy Schottelkorb
Sunday: 8:30 a.m. Worship, Communion 1st and 3rd Sundays of each
month. Visitors are always welcome!
CHURCH Jim Falls
Father Peter Manickam
Phone: 715-382-4422
Sunday: 10:30 a.m. Mass; Friday: 6
p.m. Mass w/confessions before.
719 E. Patten St., Boyd, WI
Father William Felix
Sunday: 9:30 a.m. mass;
Thursday: 8:30 a.m. mass.
Jct. County Hwy. S and 250th St.
Father Peter Manickam
Saturday: 7 p.m. Mass.
On The Flambeau, Holcombe, WI
Father David Oberts 715-532-3051
Father Christopher Kemp
Saturday Mass 4 p.m.; Friday Mass
8 a.m.

Wisconsins newest
full line dealership.


(715) 595-4300

To Advertise Here
(715) 239-6688
Cost is $6 per week.

Cadott Tax &
Financial Services SUPPER CLUB
Aaron Seeman, Financial Adviser
345 N. Main Street, Box 303
Cadott, WI (715) 289-4948

Rt. 1, Sheldon, WI 715-452-5374

Father Madanu Sleeva Raju
Sunday: Mass 10:30 a.m.

Corner of
Cty. G & 64

29097 State Hwy. 27

Holcombe, WI

Big Ts North
14950 81st Ave. Chippewa Falls, WI

Cornell - (715) 239-0555

Cadott - (715) 289-3581
Fall Creek - (715) 877-3005



Attorney Kari Hoel

Mary Joy Borton & Joe Borton

Greener Acres

Commercial Farm Residential

DJs Cadott now serving Home
Cooked Meals 7 Days a Week!

(715) 723-9905

Y Go By
Cornell, Wis.
(715) 239-0513

Chippewa Valley

Radisson, WI 54867 PH: 945-2217
Holcombe, WI PH: 595-4896

Lake Wissota

Sunday: 10 a.m. Worship; Nursery and

childrens church Sunday mornings;
Youth group Wednesday nights 6 p.m.

(715) 382-4656

off County Hwy Y,

South of Jim Falls


(Wisconsin Synod)
700 Thomas St., Cornell, WI
Pastor: Patrick Feldhus
Sunday: 9 a.m. Worship;
10:15 a.m. Sunday School.
Rural Gilman, WI on Hwy. H at S
Sunday: 10:45 a.m. Worship Service
Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Communion every 1st and 3rd Sunday.
Cadott, Wisconsin
415 N. Maple St., Cadott, WI
Corner of McRae & Maple Sts.
Father William Felix
Saturday: 4 p.m. Mass; Sunday:
8 a.m. Mass; Tuesday: 8:30 a.m.
Communion Service; Thursday:
8:30 a.m. Mass.
(Non-denominational Church)
Pastor Larry Etten
230 W. Main St., Gilman
(Old Gilman Theatre)
Sunday: 10:30 a.m. Worship;
Wednesday: 6:30 p.m. Bible Study;
Saturday: 7 p.m. Free admission
(Missouri Synod)
Main St., Sheldon, WI
Pastor Aric Fenske
Sunday: Worship service 10:15 a.m.
Sunday School: Sunday 11:30 a.m.
(Missouri Synod)
5th Ave. & Crumb St., Gilman, WI
Pastor Aric Fenske
Sunday: 9:30 a.m. Sunday School;
8:30 a.m. Worship Service.

& News Deadline
The deadline for news articles and display
ad copy is 12 p.m. on Monday. Classified
ads must be in no later than 12 p.m. on Monday. All copy must be placed in the Cornell/
Lake Holcombe office or Cadott office by deadline to ensure placement in the Courier Sentinel
paper the same week.

Coming Events
100 Anniversary Celebration of Boys Basketball
in Wisconsin Thursday,
Feb. 5, 5:45 p.m., Girls Varsity/Boys JV Basketball
Game; 7:15 p.m., Boys Varsity/Girls JV Basketball
Game, Lake Holcombe
School. Free admission,
cake and rootbeer floats after
Community Candlelight
Ski and Sledding Event

Saturday, Feb. 7, 3 - 5 p.m.,

sledding; 5 - 7 p.m., ski,
snowshoe, Brunet Island
State Park in Cornell. For
trail conditions, contact park
office at 715-239-6888.
Medicare 101 Informational Session Wednesday,
Feb. 11, 3 p.m., Chippewa
County Courthouse, Room
302. To register, contact
Mary Rudd at 715-7267778.

Holcombe Happenings
By Janice Craig 715-595-4380
Lacking a ground hog in Holcombe, we see more winter
We have been fortunate to miss the bigger storms this year.
The dreary days hopefully are behind us. One might even say
hump days are behind and we are on the way down to spring.
Oakley and Janice Craig enjoyed lunch with Grace Schulz
at Conrath, Thursday. Afterward, they enjoyed a couple
games of Skip-bo.
The Holcombe Seniors Club will meet for a potluck lunch
at the Holcombe United Methodist Church Feb. 11. They will
have special speaker, Angela Kjellberg, from St. Croix Hospice, who will share about hospice care. Anyone interested
in learning about hospice, medicare rules and regulations is
invited to attend.

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Cadott/Crescent News
By Shirley Vlach 715-289-3846
To the couples and the single ones that have special days
the month of January, hope you were well-remembered from
family, relatives and friends.
There was a nice crowd that attended the meat BINGO at
J&Js Sports Bar and Grill Friday evening.
People are enjoying meals at Crescent Tavern.
There is a little piece of paradise enjoyed at Jim and Pattys
Shady Nook.
There was a group of people who enjoyed the music of
High Card at Dukes Drywood Tavern.
The Cadott OK Home and Community Education members have had their first few meetings of 2015 at Dorothy
Kaisers home.
The Cadott Lions Club members enjoyed their meeting last
People attended the Come Now and Eat meal at St. Johns
Lutheran Church.
Deepest sympathy to the Sherry Lee Ann Metzdorf,
Dorothy R. Borowske, Robert Yeager and Merle Bud Normand families.
A group of people were at the potluck supper meeting at
the Cadott Historical Museum Thursday.
February is heart month.
Coming up is the Cadott Lions Club ice fishing contest at
Pike Lake Resort Feb. 8. There are two resorts with Pike
Lake on the left and Jim and Pattys Shady Nook across the
Chandra Munroe made the deans list for fall 2014 at UWLa Crosse, with a 3.5 gpa.

Lunch Menus
Cadott Elderly Program
Feb. 9 - 13
Mon. Barbecue on a bun,
soup, cookie.
Tues. Lasagna, garlic
bread, vegetable, cake.
Wed. Chicken Alfredo with
noodles, peas, bar.
mashed potatoes, vegetables, brownie.
Fri. Fish, hash browns,
cottage cheese, ice cream.
All meals are served with
bread and milk. For reservations or cancellations call
715-579-2893 by noon the
previous day. Senior dining
will be served at Kathys
Diner, 304 East Mills St.,
Hwy. 27, Cadott, from 11:30
a.m. to 12:30 p.m. To register
for Meals on Wheels, call
715-726-2590. If schools are
weather, meals will not be
Cornell Elderly Program
Feb. 9 - 13
Mon. Crispy chicken,
mashed sweet potatoes,
mixed vegetables, chocolate
Tues. Turkey ala king,
home style biscuit, buttered
green beans, frosted yellow
Wed. Pork pot roast, red
bliss potatoes, scalloped
corn, fruit.
Thurs. Ring bologna,

stewed tomatoes, pineapple.
steamed rice, peas and carrots, sherbet.
For reservations or cancellations, call 715-579-2910 by
noon the previous day. Senior dining will be served at
noon, at Our Saviors
Lutheran Church, 201 South
6th St., Cornell. To register
for Meals on Wheels, call
715-726-2590. If schools are
weather, meals will not be
Cadott School Menus
Feb. 9 - 13 Breakfast
Mon. Mini cinnis, cottage
cheese, pears.
Tues. Combo bar, fresh
baked muffin, sliced melon.
Wed. Pancakes, blueberries.
Thurs. Bacon scramble
breakfast pizza, goldfish
crackers, fruit.
Fri. Donut, string cheese,
Mon. Hamburger on a bun
with sliced tomato and lettuce, French fries, peaches.
HS: Tropical fruit.
Tues. Popcorn chicken,
baked potato, baked beans,
pineapple, banana, bread
with peanut butter.
Wed. Corn dog, coleslaw,
sweet corn, sliced oranges.
HS: Fresh pears, bread with
butter blend (bread if no corn
Thurs. Chicken alfredo
with whole grain pasta,
steamed broccoli, steamed
Fri. Personal pizza, lettuce

with cucumbers, croutons

and dressing, Mandarin oranges, cranberries.
Cornell School Menus
Feb. 9 - 13 Breakfast
sausage breakfast bites,
Tues. Blueberry bagel with
cream cheese, hot ham.
Wed. Warm soft pretzel
with cheese sauce, fruit.
Thurs. Build your own yogurt parfait with fruit and cereal.
Fri. Strawberry cream
cheese strudel stick, string
cheese, fruit.
Mon. Chicken nuggets,
parsley potatoes, carrots,
Tues. Build your own nachos with all the fixings, refried beans.
Wed. Garlic chicken over
rice, mixed vegetables, fortune cookie.
Thurs. Breakfast for

Fri. Tomato soup, grilled

cheese sandwich, peas, fruit.
Lake Holcombe
School Menus
Feb. 9 - 13 Breakfast
Mon. Oatmeal, bagel,
hard boiled egg, pineapple.
Tues. Waffle, cheese
sticks, juice, fruit.
Wed. Cinnamon roll, yogurt cup.
Thurs. Breakfast pizza,
Fri. Omelet, bagel, fruit
Mon. Scalloped potatoes
with ham, corn, pineapple.
Tues. Chicken on a bun,
fries, glazed carrots, rosy applesauce.
Wed. Ham or turkey sandwich, chips, baked beans,
Thurs. Pepperoni pizza,
green beans, Mandarin oranges.
Fri. Spaghetti, breadsticks, tossed salad, chilled


Pastors Corner
Words of inspiration for these modern times from
members of our Religious communities
By Dr. Jim Brandli
New Life Alliance Church Cornell, Wis.
Our citizenship is in heaven.
Philippians 3:20

Where are you from?

