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The Loft Program Fee

Do you approve the new Loft Program Fee of $3.82 per graduate student per quarter effective
Fall Quarter 2010 to the University Events Office (UEO) to support programming in The Loft,
the University’s art and performance lounge?

29% of this fee increase will return to institutional financial aid. This is a new fee and is not
assessed during the Summer Sessions.

If this fee referendum is approved and implemented, it would be effective Fall Quarter 2010 and
this Fee will be adjusted annually according to the California Consumer Price Index (CPI) as
calculated by the California Department of Industrial Relations for the San Diego County
effective Fall Quarter 2011.

Statement of Conditions:

1. The fee will be included in the determination of financial aid.
2. Annual budget reports will be made public and provided to all UCSD student
3. Modifications of this fee may not be made without a subsequent student referendum held
in accordance with the appropriate student governmental and University policies, unless
other means are explicitly provided in this ballot language.
4. This fee shall require renewal in the Spring of 2012 and every 4 years subsequent
requiring a majority of students voting in the general election to vote in the affirmative.
Should this majority not be obtained, this fee shall no longer be collected.
5. The Associated Students (ASUCSD) Council and Graduate Student Association (GSA)
shall maintain oversight of this fee and must approve the Loft budget by a two-thirds vote
before funds from this fee may be allocated or spent; this review shall happen no later
than June 1 of each year.
6. The ASUCSD Council and GSA shall create a student majority Loft Governance Board
to oversee the execution of the funds from this fee. The board shall be co-chaired by a
UCSD student and the Loft Curator or UEO Director. Membership of the Loft
Governance Board must at minimum include:
a. the ASUCSD Vice President of Student Life;
b. the ASUCSD Vice President of Finance and Resources;
c. the ASUCSD Associate Vice President of Concerts and Events;
d. an ASUCSD senator;
e. a representative of the GSA;
f. the ASUCSD President, ex -officio;
g. the GSA President, ex-officio;
h. the Loft Curator, ex-officio and non-voting;
i. the UEO Director, ex-officio and non-voting;
j. the UCAB chair, ex-officio.
7. Quorum of the Loft Governance Board requires a majority of students.

8. The Loft budget must be submitted for review to the Loft Governance Board each year;
the Loft Governance Board must recommend the budget to the ASUCSD Council and
9. For the purpose of evaluating The Loft’s programming, funding and student participation,
each quarter the Loft Curator shall present the following to the Loft Governance Board:
a. Loft budgets of all past and future events,
b. Attendance Report of overall student attendance statistics that include gender, age
(under/over 21), college affiliation, class level, non-university affiliation,
c. Event Report detailing artists, programs, and Loft partnerships,
d. Student Organization Participation,
e. Evaluations, survey feedback, and photos,
f. Any other pertinent information as requested by the Loft Governance Board.
10. If the Loft Governance Board deems inappropriate use of funds, the Loft funds from this
fee may be suspended by a majority vote of the Board, subject to approval by a majority
vote of the ASUCSD Council. Suspended funds shall be placed into a reserve account.
The Loft Governance Board may reinstate funds from this fee by a majority vote of the
11. Center for Student Involvement (CSI) registered organizations, graduate student
organizations, college councils, college council organizations, and ASUCSD Services,
Commissions, and Offices will receive priority programming. The Loft must partner
with a variety of these student groups on at least 20% of the availability of the Loft each
a. If CSI registered organizations, college councils, college council organizations,
and ASUCSD Services, Commissions, and Offices do not present sufficient
demand for the 20% threshold, the Loft must meet that demand.
12. The ASUCSD Concerts and Events office shall be guaranteed at least one night every
week during the academic school year for programming at The Loft, with priority for
Friday or Saturday night.
13. The Loft will not charge a facility fee, AV tech fees, or staffing fees for all CSI
organizations, graduate student organizations, college councils, college council
organizations, and AS Services, Commissions, and Offices unless it exceeds The Loft’s
audio, lighting, or technical inventory.
14. No less than 80% of events at The Loft must be Pay-As-You-Can or non-ticketed for
UCSD undergraduate and graduate students.
15. Undergraduate students shall represent 60% of The Loft career staff hiring committee.
Graduate students shall represent 10% of The Loft career staff hiring committee. The
Loft Governance Board shall appoint these students.
16. Any funds from this Referendum that are not spent at the end of each fiscal year shall be
transferred into a reserve account. This account should be used for Loft programming and
other one time expenses. The Loft Governance Board, by a two-thirds vote, must approve
expenses from this account prior to funds being spent.
17. Funding to The Loft from the UCSD Registration Fee and the UCSD University Centers
shall not be decreased below current academic year levels ($114,000 and $30,000
respectively). Any decrease in total funding from these combined sources will result in
ASUCSD Council, GSA, and UCAB hosting an immediate referendum to proportionally

decrease this Fee. This provision can be waived for up to one fiscal year by a single two-
thirds majority vote of the ASUCSD Council.
18. This referendum language shall only be implemented provided that both graduate and
undergraduate students approve this fee.