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A momin is another momins


To understand the depth of this brief but comprehensive hadith we must analyse the analogy that has
been used.
1. Shows the image
1. Tells the other momin about his personality,
2. Shows the exact thing or
behaviour, quality of work etc.
2. Does not exaggerate
3. Never lies
3. Does not lie or make up things
4. Has no personal benefits
4. Does not give feedback with arrogance or
behind the image that it
for personal benefit but for the good of the
other momin
5. Does not care whether the
5. Does not think that because the other person will not like it
viewer would like it or not
therefore the feedback must not be given; remembers the
6. When we look in the mirror
example of the lady that questioned about the Caliphs
we want to know about our
gown, and the manner in which it was received.
present condition
6. Receives feedback positively and never thinks that the other
7. We are prepared for both the
person doesnt have the right to give me feedback, rather
best and the worst
welcomes it and reflects and ponders on it.
8. We care for what the mirror
7. Knows that no one is perfect and that others can evaluate
shows us
her/him better and thus be prepared for both kinds of
9. We improve our image after
getting the feedback
8. Strives for permanent improvement and is glad that s/he has
10. We never blame, punish or
friends who will point out the weaknesses so that s/he knows
dislike the mirror if it shows
them and can work on them and thus improve permanently.
the bad or the weak aspects
The biggest room is the room of improvement.
of our image
9. Always looks at herself/himself and strives to get better.
11. We dont explain things to
10. Never dislikes people who give negative feedback.
the mirror instead we focus
11. Welcomes negative and positive feedback with open mind
on personal improvement or
and heart
on changing the condition
12. Never gives justifications for being less than perfect; instead
12. We are always glad for what
strives for moving closer to perfection.
it shows us
13. Changes herself/himself for the better. Because s/he knows
13. The mirror does not need or
that two days of a momin are never the same in
demand any explanation. It
just does its job all the time,
14. Gives feedback to friends because s/he loves her/his
friends because that is the criteria, which Allahs Prophet
has set for a momin.
was given this unusual quality of brevity. He would say a small phrase or sentence
that would encompass a deep philosophy.
The above hadith can be applied in relationships of all kind. It is applicable to kinfolk, friends,
business partners, colleagues, neighbours or official delegates alike.

If as a nation we apply this hadith in our lives, good will Inshah Allah prevail and evil will Inshah
Allah vanish.
Rahila Waqar