Not long ago, I went to my city hall to vote. When
I walked in, there were some friendly ladies sitting at
tables. They had lists in front of them with names on
them. If my name was on the list, I could vote. The lists
were names of registered voters. And my name was on
the list so I got to vote. I am a citizen of the town so
I am eligible to vote.
Across the street from city hall is the post office.
I walked over there to check the mail. I have a little post
office box and thats where they put my mail. I am a
citizen of the town so this is where my mail gets sent.
Where are you from? Where are you going?
Sometimes our lives are very short-sighted. Our lives
revolve around our families, our homes, our jobs and
our possessions. Now those things are important. But
this life is not all there is. Where you are from now is
not where you will be in the end. Even the gravesite
with your name on it will not be your final resting place.
Not long ago, a good friend of mine died. He was
from my town. Everyone in town knew him. He had a
big funeral. But hes not from this town anymore. Sure,
hes buried in the city cemetery. But hes not really
there. Hes living in another city now.
You know the more I think about it, this friend of
mine was not really from here. Yes, he lived here. But
this world was not his home. He was just a passn
Now hes a citizen of heaven.
But he knew that for a long time. He could say as the
Apostle Paul did, Our citizenship is in heaven. So
who does OUR refer to? Everyone? No. The only
ones who can say, OUR citizenship is in heaven, are
the children of God. Those who have repented of their
sins and believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
My friend knew he was a citizen of heaven even before he was there. And he lived his life on this earth as
though he was a citizen of heaven already.
Thats how I want to live my life. Yes, Im from here.
But not really. Ive got a home somewhere elseand
thats really where Im from!


Welcoming Becky Schwetz, RDH To Our Dental Office.

(Formerly from Dr. Lanes office in Cornell.)

Stop in or call Lynda Shimko, Lori Stushek or Ann Thompson

All your protection under one roof
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Accepting New Patients

Thomas J. Rufledt, DDS
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Christopher D. Goettl, DDS

1502 Main St. Bloomer 715.568.2363

Hours: Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.



Thursday, February 5, 2015


Two Cornell students join

ranks with published poets
By Ginna Young
Move over Emily Dickinson, there are two newcomers on
the scene!
Cornell High School junior Crystal Smith and eighth
grader McKenna Marek have joined the ranks of published
poets, after they entered a Creative Communications contest
and were chosen to have their works published in an anthology of poems. They learned about the opportunity through
their English teacher, Caroline Hickethier, who received information on the contest and forwarded it to her students.
This is really new for me; I usually dont get to write poetry, said Marek.
Marek, who chose to write about the Dr. Who television
science fiction series, says the hardest thing was to stay
within the 21 line limit.
I really wanted to write so much more, said Marek. Im
fascinated by the concept of the show, the history and drama
of it.
Marek might not spend a lot of time composing poetry, but
Smith says she is just the opposite and even has her own blog
where she posts original works.
I wrote mine to be really dark, said Smith. Its about
depression, how it stays inside and you continue to go
through it every day. You think youre out, and then something pulls you back in to go through it all over again.
The girls were invited to have their poems published with
students from all over the country, with less than 50 percent
of entries accepted.
I think its a terrific honor for the students to be selected
from a nationwide contest and published, Hickethier said.
It helps to build confidence and demonstrates the importance of communication.
The anthology, available for pre-order at,
will be printed in April, and shipped in September.
Smith, who plans to double major in English and journalism, says it will boost her application to have a published
work listed and help further her education. Its been an absolutely amazing experience to show people what I write,
she said.
Marek agrees, and encourages people to be confident and
not let others hold you back.
It just proves that I have the power to do something great
and creative, and that people actually like it, said Marek.
Honestly, if you enjoy writing poetry, go for it. Get rid of
negativity and reach for the stars; you never know what you
can do and you just might make it.

Caroline Schultz (left) and Robert White (right), Cornell Area Care Center residents, sit with fifth grade
students who helped knit a blanket as part of an Afterschool class. Shown, are, Alexis Sternweis
(kneeling), Jayda Turchen, Hailey Hudson and Violet Fasbender (left to right in the middle); and teachers, Nancy Schlageter and Bill Bocian (left to right
in back). Other students who helped knit the blanket and present to the residents, are, fifth graders,
Karl Garrett, Brendan Mercer and Aleah Hughes;
sixth graders, Michya Flo-od, Devan Hamman and
Brandon Mark-ham; seventh grad-ers, Jimmy
LeRoy and Kayde Markham; and eighth grader,
Madasyn Flood.
(Photo by Kayla Peche)

Marilyn Murphy, knitting instructor, and the Cornell

Middle School Afterschool class present their blanket Jan. 29, to residents at the Cornell Area Care
Center. The students worked for about five weeks
creating the knitted rectangles to put on a blanket.
Murphy says she plans to hold a class again in the
fall, but will focus on sewing.
(Photo by Kayla Peche)

Local students make deans lists at UWEC

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire has named 2,234
undergraduate students to its deans lists for the 2014 fall semester.
Included on the lists from Cadott are: Alissa Hladilek, nursing and health sciences; Jenna Jandrt, arts and sciences;
Kendal Krouse, education and human sciences; Anne
Kuipers, arts and sciences; Sarah Kuipers, education and
human sciences; Elizabeth Miniatt, arts and sciences; Dylan
Rothbauer, arts and sciences; Jordan Spindler, business;
and Kristen Walters, nursing and health sciences.
From Cornell: Kiley Haller, education and human sciences;
Vanessa Kane, business; and Kelsey White, education and
human sciences.
From Holcombe: Chloe Gulich, education and human sci-

From Jim Falls: Sheila Dunlap, business.
From Sheldon: Leahanna Krizan, nursing and health sciences.
From Gilman: Wade Hendricks, arts and sciences; Logan
Rosemeyer, education and human sciences; and Anna Sedivy,
From Ladysmith: Christian Borman, education and human
sciences; Samantha Burch, education and human sciences;
Jacob Espeseth, business; Elijah Freeman, arts and sciences; Melissa Gorsegner, education and human
sciences; Kayla Lobermeier, arts and sciences; Jessica Sisko,
education and human sciences; and Breanna Zuck, education
and human sciences.

of the
Cornell junior Crystal Smith (left) works on her assignment, while English teacher and adviser, Caroline Hickethier explains to eighth grader McKenna
Marek (right) where an adverb should go. Marek
and Smith were recently chosen among students
from around the country to have their original
poems published in an anthology. Cornell High
School Principal Dave Elliott says he is very proud
of the kids, and the teachers who get them to write.
(Photo by Ginna Young)

Visit us at
Local News Sports Classifieds Events

Nancy Weiss

Nancy Weiss Cadott second grade shows some school support with their
Second Grade
school spirit t-shirts they received from PACE at Christmas. Weiss says the
class has spent time silent reading at the school forest to build excitement
of reading for enjoyment. They have also been working toward monthly popcorn parties for reading 70 minutes each week. Grandparents visited their
grandchilds classroom, and the students held interviews to see how things
were different from when their grandparents were in grade school, and
learned there were no technology toys like there are today. The second graders worked on data collecting,
and graphed how many teeth students have lost and compared it to other grades. In this class, most students have lost six teeth so far. The children also work with Nick Kotek on their community inquiry projects, seeing how certain jobs are needed in the community. The students say they look forward to putting
the information in an iPad presentation, and that they have enjoyed second grade.

See us for your Business Cards!

Cornell Office 715-239-6688

121 Main St., Cornell, Wis.


Thursday, February 5, 2015



Roth receives bachelors

degree at UW-River Falls
Andrea Roth, Cadott, was among 399 students to receive
degrees during fall commencement at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls in December. Roth graduated with a bachelor of science degree.
Founded in 1874, the UW-River Falls is located just 30
miles from downtown St. Paul.

Student Spotlight
Name: Samantha Sippy
School/grade: Cornell senior
Parents: Marshall Sippy and
Roberta Schley
Activities: Active in community service, National Honor
Society, volleyball, basketball,
softball, hunting, outdoor activities, four-wheeling, baking
and art
Teacher: Ryan Helke, marketing and business
Future plans: Attend UWOshkosh College of Business to study entrepreneurial management. After those four years, I intend to open my own
small business; a bakery would be my first choice, but I could
use my degree in many ways.

Tiffany Hines-Michaud (back turned) represents Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC) to 77 students
at Cadott High School. The students attended a meeting Jan. 29, to sign up for transcripted credit courses
at CVTC so they can earn dual credit at both schools. Courses eligible at Cadott this year are animal science, CADD I, advanced biology, technical math, advanced algebra, Microsoft Office Suite, financial security and accounting C. Shari Gunderson, business & information technology teacher at Cadott, said
she is thrilled to bring these opportunities to the students. Our teachers have worked very hard with
CVTC to update our curriculum and make sure our students get an advantage in their post-secondary
career, Gunderson said.
(Submitted Photo)

All-Conference Music Festival

Cadott High School

choir students participated in the 32nd Annual Cloverbelt AllConference Music Festival at Colby High School
Saturday, Jan. 17. Fifteen schools participated with over 300
students. Left to right, in
front, are, sopranos Viktorya Luebstorf and
Kaylee Rudnick. In the
middle, are, Delanie
Stangl, soprano, and
altos Brianna Welch and
Devin Kulow. In back,
are, Alex Walthers,
tenor; Gilbert Walthers,
bass; Joe Carrell, tenor;
and Jace Bale, bass.
(Submitted Photo)

Cadott High School

band students joined
with 15 other schools to
participate in the 32nd
Annual Cloverbelt AllConference Music Festival at Colby High School
Saturday, Jan. 17. Students spent the day rehearsing their selected
pieces with the top musicians in the conference. Left to right, in
front, are, Savannah
Gruber, clarinet; Courtney Pederson, clarinet;
Leah Pilgrim, flute; and
flute. In the middle, are,
Riley Rudnick, baritone
saxophone; Matt Klahr,
trombone; Caitlin Holcomb, trombone; and
Henry Wojtczak, french
horn. In back, are, Maia
Schroeder, percussion;
and Joey Hinzmann,
(Submitted Photo)

James Drew and Leona Sonnentag dance at the

Cadott High School annual Snoball dance Saturday,
Jan. 31. The theme this year was masquerade, with
Spindrift Entertainment providing the music. The
commons were decorated with blue and white decorations and a backdrop with stars. Alesha Neinfeldt, student council adviser, said because of a
lack of interest, there was no Snoball court this
(Photo by Heather Dekan)




Thursday, February 5, 2015


Cadott Village Board

ATV Mud Bog event scheduled for approval

By Kayla Peche
Cadott holds their annual Nabor Days celebration in
Riverview Park this July 30 through Aug. 2, and an ATVorganization would like to have an ATV mud bog event, preceding the annual Firemens Mud Bog.
Prior to the Feb. 2 regular Cadott Village Board meeting,
John Bourget, Cadott resident, asked approval from the village
board to use the mud bog area for an ATV event during Fridays festivities (July 31).
Anson Albarado, village president, spoke with Bourget and
said he should get permission from the Cadott Fire Department
because they are in charge of the regular mud bog.
As far as insurance on the event goes, Bart Chapek, board
member, says Bourget should talk to the Cadott Chamber of
Commerce as well since they will cover the event.
I think its probably covered, but its another thing they
would have to ask, Chapek said at the Feb. 2 meeting.
The fire department makes that mud pit the way it is, said
Randy Kuehni, board member. So, I would say the fire department has control over the pit itself.
The board approved allowing the ATVgroup to use the villages property, pending disscusion with and permission from
the fire department and chamber of commerce.
Those two entities have to make the final call, Kuehni said.

