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Thursday, February 5, 2015

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What you can expect to eat at KC Smoke Burgers | PAGE 5A

Senate bill to protect off-campus

victims of sexual assualt passes

A bill proposed by Student

Senates Graduate Affairs Director Angela Murphy and
senior Emma Halling that protects off-campus sexual assault
victims passed through rights
committee of Student Senate on
The bill is a product of the
Universitys Sexual Assault Task
Force. It gives the University
jurisdiction to pursue sexual
assault cases that involve people
affiliated with the University, but
dont occur on campus.
The bill, which will change
the code of student rights and
responsibilities, is an attempt
to clarify the existing code and
bring the University into compliance with Title IX.
Murphy said this bill is important because the original law did
not apply to intimate-partner violence that occurred off campus.
As co-chair of the task force,
I am charged with finding solu-

Emma Halling (left) and Angela Murphy address questions concerning a bill
that would give the University jurisdiction in off-campus sexual assault cases
that involve University-affiliated people.

tions to the problem of sexual

assault, and the major problem
the University claimed we had
was jurisdiction, Murphy said.
Emma and I, and the rest of the
task force members, realized we
could make the language and
code (of the bill) more specif-

ic. It also doesnt apply to intimate-partner violence, which is

key to protect students of all genders and classifications.
Murphy and Halling drafted the bill over winter break,
and they solicited sponsors last

According to Halling, the hope

is that this new bill will also protect students studying abroad.
So long as that student is a
student here, we are obligated
under law to protect them, Halling said.
Murphy also announced there
will be a sexual Assault Task
Force meeting Friday from
11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the chancellors suite.
Another bill that passed
through the rights committee is
the approval of an ROTC student
senator position.
Sophomore Garrett Farlow
from Tecumseh authored the bill
because he felt the ROTC members were underrepresented.
This is something Ive wanted
to do since I was ... a freshman
here and not even in the program yet, Farlow said. Its important everyone on this campus
is represented fairly. And right
now, ROTC students dont have
that unifying senator.
Edited by Mitch Raznick


Student Housing
proposes bill
that would ban
smoking items


What The Kansans push to become

digital-first means for its readers
In a decision made by The
Kansan student management
team, its advisers and The
Kansan Board, the University
Daily Kansan will print two
days per week instead of four,
beginning in fall 2015.
Currently, The Kansan
prints four days per week:
Monday through Thursday.
Once the printing schedule
is modified in the fall, the
print edition will come out
Mondays and Thursdays.
After analyzing years of data
and readership statistics
both at the University and on

a national level it is in the

best interest of our audience
to make this change. We believe the money used to print
and distribute Tuesday and
Wednesday papers can be
allocated more effectively in a
way that will best benefit our
readers. We arent changing
the news just how you
consume it.
While the production of the
printed paper will be reduced
by half, The Kansan will not
cover only half the news.
Without the stress and pressure of producing content for
four print editions per week,
The Kansan staff will focus its
resources on breaking news,

multimedia and online-exclusive content, as well as

in-depth articles for the
two print editions per week
for news, arts and features,
sports and opinion content.
Keeping up with trends
in journalism, The Kansan
has taken multiple steps to
revamp its online presence.
We have a new website that
allows us to optimize and
organize content in a way
that is the most user friendly
to our readers. Staying true
to our name, The University Daily Kansan, we will
still produce content on
a daily basis. Our website
will continue to be updated


throughout the day and can

be counted on as a source for
the latest news that affects
our campus and beyond.
A top priority at The
Kansan is to tell meaningful
stories. By utilizing online
resources, we can tell better
ones. We are able to include
videos, photos, galleries,
tweets and links in our
stories, which will improve
the overall reader experience.
In an age where smartphones
and laptops are always within
arms reach, staying up to
date with The Kansan is easier than ever.



Daniel Coburn, assistant professor

of photo media at the University, created a recently published book called
The Hereditary Estate. The book
provides a look into the imperfect nature of families, based on events from
Coburns own family. The Hereditary Estate is a collection of images
that represent domestic violence and
suicide, consisting of Coburns original photography, photos gathered
from yard sales and contributed essays. Tim Hossler, assistant professor
of design, was the graphic designer
for the project. Coburn comments
on his work and how it has affected him.

The Hereditary Estate and

the dark side of family life





A&F 5A


All contents, unless stated otherwise, 2015 The University Daily Kansan


Drink your coffee.

The Universitys Department of Student Housing is

considering a new proposal that would prohibit all
smoking paraphernalia from
scholarship halls, Jayhawker
Towers and residence halls.
If the policy is enacted,
students would be unable to
enter any on-campus housing with items including, but
not limited to bowls, pipes,
bongs, hookahs, rolling papers, etc., said Daniel Skinner, a Student Housing Advisory Board (SHAB) member.
Housings Associate Director for Student Life Jennifer
Wamelink said this proposal
does not include cigarettes.
Residents could have them
in their bag or their purse inside the residence halls, she
As it stands now, students
living in on-campus housing cannot smoke traditional cigarettes in the building,
but electronic cigarettes or
vaping devices are allowed.
In addition to the proposed
ban on tobacco paraphernalia, the SHAB has also talked
about prohibiting the smoking of electronic cigarettes
and vaping devices.
We have had several fire
alarm situations related to
vapor, Wamelink said. So,
independent of the tobacco-free conversation, weve
been saying that we probably need to take the step of
prohibiting cigarettes and
vaping devices in Student
Wamelink said the SHAB,
composed of representatives
from the different student
governing bodies, as well
as faculty members, was
encouraged by the campus-wide initiative to go tobacco-free.
With the [tobacco-free
initiative], Wamelink said,
our student leaders have
been invited to some preliminary conversation and were
thinking about what would
it look like for KU Student
Housing to go completely
Should we


wait for the campus to do it,

or should we go ahead and
make that step? Thats one of
the conversations that weve
been having.
Currently, the draft policy proposed by the tobacco-free initiative does not
apply to Student Housing,
said Ola Faucher, the director of human resources and a
member of the tobacco-free
steering committee. If the
policy were to go into effect,
all facilities operated by Student Housing would be exempt.
Both policies are currently
being discussed by residents
of on-campus housing, especially within the residence
organizations like the Association of University Residence Halls (AURH), All
Scholarship Hall Council
(ASHC), and the Jayhawker
Towers Tenants Committee.

Sunny. Winds SSE at

10 to 20 mph.

We have had several fire

alarm situations related
to vapor. So ... weve been
saying that we probably need
to take the step of prohibiting cigarettes and vaping
devices in Student Housing.
Student Housings associate
director for student life

Skinner, who is also the

president of ASHC, said
most of the people hes spoken with dont have a problem with the ban on electronic cigarettes, but do take
issue with the ban on tobacco paraphernalia.
In terms of paraphernalia, most of the opinions
Ive been hearing, especially
from students who live in the
scholarship halls, is that they
arent very much in favor of
banning the paraphernalia,
said Skinner, a senior from
Wichita. Most of that is
because a lot of people arent
sure that its enforceable; a
lot of them arent sure that
its necessary.

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of rain. Wind SSW at 16 mph.

Sunny with a 10 percent chance of

rain. Wind SSW at 13 mph.

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Junior Freddy Gipp from

Lawrence was fortunate
enough to be nominated by
two different groups to stand
on the risers for President
Obamas speech two weeks
ago, but he didnt even end
up attending the event.
nominated Gipp to attend
Obamas speech, followed
by a nomination from the
William Allen White School
of Journalism. The Sunday
before Obamas speech,
Gipp was notified that he
had been selected among 11
other students to represent
Three days later, just one
day before the speech, OMA
Director Blaine Harding
called Gipp and told him
that after the mandatory
background check, his name
came up as a red flag, despite
his perfectly clean record.
Gipp said Harding was
notified by the Office of
Public Affairs.
All I was told is that
something came up as a
red flag, Harding said. I
would assume the University
determined it either, because
Secret Service made the call,
and they dont have to give
up the reason.
especially since it was
referred to as a national
security issue.
It was so quick, and there
was nothing, Gipp said. No
word or indication of why I

wasnt chosen I never even

saw anything in writing.
Gipp said he went to talk
to Dan McCarthy, academic
adviser in the School of
He was shocked, too,
Gipp said. He tried his best
to find out what happened,
but [he] and Blaine were
on the same boat, [because]
the Secret Service wouldnt
release any information.
Gipp only grew more
confused; he had never been
in trouble with the law and
had passed background
checks before. Additionally,
both of his parents work for
the government.
Gipp is also involved here
on campus. Just this past
December, he received the
Man of Merit award. Hes
a member of Alpha Tau
Omega, and has served as
both vice president and
president of the First Nations
Student Association, where
he eventually set up a panel
to obtain education equality
for Native Americans.
This was a once-in-alifetime opportunity, Gipp
said. To sit behind the
standing president and listen
to him speak is something
you can tell your future kids,
friends, and family about;
then, all of a sudden, [it was]
taken away.
Although Gipp still wants
to know the reason behind
why he was denied attending
the speech, there is an even
bigger problem that remains.
Harding said he believes
he should let the speech
incident go and focus on the
bigger issue: his future.

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2000 Dole Human Development Center
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My main question is,

what if I want to work for
the government some day?
Gipp said.
Freddy has done so many


The University Daily Kansan is the

student newspaper of the University of
Kansas. The first copy is paid through
the student activity fee. Additional
copies of The Kansan are 50 cents.
Subscriptions can be purchased at the
Kansan business office, 2051A Dole
Human Development Center, 1000
Sunnyside Avenue, Lawrence, KS, 66045.


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Freddy Gipp, a junior from Lawrence, was nominated to join President Barack Obama on stage during his Jan. 22
speech. However, Gipp was told he was denied entrance to the event because he didnt pass a background check.


Sales and marketing adviser

Jon Schlitt

Newsroom: (785) 766-1491
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things with the Native

community, Harding said.
If he wants a federal job,
is this going to stop him?
Theres only so much digging

he can do when it comes to

the Secret Service, Harding

Edited by Mitch Raznick

Bob Dotson to receive notable journalism award

Media director and
content strategist
Brett Akagi

KJHK 99.7 is the student voice in radio.


