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Anasuya v

Chicago, IL - Email me on Indeed:

More than 8+ years of IT experience in the Analysis, and Informatica Developer and power center and Testing
and Implementation of business systems.
Extensive experience in Debugging and Resolving data issues in Identifying System Bottlenecks,
performance tuning, Data Cleansing, bug fixing, and source to target data flow.
Extensive experience using Oracle, MS SQL Server, SQL.
Experience in Installation, Configuration, and Administration of Informatica Power Center.
Developed ETL (Informatica) jobs using various transformations like Join, union, Lookup, Surrogate key,
Sort, Remove Duplicate, Filter and Aggregator.
Good knowledge of Data Warehousing Principles (OLTP and OLAP concepts) and architectural
methodologies (Normalization, Dimensional Modeling)
Preparation of test data, Resolution of defects across all phases of Testing (Unit/System/Regression/UAT)
Experience in lotus notes based web and client applications.
Extensively worked with production support team to resolve issues and worked in extracting data from Oracle,
Mainframe files and flat files, lotus notes applications databases.
Experience in ETL process using Informatica Power Center for loading data from various data sources.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team as well as individually.

Expedia Inc - February 2013 to Present
ETL Informatica
Gather requirements, meet users and understand the business needs.
Do the complete analysis and provide solution for it.
Design and develop the solution through ETL and make sure it gets implemented correctly.
Verify with users and business to confirm if their needs are met.
Help other junior developers and provide the solutions to them.
Mentor other developers in implementing the solution through Informatica.
Help other developers in meeting deadlines.
Work on long term as well as short term projects which involve ETL solution.
Coordinating with other teams like Informatica Admin, Unix Admin etc to make them aware of the project,
project needs, permissions and accesses.
Make sure we have all the required accesses and process works accurately.
Architect the ETL design and solution for project work.
Lead many projects in Aera and helped other developers to get on the speed.
Currently working as a sole ETL designer, developer and solution architect for Informatica.
Fix all the production break fixes, create CCB tickets and make sure that it gets approved.
Implement the solution with Informatica Admin and production deployment team.
Create necessary documentation including design, mapping, runbook and scheduling request form.
Help QA team in testing and understanding the requirements.
Follow Agile and Scrum process for project and communicate with whole team regarding the status

Informatica developer
Aera Energy - Bakersfield, CA - April 2011 to January 2013

Collection of requirements from business users and analyzed based on the requirements
Extensively work in designing and developing complex Informatica mappings using expressions, aggregators,
filters, lookup and source qualifiers to ensure movement of the data between various applications.
Involved in creating the business requirement documents, mapping documents, deployment and
implementation plans.
Create mappings involving various transformations like joiner, aggregator, lookup, sequence generator,
stored procedure, update strategy, filter and router transformations to implement business logic
Extensively use mapplets and worklets to prevent redundancy of transformation usage and maintainability
Use different tasks like Session, Command, Decision, Email in the workflow
Perform unit and regression testing, troubleshooting and bug fixing in development and QA environments
Work on Informatica Debugger to debug the mapping
Worked with star schema, Type I SCD, Type II SCD, Facts, Dimensions etc.
Provide knowledge transfer to the production support team.
Gather business needs and do the initial analysis.
Provide the Level of Effort (Time to Complete) for ETL development and unit testing
Design and develop the ETL process and make sure that data is loaded into database.
Create mappings, sessions, workflows, source qualifier queries and many reusable transformations which
loads the data into FDW.
Provide SIT, UAT and Production support to other teams and develop good relations with them.
Play a key role in helping operations support team to understand about all the FDW process and their
Extensively work in Mapping Designer, Workflow Manager, Informatica Monitor and Repository Manager and
mentor other junior developers as needed.
Import Sources and Targets from different sources including relational and non-relational.
Make sure that new ETL jobs are in the scheduler and validate that jobs are run as per the schedule.
Also make sure that users are able to see as expected else work with them to resolve reporting or ETL issues.

Sr. Software Engineer

UAT and PROD - Washington, DC - October 2010 to March 2011
Develop ETL unit test it and make sure it gets implemented correctly.
Provide QA, UAT and PROD support.
Tested heavy data load to make sure that civil and criminal job works and made the management aware of
the risk of bad performance.
Worked PROD including its LOE, analysis, design, development, unit testing and deployment in all
Worked with client to understand the requirements through meetings, discussions and emails.
Assisting the Govt. employees and documented the CM (Configuration Management) process workflow as
well as provided inputs based on my experience and knowledge in it.
Gather requirements from business users as well as coordinate with BA regarding business needs.
Migrate Data Integrator objects from Central Repository to Local Repositories.
Migrate Reports and Universes / (Business Intelligence) and TEST to PROD.
Coordinate with team for all the test and production deployments.
Maintain configuration management protocols and keep the clear case versioning in sync with the PROD
Make sure that daily production load is completed successfully.

Senior Lotus Notes Developer

Cargill Inc - Minneapolis, MN - January 2006 to December 2010

Supplier Data Collection

This site has been designed to allow Cargill suppliers to view, update or accept their own vendor master
records (e.g. physical address, ship-from addresses, contact names and tax information, etc.)
Responsible for Design, Development, Testing, generates usernames & passwords, Enhancements and
Production support.
Coordinated with the users and ensuring timely delivery and adherence to the specified requirements.
Provided ongoing support and delivered new functionalities.
Environnent: Lotus notes, JavaScript, Lotus Script, Ajax, Formula Language, Team Studio, HTML, CSS,
Windows XP

Technical Skills:
ETL Tools
1. Informatica Power Center 9x/8x/7x/6x.
Lotus Notes
Lotus Notes 6, 7, 8
1. [] DB2, SQL Server []
1. Other Tools & Utilities
1. Languages
1. Lotus Script, SQL, C, C++
1. Scripting Languages
1. Java Script, Shell Scripting