During committee reports, a few of the board members attending the Fire and Ambulance meeting said concerns about
a water meter charge had been brought up.
The Cadott Fire Department is charged monthly from the
village for the water meter, but the department says they only
use the meter after a fire to fill up the tanks. Chapek says the
department requests not using the meter at that large capacity
because of its incompetency.
If its just sitting there and they arent really using it,
Chapek said, either we put a smaller meter on it and charge
them less or we figure something else out.
Sandy Buetow, village clerk, said the village charges the department $126 per month for the meter.
Charles Sedivy, board member, said he suggests they take
the meter out and put in a piece of straight pipe.
Whats going to happen is youre going to have a 40 below
zero night and they are going to want to fill the truck fast, he
said. Then, when you have to run it through a two inch meter,
they are going to be there for longer.
Albarado said they would have Rolly Tichy, public works
director, talk to the fire department and have a look at it to
figure out what needs to be done.
Rolly should have some insight on it, Kuehni said. He
was the fire chief.

Cornell School Board - Continued from Front

the JV boys basketball coach, in light of the resignation of
current coach Lee Swanson, who stepped down from his position because of his job.
Carol Hakes was also approved for the archery coach position after Ryan Weed resigned because he didnt have time
to designate toward the position.
Teacher/support staff compensation was also unanimously
approved (with Eileen Sikora abstaining because a relative
works for the district). The increase for full-time teachers and
support staff was discussed at the December meeting to keep
the district competing with other schools in the area.

Crescent Tavern

15506 State Hwy. 27, Cadott, WI (715) 289-3631

Open 7 days a week 9 a.m. to close


Mon. - Fri. 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Tuesday Night: Burger Night
Wednesday Night: All-You-Can-Eat Wings & Fries
Thursday: Pizza Special
Friday: Fish Fry Saturday: Steak Night $14.95


different areas.
No further discussion on co-oping basketball and volleyball with Lake Holcombe happened, and the board moved on
to Schleys administrative report.
The big thing, (Erica) Dietelhoff got another $10,000 for
SMART tables, said Schley. Theyre going to be in for the
younger grades.
Dietelhoff says the grants are through the Wisconsin Technology Initiative for schools, and funding goes toward
SMART technology for the classrooms.
(The technology) allows for differentiated instruction for
all students from advanced to struggling learners, and shortens lesson preparation, says Dietelhoff.
The tables are interactive with muti-touch screens for student learning activities and reading books. Two tables will
be on each floor of the elementary school for teachers and
students PreK-5.
For funding, Dietelhoff says she and the students made
videos. They are not professional, but the students did a
great job, she said.
Prior to this grant, the school also received enough funding
for 12 SMART boards, and SMART document cameras for
all of the classrooms. These have already been in play with
the district, and how they are used can be viewed at:
The technology is not needed to have a successful classroom, said Dietelhoff. But it definitely increases student
On other agenda, the board approved hiring Jon Hetke as

Halfway Hall
319 N. Main St., Cadott (715) 289-4536

6-handed Schmier
Saturday, Feb. 7 Noon Sharp

Bingo & Meat Raffle

Friday, Feb. 6 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Proceeds go to senior class.

Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015 5 to 9 p.m.

Steak & Buffet Dinner

Alice Troupe (left) and Terry Harper (right) assemble

what they call a mutant mosquito guy (inset) with
extra large pipe cleaners to help with Imagine No
Malaria at Taste of the Tundra. Those who donate
to the project receive the mosquito craft as a thank
you and reminder to give toward that ministry.
(Photo by Ginna Young)

Ken Flouro waltzes Helen Wager around the Taste

of the Tundra Cake Walk to a slow song controlled by Joni Weinert (far right). When the music
stopped, numbers were drawn, and those on the
correctly numbered spots got their choice of cake
or pie to take home.
(Photo by Ginna Young)

Big Ts Ultimate
Bloody Marys
The Best You Will Ever Have!


Every Sunday
6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Big Ts North
116 Main Street
Cornell, WI

Courier Sentinel

Page 11

Thursday, February 5, 2015

LH in the running for top spot

Competition fierce
for Cadott Hornets

By Kayla Peche
As they prepare for tournament time, the Cadott Hornets
Boys Basketball team played two fast-paced conference
games, finishing up with a non-conference game against
Bloomer. Brandon Mittermeyer, Cadott head coach, says
each game had its exciting moments.
Jan. 27 vs. Osseo-Fairchild (76-66 W, conference)
The Hornets started the week tied with Osseo-Fairchild (35) in the West Cloverbelt Conference, but after Jan. 27, the
Thunder were knocked down and the Hornets moved up.
The Osseo game was very fun to watch for us as a coaching staff, Mittermeyer said. I think the pace of the game really stood out as it was very fast.
The two teams went back and forth, scoring baskets with
each possession. After the first quarter, the score was tied,
25-25. Going into the second half, Cadott was up by only five
points, and the Thunder brought the game to two points for
the final frame.
Our entire team ran the floor very well, and our shooting
was good, Mittermeyer said. I think the best thing was our
management of time and shot selection in the last few minutes.
Cadott used their time wisely in the fourth quarter, gaining Bruces Conner Kopias
tries to stop Nick Seng,
the lead and winning the game, 76-66.
Our players really pulled through in the end, Mitter- junior, from adding
more points to Lake Holmeyer said.
combes score board,
Senior BenKyes hit a career-high score with 33 points for
but Seng out jumps him
the night. Kyes says his shots just fell. Sometimes it goes, and puts the ball in the
sometimes it doesnt, he said. On Tuesday, it went.
basket. Seng led the
Brett McChesney, senior, scored 16 for the team while sen- Chieftains in points,
ior Ezra Michael and junior Shawn Sedlacek each chipped in earning 18 of the 55 total
nine points for the Hornets.
for the Jan. 27 game.
(Photo by Monique
Jan. 29 vs. Regis (53-78 L, conference)
Cadott is known for their three-pointers, but against the
Eau Claire Ramblers Jan. 29, they truly outdid themselves, drilling 13 three-pointers.
Mittermeyer says the Hornets may have lost by 25, but it was a 10 point game most of the
way, and Regis has yet to be defeated in the West Cloverbelt Conference.
We played very well
again, said Mittermeyer. I
think Regis is a very good
team. They really tightened
up defensively and put the
pressure on us.
The Hornets used junior
player Jake Holum to cover
Rambler Billy Wampler, a
D1 recruit to Drake University.
Jake Holum did a fantastic job covering, Mittermeyer
Sedlacek also did well defensively helping Jake in the
Because of the defense,
Wampler was held to 19
points, 10 of which were free
throws, when he scores an
average of 26 points per
(See Cadott Page 14)

By Kayla Peche
Still in the competition for the East Lakeland Conference top spot, the Lake Holcombe Chieftains Boys team defeated Bruce
to be tied, 5-2, for second place this week.
The Chieftains trail New Auburn by three
games for first, and only five more conference games are scheduled in the regular season.
Jan. 27 vs. Bruce (55-48 W, conference)
Beginning the game with a little foul trouble, Lake Holcombe came back to defeat
Bruce, 55-48, in a Jan. 27 conference game.
Juniors Nick Seng and William Hattamer
came close to fouling out with four fouls,
but stayed clean to keep playing for the
We got into early foul trouble, said
Engel. But we were good from the line.
In the first quarter, Lake Holcombe had a
big lead, 18-6, and kept it up to halftime, 3221.
It was in the third quarter when the Red
Raiders closed the gap to a two point game.
Lake Holcombe outscored them, 12-7, in
the final frame to grab the East Lakeland
Conference victory.

Seng led the charge with 18 points, while

senior Jay Kent had 13 and sophomore Jeremiah Reedy had 11.
Jan. 30 vs. Lincoln (42-56 L, non-conference)
It was a close game for the Chieftains Jan.
30, against the Alma Center-Lincoln Hornets.
Going into the second half of the game,
Lake Holcombe was only down by five
points. A slow third quarter, scoring only
eight points, was where the Chieftains fell
behind and couldnt catch up.
In the final quarter, Lake Holcombe
scored 10 to Lincolns 16, falling 42-56, in
non-conference play.
Reedy led for the Chieftains with 18
points, while Seng added 10.
Feb. 2 vs. Gilman (45-46 L, non-conference)
The Feb. 2 game came down to the final
minutes, but the Chieftains fell just shy of a
victory over the Gilman Pirates.
During the non-conference matchup,
Lake Holcombe kept the game close then,
in the final quarter, the Pirates took the win,

By Kayla Peche
Offensive trouble led to losses for the Cornell Chiefs Boys Basketball team this week
and Shawn Schoelzel, Cornell head coach,
says the Chiefs are going to continue to work
on their offensive game to be ready for tournament time.
I think that if we get a little bit more efficient on offense, we will be OK, he said.
Jan. 27 vs. Birchwood (52-62 L, conference)
Without two starters, Cortland Spletter and
Mitch Thompson (who was out with an ankle
injury) Cornell played a close game against
Birchwood Jan. 27.
We missed some easy shots at the end,
Schoelzel said. And they made their free
throws to pull away.
The Chiefs scored 38 points in the second
half, but the Bobcats secured the lead, 62-52,
for the win.
I was happy with our effort, Schoelzel
said. We just made too many mistakes in the
second half of the game to win it.
Noah Nohr, Cornell sophomore, led the
team with 23 points and 19 rebounds. Colton
Hetke, also a sophomore, was right behind
with 20 points, four of which were threepointers. Finishing up scoring for the Chiefs
was Trenton Glaus, a sophomore, with nine.
Jan. 29 vs. Boyceville (30-63 L, non-conference)
In a Jan. 29 game against Boyceville,
Schoelzel says he was very disappointed

in Cornells showing.
We were flat from start to finish, he said.
During the first half, the Chiefs suffered
from 17 turnovers, which allowed Boyceville
some easy baskets. This continued into the
last two quarters of the game with five consecutive turnovers.
Cornell was defeated in the non-conference match up, 30-63.
Spletter, junior, was back in the game with
eight points, along with Nohr scoring the
same. Glaus and sophomore Mitchell Swanson each added four to Cornells total score.
Jan. 30 vs. New Auburn (41-56 L, conference)
The second half of the game is when Cornell started to fall behind against undefeated
New Auburn in a Jan. 30 conference
We were right there until the end of the
third quarter when they (New Auburn) began
to pull away, said Schoelzel. We missed a
few shots and they made them.
After the third quarter, the Chiefs were
down, 26-35. Cornell was then outscored in
the final quarter, putting them down by 15,
losing to the Trojans, 41-56.
Nohr had another high-scoring game with
20 points.
He had a real nice second quarter with
three three-pointers, Schoelzel said.
Cornell traveled to play their rivals, Lake
Holcombe, Feb. 5, and bring it home to play
Winter, Feb. 10.