Student denied entry to Obamas speech

Copy chiefs
Casey Hutchins
Sarah Kramer

Check out KUJH-TV on Wow! of Kansas

Channel 31 in Lawrence. See KUJHs
website at

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Bob Dotson, a University alumnus and NBC correspondent will receive the
William Allen White Foundation National Citation on April 23. Dotson is
most known for his series The American Story with Bob Dotson.

University alumnus and

NBC News correspondent
Bob Dotson will receive
the William Allen White
Citation on April 23 at the
The William Allen White
Foundation award is a
medal meant for journalists
who represent outstanding
according to the School of
Journalisms website. The
inscription on the back of the
award reads, An American
journalist who exemplifies
William Allen White ideals
in service to his profession
and his community.
Ive won a few awards in
my life, but never anything
like this, Dotson said.
Dotson added the award is
particularly special to him
because his grandfather, Paul
Bailey, lived in Hiawatha and
was the first on either side of
his family to earn a college
degree and graduate from
KU Law in 1910.
Dotson graduated from
the William Allen White
School of Journalism and
in 1968 and received a

masters degree in film from

Syracuse. He is best known
for his ongoing series The
American Story with Bob
Dotson, which focuses on
ordinary Americans and
each of their unique stories.
He said journalists are in
the business of storytelling,
and the story is always about
the subject.
I found that it was more
interesting not to just [cover]
politics and hot issues, but
interesting people who look
like us and talk like us,
Dotson said.
After graduating, Dotson
spent two years working in
Oklahoma City at WKYTV, currently known as
KFOR, where he began The
American Story. He then
started working for NBC
News, where he has been
for 40 years. Dotson realized
that instead of mindlessly
going out and getting a story
to bring back, it needed to be
solely about the individual
being interviewed.
A humble Philadelphia
police officer, Bill Sample,
is an example one of these
Sample made a habit of
going to a local childrens
hospital and would ask
chronically ill, physically

children to tell him of a dream
theyve always had. He would
then make those dreams
come true. Dotson said
Sample started out dressing
up as Batman and having
snowball fights. Eventually,
he was able to take children
to Disney World.
I looked for the universal
traits that unified all of
us, Dotson said. Their
stories were fascinating;
watching realized they were
exactly like us.
Dotson kickstarted his
career in journalism by
producing a documentary
Looking Glass, Darkly, a
film about black history
during a time when it was
not discussed, or even
acknowledged, by media.
Through that, he discovered
that audience could closely
relate to the stories of other
average Americans.
Dotson is also a New York
Times bestselling author with
his book, American Story: A
Lifetime Search for Ordinary
People Doing Extraordinary
Things, which is similar to
his American Story series.

Edited by Mitch Raznick




Alfred C. Alford became the first KU alum killed in a war 116 years ago this weekend during the Spanish American War. It
is Alford who is depicted in the Uncle Jimmy Green statue in front of Lippincott Hall.

Gay political activist to lead Dole study group


This semester, the Dole

Institute of Politics will hold
a study group that will discuss
and learn about the divergence
of culture and politics, hosted
by a man who has plenty of
experience with the subject.
Jimmy LaSalvia is a Dole
fellow who will lead the
group this semester. As a
gay ,conservative political
activist, he struggled to figure
out how he fit into politics.
It took many years of unique
experiences for him come to
terms with his place in the
political world.
LaSalvia was politically

active in college and, shortly

afterward, as he was coming
to terms with his sexual
orientation, took himself out
of politics and accepted a job
at an opera house.
I was a gay conservative
from a red state, he said. A
traditional path in politics
certainly wasnt available to
me. I wasnt going to get elected
to anything or any high-level
management position, so I
built a life in Louisville, Ky.
In 2004, LaSalvia re-entered
politics in a different role.
campaign wanted to place
anti-gay marriage laws on
the state ballots, he became
re-engaged in politics.

Upon his re-entry, LaSalvia

served in an organization
called Log Cabin Republicans
as grassroots outreach director,
then director of programs and
Soon after, he founded
GOProud, an organization
that advocates for gay,
conservative republicans.
Being a national voice for
gay conservatives and being
Gay for Mitt in the last
campaign showed me a lot
about how politics is impacted
by cultural issues and the
political realities of it. It also
showed me how elections and
parties and our politics are
impacted by cultural realities,
he said. Political realities

and cultural realities are very


Being a national voice for

gay conservatives ... showed
me a lot about how politics is
impacted by cultural issues
and the political realities
of it.
Dole fellow

Currently, LaSalvia spends

his time talking about cultural
issues and his views as a
conservative gay man. When
hes not hosting the Dole study

group, he will be working on a

book about his experiences in
the political world.
community members can
speak with LaSalvia in
the Dole study group, All
Politics is PersonalA Gay
Conservative Looks at the
Culture Wars.
LaSalvia brings a very
unique perspective, not only
as a gay conservative activist,
but as someone who has had
experience on the campaign
trails and in elections and a
real political climate, said Eric
Pahls, a research assistant and
study groups coordinator at
the Dole Institute.
Starting Feb. 18 and

continuing every Wednesday

for the next six weeks, the
study group will talk and learn
about cultural issues including
gay rights, gender, religion,
media, partisanship and more.
To give participants a good
perspective on each weeks
issue, LaSalvia will invite
guests from in or around the
political system who can speak
on their experiences.
The group, which will be
held from 4 to 5:30 p.m.
Wednesdays at the Dole
Institute of Politics, is open to
staff, students and community
members of all political

Anti-Common Core bill hits state Legislature


A bill proposing to ban
the current Common Core
reintroduced to the Kansas
legislature this session.
The proposed bill raises
questions of the standards
effectiveness and the possible
repercussions for teachers
education methods. This is
the third time a bill fighting
Common Core has been
introduced in Kansas. Many
of the other 43 states that
adopted the standards have
similar bills regarding the
dismantling of Common
The Common Core is
defined on the official
Common Core Standards
Initiative website as a set of

clear college- and career-ready

standards for kindergarten
through 12th grade in English
language arts/literacy and
(R-Altoona) wants to ban
Common Core standards
in Kansas, claiming the
Common Core grants the
federal government too much
control in the classroom,
according to The Topeka
Jim Ellis, associate professor
in the School of Education
and former president of the
Kansas Association of Science
Teachers, said there are
many misconceptions about
Common Core.
The standards do not
are a description of what

we are looking for as far as

knowledge and ability, he
Because the standards were
adopted in 2010, a majority
of the student body at the
University graduated from
high schools that were in the
process of implementing the
Common Core, although the
students were most likely not
aware of it.
Ellis said although the
Kansas State Department
of Education is conducting
workshops to assist districts
in meeting the standards,
local districts and teachers
still control what is taught
in their classrooms. The new
standards are more concerned
with the outcome.
These standards call for
a much higher bar than past

standards have, and thats a

good thing, he said.
As part of that effort,
students in the Universitys
School of Education are
given information about
the Common Core in their
courses. Students are taught
how to create units and
lessons to develop their future
students, Ellis said.
Emily Kerr, a junior from
Leawood, is a teaching
student at the University.
You get to base curriculum
off of (Common Core), she
said. You get to create it.
The recent controversy over
Common Core standards
has not affected the way she
has learned to teach, and she
doesnt expect it to in the
The teachers said we are


going to be fine, Kerr said.

We have nothing to compare
it to, because its all weve
Though teachers and unions
have debated the merits of
Common Core, Ellis said
overall there is not much
controversy among teaching
director of Undergraduate
Admissions, said the issue has
become political because of
the different assessments and
expectations that are put out
Theres a variety of different
ways to teach, and they all
accomplish the same goals,
she said. Theres more than
one way to do it.

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I keep seeing ads for Whisper.
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Two-hour break between classes.
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the Underground again.
The elevator in Wescoe makes
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Jake Thedes pipes are golden.
Male assault is as real as female
assault. Men have a right to be
more human than sexualized
monsters. #feminism
Can SUA bring a comedy
hypnotist to KU again?
I just toasted a poptart in front
of my space heater.

Lees sequel should be investigated more

Matthew Clough

hen the sequel

to To Kill a
was announced for its
July release, literary lovers
rejoiced. However, despite
the hysteria and jubilation
surrounding the announcement, audiences should realize the publication of Harper
Lees next novel might not
be central to the authors
true desires. The motives behind the works publication
should be further investigated before its release.
Lee is one of the most
obscure figures in American
literature to date. After the
publication of her novel
To Kill a Mockingbird
in 1960, she faded into the
background, doing everything she could to avoid
the spotlight. She never
published another novel and
has seldom granted requests
for public appearances or
interviews. She is reputed to
have remarked to a cousin
that after Mockingbird had
reached high success, there
would be nowhere for her to
go but down.
However, on Feb. 3, fans
reveled in anticipation when
publisher HarperCollins announced that a sequel, Go
Set a Watchman, would be
released this July. The sequel
was written before Mockingbird, but was put aside

I wish we could post pictures

we send to the FFA.

