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, Wednesday, February 4, 2015

RECEIVES DONATIONS — Mercy Hospital Ozark recently presented Charlotte
Taff (Ozark School) with a check from the “Walk a Mile in my Shoes” fund-raiser.
Pictured (L-R): are Donna Randolph, Charlotte Taff, and Heather Tune.

Simple, Simple, Simple
by Clydene Overbey
My moods are as bad as
Arkansas weather. Up,
down, all around. Why do
we get in and out of these
moods? Why can’t we just
stay on an even keel of sorts.
I’m me, you are you. We are
all so different, but yet the
My grandma used to tell
me I was moody and she was
right. There are so many different moods to be in. I have
come to the realization that
we make our own moods. I
went grocery shopping this
morning, not my favorite
chore I must say. The store
was crowded and noisy.
They had moved things
drastically since the last time
I was in there and, of course,
I got frustrated because I
couldn’t find anything.
Nothing was where it should
be. Why do they do that
anyway? I always was told,
“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
Now who was the smart
person that decided to put
the dad blasted sour cream
up by the butter. It has always been back with the
yogurts, cottage cheese, etc.
I liked it there. I was used to
it being there, why in the
heck move it?
I got to thinking about
the little store where my
Mama shopped when I was
a kid. Nothing moved there.
Everything stayed put. It
was a cracker-box shaped
building made of sheet iron.
One aisle up the middle,
meat box in the back, by the
side of a pop machine. The

pop machine was like a chest
type with bars at intervals
across it. Pops were slid in
these slots with only the
bottle top showing. On the
cap was the flavor, Pop
Kola, RC Cola, Coke in six
ounce bottles, Root Beer,
Cream soda, Nesbitts Orange, Grape, Strawberry, and
on and on. You put in your
nickel something triggered
and you could slide the
bottle of your choice over till
you could pull it out then
open it with a bottle opener
hanging on a cord.
On the left side was a
candy display case. The
candy was all in boxes in the
glass front case. No wrappings, just lying open in the
boxes. That was penny
candy and you could get a
candy sack full for a penny.
Across from it was the
candy bars, Baby Ruth,
Butterfinger, Zag Nut, Zero,
Power House, and they were
big. They cost a nickel.
On the other side of that
aisle was shampoos, lotions
, Prell Shampoo, Jergen’s Lotion, and Wildroot Cream Oil
hair oil. You could pick all
this up yourself and put it
on the counter along with
your meats and staples.
Most of our fruits and vegetables were already at home
and home canned. Just a
few steps and you are done.
Hall Parks stood behind
the counter with a pencil
and paper. As you laid your
items on the counter he
wrote it down and listed the
price. When you finished, he
then licked the lead in the

pencil and went down the
figures counting in his head
as he went, then he would
write the total at the bottom.
It was always a correct
count too because scads of
people, including Mama
checked it out. No calculator, no adding one column
at a time. It was all faster than
any store now. No waiting
for Price Checks or the
blamed machine throwing
your credit card back at you.
Well, heck fire, it is as
plain as the nose on your
face why our moods are
changing for the worse as
we get older. Things are too
fast now. Hurry, hurry, hurry.
That’s it, I have decided.
We didn’t have as much
to choose from then, the
store was small, no walking
for a long time just to find an
item that they have moved.
No waiting on price checks.
No waiting on a stupid machine that won’t work. It was
not a major endeavor just to
buy groceries. Simple,
simple, simple. That’s what
the difference is now, nothing is simple any more. No
wonder my moods are jumping here and there all the
time. My brain is still in 1950
and it is 2015.
Yep! I got it figured out.
Times they are a changing
too darn fast. I’m in slow
gear trying to function in the
fast lane and I’m too old to
change now. Heck, I don’t
wanna strip what gears I’ve
got left! Nope!
2 Corinthians 12:9-10
“But he said to me, “My
grace is sufficient for you,
for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore
I will boast all the more
gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s
power may rest on me. That
is why, for Christ’s sake, I
delight in weaknesses, in
insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For
when I am weak, then I am

PATRIOTS PEN ESSAY CONTEST — January 29, three Ozark Junior High
School students were honored for their Patriots Pen Essay contest essays on the
importance of veterans. Students received an award and a cash prize for their essays, presented by Leroy Farmer, Patriots Pen Essay Chairman of VFW Post
8845. Pictured (L-R): during this presentation are winners Anne Grace Gibbons,
Essay Chairman Leroy Farmer, Haley Tucker and Brooklyn Patterson.

St. Mary's Mtn.
By Lynda Evans
Greetings! Congratula- Pizza will be for sale or bring
tions to Chris and Katie your own snacks. We are
Lachowsky Tripp on the having a Silent Auction
birth of their son, Henry Burl. thanks to many businesses
His brothers, Charlie and for their donations.
Ben, are so happy he is here.
I am writing this before
Trivia Nite is Feb. 21 at Super Bowl begins. I have
Lawrence Hall at 6 p.m. my goodies lined up and
Tables of 10 persons or less have no care to which actuare $100. Get your group to- ally wins, but I do enjoy the
gether and come out for a commercials.
very enjoyable evening.
The Evans were to have


Bits from Batson

A surprise birthday party
was held at Sherrellville
Church last Thursday for
Ethel Willis. Several attended and it was a definite
success because she was
very surprised. Chili dogs
and cake were served. Roy
Willis and Debbie Sherrell
hosted the party.
Nicole and Kaytlynn
Harderson and me last Friday. Also visiting us last
week were Boyd and Becca
Lauren, Lakyn, and
Laryn Robinson, Logan and
Craig Harderson, Jake
Geisler and I visited with
Carroll and Debbie Sherrell,
Jenny, Quincy, Keaton and
Ryan Moore at the Carroll
Sherrells last Sunday at
Quincy Moore started
work at the Oark School last
Monday morning. Good luck
Quincy we all know you will
do great.
I visited with Violet Willis
and Tressa Keith at Violets
last Monday morning.
My crew visited with
Tresa and Garry Yarbrough
last Friday in Clarksville.
Mary and Eugene
McGuire were up on the
mountain visiting Mary’s
parents, Josephine and
DeLorn Cooper, and working
on their place on the mountain. Eugene broke the gar-

den spot up for this year’s
garden. Other visitors last
week at the Coopers were
Joel, Mike and Jennifer Cooper, Judy Criss and Sharon
Sherrelene Parker and
Tonona Stone visited their
homes on the mountain last
Have a wonderful week,
and stay warm.

a big party, but blizzard conditions put a damper on that.
They had six inches of snow
by 8 and by 2 the winds were
to be awful. I sure don’t miss
that, but do feel sorry for
those having to go into work
tomorrow. Jason has to start
at 7 in the evening and it
probably will take him four
times as long to get to work.
We should finish Sonita’s quilt this week. It is
beautiful. She cross stitched
a bunch of squares that will
be sewn together and make
a great quilt top.
The flu seems to be going around. It can pass me
up and I won’t care. Hope it
hasn’t hit your homes.
Vicky Wiederkehr had a
birthday last week. She
wasn’t at quilting, so we will
celebrate this week.
Have you been to the
Fresh Market store yet? It is
so clean, full of great looking produce and meat and
for me close. I hope it does
The wind sure has kicked
up, I better go make sure the
girls are okay.
Until next week, bye.

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