Chiefs continue work on offense

Area Basketball Standings

To begin the game Jan. 27, Senior Ben Kyes tips the
ball to his teams possession against OsseoFairchild. Kyes hit a career high 33 points for
Cadott. The Hornets played a back-and-forth match
against the Orioles, winning, 76-66, for a West
Cloverbelt Conference victory.
(Photo by Kayla Peche)

2014-15 West Cloverbelt

Conference Boys Basketball
16 0
Fall Creek
10 3
10 7
McDonell Central
9 6
8 9
7 8
7 9
3 11

2014-15 West Cloverbelt

Conference Girls Basketball
Fall Creek
16 0
12 4
12 4
9 7
7 9
6 11
McDonell Central
5 11
3 13

2014-15 East Lakeland

Conference Boys Basketball
New Auburn
12 2
10 5
Lake Holcombe
8 6
4 9
3 13
2 13
1 11

2014-15 East Lakeland

Conference Girls Basketball
15 1
12 3
10 7
5 10
1 12
Lake Holcombe
0 13




Thursday, February 5, 2015


Working on the basics to move up

By Kayla Peche
The Cornell Chiefs Girls Basketball team only has four
more conference games before the regular season is over, and
sitting in the number two spot puts a huge target on their
Jan. 27 vs. Birchwood (47-28 W, conference)
Defensive pressure was the key element to the win, 47-28,
against Birchwood for the Chiefs, said Marcus Leland, Cornell head coach.
The girls played well, he said. We need to continue to
work on our defensive positioning.
The positioning cost them 23 fouls that Leland says could
have been avoided during the Jan. 27 game. We did not have
the right positioning and didnt move our feet.
This victory moved the girls to second place in the East
Lakeland Conference, only a few games away from the defending first place spot, Flambeau.
Senior Makenzie Ewings led for the Chiefs with 16 points.
Alexis Short, a sophomore, scored nine, while senior Kaitlin
Peterson had seven and Kammey Kendall, also a senior, had
Jan. 30 vs. Eau Claire Immanuel (39-57 L, non-conference)
Cornell put up a fight against the Eau Claire Immanuel
Lutheran Lancers Jan. 30, but nine three-pointers from them
slowed the Chiefs from catching up.
We executed our offense fairly well, which forced Immauel to switch their defense three different times, Leland
said. But in the end, we just did not make enough shots in
the fourth quarter.
The Chiefs were defeated by the Lancers, 39-57, in the
non-conference play.
Ewings scored 14 points for Cornell while freshman
Danielle Fasbender added nine.
Even though this adds a loss for the Chiefs, they are still
second for the East Lakeland Conference, with Winter and
Bruce following close behind.
With only four more conference games to go, the Chiefs
will have to keep up the winning momentum to end toward
the top.
Feb. 2 vs. Siren (37-42 L, non-conference)
The Cornell girls basketball team had Siren on the ropes,
but the Dragons responded with an intense fourth quarter
rally to come from behind in the Feb. 2 game.
Siren has only lost one game this season, so Leland said
he was proud of how the girls played.
We did an excellent job breaking the press and handling
their pressure, he said.
The Chiefs led for most of the second half, including entering the fourth quarter, 30-26. In the final frame, Cornell
was outscored by Siren, 16-7, leading to the five point loss,
Senior Jane Hickethier and Kendall each had 13 points for

100 Years of
Boys Basketball in Wisconsin
WIAA and the Lake Holcombe School
will celebrate these 100 years by hosting

Alumni Night Thursday, Feb. 5

at Lake Holcombe School ~ Holcombe, WI
Boys/Girls basketball games against Cornell
5:45 p.m. girls varsity/boys JV
7:15 p.m. boys varsity/girls JV
Cake and rootbeer floats will be provided after the game.
There will be a sign-up sheet for anyone
who has played boys basketball at
Lake Holcombe, and these names
will be announced between games.

Free Admission
Please make plans to join us for
this celebration.
The High School Student Council will also serve soup from 4:30 - 6 p.m.
for the Our School is Soup-er Fundraiser. Donations are accepted.

Cornell played Lake

Holcombe Feb. 5, in a
nearby town rivalry
game. Afterward, the
girls face Winter for another East Lakeland conference match.
Junior Lexi Moussette lays one up for
against non-conference opponent Siren.
The Chiefs stayed
with the Dragons on
the scoreboard in a
back-and-forth match
during the first half,
but logged a loss at
the end of the night,
(Photo by
Ginna Young)

Frustrating losses
for the Chieftains
By Kayla Peche
The Lake Holcombe Chieftains Girls Basketball team
keeps playing hard, says Jay Geist, Lake Holcombe head
coach, but its beginning to get frustrating with scoring percentages.
Not to sound bad, but its getting bad, its getting old,
Geist said. But what are you going to do? You just keep
shooting and keep going.
Jan. 27 vs. Bruce (27-46 L, conference)
Lake Holcombe couldnt hit any baskets in the first quarter of the Jan. 27 game against Bruce, and finally gained
six points before halftime, but the Red Raiders were already up by 20 points.
Starting the second half of the game, Lake Holcombe
kicked up their aggressive defense and held Bruce to only
four points.
In the final quarter, the baskets started to fall for the
Chieftains, keeping up with Bruce, 14-16, but it was too
little, too late, for Lake Holcombe, who fell, 27-46.
Sophomore Hannah Lee and junior Bailey Viegut took
charge for Lake Holcombe, scoring eight points each. Junior Jordan Geist followed with six points during the game.
Jan. 30 vs. Lincoln (37-48 L, non-conference)
The Chieftains traveled to Lincoln High School Jan. 30,
to play the Hornets in a non-conference matchup.
Falling behind in the first half of the game, 14-21, the
Chieftains used a 15 point third quarter to bring the game
Lake Holcombe brought the game to a three point difference going in the final frame of the game, but lost momentum in the final minutes when the Hornets took charge,
outscoring the Chieftains and securing the win, 48-37.
Lee was the high scorer with nine points for Lake Holcombe, followed by Geist with seven. Senior Haylee Hennekens and junior Sara Stender each added six for the
Feb. 2 vs. Gilman (28-46 L, non-conference)
Because of the Gilman Pirates man-to-man defense Feb.
2, Geist says the Chieftains struggled again to have their
shots go in.
We got into a little bit of foul trouble, Geist said.
Then, they (Gilman) hit quite a few of their free throws.
Geist says Lake Holcombe had a difficult time on second-hand shots because of Gilmans rebounds, but overall
it was a good game to watch.
The girls played well and they played hard, he said.
Its just those little diffferences.
After getting down by the double-digits, the Chieftains
couldnt close the gap, losing 28-46.
Lake Holcombe plays rival Cornell Feb. 5, at home,
while also celebrating 100 years of boys basketball. The
girls then take on Flambeau for another conference game
Feb. 10.

Improvement key
to Cadott success
By Kayla Peche
Dave Hazuga, Cadott girls basketball head coach, says he
is proud of his teams success this season not in wins, but
in how far they have come.
Some of the girls are starting to do things they werent
doing earlier in the year, Hazuga said. That improvement
is the key to us having success.
Jan. 27 vs. Osseo-Fairchild (37-52 L, conference)
To start out the West Cloverbelt conference games this
week, the Cadott girls basketball team took on OsseoFairchild Jan. 27.
The Thunder took charge of the game quickly and didnt
give in. The Hornets fell behind early, 10-23, after the first
quarter, leading to the loss, 37-52, against Osseo-Fairchild.
Junior Elizabeth Kyes and senior Leah Pilgrim each scored
11 points for Cadott. Charlene Holte, a junior, contributed
seven points to the Hornets final score.
Jan. 30 vs. Altoona
(29-43 L, conference)
Cadott had a strong conference challenger Jan. 30,
in a game against the Altoona Railroaders.
Altoonas game was
very competitive, Hazuga
said. There was good defense by both teams.
The Hornets were
outscored in the first quarter, 4-12, but followed
with a powerful second
quarter to be within four
They had to work hard
the whole game, Hazuga
says of his teams ambition. And they did.
Despite Cadotts effort,
in the second half of the
game Altoona took the
lead and held on, defeating
the Hornets, 43-29.
Following this game,
Regis came to Cadott
Snatching the defensive
Kyla Feb. 3, for a conference
Nichols puts the ball in game. The Hornet girls
Hornet possession during will also host Owena Jan. 30 game against Al- Withee Feb. 6, for some
non-conference play and
(Photo by Kayla Peche) Stanley-Boyd Feb. 10.

Senior Haylee Hennekens attempts a free throw

after getting fouled in a game against Bruce Jan.
27. The Chieftains fell to the Red Raiders, 27-46.
(Photo by Monique Westaby)


Thursday, February 5, 2015




One tournament left for Cadott Hornets after 57-16 win

By Monique Westaby
It was a short but productive week for the Cadott Hornets
Wrestling team, as they hosted Osseo-Fairchild/Altoona/Augusta their only meet of the week.
Only two forfeits and one major decision gave points to

At 170 pounds, Ethan Haider, Hornet sophomore,

quickly pins an Osseo-Fairchild opponent. Haider
scored a pinfall victory Jan. 29 for Cadott, as they
defeated the Thunder, 57-16.
(Photo by Kayla Peche)

the Thunder, and head coach Josh Spaeth says the major decision loss to senior Blake Borntrager was still a good match.
Blake moved up a weight class and wrestled a great
match, said Spaeth. He may have lost, but he never quit.
Borntrager earned best effort for the Jan. 29 meet, and fell
to Jeffrey Breaker by a 3-11 major decision.
While 18 of the 57 points for the Hornets came from forfeits, the rest came from the five falls by Ethan Haider,
Mitchell Hazard, Brandon Pederson, Tyler Gillett and Wyatt
Cote; one technical fall by Austin Najbrt; and a 19-6 major
decision from Dominick Grimm.
Grimm was also given best takedown, and Pederson earned
fast pin for his 32 second fall over Andrew Fenner, gaining 6
points toward the 57-16 winning meet for the Hornets.
The Jr. high team also placed well at the home meet, earning an 87-18 win against Osseo-Fairchild/Augusta/Fall
Brady Spaeth was awarded fastest pin with 21 seconds, and
Jene Hudack earned best takedown against his Thunder opponent. James Pfeiffer took the best effort award, and coach
Spaeth says Pfeiffer wrestled three great matches.
He always worked for the pin and got three pins for the
team, said coach Spaeth.
With only one tournament left, Saturday, Feb. 7, regional

Conference match results in win for Wolfpack

By Kayla Peche
The end of the regular season is fast approaching for the
Cornell-Lake Holcombe-Gilman Wolfpack Wrestling team.
They played their final home meet against Flambeau Jan. 29,
then fought some tough competition during a quad tournament in Black River Falls.
Jan. 29 vs. Flambeau (33-24 W, conference)
In a Jan. 29 Lakeland Conference battle, the Wolfpack
wrestling team brought down the Flambeau Falcons.
Greg Sonnentag, Wolfpack head coach, says it was a tough
match, especially with senior Eric Nedland out sick and sophomore Peyton Bowe out with an injury.
Both should be wrestling next weekend, Sonnentag said.
At 138 pounds, Spencer Gibson, a senior, won his match
by a fall over Flambeaus Brandon Wilson to add points for
the Wolfpack. Sophomores Matt Kostka and Takoda Lee also
won by a fall over their opponents.
Micah Raatz, sophomore, defeated his opponent, Falcon
Shannon Fye, by an 8-4 decision in the 160 pound class.
Sophomore Jake Hillebrand and freshman Zach Person
each received forfeit wins in their weight classes.
Cornell-Lake Holcombe-Gilman was even with Flambeau
in forfeits, but also took some losses with senior Dusty
Boehm and freshman Paul Nedland losing their matches by

Matt Kostka, a 195 pound sophomore for the Wolfpack, flips to get freed from his Flambeau opponent. Kostka won his match by a fall, helping
Cornell-Lake Holcombe-Gilman defeat Flambeau,
(Photo by Ginna Young)

play begins the following weekend on Valentines Day, Feb.