Dear sick fish parent, what

kind of fish do you have?
Pretty sure I was once Rapunzel
in my past life. #thishairtho
I dont know what everyone is
talking about. I thought this
years Super Bowl commercials
were fantastic!
You know youre lazy when you
finally force yourself to buy toilet
paper because you ran out.
Life goal: Have a home
movie theatre.
Im pumped for Fifty Shades of
Grey ... I dont care what anyone
says! Just accept it.
I wish KC, MO had a bus
that commuted to KU campus
Would save me a ton
of gas money.
I dont understand how pop
is so addicting to people.
That sh*t nasty.
I CANT stand people who smack
and slurp. You need to learn
some manners, lady. Dont come
to the library. Ugh!
Time of My Life by Pitbull/Ne-Yo
is seriously the catchiest song
ever oooooooooh give me
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Going to go get your girl because
I heard she likes Martini night.
Its Thursday and Im thirsty for
more than one reason.

and forgotten until recently,

and many are asking why the
manuscript didnt surface
until now. The legitimacy of
its publication 55 years later
may be questionable.
Lee has long held that she
does not want to go through
the publicity surrounding the publication of a
novel again. The immediate
success of Mockingbird
was unimaginable to her
and caused her to disappear
from the public eye. She
quietly retired to New York
City after its publication,
where she spent much of her
adult life. It seems unusual
she would decide to publish
another work now.
This becomes even stranger
considering Lee suffered a
stroke in 2007. According to
close friend Rev. Dr. Thomas
Lane Butts and The Atlantic, the traumatic event left
her 95 percent blind and
somewhat deaf, with a faulty
short-term memory. Whether these assessments of the
severity are accurate, the fact
remains that she has resided
in an assisted-living facility
back in her hometown of
Monroeville, Ala., since the
stroke. Those against the
release of the sequel suggest
that Lees state compromises her ability to give full
consent on publishing the
Oddly enough, the news
of the sequels publication
comes only three months after Lees sister, Alice, passed

Madeline Umali

tudents should receive

more than three credit
hours for classes that
require a large amount of
out-of-class work. Aside
from the standard amount
of homework and studying,
classes that require students
to participate in research on
campus, work in a campus
organization or do community service should earn
more credit hours.
According to an article
posted by College Parents of
America, full-time students
should spend roughly 30
hours per week studying.

Add this to time spent in

class and students are practically working full-time jobs
by going to school.
Students may also work
part-time jobs. Students who
are required to participate
in demanding out-of-class
requirements can feel overwhelmed, especially if they
have to add part-time jobs
to their schedules as well.
For several liberal arts
and science and education courses, participating
in research on campus is
mandatory. Psychology 104
requires students to have 11
research participation points
to pass the class. Depending
on the study, participation
can take up to an hour. Although students can become
aware of research on campus
this way, they should receive
an extra credit hour as compensation.
Along with research participation, any course that

away, according to The

Washington Post. Alice was
responsible for her sisters
legal and financial affairs for
much of her life. Keeping
this in mind, the timing of
the announcement seems

somewhat questionable, as
Lee is now more vulnerable to those who may not
necessarily consider her best
Granted, a fair number of
these developments may be

requires students to work in

an on-campus organization
should receive an additional
hourly credit for time spent.
For example, some journalism classes require students
to work shifts at KUJH-TV
or the University Daily
These types of organizations can take up a lot of a
students time, acting like
part-time jobs, yet these students arent being paid to do
the work. By participating
in organizations like these,
students gain real-world experience; however, students
should also receive additional hourly credits, depending
on the amount of time spent
helping these organizations.
Certain applied behavioral science courses, like
310: Building Healthy Communities, require students
to participate in community
service to pass the class. This
is a great way to get involved

outside of the University;

however, students shouldnt
be required to do so unless
they will receive additional
If these types of classes
were designated four credit
hours, students would have a
better understanding of the
amount of work they have to
put in to pass the class. They
could plan their schedules
When it comes down to it,
everyone could benefit from
this change. Professors could
expect students to understand class requirements before enrolling in the course,
and students may be much
more willing to participate
in research or in a campus
organization if they received
the benefit of an additional
credit hour.
Madeline Umali is a
sophomore from St. Louis
studying journalism


I definitely think that if
youre doing way more
work outside the class
than inside the class, you
deserve more credit hours.
Some classes require so
much more extra work and
[students] deserve extra

I have had a lot of those

classes that require
research requirements,
and it takes more time
and effort than classes
that dont have as many
outside assignments.
Kate Hemmer
Sophomore from Salina

Sarah Cell
Junior from Chicago

I agree with that,

especially for psychology
classes. Like Psychology
104, it only meets for one
hour a week, but you still
dont get credit for the
amount of work you put
Brooke Zielinski
Freshman from Chicago

I agree that it should be

four credit hours because
we put a lot more time in
our classes than a normal
three hour course.

The submission should include the authors name,

grade and hometown. Find our full letter to the editor
policy online at

Matthew Clough is a
sophomore from Wichita
studying English and journalism


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we encourage you to follow
The Kansan on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. These
accounts are updated frequently with breaking news,
information, photos, videos
and links to our stories. The
Kansan is just a click away.
The print edition will be
upgraded as part of this
change. Reporters and editors will be able to take extra
time to write and develop
stories, ultimately leading
to higher quality content for
the print product.
Youre probably wondering
if anything is going to happen to the basketball posters,
puzzles and free-for-alls.
They arent going anywhere.
At The Kansan, we take
pride in helping groom the
next generation of journalists and marketers. The
Kansan provides students
with hands-on, real-world
experience you dont get in
the classroom. In todays
workplace, applicants are
expected to possess a variety
of skills that go beyond
writing stories and creating
print ads. With the change
to a digital-focused media
organization, our student
journalists and marketers
will be better equipped to
land high-profile jobs in the
We know this is a big
change, but its a necessary
one. Our staff takes pride
in the national reputation
of The Kansan as a top collegiate newspaper. In 2014,
the Princeton Review ranked
the University Daily Kansan
as the 11th best collegiate
newspaper in the country, and we dont plan on
stopping there. The Kansan
will continue to grow and
improve, and this change
is a major step in the right
If you take away just one
thing from this, let it be
this: We still are and will
continue to be the student
voice of the University of

Randeep Gill
Sophomore from
Overland Park



Send letters to Write LETTER
TO THE EDITOR in the email subject line. Length:
300 words

coincidental. Lee has said

in a statement that she is
humbled and amazed that
this will now be published
after all these years, according to the Guardian. The
difficulty lies in assessing
how much of her statement
is representative of what
she really wants, given her
Undoubtedly, this is a time
for celebration within the
literary community. The
publication of Mockingbird had such a deep and
profound effect on America,
shaping the way society
viewed race relations. As
such, Lee became one of the
most celebrated authors in
American literature for the
admirable voice she claimed
when writing about such a
difficult topic.
A new novel from Harper
Lee would be of the utmost
importance in the American
literary tradition and would
be quintessential in provoking discussion and new ideas
among readers. It would be
a shame for such a valuable
work of history to remain
unknown to the public, but
it is important to preserve
Lees wishes by verifying
that she does truly support
the novels publication.


Harper Lee, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel To Kill a Mockingbird, smiles during a ceremony honoring the four new members of the
Alabama Academy of Honor at the Capitol in Montgomery, Ala. Publisher
HarperCollins announced Tuesday that Go Set a Watchman, a novel Lee
completed in the 1950s and put aside, will be released July 14. It will be her
second published book.

Classes that require a lot of outside

work warrant more than 3 credits

Basketball band has a Twitter!

Follow us for awesomeness.

Nick Offerman is coming back to

Lawrence?? What yes I love you.




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Stephanie Bickel, digital editor

Sharlene Xu, advertising director

Jon Schlitt, sales and marketing adviser

Members of The Kansan

Editorial Board are Brian Hillix,
Paige Lytle, Stephanie Bickel,
Cecilia Cho and Sharlene Xu
Members of the Kansan
Editorial Board are Brian
Hillix, Paige Lytle, Cecilia
Cho, Stephanie Bickel and
Sharlene Xu.



arts & features


We Are The World

celebrates 30 years

On Jan. 28, 1985, at A&M Recording
Studios in Hollywood, following the
American Music Awards, more than
40 artists gathered to record a song
Lionel Richie and Michael Jackson
had written to raise awareness of
widespread, life-threatening poverty
in Africa.


Thirty years ago when Eddie Murphy was king of the

box office and a jean jacket
with an assortment of buttons pinned on was a sign
of coolness, We Are The
World was released. The
song spins a story of hope,
togetherness and charity for
those in need.
We Are The World was,
in actuality, a historic venture of great artists coming
together to raise money for
famine relief in Ethiopia.
Singers and performers
getting together under a
collective group name to record music to benefit those
in need was an idea that
had been slowly growing in
popularity in the late 70s
and early 80s.
Few times in history have
we seen congregations of
characters and heroes join
forces as they did in We
Are The World. The bill
boasts iconic names such
as Lionel Richie, Stevie
Wonder, Paul Simon, Kenny
Rogers, James Ingram, Tina
Turner and Billy Joel and
those are all just within the
opening verse.
The name of the group
was USA for Africa, and
it successfully raised more
than $50 million for humanitarian aid in one year. The
song topped the U.S. charts
and was a wild commercial
success, inspiring listeners
to become involved in the
cause on a massive scale.
Aside from funds raised
and messages sent, an underlying takeaway for this
event was that the genres of
rock n roll and pop music
were not merely tools of a
young generation to have
fun and party. They could
also be a driving force for
good in the world. In the
same decade, massive concert events such as Farm Aid
and Live Aid raised millions
of dollars for their respective
The legacy of We Are The
World is that its important
to realize when you buy a
CD or a single on iTunes,
you can oftentimes make a
difference. Although you
may not often see where
the proceeds from CD sales
are going, its important to
remember how much power
you as the listener and consumer of music have.
In a time of selfies and
celebrity gossip, We Are
The World is remembered
as a decent song with a great
message, sung by people
motivated by human need
rather than individual fame.
Edited by Mackenzie Clark



KC Smoke Burgers opens downtown Lawrence location with satisfactory reception


With the competitive nature of Massachusetts Street
comes a constantly evolving lineup of restaurants
in downtown Lawrence,
making it easy for new
restaurants to fly under the
radar. If you havent been
downtown for a bite to eat
in a while, a new restaurant
called KC Smoke Burgers
has opened, located at 1008
Massachusetts Street.
This is the second location
for the adolescent burger
franchise, the first of which
is located in Kansas City,
Mo. I dined in at the Lawrence location around 6 p.m.
Monday night; the restaurant was busy, but I was seated within minutes.
The moment you step
through the door you understand the name of the
establishment due to the
strong aroma of smoke. The
venue is relatively small with
limited seating but spacious
enough you dont feel like
you are eating shoulder to
shoulder with another party.
Eating on a Monday, I was
able to enjoy one of the establishments generous daily
deals Mondays are buy
one get one free burgers
and I had more than 20
burger options.
For an appetizer I started
with Breaded Half-Moon
Mozzarella Cheese. I wasnt
sure what to expect, but
knew I love just about anything breaded and anything
with mozzarella cheese.
When the appetizer was delivered to the table, I was a


KANSAN: Can you elaborate on
your inspiration for The Hereditary Estate?
COBURN: It was kind of an inspiration thats happened over
the course of about five or six
years. Basically, my work and
research revolves around the
family photo album. [It] is one
component of this infrastructure that supports the American dream. What got me interested in this is my own family.
When I was a teenager, these
truths about my family history
started to come out stories
from my parents, from my
mother, from my father.
My mother, her sister and my
grandmother were victims of
extreme domestic violence. I
didnt know this until I was a
teenager. Also, my father had
a brother [who] committed
suicide. There was this kind
of generational, cyclical alcoholism that had happened
through my family history. It
was interesting to me because
that never appeared in my own
family photo album. What I
saw in my own family photo
album was a series of happy
moments. So I guess youd say
that a lot of my work is about
creating a supplement to the
family photo album that tells a
more complete story about the
sometimes-troubling nature of
KANSAN: Because you never
experienced these issues until
you were a teenager, how has
this book affected you?
COBURN: Making these photographs has become very
cathartic. Its been very therapeutic. All of the photographs
that I made for the book are
staged recreations of memories
and fantasies that I had on my
journey to adulthood. Some
of them are memories that
my parents may have had that
theyve relayed to me, some of
them are my own childhood
memories. So Im restaging
these events, and Im having to
do that in concert with my parents and my immediate family.

