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Date: ____________
I. Objective:
Names and describes some common ailments affecting the respiratory system

Taking care of oneself, cleanliness and sanitation

II. Subject Matter:

Common Ailments of the Respiratory System
A. Science Concept/Idea:
Cold - cold is marked by sneezing, runny nose, coughing, sore throat and headache. 2.
Bronchitis - is the inflammation of the bronchial tubes due to infection by ba4eria or virus.
Pneumonia - is the inflammation of the lungs due to bacteria; cough that produces yellow
green phlegm, fever accompanied by chills.
Pharyngitis - is characterized by sore throat and coughing. It is accompanied by a cold or flu.
Asthma - is a condition where a person has a difficulty in breathing and accompanied by
coughing and wheezing sound when breathing out.
Tuberculosis - it is caused by bacteria known as Tubercle bacilli. The common symptoms are
loss of appetite, fever, sweating at night, loss of weight, chest pain and blood sputum.
B. Science Processes:
Describing and observing
C. Materials:
Charts/ pictures of person suffering from common ailments of the respiratory system
Into the Future: Science and Health 5 Teacher's Module in Science and Health 5,
Science and Health 5 by Jessie A. Villegas, pp. 38
III. Procedure:
A. Preparatory Activities:
a. Review:
1. What are the mechanics of breathing?
2. What do we inhale, exhale?
3. What is the breathing center of the body?
b. Checking of Assignment
c. Motivation:
Who among you have colds now? How do you feel?
B. Presentation:
1. Group the children into six.
2. Each group will present a common ailment.
3. Interview some health personnel in nearby places regarding the common ailments.
4. Report to the class.
C. Concept Formation:


Each group will present their report.

What are the common ailments of the respiratory system?
How does cold develop into bronchitis?
Which of these ailments are contagious?
Which of these ailments are allergies?

D. Application:
How is Tubercle bacilli acquired by a person?
How about pneumonia, bronchitis and asthma?
IV. Evaluation:
On a 1/2 cartolina, draw a person suffering from a respiratory ailment. Match the respiratory
ailment in A with the description in B.
1. asthma
a. caused by viral or bacterial infection of the mucous membrane
2. pneumonia
b. cased by the inflammation of the bronchial tubes due to virus.
3. pharyngitis
c. caused by the inflammation of the lungs, high fever, chest pain
4. bronchitis
d. caused by a bacteria called Tubercle bacilli with poor appetite, loss of
5. cold
e caused by allergy to dust and fumes, which wheezing sound when
V. Assignment:
Recall how many times you suffered from colds. What do you do?