14. The Hornets are ranked fourth in the Cloverbelt Conference.

Receiving his 126th win of his high school career,

Austin Najbrt, Cadott senior, takes control of his
Osseo-Fairchild opponent, Jan. 29. Najbrt picked
up a technical fall win during the match.
(Photo by Kayla Peche)

Feb. 5 - 12

At Cornell, Spencer Gibson, a senior, pins Falcon

Brandon Wilson to win by a fall in the 138 pound
match. The Wolfpack defeated Flambeau, 33-24, in
a Lakeland Conference meet.
(Photo by Ginna Young)
With the Wolfpack victories, the team held their lead, winning, 33-24, over Flambeau.
Jan. 30 vs. Black River Falls Quad Tournament
The Wolfpack traveled to Black River Falls for a tournament, taking on Tri-County, Regis and Black River Falls.
The team came into the tournament strong with a victory
over Tri-County, 30-19.
Sonnentag says the lineups against Regis and Black River
Falls were very close matches, but Cornell-Lake Holcombe-Gilman lost to Regis, 30-33, and Black River Falls,
There were a few swing matches that could have gone either way, Sonnentag said. We were also down three
wrestlers for the dual meet, including varsity starters Peyton
Bowe and Eric Nedland.
With new team member Manuel Granado, a sophomore,
ineligible, and Bowe and Nedland still gone, the Wolfpack
had a few more matches for wrestlers who missed out early
in the season. One of which was Kostka, whose first match
back was the Jan. 29 meet against Flambeau.
He is 4-0 since his return, Sonnentag said. Those were
very valuable matches for that young man.
With the end of the regular season, the Wolfpack travels to
Cameron Feb. 7, for a Lakeland Conference tournament. Regionals are set for Feb. 14, at Ellsworth High School.

REMINDER Advertising / News Deadline

The deadline for news articles and display ad copy is 12 p.m. Monday. Classified ads must be in
no later than 12 p.m. Monday. All copy must be placed in the Courier Sentinel Cadott or Cornell office by
deadline to ensure placement in the paper the same week.

Boys Varsity Basketball

Friday, Feb. 6
at Altoona
Thursday, Feb. 12 McDonell C.C.
Boys JV Basketball
Friday, Feb. 6
at Altoona
Thursday, Feb. 12 McDonell C.C.
Girls Varsity Basketball
Thursday, Feb. 5
at Thorp
Friday, Feb. 6
Tuesday, Feb. 10 Stanley-Boyd
Girls JV Basketball
Thursday, Feb. 5
at Thorp
Friday, Feb. 6
Tuesday, Feb. 10 Stanley-Boyd
Varsity Wrestling
Saturday, Feb. 7
at Abbotsford

7:30 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
10 a.m.

Boys Varsity Basketball
Thursday, Feb. 5
at Lake Holcombe
Tuesday, Feb. 10 Winter
Boys JV Basketball
Thursday, Feb. 5
at Lake Holcombe
Tuesday, Feb. 10 Winter
Girls Varsity Basketball
Thursday, Feb. 5
at Lake Holcombe
Tuesday, Feb. 10 Winter
Girls JV Basketball
Thursday, Feb. 5
at Lake Holcombe
Tuesday, Feb. 10 Winter

7:15 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
7:15 p.m.

Lake Holcombe
Boys Varsity Basketball
Thursday, Feb. 5
Monday, Feb. 9
at Rib Lake
Tuesday, Feb. 10 Flambeau
Boys JV Basketball
Thursday, Feb. 5
Monday, Feb. 9
at Rib Lake
Tuesday, Feb. 10 Flambeau
Girls Varsity Basketball
Thursday, Feb. 5
Tuesday, Feb. 10 Flambeau
Girls JV Basketball
Thursday, Feb. 5
Tuesday, Feb. 10 Flambeau
Varsity Wrestling
Saturday, Feb. 7
at Cameron

7:15 p.m.
7:30 p.m.
7:15 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
5:45 p.m.
7:15 p.m.
7:15 p.m.
9 a.m.




Thursday, February 5, 2015


Courier Sentinel
Annual Subscription Rates
Chippewa, Rusk & Eau Claire Counties.......$32
Elsewhere In Wisconsin ...............................$35
Outside Wisconsin .......................................$42

715-239-6688 or 715-289-4978

Cadott - Cont. from Page 11

Despite high three-pointers and tight defense, the Hornets
lost to Eau Claire, 53-78.
Michael led Cadott with 15 points on five three-pointers.
McChesney scored 13 points and made four three-pointers
while Kyes added 12 points.
Ithink things are coming together well right now, said
Mittermeyer. We hope to continue to improve to get ready
for the tournament.
Feb. 2 vs. Bloomer (46-60 L, non-conference)
The Hornets began their Feb. 2 game in a zone defense,
but after Bloomer knocked down 21 points early in the first
quarter, the Hornets changed to a man-to-man, which led to
their seven point run. The Blackhawks quickly responded
with an 11 point run of their own, which kept them in the lead
by double digits.
The game was a struggle, Mittermeyer said. Bloomer
shot the ball very well due to our lack of physicality on defense.
Mittermeyer says the Hornets took a stand and wait approach against Bloomer, which was ineffective against powerful shooting skills. Unable to get closer than seven points
the rest of the game, Cadott fell to Bloomer, 46-60, in the
non-conference match up.
We couldnt quite get over the hump, Mittermeyer said.
We just have to keep getting better.
Michael scored 11 points for the Hornets, drilling three of
his teams six three-pointers. Sedlacek added 10 and McChesney added nine points for the game.
Cadott travels to Altoona Feb. 6, for a West Cloverbelt
Conference game, then brings it to Hornet territory Feb. 12,
against McDonell.

Funds for new uniforms come from local support

By Kayla Peche
Doing a little paid off a lot for the Lake Holcombe boys
basketball team as they raised enough funding to buy new
uniforms and practice jerseys.
The outstanding support our close knit community has
shown our program makes me extremely proud to be a member of it, said Dave Engel, Lake Holcombe boys basketball
head coach. I would like to express my gratitude to our players and assistant coaches for all their hard work and fundraising. Also, to our parents and most of all, our community for
their unwavering support.
Engel says the team was in need of uniforms after having
the same ones since 2003, and they were starting to look a
bit old.
Unlike most programs, we were not able to allocate any
of our yearly budget to uniforms, Engel said, leaving it
rather to fundraising and the generosity of our community.
Carrie Ably, Holcombe resident, helped Engel find donators and organize events the boys team could contribute toward to find funding.
Icouldnt have done it without her, Engel said.
The team helped during the summer with Swinging Fore a
Cause, put on by the Lake Holcombe Golfers committee.
Sarah Sauerwein, Lake Holcombe Golfers coordinator,
says the annual event provides scholarships, field trips, camp
opportunities, educational events, sports equipment and uniforms, school supplies and much more to the Lake Holcombe
students. She said it was a no brainer when Engel asked to
participate during the event.
It was only fitting that, after the team showed up to help
with some physical labor, we presented our first check of the
new season to him (Engel)at the event, Sauerwein said. I
think he was surprised and very pleased to receive $1,000 for
help in purchasing their new uniforms.
Along with this event, the basketball team helped the Lake
Holcombe Lions Club with their ice fishing contest by selling
tickets and moving around equipment. Also, the Holcombe

Lake Holcombe boys basketball head coach Dave

Engel shakes Lake Holcombe Lions member Ray
Guthmans hand at the basketball game Jan. 27.
Engel thanked each of the Lions present (Jim Trottier, Emma Trottier, Ray Guthman, Carrie Ably and
Charlie Ably) for the clubs $1,000 contribution to
the team for new jerseys.
(Photo by Monique Westaby)
Alumni Association holds an annual Alumni Basketball Tournament, where Engel says the boys will also fundraise. The
tournament is set for Feb. 14 and 15 this year.
It is a nice interaction with the community, Engel said
of the different events the team participated in.
The Lake Holcombe Lions Club donated $1,000 toward
the new uniforms, while Mrs. and Dr. Tom Tozer not only
donated $300, but Engel said also donated time with medical
and basketball guidance throughout the year. Sue Sutor, who
in the memory of former American Basketball Association
players and New Jersey basketball legends George Sutor Sr.
and George Sutor Jr., donated $1,000.
With all of the donations, the team was able to purchase
the new uniforms and practice jerseys for for the 2014-15
Thanks to all who have helped carry on this great tradition
of Holcombe basketball, said Engel.

Wisconsin Winter Fact

Jim Falls Lions Clubs Annual

Pell Lake and Neillsville hold the

greatest daily total of snowfall
with 26 inches. Neillsville held the
record since Dec. 27, 1904, but
Pell Lake tied them Feb. 2, 2011.

on Popple Lake

Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015

Noon to 3:30 p.m.