KC Smoke Burgers, 1008 Massachusetts, serves each burger with a personal on-plate smoker. The new restaurant has more than 20 burger options.

bit disappointed to see my

Breaded Half-Moon Mozzarella Cheese was essentially just flattened mozzarella sticks. That being said,
they were very good mozza-

two burgers. We ordered the

Bacon Cheese Smoke Burger
and the Fire Cheese Smoke
Burger. The Bacon Cheese
Smoke Burger has American
cheese and bacon while the

Monday: Buy one get one free burgers
Tuesday: Buy one get one free tacos and hotdogs
Wednesday: Buy one get one free Philly cheese steaks
Thursday: Buy one get one free gyros

rella sticks. The cheese was

completely melted and the
seasoned breading was salted to perfection. My friend
and I decided to indulge in
the Monday special and split

Fire Cheese Smoke Burger

had pepper jack cheese and
jalapeos, both of which
came with fries. The burgers
were delivered to the table
still inside the individual

smokers used to cook them,

which was a nice touch.
The burgers are half-pound
patties served with lettuce,
tomato, onions, pickles and
mayo in addition to the specialty toppings available.
Both burgers had a strong
smoke flavor and were quite
juicy. The American cheese
and bacon on the Bacon
Cheese Smoke burger were
sadly a bit overshadowed
by the intense smoky flavor
of the patty, but were nice,
subtle additions to a good
burger. The Fire Cheese
Smoke Burger had a more
distinct flavor due to the
nature of spicy peppers. I
would classify the spiciness of the burger as mild

to moderate. Both burgers

were quite tasty and very
filling. The fries were exceptionally good golden-brown and crispy.


Overall, the dining experience at KC Smoke Burgers
was a positive one. The food
is good, but not necessarily anything to write home
about. KC Smoke Burgers is
definitely a solid addition to
the already impressive lineup of downtown Lawrence
food options. If you like
your burgers smoked, KC
Smoke Burgers is the place
for you.

Edited by Laura Kubicki

Im working with them very

closely in this act of theater,
this moment that were recreating. During that process, discussions happen, conversation
happens, we talk about things
that weve maybe never talked
about before.
In that sense, its been a very
positive thing. It is about my
family, but I hope that its accessible. I want it to be accessible to most people. In an ideal
world, I would think of these
as somehow referencing this
kind of universal experience,
something that everyone can
identify with.
KANSAN: Can you describe the
catharsis that youve experienced?
COBURN: Its really more about
communication, and I think
that there was a lack of communication. I think through
the act of just being honest
with each other about the
things that have happened in
their past, and how that has
affected us [is helpful]. I think
that there is this passing of values from generation to generation. If we can confront those
things and stop them, then
thats a good thing; thats a positive thing.
KANSAN: Did you have a specific
process to create your photographs?
COBURN: Yeah, theyre all different. I think my work has become more and more abstract
over time. I originally started
by making very direct portraits
of my parents and my brother
and his children, but Ive allowed myself to take some liberties with some abstraction.
For instance, Ill photograph
a landscape that, for me, represents a certain psychological
state. Or Ill maybe photograph
someone else thats in my life,
maybe a significant other, and
that person becomes a metaphor for maybe my grandparent or something like that. Im
interested in making photographs that can become icons
or symbols of the human existence.


KANSAN: One of the photos was

of a blurred woman, leaning
back in a rocking chair. Can
you tell me about that photo?
COBURN: Sure, thats my mom.
The blurring that happens in
that image, and in other images where I make a double
exposure, I want the work to
be about my family, but I also
want it to be about the medium
of photography. I really think
its important for photographers to engage with the history of the medium. For me, that
work is also about spirituality.
Theres this history of photography and spirituality.
For instance, late-19th-century photographers were actually

con men [who] would convince people that they could

actually take pictures of ghosts
or their deceased relatives. So
that blurring that happens, I
think, references that history
of spiritualism in photography.
KANSAN: Has your experience
from this book had any affect
on how you teach your students?
COBURN: I think its important
that no matter what type of creative you are whether youre
a writer or artist or photographer that its important to
see the value in documenting
the things that are close to you,
because those are the things

that you know intimately and

you understand very intimately. Sometimes, I think its easy
to discount personal issues as
not being important. But in
actuality, I think [discounting
personal issues] is very important, and sometimes its almost disingenuous to remove
yourself from your immediate
environment and not show the
world whats important to you,
personally. I encourage my students to remain true to themselves and to have some sort of
integrity in what they choose
to photograph and choose to

Edited by Mitch Raznick





Aries (March 21-April 19)

Today is an 8
Allow yourself more quiet time.
Discipline is required. Dont
gossip or get stopped by past
failures. Imagine the right
circumstances. Maintain balance amid upheaval. Postpone
expansion over the next few
weeks with Venus in Pisces.


Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Today is an 8
Imagine a delicious future.
Dont inaugurate a new trick or
fall for a tall tale. Complete a
project thats been slow. Youre
especially powerful this next
month with Venus in Pisces.
Group and public activities
boost your career.
Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Today is a 7
Follow an experts plans.
Increase your area of influence
this week. Take on more
responsibility over the next
month with Venus in Pisces.
Watch for career opportunities.
Assume authority.
Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Today is an 8
Stand up for what you love.
Financially it could get tense.
No need to overdo. Create a
detailed budget. Travel, explore
and study this next month with
Venus in Pisces. Set goals, and
plan your next adventure.
Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)
Today is an 8
Review shared finances this
month with Venus in Pisces,
and discover ways to save.
Increase your assets. Reaffirm
a commitment. There may
be a conflict anyway. Take
calm authority, and persuade
Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
Today is an 8
Partnerships flow with greater
ease this next month with
Venus in Pisces. Collaborate
on creative projects. Nobody
understands your work better
than you. Fix something before
it breaks. Persuade loved ones
to defer gratification, too.
Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
Today is a 7
Everything seems possible.
Theres more work coming in
over the next month with Venus
in Pisces, and its the kind you
like. Keep costs down anyway.
What you learn benefits many.
Get into a fun work phase.
Provide exceptional results.


8 9

Difficulty Level


3 5

1 4

By Dave Green

7 2

2015 Conceptis Puzzles, Dist. by King Features Syndicate, Inc.



Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Today is an 8
Do something nice for your
partner (or someone youd like
to know better). Youre luckier
in love this month with Venus
in Pisces. Explore new ways
to create beauty. Play and
practice hobbies, passions and
talents. Share love.
Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
Today is an 8
Be patient and evaluate the
situation. Your place can become a love nest. Youre more
domestic over the next month
with Venus in Pisces. Focus
on home and family. Increase
the comfort level. Learn from
a child.
Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
Today is an 8
Trust your own heart to lead
you. You love learning this
month with Venus in Pisces.
Study gets fun. Youre even
smarter than usual. Words flow
with ease, so take advantage
to write and issue communications. Play with it.
Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
Today is an 8
Gather new income. The next
month with Venus in Pisces
can get quite profitable. Discover your peak professional
performance zone. Prove your
latest hypothesis. Dont believe
everything you hear. Expand
your influence.
Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
Today is an 8
You feel especially beloved for
the next month with Venus in
your sign. Add some glamour
to your personal presentation,
with a new style or look. Youre
irresistible. Pretend you are
who you want to be.


Jupiter Jones (Mila Kunis) hangs onto Caine (Channing Tatum) while being chased by aliens through Chicago.

Jupiter Ascending is a
long-winded dazzler
Alex Lamb


hatever narrative
problems the
(The Matrix trilogy, Speed
Racer, Cloud Atlas) sometimes stumble through, theres
no denying their visual style
pops right off the screen with
impressive special effects and
thrilling action. Their space
opera, Jupiter Ascending,
suffers some issues in the story
department too, but man, what
a spectacle-filled feast for the
Mainly theres too much royal
intrigue coupled with explaining the mythology of the films
world, primarily during the
less engaging second act, as
well as one plot of betrayal after
another. The exposition about
this sci-fi universe is interesting
enough, but a family of pretentious nobility being entitled
pricks doesnt make for particularly compelling villainy amidst
the action and adventure.
As it turns out, Earth is just a
crop of humans waiting to be
harvested by its owners. The
Abrasax family owns Earth and
many other civilized planets,
all inherited by the three royal
children following the queens
death. However, Jupiter Jones
(Mila Kunis), a poor girl
cleaning toilets in Chicago, is
the genetic reincarnation of the
queen and thus rightful heir to
the Abrasax throne.
When the strongest Abrasax,
Balem (Eddie Redmayne),
learns of this challenge to his
power, he orders her death
before she is discovered. In

comes Channing Tatum as human-wolf hybrid hunter Caine,

hired to save her and take her
to the other Abrasax brother,
Titus (Douglas Booth).
Its clear from Caines introductory scene, when he tracks
Jupiter and gets into a firefight
with the opposing mercenaries
while flying around on his
gravity-surfing boots, that the
action mechanics in this movie
are designed in seriously cool
ways that deliver the awesomeness. Unfortunately, the movie
hits its peak early on as Jupiter
and Caine air-surf around
the Chicago skyline under
fire from alien ships, until he
commandeers one and must
outmaneuver and take down
the others.
This is one of those truly
exhilarating, edge-of-your-seat
sequences that leaves a blazing
imprint in your memory.
Maybe the feverish pace and
recognizable setting getting
torn up make it so effective, but
no subsequent set piece reaches
such intense heights, probably
because they get a little bogged
down cross-cutting between
multiple characters in different
The Wachowskis screenplay
hits a number of cheesy
beats throughout, but their
direction manages to keep
them from sticking out most
of the time. Theres a lower
degree of some The Fifth Element-like humor and oddity,
primarily in a scene going
through a galactic equivalent
of the DMV, and frequently
messy exposition. The first act
excites tremendously (outside
of the clich opening), but the
second act loses momentum
as they get off Earth and get
tangled up in the Abrasax
clans schemes. The final act
steps back up to bat with a solid swing at the fences, hitting
a lively space battle that drives
forward to a charged final

News from the U

KU Dining Deals Are Back
If youre hungry and looking for a great deal, theres no
need to look beyond campus. KU Dining Services has rolled
out its deals for the spring semesterall tasty items at great
prices that are sure to satisfy any craving!
Tuesdays: Warm up with a specialty espresso drink! Pick
your favorite between 8:00-10:00am, and enjoy half price
savings. Valid at Roasterie Coffee and Roasterie Express
locations campus wide!
Its Taco Tuesdays at the Award-Winning Market at the
Kansas Union! Enjoy yummy $1.00 beef tacos from
Wednesdays: Brellas brings it! Enjoy hoagie, chips and
a regular fountain drink for just five bucks! Get it at
BrellasThe Market, The Underground at Wescoe, and
Crimson Caf in the Burge.
Thursdays: Purchase a steaming bowl of soup or chili, any
size, and score off your salad and fruit bar purchase!
Fresh veggies, fruit, and yogurt plus pasta, chicken and tuna
salads. Youll find it at the Market, Crimson Caf, and the
Fridays: Use KU Cuisine Cash at any KU Dining location
and get 10% off your purchase!
Every Day: Need an afternoon pick-me-up? After 2:00pm at
all retail dining locations, all pastries, cookies, donuts and
cinnamon rolls are price!
Yes, everything you crave is right here on the campus you
love. Since its Thursday, Ill meet you at the salad bar. Save
some soup for me!

confrontation, which grows

As gorgeous and charming as
Kunis is, she doesnt quite offer
depth or substantial emotion.
Tatum makes the most of his
silly, almost elvish, look, and
pulls off an honorable and
intimidating warrior with
verve. Redmayne, fresh off his
Oscar-nominated performance
as Stephen Hawking in The
Theory of Everything, totally
lacks subtlety as he overacts,
trying to chew scenery with
angry whispering and tantrum
Still, Jupiter Ascending is a
big, bold and original piece of
extravagant science fiction full
of weird creatures, advanced
technology, vivid environments, explosive space battles
and awesome set pieces within
a detailed world of its own,
refreshing to watch despite its
faults. The Wachowskis inject
it with some philosophical
ideas as well, but those lack
the kind of thought-provoking
weight the duo is known for.
At least they can paint it all
with a shining gleam of refined,
colorful fun.

Edited by Callie Byrnes




Wichita commune leaders murder trial begins

Associated Press

WICHITA A selfproclaimed seer convinced

young mothers to leave their
families and join him in a
communal lifestyle where they
lived off the insurance payouts
from its dead members,
a prosecutor told jurors
Opening statements in the
trial of Daniel U. Perez outlined
the groups wanderings over
a 15-year span that crossed
several states, and even
Mexico, marked by sexual
violence and the deaths of six
Perez, 55, is charged with firstdegree premeditated murder
in the 2003 drowning death of
26-year-old Patricia Hughes at
Angels Landing, the groups
compound in the Wichita
suburb of Valley Center. He
also is charged with rape,
sodomy, criminal threat, lying
on life insurance applications,
making false statements on
credit applications and sexual
exploitation of a child.
Deputy District Attorney
Kim Parker told jurors Perez
convinced young mothers
that he could see the future.
He claimed he was 100 years
old and had survived because
of sexual relations with young
These girls feared him and
believed his stories about
his age, his seer capabilities,
Parker said. Because when in
fact he said to them, If I want
somebody dead, they will be,
in their observations that is
exactly what happened.
Perez is charged only in
Hughes death, but prosecutors
laid out a pattern of seemingly
accidental deaths whenever
the group which lived a
lavish communal lifestyle
was running low on funds.
The dead members left large

insurance policies naming

others in the group as
beneficiaries; Hughes had a
$1.25 million policy.
Among the other deaths was
a 2001 plane crash that killed a
group member, her boyfriend
and her 12-year-old daughter.
Hughes husband was killed
in 2006 when a carjack failed
and he was crushed. A 2008
traffic accident killed another
group member who had legal
custody of Hughes orphaned
Defense attorney Alice
Osburn told jurors Perez did
not kill Hughes and that the
other deaths of commune
members were coincidental
and thoroughly investigated.
She noted the group shared
as a family the $4 million
in insurance payments, and
Perez did not get a dime as
She portrayed the commune
as an open home where
people had the freedom to do
what they wanted to do.
Hughes and Perez were best
friends who had known each
other since they were little,
Osburn said. Hughes moved
in with him in 1996 and
helped him after Perez fled
before sentencing in a child
sex case in Beesville, Texas,
which his attorney contends
he did not commit.
Patricia was the matriarch
of this group, she got it
started, Osburn said. She
befriended the women. She is
the catalyst for everything.
believed Hughes drowned
while trying to rescue her
2-year-old daughter from a
swimming pool.
But in 2011, a woman who
had been 12 years old at the
time of Hughes death told
investigators the drowning had
been staged. She said during a
pretrial hearing that Hughes
kissed her daughter goodbye

and reassured another child

that she would return from the
The woman, whom The
identifying because she says
she is a victim of sexual assault,
has said Perez and Hughes
told her to wait with Hughes
daughter. She said she heard a
splash and a scream, and that
Perezs forearms were wet and
he was out of breath. He told
her to wait 20 minutes before
going to the pool and getting
into it with the toddler.
The woman also said he told
her to then call the police and
tell investigators Hughes fell
and hit her head while trying
to rescue her daughter.
Osburn tried to cast doubt on
the claims of group members,
saying they didnt come
forward with accusations until
authorities began investigating
the group.


Daniel Perez enters a Sedgwick County courtroom during the first day of his murder trial Wednesday in Wichita. Perez,
55, is charged with first-degree premeditated murder in the 2003 drowning death of 26-year-old Patricia Hughes at
Angels Landing, the groups compound in the Wichita suburb of Valley Center. He is also is charged with lying on life
insurance applications, rape, sodomy, criminal threat, making false statements on credit applications and sexual
exploitation of a child.

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Its time
for the

Engineering &
Career Fair

February 12, 2015

Kansas Union
5th & 6th floors

Volume 128 Issue 73

Thursday, February 5, 2015




Kansas to host final meet before championship season beings | PAGE 3B



Super Bowl displayed everything

to love, hate

16-point run surges Kansas to victory over Texas Tech


Christian Hardy

s the red, white and

blue confetti settled
on the University of
Phoenix Stadium field after Sundays Super Bowl, it signaled the
final glimpse of the tumultuous
season which had preceded it.
But speckled throughout the
Glendale, Ariz. arena, some of
the 70,000 spectators remained
quiet and patiently waited.
They wanted one more
game-winning drive from
quarterback Tom Brady. One
more catch from Seahawks
receiver Jermaine Kearse. One
more Cinderella story, just as
prominent as that of the Patriots
Malcolm Butler. Some would
even settle for one more fight as
the final seconds on the season
ticked down.
In many ways, the game itself
represented what was a tumultuous season for the league. The
NFL was put into the limelight
for its mishandling of players
off-field conduct this year,
especially in domestic violence
cases. League commissioner
Roger Goodell made an effort to
increase player safety with new
policies, which ultimately failed
in multiple instances in 2014.
The Super Bowl placed the
immaculate receptions, the big
hits and the scandals on center
stage, which enthralled fans, but
it also displayed the side of the
sport which we despise.
In the two weeks leading up to
the Super Bowl, the NFL again
made national headlines for the
Patriots mishandling of game
balls, in what is now being called
Deflategate. Though investigation is ongoing, Patriots coach
Bill Belichick and Tom Brady
became the men responsible for
the under-inflated balls.
On Sunday, Belichick held up
his fourth Lombardi trophy,
tying Chuck Noll for most by a
NFL head coach. Brady scooped
up a handful of Super Bowl
records most completions,
touchdowns and third Most
Valuable Player award while
also leading his team back from
a 10-point deficit on two exhilarating touchdown drives in the
Deflategate forgotten.
In the first half, Seahawks
defensive end Cliff Avril was sent
off the field and was diagnosed
with a concussion; he didnt return. Good progress for the NFL
on head injuries on the national
stage, right? Wrong.
In the fourth quarter, Patriots
wide receiver Julian Edelman
took a shot from Kam Chancellor after a 21-yard catch on 3rdand-14. It was a crucial catch,
but the millions of viewers saw
it: Edelman appeared to be concussed. He kept playing. A few
plays later, he came down with
the game-winning touchdown,
finishing with 109 yards.
Player safety forgotten.
Despite all of it, the Super
Bowl became the most-watched
television program of all-time,
according to NBC.
Good or bad, people are watching football, regardless of any disdain viewers might have with the
league on-or-off the gridiron.
Thats how the NFL rolls, and we
cant get enough of it.
Edited by Laura Kubicki