EVS Awards Banquet

1st Marcum VX-1 Pro Flasher
2nd Eskimo S33 8 Power Auger
3rd Frabil 1-2 Jacket
4th Mr. Heater Big Buddy Heater
5th Gander Mountain (First Ice Combo Rod & Reel)
Numerous Other Prizes On Ice Raffle - Must be present to win

Fishing Contest Cash Prizes:

Categories of:
Northern, Walleye, Bass, Crappie, Bluegill & Perch



Live bait available on ice by The Worm Bucket



Hot Dogs, Chili, Pop, Coffee,
Hot Chocolate & More.
All fish entries will be measured by weight. In case of a tie, fish length
will decide the winner. Judges decision will be final. Fish entries must be
caught during contest from Popple Lake.
Fishing Contest entry requires a valid fishing license and a fishing contest
Need not be present to win drawing prizes. Smaller prizes to be drawn
throughout the day, larger prizes are drawn after the contest.
Tickets can be purchased from a Jim Falls Lions Club member or on the
ice the day of the contest. $1 donation per ticket or six tickets for $5.
Proceeds support Lions projects, including the Wisconsin Lions Camp

Jerry Weigel, Eagle Valley Speedway track

owner in Jim Falls,
thanked everyone for attending the 2014 appreciation
racers, fans and employees. Weigel says
over 200 loads of clay
have been brought in,
and corners were also
changed, creating a fast
line at the top of the
track. This is a racetrack, said Weigel at
the Jan. 24 dinner and
banquet. Youre supposed to go fast. A
spring start date has not
been set for the 2015
season, as Weigel says
changes are still being
made to the schedule.
(Photo by Monique

In the Hornet class, awards were given for the top five points finishers for 2014,
at the Eagle Valley Speedway awards dinner and banquet. Jim Falls resident
Scott Westaby, far left, earned the first place title with 379 points, while
Cadotts Jay Welk (not shown) earned second with 630 points. Chuck Wald,
second from left, earned third in his first year of racing, and was also given
the Rookie of the Year award for the Hornets. Next to Wald, Heather Rudy received a trophy for fourth place and Augustas Travis Hoff, far right, earned
the fifth place title. Not pictured: Jesse Glenz, of Cadott, earned a fourth place
finish in his Modified class.
(Photo by Monique Westaby)


Thursday, February 5, 2015




Cadott Youth Spirit Squad

Cadott wrestler Warren Bowe has his hand raised

at a Wausau Youth Wrestling Tournament Sunday,
Feb. 1. Over 300 teams and nearly 600 wrestlers
participated in the event, with 30 of those coming
fromCadott. The Hornets took second place overall, because of tie breaking criteria.
(Submitted Photo)

Above, Abby Bowe (left) and Karlee Davis (right)

show their dance moves during the Cadott Youth
Spirit Squads halftime routine Jan. 27, of Taylor
Swifts Shake It Off. At the end of the performance,
a few of the girls made a small pyramid, cheering
for Hornet spirit.
(Photos by Kayla Peche)

Boyd League
Sunday Mixed Couples
Jan. 18, 2015
Won Lost
6.5 7.5
2.5 9.5
High Team Game: OemigSteinke, 732; C.W.D.O., 732;
Gully-Seichter, 730; McQuillanPeterson, 668
High TeamSeries: C.W.D.O.,
2,137; Oemig-Steinke, 2,073;
Gully-Seichter, 2,064
High Individual Game Men:
C. Gully, 258; G. Steinke, 254; J.
Jones, 246
High Individual Series Men:
C. Gully, 738; G. Oemig, 632; J.
Jones, 628
Women: S. Cooper, 186; J. McQuillan, 180; S. Wanish, 171

Women: J. McQuillan, 505; S.

Cooper, 490; S. Wanish, 456
Monday Ladies National
Jan. 26, 2015
Won Lost
Quality Truck &Auto 8.5 3.5
Quality Towing
8.5 3.5
Boyd Feed &Supply
Bobs Riverview
Village Haus
Team High Game: Quality
Towing, 692; Boyd Feed &Supply, 608; Quality Truck &Auto,
Team HighSeries: Quality
Towing, 1,914; Quality Truck &
Auto, 1,810; Boyd Feed & Supply, 1,704
Individual High Game: L.
Mallo, 224; K. Hendzel, 204; A.
Goodman, 198
Individual High Series: L.
Mallo, 585; K. Hendzel, 536; A.
Goodman, 517
Tuesday Ladies
Jan. 27, 2015
Won Lost
Village Haus
Family Hair Design

Mud Brook Pool League
Jan. 28, 2015
Cookies, 9 vs. Big Minnow, 0;
Arnold, 4 vs. Bogies I, 5; Big
Swedes, 3 vs. Flaters, 6;
Bogies II, 4 vs. Black Bear, 5
Bogies I
Big Swedes
Bogies II
Black Bear
Big Minnow
North Country Pool League
Jan. 29, 2015
Teds Timberlodge
Black Bear I
Broken Arrow I
Big Swedes II
Arnolds II
Black Bear II
Pine Drive
Big Swedes I
Broken Arrow II

Arnolds I
Cadott Wednesday
Pool League Standings
Jan. 28, 2015
Weekly Total
10 119
15 103
Randys Jim Town
13 119
12 120
Last Call
J & Js
Old Barn
Dam Shot
Shady Nook
Cadott-Boyd Tuesday
Pool League Standings
Jan. 27, 2014
Weekly Total
B &S
Drywood I
Drywood II
J &Js
Last Call I
Last Call II

Dennys Bar & Bowl
1 19
Team High Game: Family
Hair Design, 789; Bliss, 768; Village Haus, 766
Team HighSeries: Bliss,
2,255; Family Hair Design,
2,231; Dennys Bar & Bowl,
Individual High Game: B.
Thorton, 197; K. White, 196; L.
Klapperich, 194
Individual High Series: K.
White, 540; B. Thorton, 540; S.
Cooper, 507; V. Welke, 492
Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015
Won Lost
Village Haus
Bobs Riverview
Ribbons &Rosebuds
Team High Game: Village
Haus, 971; DD Saloon, 943; Ribbons &Rosebuds, 831
Team High Series: Village
Haus, 2,823; DD Saloon, 2,678;
Ribbons & Rosebuds, 2,448
Individual High Game: C.
Gully, 278; G. Steinke, 255; T.
Oemig, 255; J. Western, 224
IndividualHighSeries: C.
Gully, 728; T. Oemig, 669; G.
Steinke, 613
Thursday Ladies
Jan. 29, 2015
Won Lost
Nelson Forestry
Burkes Sugar Babes
McQuillan Plumbing
4 12
High Team Game: Kutzees,
600; Nelson Forestry, 576; McQuillan Plumbing, 528
High TeamSeries: Nelson
Forestry, 1,663; Kutzees, 1,641;
McQuillan Plumbing, 1,554
High Individual Game: J.
McQuillan, 180; S. Korb, 180; L.
Seichter, 173; J. Geist, 168
High Individual Series: L.
Seichter, 468; J. McQuillan, 451;
B. Backaus, 441
Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015
Won Lost
Dennys Bowl
Breezy Acres
Bobs Riverview
McQuillan Plumbing
Red Wing Cabinets
3 13
Corner Bar
3 13
TeamHighGame: Breezy


Acres, 1,024; Bobs Riverview,

1,015; Red Wing Cabinets, 980
Team High Series: Bobs
Riverview, 2,892; Red Wing
Cabinets, 2,760; Corner Bar,
Individual High Game: E. Pilgrim, 278; C. Girard, 266; T.
Birch, 257
IndividualHighSeries: T.
Birch, 731; J. Zastrow, 702; C.
Girard, 679
Saturday Mixed Couples
Jan. 31, 2015
Won Lost
Schuebel-Ketterhagen 14
6 10
High Team Game: SchuebelKetterhagen, 637; Wellner, 583;
Reed-Waegli, 549
High TeamSeries: Schuebel
-Ketterhagen, 1,805; ReedWaegli, 1,626; Wellner, 1,578
High Individual Game Men:
B. Schuebel, 180; A. Osvold,
173; C. Reed, 166; M. Wellner,
High Individual Series Men:
B. Schuebel, 456; K. Ketterhagen, 452; C. Reed, 449
Women: K. Ketterhagen, 204; K.
Reed, 191; A. Wellner, 182
Women: K. Ketterhagen, 573; A.
Wellner, 469; K. Reed, 463
Schicks Bowl & Brew
Tuesday Night
Ladies League Standings
Jan. 27, 2015
Lisas Beauty Salon 24
Cliffs Maple Sugars 23
Hellands Hellions
Heaven Help Us
Schicks Bowl & Brew 16
High Team Game: Lisas
Beauty Salon, 573; Cliffs Maple
Sugars, 506; Hellands Hellions,
High Team Series: Lisas
Beauty Salon, 1,701; Hellands
Hellions, 1,426; Cliffs Maple
Sugars, 1,416
High Individual Game: Tina
Bergeron, 187; Jenna Velie, 178;
Alicia Fagner, 160
High Individual Series:
Jenna Velie, 450; Sarah Whittaker, 443; Tina Bergeron, 427

Cornell American Legion Fundraiser Post 353

9 Pin Tap
Bowling Tournament
at Schicks Bowl & Brew

Saturday, Feb. 21
Starting at 11 a.m.
Food Raffles Prizes All Day
Give us a call at 239-3825 to sign-up or for more info!

Cadott Lions Annual

Ice Fishing Contest


8 miles north of Cadott on Hwy. 27 to Crescent, then 3 miles east,

or 7 miles south of Cornell on 27, then 3 miles east.

Pike Lake (All of Lake Open)

Sunday, Feb. 8 12:30 to 3:30 p.m.


1st: $500 Cash 2nd: $300 Cash
3rd: $150 cash
4th: $100 gift card from Crescent Meats
5th thru 10th: $100 each
by Northwestern Bank Kromrey Chiropractic Greener Acres
Dahm Construction & Buildings, LLC P&B Lumber Crescent Landscape

Pan Fish Prizes

1st: $50 2nd: $25 3rd: $15: Crappie, Blue Gill & Perch categories
Kids receive a candy bar for any fish caught & register for Zebco Rod & Reel.

Game Fish Prizes

1st: $50 2nd: $25 3rd: $15: Bass & Northern categories
Bass: minimum 14 Northern: no minimum length Fish Must Be Legal
Bring your own bucket - buckets will be checked. All fish must be legal.
Worms & minnows sold at contest Hot lunches & coffee served!
No one fish can win two prizes ~ fish must be alive and on hook & line when checked.
Free Drawing Throughout the Afternoon: Need Not Be Present to Win.




Thursday, February 5, 2015


Its a Girls Hunting

By: Monique Westaby
Its a bird, its a plane,
its a meerkat?
We were well into coon season and a friend of ours decided to join us for the evening. He
brought a friend, and the four of us hopped in the Chevy and
headed for a creek bottom.
It was prime coon hunting and the stars were out. We were
still looking to find the biggest coon for our Big Coon Competition wed entered, and the last few runs had produced
some good video, but not much for coon size.
A friend of ours was leading the state-wide contest, and although we couldnt hunt every weeknight like he could, we
knew we had to hunt on the weekends every chance we could.
The creek runs along the edge of a cornfield, and the dogs
were more than willing to follow the corn edge, down the trail
and into the water. We didnt need the GPS to know where
their splish-splosh feet were, and in just a few minutes Blaze,
our Walker, sounded treed.
Chaos was several hundred yards away and showed little
interest in the tree Blaze had determined was the one. Since
Cordellia mostly goes with the flow, she put her front paws
on the bark next to Blaze and let out her own treeing howl.
The mud and water got deep quick, so I stayed on the trailside and let Scott, my husband, cross with his high waders.
Blaze, he said to the mostly white dog, I dont think
theres anything up there.
We lit up the tree tops and only stars glittered back at us.
Scott told Blaze nothing was up there, and several more minutes of searching still left us empty-handed.
Scott finally convinced Blaze to head out with her sister,
and Cordellia followed, ears bouncing and feet sploshing. The
three produced nothing so we caught them up and tried another run which again put nothing up a tree.
Maybe we got all the coon last weekend, someone joked.
I wouldnt doubt it, came a response.
The dogs barked all the way to the next drop site, and we
let them out in the freshly cleared field. It took awhile, but
eventually the three showed treed.
We started walking toward them and they moved about 100
yards. We stopped, and they headed back to the tree. About
half way there, they did it again.
We knew something was up, so we followed the GPS to the
squiggles of where
they had been.
Afraid we were
going to be fooled
again, we looked at
every branch.
An old stand was
bolted at the top of
some tree spikes, so
Scott carefully made
his way up the spikes
to get a better look.
He shouted back to
us that he thought it
was a cat. I found it
Blaze, Cordellia and Chaos tree
on the meerkat tree. They
with my light but
werent quite positive a coon
something wasnt
was up there, and until we got
quite right. The tail
to the tree, they spent their time
wasnt quite cat-like,
looking for something that
and the entire animal
smelled a little more right.
looked too skinny.
I think its a weasel or something, I said.
Its bigger than a weasel, said Scott from up the tree.
Maybe its a fisher.
No, its too small for a fisher, I said. And its not dark
enough. I think its ameerkat.
Meerkats dont live in Wisconsin, Scott said with a, dont
be ridiculous, tone.
Nope, definitely a meerkat, I said, laughing. But really,
I think its something with an M name.
We determined it definitely wasnt a coon so we left it alone,
led up the dogs, and headed back to the truck. I googled weasel
family and a martin popped up on my screen.
Thats what it was! I said, showing everyone in the truck
my find. They agreed, and although it wasnt a meerkat, I was
still right that its name started with an M.
It had gotten late, and we decided to call it a night. We may
have gotten skunked, or should I say, martined, but we still
had a fun story to tell. On to the next night.