Kansas did not need a lastsecond shot like in Lubbock,

Texas, two weeks ago. The
Jayhawks used a 16-0 run, over
a 6:45 period in the second half
after trailing 53-46, that led
Kansas (13-10, 4-6) to a 71-67
win against Texas Tech (13-9,
3-7) Wednesday night in Allen
The Jayhawks have won four
of their past five games and
fourth straight game against
Texas Tech in the series.
Both teams would go back
and forth in the first half,
as Texas Tech guard Amber
Battle got things going with a
three-pointer. Kansas would
then go on a 5-0 run to lead 5-3
but Texas Tech would answer
with another three-pointer by
forward Dayo Olabode.
Kansas would then lead
by seven points in the first
half before Texas Tech took
a brief 33-32 lead, but layups
by senior guard Asia Boyd
and freshman guard Lauren
Aldridge put Kansas up 36-33
at the half.
It was a tough game and
we battled for it, Texas Tech
coach Candi Whitaker said.
Texas Tech would make
a charge at Kansas in the
second half, going on a 12-0
run and leading 53-46 with
10:35 remaining as coach
Bonnie Henrickson would
call a timeout. A three-pointer
by freshman guard Chayla
Cheadle would get the run
going for Kansas. Senior
forward Chelsea Gardner
would then score the next
eight points to continue the
They made a run, we made
a run, but we forced tough
said. Give them credit. Battle

Womens basketball players cheer on the bench after a teammate makes a basket. The Jayhawks defeated Texas Tech 71-67.

didnt shoot it last year. It was a

dogfight tonight.
The Red Raiders would get
within four points within the
last minute of the game, but
key Kansas free throws sealed
the season sweep against Texas
I just came in and focused
in practice to get this win,
Gardner said.
Kansas shot 23 of 47 from
the field for 49 percent, seven
of 17 from beyond the arc for
41 percent and were 18-of-23
at the free-throw line for 78
percent. Kansas was 12-of-14
from the line in the second
just wanted us to be more

aggressive and have more

energy, Boyd said.
Four players in doublefigures for Kansas led by
Gardners 19 points. Cheadle
added 13 points, senior guard
Natalie Knight had 12 points
and Aldridge and Boyd each
had 10.
Texas Tech was led by
sophomore guard Ivonne
CookTaylor with a game-high
22 points.
Kansas is now in a four-way
tie for fifth in the conference
standings with Texas, West
Virginia and Kansas State.
Kansas will host Oklahoma
State at 7 p.m. Saturday.
Edited by Mackenzie Clark

Freshman Lauren Aldridge escapes a half court trap in the game against
Texas Tech on Wednesday.

Softball heads to Florida to kick off season


The Jayhawks will start their

season off on Friday, Feb. 6 in
the Florida Atlantic Tournament in Boca Raton, Fla. The
tournament will run through
Sunday. Kansas will play
against LIU-Brooklyn and
Georgia Tech on Friday, Arkansas and Florida Atlantic on
Saturday and will close out the
weekend playing Penn State
on Sunday.
Kansas will get a literal early
start to the new season by playing against the LIU-Brooklyn
Blackbirds at 9 a.m. Eastern
time on Friday, Feb. 6. in the
first game of the tournament.
The Blackbirds are coming
off a 22-34 season, making an
appearance in the Northeast
game. Coach Roy Kortmann,
who coached LIU-Brooklyn
to 10 regular-season Northeast Conference titles during
his tenure, leads the Blackbirds.
The Blackbirds return one
graduate student, three seniors, five juniors, six sophomores and welcome only
two freshmen. Junior outfielder Whitney West led the
team in 2014 with 60 hits, 17
stolen bases and four triples
while scoring 29 runs. West

was named to Second Team

honors in 2014. Graduate student shortstop Lauren Morizi
led the Blackbirds with a .335
batting average.
The second game of Fridays doubleheader will be
played at 11:15 a.m. Eastern
time against the Georgia Tech
Yellow Jackets. Second-year
coach Shelly Hoerner, who
coached the Yellow Jackets to
a 23-24 record and an eighthplace finish in the ACC in
2014, leads Georgia Tech. In
2014, Georgia Tech led the
ACC with 1.38 stolen bases
per game.
On the field, Georgia Tech
is led by 2014 All-ACC First
Team junior infielder Maddie
Lionberger, who had a batting average of .325 with four
home runs, three triples and
31 RBIs.
The Jayhawks will face off
against the Arkansas Razorbacks in the first of two
games on Saturday, Feb. 7.
This one will be played at 1:30
p.m. Eastern time. Fifth-year
coach Mike Larabee, who led
the team to a 27-28 record in
2014, leads the Razorbacks. In
2014, the team set numerous
school offensive records. As
a team, the Razorbacks com-

Senior infielder Ashley Newman bunts to lead off for the Jayhawks. The team will start off its season in Boca Raton,
Fla., on Friday.

piled a batting average of .304,

scored 359 runs, hit 325 RBIs,
registered 231 walks and hit
14 triples.
This is a young team, however, with 13 freshmen and
only three seniors on the 2015
roster. Senior utility player
Devon Wallace led the team in
2014 with 12 home runs and
53 runs scored, earning AllSEC Second Team honors.
The Jayhawks will play host
team Florida Atlantic Owls for
the second game on Saturday,
Feb. 7, which is slated for a 6

p.m. Eastern time start. Coach

Joan Joyce leads the Owls for
her 21st year. Joyce led FAU to
a 33-22 record in 2014, which
was the first winning season
for the Owls since 2011.
Junior infielder Melissa
Martinez, who earned First
Team All Conference USA
honors in 2014, leads the
Owls on the field. In 2014, she
recorded 38 hits, 10 doubles,
three home runs and 24 RBIs
on a .241 batting average.
The Jayhawks will close out
the Florida Atlantic Tourna-

ment against the Penn State

Nittany Lions at 9 a.m. Eastern time on Sunday, Feb. 8.
Second year coach Amanda
Lehotak leads Penn State. Lehotak led the Nittany Lions to
a 14-35 record in 2014.
Junior outfielder Lexi Knief
leads the Nittany Lions on the
field. Knief earned All-Big Ten
Second Team honors in 2014
with a .382 batting average, 58
hits and 37 runs scored.
Edited by Callie Byrnes




In a pinch, Beaty finds speed and length in Texas


Coach David Beaty explains the talent KU football signed for this upcoming season. The Jayhawks landed 24 letters of
intent on Wednesday.

Any team that fires its head

coach in late September of the
previous season and ultimately finishes (3-9, 1-8) has holes
to fill.
Its just that Kansas holes
might be even bigger than
most, given the recent happenings within the program.
With the graduation of 21
seniors off last years roster,
running back Brandon Bourbon transferring to nearby
Washburn, and wide receiver
Nigel King throwing his name
into the 2015 NFL Draft, new
head coach David Beaty
hired Dec. 5 had a day shy
of two months to get cracking.
Youre drinking from a firehose for a while there, Beaty
said of the chaotic 61-day
stretch in which he accepted
the coaching position, hired

his entire staff and scrambled

to solidify 24 letters of intent
from often mercurial 18- to
20-year-olds. Youre managing a lot of things.
So in a bit of pinch at a
Kansas football program that
doesnt exactly recruit itself
in a coaching limbo, Beaty
and his burgeoning staff did
what they did best: recruit the
I think probably the biggest
thing for us was familiarity of
players, Beaty said. Most of
these (coaches) have a background in the state of Texas.
The funny thing, though,
was as desperate as Beaty
and staff may have seemed
in the moment, thanks to his
deep-rooted Texas ties, the
phone worked both ways.
The relationships in the
state (helped), Beaty said.
Guys just picking up and

On one end of the phone a

high-school coach connected to Beaty or one of his
staff members and would
call with the name of an overlooked recruit. Beaty would
answer with two conditions.
We said we needed to improve our profile from a
length perspective as well as
speed perspective, Beaty said
Wednesday as he announced
his 2015 recruiting class. Its
a long, fast league now.
We cant make them taller, he continued, but we can
make them bigger.
One of those late-stage additions that was both long and
fast and Texan, a Jan. 31 commitment, came kudos to assistant coach Klint Kubiak.
I got to take my hat off to
coach Klint Kubiak, Beaty


Kansas hopes to continue winning streak in Stillwater


After a huge win against Iowa

State on Big Monday, the Jayhawks travel to Oklahoma
State to take on the Cowboys.
Kansas defeated Oklahoma
State 67-57 earlier this season.
Kansas now sits atop the Big
12 by two games in front of
both West Virginia and Iowa
State. The Cowboys are 14-7
on the season with a 4-5 Big 12
Phil Forte leads the Cowboys
with 17.3 points per game,
adding 49 steals on the season.
Fortes ability to knock down
the open jumper has given
the Jayhawks trouble in recent
memory as he scored 18 points
in their last matchup.
LeBryan Nash is second on
the team in scoring with 16.9
points per game, averaging 5.7
rebounds per game. Oklahoma State has dropped four of
their past six games.
Forte has led the Cowboys in
scoring, in their previous three
games. Leyton Hammonds is
the only Cowboy to lead the
team in scoring other than
Forte or Nash this season.
The Cowboys have given the
Jayhawks the most trouble
over the past seasons, splitting
the season series over the previous two seasons. Sophomore
Brannen Greene leads the Jayhawks with a 51 percent field
goal percentage from behind
the three-point line.
Greene averages 6.2 points

per game and is shooting 62.5

percent from behind the arc in
Big 12 play this season. Fellow
sophomore Frank Mason III
has scored ten points and recorded two plus assists for 19
straight games this season.
Oklahoma State ranks seventh in the Big 12, allowing
only 59.6 points per contest,

while scoring 68.2 points per

game which ranks eighth
amongst the conference.
While sitting atop the conference standings, Kansas is
eighth in the conference with
a 7.9-scoring margin.
The Jayhawks lead the Big
12 in three-point field goal
percentage, shooting 40 percent from the behind the line.

Oklahoma State comes in at

number seven, shooting 33.5
Sophomore Wayne Selden
Jr. is coming off of his second 20-point performance of
the season, putting up 20 on
7-12 shooting from the field.
Seldens shooting from the
field has improved as of late.

Frank Mason III cuts to the rim against Kansas State on Jan. 31. The Jayhawks will take on the Cowboys on Saturday.