DNR Outdoor Report

Snowmobile trails remain open in about a dozen northern
counties and cross-country ski trails are in very good condition.
Ice thickness on most lakes across the northwoods varies
from 12 to 16 inches. Snows have added 2 to 3 inches on top
of the 6 inches that was already on the ice, making ice travel
more difficult.
For fishing action, it seems mid-winter doldrums have set
in and success has tapered off for most species in the north.
Walleye action could be considered fair for this time and
most anglers experience just enough action to keep them interested. Panfish action has been inconsistent and anglers
have moved around searching for active fish.
With warmer weather there have been wildlife sightings
of porcupines in trees, otters out and coyotes active. The majority of white-tailed bucks have lost their antlers.
Squirrel season has closed, but rabbit hunting remains open
through Feb. 28.
Statewide Birding Report
Winter bird patterns have set in, though northbound
spring movement of some species may only be weeks

Snowy owls remain in high numbers and short-eared owls
have also put in good showings.
Pine siskins, purple finches and common redpolls continue
to dominate the landbird scene. Tree sparrows, dark-eyed
juncos, cardinals, black-capped chickadees, woodpeckers,
horned larks, white-breasted nuthatches, blue jays, American
goldfinches and tufted titmice are also active.
Small numbers of evening and pine grosbeaks, and red
crossbills are reported in the far north, as well as more than
300 Bohemian waxwings in northern Bayfield County.
Small numbers of waterfowl can be found wherever open
water remains. Diving ducks such as common goldeneye and
common mergansers, dabblers including mallards, American
black duck and Canada goose are most numerous.
Trumpeter swans have overwintered at Hudson and tundra
swans are at McFarland.
The rarest find is no doubt the common eider seen in Superior, Douglas County. The sea duck is very rarely found in
the interior United States and marks only the second known
to have frequented Wisconsin waters since 1968.

An Outdoorsmans Journal By Mark Walters

Bloomers Northland Houndsmen
Hello friends,
This week and next I will write to you about the excellent experiences I had while trying to fill my bobcat
tag, under the guidance of an incredible bunch of guys
and gals who call themselves The Northland Houndsmen.
This group began back in the late 50s, when there
were not many deer in the area, or coyote, or GPS. They
used to load their hounds in the trunks of their cars and
chase fox.
The unofficial leaders of this group are Don and Dale
Naset, and Robby Turner. Several of the gangs members
are Mark Tomally Tomasovich, Mitch Poier, Mark
Pierce, Sonny Marek, Rolly Naset and Diane Mitchell (I
am sure I have missed several.)
Tuesday, Jan. 20 High 6, Low -25
I am basing out of Flaters Resort, which is possibly
the coolest place on earth, and is located where the
Chippewa and Flambeau Rivers meet.
This morning, long before daylight, my connection to
this group, Tomally, picked me up and we began our job
which, like the four other trucks working the area, was
to find a fresh bobcat track.
Sounds simple. Well, it is not. We are working big
country in Rusk and Chippewa Counties, and each driver
covers about 15 to 25 miles of remote roads. Most of the
time your window is down or you are getting out of the
truck and trying to figure out if a track is made by a
fisher, coyote, fox or bobcat.
Generally you see deer tracks. Sometimes they are
wolf or coyote, but the most common thing to remember
is when a deer or coyote lifts their feet, there is a slight
drag mark between tracks. Bobcat do not drag their feet.
Usually, these guys are hunting coyote and, as each
member of the gang works their stretch of road, they talk
on marine band radios. They relay their info and a plan
is made on when to meet, and which hounds to put on
the coyote that will be
For myself, I was actually being honored by a
bunch of guys who did not
even know me. Yesterday

and today we were ignoring coyote and it was bobcat or

nothing. I had the only cat/short tail tag and running a
cat was the only goal.
Two days of frigid temps kept us from seeing a single
cat track.
Wednesday, Jan. 21 High 34, Low 17
Today was the second day of my second trip to hunt
In the time between hunts we had to cancel twice.
Once because of frigid temps and blowing snow that covers all tracks. The other time because the only snow on
the ground was hard pack that did not make a track, and
there was not much of it.
As usual, I am riding shotgun with Tomally in his 2003
Chevy Avalanche. The Avalanche is a beast that does not
get stuck, even though all of Tomallys buddies want him
to get stuck so they can give him a hard time.
There are five trucks on this hunt and everyone knows
I have to go home today. Both today and yesterday it
snowed after midnight, so finding cat tracks is not at all
There are hounds in the back of these trucks that go by
the names of Ellwood, a redbone; Conway, a plott; and
Sailor, a walker that I really want to see hunt.
Each dog is fitted with a GPS collar and the hunters
have hand held GPS in their trucks that they can track
the hounds once they are on the hunt. The GPS is crucial
in keeping track of the dogs, which helps to keep them
off private land, and lets hunters know if they are near a
road, helping avoid catastrophe with car/hound collisions.
The bobcat season is down to 10 days.
I cannot return for five, and the clock is ticking.
The weather forecast is perfect for cat to move tonight.
After a big day of hunting I have to go home and be a
dad, a KAMO president and feed cattle. I get home at
8:30 p.m.
The game is on, to heck
with the five day wait.
I am back at Flaters the
next morning; I have a cat
tag to fill!


Teds Timber
Lodge & Resort

Where the Chippewa &

Flambeau Rivers Meet

Cty. Hwy. M
Holcombe, Wis.

Joe & Dawn Flater, Owners
270 N. Cty. E, Holcombe, Wis.

(715) 595-4771

The Northland Houndsmen use the money from their

furs to help pay for vet bills and dog food.

(715) 595-4424


Thursday, February 5, 2015


Public Notices
School District of
Cornell Minutes
Dec. 22, 2014
The following are proceedings from the Cornell
School Board meeting
held Dec. 22, 2014.
Motion moved by Wallerius, seconded by Seidlitz to grant authority
to Eileen Sikora to vote
at the WASB Delegate
Assembly as determines
best for the district.
Roll call vote all aye,
Sikora abstained. Motion
Sikora, seconded by Wallerius to adjourn to executive session pursuant to
Wis. Statutes 19.85 1(c)
personnel personnel updates. Time 7:40 p.m.
Roll call vote all aye.
Motion carried.
Sikora, seconded by Seidlitz to adjourn. Roll call
vote all aye. Motion carried. Time 8:12 p.m.
C6-1c wnaxlp
Matching Grant
Availability Through

Courier Sentinel
Cornell office 715-239-6688
Cadott office 715-289-4978

To subscribe
to your

Call Cadott office
(715) 289-4978
or Cornell office
(715) 239-6688
Chippewa, Rusk & Eau Claire
Counties - $32
Elsewhere in Wisconsin - $35
Outside Wisconsin - $42

The Chippewa County

Stewardship Program
NOTICE is hereby
given to all towns, villages, cities and nonprofit
501c(3) conservation organizations of matching
grant funds available
through the Chippewa
County Stewardship Program.
Matching grant funds
must be used to acquire

land or conservation
easements for the purpose of farmland or natural resource protection,
public trail and park acquisition, or expanded public
hunting and fishing opportunities in Chippewa
County. Public access is a
requirement of all grant
For information regarding the year 2015 grant

C6-1c wnaxlp

criteria and application

process, please contact
the Chippewa County
Dept. of Land Conservation and Forest Management at #715-726-7920.
Dated this 22nd day of
January, 2015.
Dan Masterpole
dept. director/county
Chippewa County, WI
C5-2c wnaxlp



Town of Cleveland
Monthly Meeting

The monthly meeting will be held Monday, Feb. 9,

2015, at the town hall (20470 St. Hwy. 64) at 7 p.m.
Financial Report
Plans for Grounds & Yard Area
4-H Project Offer
Individual Employee Review: part-time patrolman
Payment of Bills
Public Input

Area Business Directory




Have an Accident?
Its YOUR choice
where your vehicle is
repaired not your
insurance company.
Serving Chippewa Falls
Since 1997

Its the law.

224 S. Boundary Rd., Cadott, WI

PHONE: 715.289.5148 FAX: 715.289.5149
24-Hour Towing - 715.271.0731

The Right Choice.

Corner of Hwy. 124 & S

Free Estimates Free Loaner Cars

Lifetime Paint Guarantee
Minor Dents to Major Repairs
Frame Straightening 24/7 Towing




(715) 720-0456

Dr. Shawn M. Kromrey
500 South Main Street
Cadott, Wis.


Shane Mathison, D.C.

All Types of Excavation

Farm Work & Land Clearing
D-4-6-8 Dozers Available
Scrappers & Excavators
For all your excavating needs.