Kansas leads Oklahoma State

by four games in the Big 12
and seem to be well on their
way to an 11th straight Big
12 title. Undefeated at home,
Kansas is on a current five

game win-streak. Next up for

Kansas, the Jayhawks travel
to Lubbock, Texas to take on
Texas Tech on Tuesday, Feb.
Edited by Laura Kubicki

Kelly Oubre Jr slams one down early in the first half against Kansas State. The
Jayhawks defeated the Wildcats 68-57.



Its always tough to take your team

out of conference
Bill Self


Big 12 is 13-7 over SEC in previous

Big 12 website


Q: Who did KU beat in this years

A: Florida

KU Athletics




Big 12/SEC Challenge is not in Kansas best interest

According to CBS and ESPN, the format for the Big 12/SEC Challenge will
be juristically altered for the 2016 season. Due to maximum exposure to the
event, which usually takes place in late
November or early December, games
will now be played and both conferences have been told to leave an open
date in their schedules for late January
or early February.
Why the change? Two reasons.
One is TV ratings. This challenge is
played the same week as the Big Ten/
ACC Challenge and both the SEC and
Big 12 think theyve lost viewership
when two more popular conferences
square off in prime time.
Two, having these games in late January or early February puts them in
prime time position on TV so whatever day it is on, that game will be the
days attraction.

Nick Couzin

Now, many coaches from both conferences have voiced their opinions
and are not happy.
They have every right to be upset.
With the placement of this format,
games will occur in the middle of each
conference season. That means each
Big 12/ SEC coach will have to gameplan out of conference when they nor-

mally wouldnt.
There are negative scenarios that could occur with this
change. A team, like Kansas,
has to travel mid Big 12 season down to Gainesville, Fla.,
or Athens, Ga., they would
have to return two days later to
Allen Fieldhouse to play their
next Big 12 opponent. Why
would anyone want to do that to any
team mid conference season? Kansas
basketball coach Bill Self has said its
always hard to take your teams focus
on their rival opponent and have them
change it to focus on an entirely different conference.
The only way this works out in the
long run is having the top teams play
on their home courts. Have Kansas
play in Allen Fieldhouse against a closer opponent in Missouri. There should

be no reason why
Kansas or any other midwest Big 12
team like Iowa State
should have to travel
down south. It messes with a teams daily
routine as well as their
overall psyche.
Unless the new Big 12/
SEC challenge format consists of close proximity games like
Kansas-Mizzou, there is no other reason to switch it, TV exposure aside.
The Kansas-Florida game in this years
Challenge was off the charts, but only
time will tell if the Challenge will return to its old ways after next seasons
experiment with changing dates.
Edited by Callie Byrnes

Kansas hosts final dual meet before championship season


Kansas swim and dive hosts

Iowa State this weekend for its
final dual of the season.
Its a two-day meet, with
Fridays session starting at 6
p.m. and Saturdays session
starting at 10 a.m.
Kansas is 4-2 in its own pool.
Iowa State is 1-2 on the road.

Kansas and Iowa State
competed against each other
in the Kansas Classic last
semester. Kansas won the
meet and Iowa State finished
Kansas swimming has faced
just one Big 12 opponent this
season, TCU, and won 172124.
Iowa State swimming has
competed against TCU and
West Virginia this season,

beating both teams by the

same score of 157-143.
The last time the two teams
met, Iowa State narrowly
defeated Kansas 161.5-138.5.
Since the inception of the Big
12, Kansas leads the all-time
duals record at 13-5.
Kansas and Iowa State have
faced two similar opponents:

TCU and Illinois.

Iowa State lost to Illinois
(168-132) and defeated TCU
Kansas defeated Illinois
(154-146) and TCU (172-124).
Kansas Hannah Driscoll
and Iowa States Alex Flatness
have times within .04 of each
other in the 100-yard freestyle.
Driscoll (51.22) and Flatness
(51.26) should make for a good

race if the two are swimming

that event this weekend.
Kansas Bryce Hinde and
Iowa States Kasey Roberts have
times within .05 of each other
in the 100-yard breaststroke.
Hinde swam a 1:02.24 at the
U.S. Winter Nationals and
Kasey Roberts posted a time of
1:02.19 at Iowa States annual
dual with Iowa.
Edited by Mitch Raznick

Kansas swim and dive will host Iowa State on Friday for its season-ending dual. Kansas is 4-2 at home and 2-1 away.



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Nadia Khechfe, a freshman from
Lincoln, NE, does the 1-meter dive.








Are the Atlanta Hawks a real title contender?

Eastern Conference semi-finals, it could be assumed that

Kyle Korver would run off a
screen if a three were needed.
Unfortunately, you can bet
LeBron James will be checking
him. So, what do you do? Run
Paul Milsap off a screen?
Its hard for me to picture the
Hawks defeating the Chicago Bulls, Cavs, Washington
Wizards or Toronto Raptors
four times in a series. All those

Sean Collins


he Atlanta Hawks
put together one of
the most impressive
win streaks in recent NBA
history beside the Miami
Heats 27-game win streak
in 2012-13. The Hawks 19game win streak was snapped
Monday night, losing to the


New Orleans Pelicans 115-100.
Anthony Davis was too much
to handle, with 29 points and
13 rebounds.
At 40-9, there is no denying
that the Hawks are good
very good. However, this is not
a team built to win a championship. They have a starting
lineup that works well together,
but have no single player that
puts up the majority of the
The biggest issue for the
Hawks is they dont have a goto player for clutch moments
in the playoffs. Say, if they play
the Cleveland Cavaliers in the

teams are strong defensively

and have something the Hawks
dont a star. John Wall, DeMar DeRozan, Derrick Rose,
LeBron James or Kyrie Irving
can all score on their own
when a basket is needed. The
only player for the Hawks who
can create their own outside
shot is Jeff Teague, who only
shoots 33 percent from behind
the arc.
Another issue to note for the
Hawks is that six of their nine
losses have come on the road.
And in the playoffs, teams
have to win on the road in a
noisy environment if they have

hopes for a championship. The

Wizards, Bulls and Cavs all
have shut down defenders.
Now, lets talk about the Cavs.
In the past 28 games with
LeBron playing, they are 23-5,
including their current 11game win streak. The Hawks
couldnt defend the best player
in the world, Lebron James,
and Kyrie Irving. The Cavs are
improving, and fast. When
they reach full form, nobody
in the Eastern Conference will
stand a chance.
The Eastern Conference is
already weak as it is. Both the
seven and eight seeds have
negative records. The eight
seed and the one seed are 18.5
games apart, while the one
seed and the eight seed in the
Western Conference are 11.5
games apart. The Phoenix Suns
are 28-22 as the eight seed;
this would put them as the five
seed in the East. The reigning
champion San Antonio Spurs
are the seven seed at 30-18, to
put perspective on how good
the West is compared with the
The Hawks went on an impressive hot streak, but do they
have a real shot at the title? I
dont see it. Dont expect them
make it out of the East.
Edited by Mitch Raznick

their victorious ways, theyre

going to have to rebound better
than they did Monday night
against New Orleans. The Pelicans out-rebounded the Hawks
by 20, which is the biggest
rebounding deficit the Hawks
have had all season long. Lets
be honest, though; the Hawks
wont be going up against
Anthony Davis every night.
They should be able to rebound
better than they did Monday.

Joey Anguiano


hink about everything

thats happened since
Christmas. One thing
that hasnt happened until
Monday night was the Atlanta
Hawks losing a basketball game.
While their 19-game winning
streak was ended by the New
Orleans Pelicans in a rather
decisive fashion, the Hawks are
still very much the real deal.
The winning streak catapulted the Hawks from being one
game out of first place to being
seven games ahead of everyone
else in the Eastern Conference.
The team was playing with
unmatched efficiency in the
Eastern Conference, averaging
105 points, while holding opponents to just over 93 points per
game. The Hawks streak was
as fun as it was impressive. The
team was hitting 40 percent of
its three-point attempts for the
duration of the streak.
The Hawks remaining
schedule is incredibly difficult
right before the All-Star break,
including matchups with Washington, Golden State, Memphis
and Minnesota. The Hawks will
be lucky to escape those four
matchups with three wins.
For the Hawks to maintain

the ball effectively, as evidenced

by the fact that theyre leading
the league in assists (19.8 per
game), while having fewer turnovers than half the league (13.5
per game). Additionally, the
Hawks have been shooting well.
Their shooting percentage is
fourth-best in the league behind
the Golden State Warriors, the
Los Angeles Clippers and the
Washington Wizards.
As previously stated, the


Another reason why the
Hawks are the real deal is the
fact that the Eastern Conference
is comically weak right now.
The Hawks are pretty much
guaranteed a playoff spot at
this point in the season with 40
Once they get to the playoffs, theyve shown they can
string together wins and get
hot, which sometimes is all it
takes to determine a postseason champion. Theyre also
following a philosophy proven
to work by last seasons champions, the San Antonio Spurs.
Like the Spurs, the Hawks share

Eastern Conference is weak,

so the team from the Western
Conference should destroy
whoever the Eastern Conference champion is in the NBA
Finals, right? Wrong. During
the 19-game winning streak,
Atlanta also won 12 straight
matchups against Western
Conference foes, until they ran
into New Orleans. This team
showed they could handle just
about anybody during those
19 games, and I think they
have a real chance to hoist up
the Larry OBrien Trophy this
Edited by Mitch Raznick

YES: 38.5%

YES: 61.5%


said of the Denzel Feaster
signing. He found a guy that
had been playing quarterback
his entire career, except for his
last five games.
Quite possibly, Feaster may
have never played a down of
Division 1 football as quarterback. Because of that, he
slipped through the recruiting
But at a school like Kansas,
a swift position change can
maximize untapped abilities in a player like Feaster.
It worked for Kerry Meier,
Brandon McAnderson, and
Toben Opurum, just to name
a few.
This guy has instincts,
Beaty said of Feaster. He will
come downhill and he will
knock the fire out of you. He
puts his head on the ball. He
doesnt even know what hes
doing there yet.
Feaster will most likely play
somewhere in the secondary.
There, he will be joined by six
other 2015 defensive backs,
one from Georgia, one from
Michigan, the rest from Texas

just one of them, Marnez

Ogletree, measuring in at
sub-six-foot (5-foot-10).
All of these corners that
are coming in here, they have
arms that are extremely long,
Beaty said as he splayed his
arms wide of his body towards
opposite ends of the Anderson Family Football Complex.
We want them to be able to
touch the walls as they stand
in this room.