(715) 289-5000

128 W Ginty St.,

Cadott, WI 54727
Fax (715) 289-4099
Phone (715) 289-4050




Cadott Color



311 N. Main St.

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Or 4 Year Contract


Full Service

Phone: 715-289-4292

(715) 877-2705

Mon.-Fri. 8:00-5:30
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Youll Find it at CARQUEST

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(715) 239-6093

239-0450 532-6453



Competitive prices, quality material

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Jean Maries
School of Dance


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Falls Septic

Greener Acres

Septic Cleaning
Knowledge & reliability youve come
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Septic Tanks & Holding Tanks

Power Rodding & Jetting

Holcombe, WI

Septic & Holding Tanks

Portable Toilet Rentals
Drain Cleaning

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Septic Tanks Holding Tanks

Portable Rentals
Mark Payne
15188 St. Hwy. 178 Jim Falls, WI


Tues. 5 p.m. January 2015

31 W. Spring Street

Professional Installation
Free Estimates


New Preschool Class 3+

Chippewa Falls

Call: 800-292-0748

Heating/Air Conditioning
Service * Installation

Cornell, WI
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We carry name brands of

Carpet - Vinyl - Ceramic
Laminate Flooring


Auto Parts

Your repair facility

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NOT the
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Your VehicleYour Choice



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Corner of Hwys. 27 & X in Cadott

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(715) 289-4470
Truck and Trailer Repair Services/
Maintenance & Hydraulic Hoses
Farm Bedding
Colored Mulches/Bark
Various Landscaping Materials


This could
be your
or 289-4978




Thursday, February 5, 2015


Public Notices
C6-1c wnaxlp

Town of Goetz
Regular Board Meeting


Goetz Board will hold its regular monthly board
meeting Monday, Feb. 9, 2015, at 7:30 p.m., at the
Goetz Town Hall.
1) Roll call
2) Minutes
3) Treasurers report
4) Roads
5) Payment of bills
6) Adjourn
Cara Sikora,
C6-1c wnaxlp

Town of Arthur & Town of Goetz
Voting by Absentee Ballot
Cadott School Board Election
Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015

Any qualified elector who is unable or unwilling to

appear at the polling place on election day may request to vote an absentee ballot. A qualified elector
is any U.S. citizen who will be 18 years of age or
older on election day, who has resided in the ward
or municipality where he or she wishes to vote for
at least 10 days before the election. The elector
must also be registered in order to receive an absentee ballot.
Contact your municipal clerk and request that an
application for an absentee ballot be sent to you for
the primary or election or both. You may also request an absentee ballot by letter. Your written request must list your voting address within the
municipality where you wish to vote, the address
where the absentee ballot should be sent, if different, and your signature.
Special absentee voting application provisions
apply to electors who are indefinitely confined to
home or a care facility, in the military, hospitalized,
or serving as a sequestered juror. If this applies to
you, contact the municipal clerk.
For the TOWN OF ARTHUR, you can also personally go to the clerks office, or other specified location,complete a written application, and vote an
absentee ballot. I will be available from 8 a.m. to 7
p.m. Town of Arthur, Glen Sikorski, clerk, 28301
134th Ave., Cadott, WI 54727 or call for an appointment, phone 715-289-4825.
For the TOWN OF GOETZ, please contact Cara
Sikora, clerk, at 715-289-4281 to set up an appointment or to request an absentee ballot.
FEB. 13, 2015.


For Sale
Twin $99. Full $149. Queen
Twin $159. Full $195.
Queen $225. King $395. 28
years experience. Extra
Plush Pillow Top Mattress
Sets: Twin $195. Full $245.
Queen $275. King $445.
Call Dan 715-829-2571, or
FOR SALE: Queen size
bedroom set and china
hutch. Call p.m. at 715-6673376.
(2) 28x102 trailers with
swing doors, roadable. (1)
40 with overhead door, con-

verter dollies, $750. 715229-2009 or 262-853-3853.

Filler sale: pastured organic
chickens. Delivery available
to Medford, Marshfield and
other areas. 715-257-7132 or
Wheelchair, never used.
New cost, $6,000. Asking
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LLC.: Dish Network starting at $19.99/month. Free
install, HD DVR, 3 months
HBO, Cinemax, Showtime
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Public Notices
C6-1c wnaxlp

Town of Birch Creek
Monthly Meeting


Birch Creek will hold a regular monthly meeting
Tuesday, Feb. 10, 2015, at 7 p.m., at the Birch
Creek Town Hall at 26755 240th St.
1.Call meeting to order
2.Roll Call
3.Approve Minutes
4.Treasurers Report
5.Public Comment
6.Discussion and Action Items:
A. Committee Reports
B. Correspondence
C. Payment of Bills
7.Set next meeting
8. Adjourn
Robin Stender, clerk

information. Also available, local network antenna sales and service.

Phone 715-654-5600, cell

Real Estate

and stay informed!

Local News Sports Leisure Classifieds and More

$32.00 Chippewa, Rusk, Eau Claire & Western Taylor Counties

$35.00 Other Areas in Wisconsin
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Cornell office
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Cadott office
P.O. Box 70
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Sue Sutor

Your Holcombe Area Realtor

Coldwell Banker, Brenizer, Realtors
1021 Regis Ct., Eau Claire, WI 54701
(715) 829-4427 (715) 838-2141

Your Piece of Heaven! Spectacular views, watch the

sun rise over Lake Holcombe in the morning. 194 ft. of
waterfront, 3 bedroom, 2+ bath, 4 car detached garage
is 1/2 heated & insulated, TV room, 3 season room.
Patio & deck for summer. All on 3 acres of woods and
water. 878062 .................................................$489,900
Wonderful Cottage or Home on Lake Holcombe granite counters, wood floors, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, large
living room and deck overlooking the lake/river. 1st floor
has in-floor heat. Part of home is over 100 yrs. old.
It was moved and added on to at its present location
in 2006. Survey to be completed before closing.
Waterfront home w/garage and highway location. So
many choices for this property, nice low elevation on a
channel close to main part of Lake Holcombe. Could
use part of the 3.4 acres for a business as it is a highway
location. 880719 .............................................$225,000
Low level wooded lot to build your dream home or
cabin. Located very close to golf course. Lot is on Pine
Lake which is part of Lake Holcombe. 839012...$82,000
Affordable lots on Lake Holcombe/Chippewa River.
South facing lot perfect for a walkout basement on over
an acre of land. The 110 ft. of waterfront is across Hwy.
D for your lake access. Each lot is $59,900. Come see.
Come Buy! 868233 ...........................................$59,000
Your Cornell/Lake Holcombe
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200 rolls music, electric

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Thane Page
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Country living at its best! - Spacious, classic 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home near Lake Holcombe. Wooded,
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877809 .............................................................$179,900
Cornell - One bedroom home with 2 car attached
garage on corner lot. MLS 876283.....................$35,750
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maneuverability for wheelchairs, outside ramp, within
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Updated 2006; separate laundry room, kitchen has lower
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New Auburn - Looking for a place to hang out, have
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882013 ...............................................................$39,975
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60 garage. MLS#880489..................................$148,475
PRICE REDUCED: Tony - 152 acres of prime hunting
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buildable land, not in program. MLS#880517.....$78,900
PRICEREDUCED: Holcombe: 2 bedroom home on
County Rd. M, double lot, 11 acres across road.
MLS#879485 ......................................................$69,900


Industrial - Commercial - Residential - Farm

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In house Machine Shop for
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FOR RENT: 2 bedroom
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Help Wanted
HELP WANTED: Parttime bartenders, waitresses
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person needed to take care of


Thursday, February 5, 2015


developmentally disabled
people in Boyd. Call Tim at
HELP WANTED: Livein manager. Apply at Paradise
Shores in Holcombe.

School District of Lake Holcombe

Custodial/Maintenance Vacancy

The School District of Lake Holcombe is accepting applications for

an evening custodian/light maintenance position. This is a calendar year
position scheduled for 40 hours per week. The evening shift may have
some flexibility between the hours of 3 p.m. to midnight. This position
performs all necessary cleaning duties and light maintenance duties as
Candidates will have the following desired qualifications:
1. Knowledge of cleaning methods, materials and equipment.
2. Knowledge of operation of mechanical cleaning equipment.
3. Ability to follow oral and written instructions.
4. Establish and maintain good working relations with supervisors,
teachers, students, coaches and community members.
5. Demonstrated willingness and ability to give exceptional job performance.
Interested persons should send the following information: cover letter
and a completed job application to: Lisa Spletter, District Accountant,
School District of Lake Holcombe, 27331 262nd Ave, Holcombe, WI
Job applications may be picked up at the Districts Central Office or
printed from the Districts website at Applications are accepted until the position is filled.
The School District of Lake Holcombe is an Equal Opportunity Employer.




Thursday, February 5, 2015


Sledding at
Brunet Island
State Park

Zechariah Schmidt and

his mom, Rhonda, made
it down the Brunet hill,
but didnt land so
smoothly, during a sledding event Jan. 31. The
two walked back up the
hill unharmed, then
donned another sled to
try again.
(Photo by
Monique Westaby)

Carson Parker and Ryan Bowe spent their Saturday

afternoon seeing how fast, and how far, they could
go on the Brunet Island State Park sledding hill.
Rendezvous members held the all age event Jan.
31, serving hot dogs, hot beef, chili and warm beverages for a fundraiser for the Rendezvous.
(Photo by Monique Westaby)

Its not always about speed as Bryce DeJongh

demonstrated at the free sledding event in Brunet
Park. Bryce took his time sliding down the hill,
stopping before the drop-off that went into the
swimming area.
(Photo by Monique Westaby)

Above: Teaira Spaeth

gives Rhonda Schmidt,
Izabelle Schwingle and
Kendra Seidlitz a push
down the hill at Brunet
Island State Park in Cornell Jan. 31. These sledders, along with about a
dozen others, participated in a free sledding
for all event held by the
Rendezvous members.
The three girls made it
down the hill and off the
jump into the swimming area with lots of
smiles and laughter.
(Photo by Monique

Apps to keep inventories for insurance

While no one wants to dwell on the negative,
disasters such as fires, floods, tornadoes and other
severe storms do occur in Wisconsin. The best defense is to be prepared, which means creating a
home inventory to help with reimbursement for

any lost possessions.

When you dont have a home inventory and try
to reconstruct what you owned, it can be quite a
challenge, said Ron Von Haden, executive vice
president of the Professional Insurance Agents of
Wisconsin. Its very possible to overlook or forget things, so you may get
less of a settlement than if you had an
up-to-date inventory.
The following apps have been created to help ease the stress of creating
Know Your Stuff Home Inventory This app is from the Insurance
Information Institute and backs up data
to The Cloud, for ensured access if disaster strikes. The program is available
for desktop, but also has an app for
iPhone and Android. Online inventory
can be modified or added, and photos
can be included directly from a phone.
The program and app are free at
MyStuff2 Lite Everything from
electronics and appliances to jewelry
and movie collections can be tracked
with this iPhone only app. Barcode
scanning and Amazon integration is in-

cluded, but the free version is limited to 15 items.

The Pro version, which has no limit, is available
for purchase on iTunes.
NM Home Inventory This software captures photos, description and receipts, and can be
used in conjunction with a desktop version. This
free app is for Android only and is available in the
app store.
Encircle Homeowners, landlords and property managers can inventory all properties with
Encircle using a smartphone, tablet or the web.
This app is free and can be found online at, and in app stores.
Another good tip is to check with your local,
independent, professional insurance agent before
you start your inventory. said Von Haden. Your
agent can tell you whether your insurance company has any specific reimbursement requirements
and whether they offer an app you can use.
Your agent can also advise you about expensive or rare items such as your grandmothers diamond engagement ring, pricey electronics, a
piece of artwork or collectible that may exceed the
limits of standard homeowners or renters insurance. To ensure this property is protected, you may
need extra coverage, called a rider, that covers the
true replacement value of these items.
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