This guy (Denzel Feaster)

has instincts. He will come
downhill and he will knock
the fire out of you.
Kansas football coach

The theme of length recurred on the offensive side

of the ball, highlighted by
6-foot-4 wide receiver Chase
Harrell from Huffman, Texas.
Ive known him since he
was a pup, Beaty said of Harrell. Had a guy at Texas A&M

that Chase reminds me, reminds me of Mike Evans. He

has a lot of similar qualities in
the way hes built, the way he
moves at a young age.
Although Kansas didnt sign
a player ranked higher than
three stars according to any
recruiting database not
that that matters, according
to CBS sports the Jayhawks
stuck with what was right for
the program and didnt deviate from the long-term plan.
The thing I am most proud
of is that our coaches did not
let athletic ability get in the
way of just taking a guy because hes that good, Beaty
said. He had to be good and
he had to be a Kansas guy.
Even if hes from Texas like
Feaster is.
When we offered him the
scholarship, he shed a tear,
Beaty said of Feaster Kansas his lone Power 5 offer.
He wants to be here.
And by all accounts on
Wednesday, so does David
Edited by Mackenzie Clark

Baylor has 5 double-figure

scorers to beat TCU 77-57
Associated Press

WACO, Texas Kenny Chery had 13 points,

starting the game with a
three-pointer and a threepoint play to put No. 19
Baylor ahead to stay in a
77-57 victory over TCU on
Wednesday night.
The Bears (17-5, 5-4 Big
12), who had five players
scoring in double figures,
led throughout after scoring
the game's first eight points.
TCU (14-8, 1-8) was within
45-39 with just over 15 minutes left before Royce O'Neale converted a three-point
play and hit a three-pointer
from the left wing after a
pass from Chery. The Bears
pushed in front 58-39 when
Rico Gathers made a layup
with 12:45 left.
Gathers finished with 14
points and 17 rebounds.
Chery also had six assists
and five rebounds.

O'Neale scored 12 points,

Taurean Prince 11 and Lester Medford 10.
Amric Fields had 14 points
on 6-of-7 shooting to lead
TCU. Trey Zeigler and Kenrich Williams had 11 points
After the pass to O'Neale for the three in Baylor's
big second-half run, Chery
had another assist when
he crossed midcourt and
passed ahead to Al Freeman. The freshman point
guard took a stutter-step
without traveling or putting
the ball on the floor to get
around defender Kyan Anderson for a layup. Freeman
had a three-pointer for the
next Baylor points.
The Bears have won 17 of
their last 18 home games,
the lone loss in that span by
one point to No. 12 Kansas a
month ago.

Zeigler had

fourth straight double-figure scoring game for the

Horned Frogs, and 10th this
season. ... Since becoming a
Big 12 member, TCU is 0-8
against Baylor. ... The 14
points by Fields were a season high for the senior, well
below the injury-plagued
forward's career high of 26
he set as a freshman in December 2010.
Baylor: When the Bears
won in overtime at TCU on
Jan. 10, they shot 29.8 percent from the field their
worst ever in a win under
12th-year coach Scott Drew.
This time, they shot 49 percent (26 of 53). ... Baylor is
31-4 against in-state teams
since the start of the 201112 season.
TCU is home Saturday
against No. 21 Oklahoma.


340 Fraser | 864-4121

Students and






Coach Bill Self said this Kansas team
isnt a talented bunch of kids, but
they find a way to win. The Iowa State
win inched Kansas closer to where it
wants to be, but the Jayhawks need to
find a way to put two halves together.
Self called his team Sybil because
of its lack of consistency and its struggled to keep leads this season. The
Jayhawks have won five in a row but
havent won in Stillwater since 2013.


No. 9
(17-3, 6-1 Big 12)


Wayne Selden Jr., sophomore, guard

Selden was the star on Monday, scoring a team high of 20 points and
hitting five of his seven three-point attempts. While the sophomore
still hasnt put a full game together this season, Selden scored 19 of
his 20 points against Iowa State in the second half. Coach Self said
Seldens big game against Iowa State should help his confidence.

Brannen Greene,
sophomore, guard
Greene has been able to boost Kansas
with well-timed three-pointers, as displayed when Kansas was down seven
against Iowa State. He averages almost two three-pointers per game but
has hit three or more three-pointers in
four games this season.



(15-7, 5-5 Big 12)


Jeff Newberry, junior, guard

Newberry keeps relatively quiet for a starting guard. He averages just over 18 minutes per game, 5.6 points, 1.1 assists
and one turnover. Last time out against Kansas, Newberry
scored four points, added one assist, two rebounds, and had
three turnovers.



Oklahoma State is vying for a win to

further solidify its bid for the NCAA
tournament. The Cowboys have won
most of the games they should have,
but out of eight ranked opponents
as theyve played this year, theyve
only defeated three. Kansas already
defeated the Cowboys by 10 in Allen
Fieldhouse earlier this year. Revenge
should be on Oklahoma States mind


Frank Mason III, sophomore, guard

This sophomore is the reason Kansas has such a great conference
record. Mason is Kansas most valuable player because he barely
leaves the court and doesnt turn the ball over. His 19-game double
digits scoring streak is active and is top 10 in the Big 12, scoring
over 12 points per game.

Phil Forte III, junior, guard

Forte has transformed his game from a former sharp-shooter
to an all-around guard who can drive the lane. He leads the
league in minutes played, steals, and is second in threepoint percentage and scoring (17.3 ppg). He has scored in
double-figures in all but one game this season, including 18
against Kansas.

Tavarius Shine, freshman,


Hes only averaged 12.9 minutes

per game this season, but he gives
the Cowpokes a lift from behind the
three-point line. In a 64-53 win over
No. 20 Baylor, Shine hit all three of
his three-point attempts and finished the night with 11 points.



Can Selden stay consistent?

How does Kansas handle the

Oklahoma State pressure?

Wayne Selden Jr. has struggled to

stay consistent on the offensive end.
Every game, Kansas knows its getting a hard-nosed defender out of
Selden, but doesnt know which side
of Selden will show up on offense.
Selden has taken 88 three-pointer
attempts this season and only 51
free throw attempts, which means
Selden isnt attacking the basket.
Even against Iowa State, 15 of his 20
points came from three-point range.

Kelly Oubre Jr., freshman, guard

Since recovering from the flu, Oubre has been in attack mode.
Against Texas and TCU, Oubre scored a combined eight points.
After TCU, the only starting freshman has averaged 12 points
and seven rebounds. Hes shot over 44 percent from the field
and averaged over one steal per game.

Anthony Hickey Jr., senior, guard

The five-foot-eleven Hickey is second to Forte on the team
and in the league in steals (2.05). He averages 8.6 points per
game and 3.7 assists to 1.6, good for the leagues fourth best
assist-to-turnover ratio (2.29). Hickey went for five points
against Kansas.





Kansas leads the Big 12 with a 39

percent three-point percentage

Sophomore Devonte Graham has

three turnovers since the start of Big
12 play


Perry Ellis, junior, forward

Coach Self calls Ellis the go-to man and says the Kansas offense runs around the junior. Hes the lead scorer and rebounder on the team. Ellis, a prototypical postman, has expanded his
game this season, shooting more three-pointers. Last season,
Ellis only made eight three-pointers, but this season, hes
already at 12. Ellis gives the Jayhawks another outside threat
opponents have to worry about.

LeBryan Nash, senior, forward

Nash is the third highest scorer in the Big 12 with 16.9
per game, and the eighth highest field-goal percentage
(46.7 percent). Nash ranks fifth in the league in defensive
rebounds (4.60) and tenth in minutes played (30.60). Nash
has scored in double-figures in every game he has played
this season, including 21 against Kansas in January.

The Cowboys allow the third fewest

points per game in the Big 12


Oklahoma State scores the third

fewest points per game in the Big 12


The Cowboys have the worst rebounding margin in the conference. Kansas
has a +5.5 margin (fourth)

The Jayhawks rank 143 in field goal

percentage, shooting 44 percent


The Jayhawks hold Oklahoma
State guard Phil Forte III to fewer
than four three-pointers. Forte is
the Cowboys best shooter, and
Kansas cant let him find open
looks. Oklahoma State gains momentum through its three-pointers, and if Kansas allows Forte
to gain confidence, the Jayhawks
could be in trouble. In the last
three Cowboy wins, Forte hit four
or more three-pointers.

Itll be a watered down version of the

pressure Kansas will see against
West Virginia later this season, but
surely Oklahoma State will bring the
heat on its home floor. The Cowboys
rank second in the conference in
steals (8.62), with guards Phil Forte
III and Anthony Hickey leading the
way with over two per game apiece.

Jamari Traylor, junior, forward

Traylor is known as the hustle player on the team, and he said he
wants to be known for his hustle plays. Traylor is always flying
around and chasing down loose balls, but his offensive game still
struggles this season. Traylor has adapted more post moves, but
takes too many jump shots and doesnt play enough to generate
double-figure points.

Michael Cobbins, senior, forward

Cobbins is the biggest presence in the Cowboys starting
lineup. The senior ranks thirteenth in the league in rebounds
per game (5.9) and second in blocked shots (2.28). His
season-high rebounding effort (11) came in the win over No.
20 Baylor. In the game against Kansas, Cobbins contributed six
points, two rebounds, and fouled out.

Prediction: Kansas 78 Oklahoma State 72


Somebody other than Phil Forte III

or LeBryan Nash gets loose. In the
first matchup, Forte was loud in
the first half; Nash in the second.
The two lacked synchronicity, and
nobody else seemed to step up. The
narrative remains the same this
time in Stillwater, Okla. If Kansas
can keep Forte and Nash relatively
contained and lock down the other
three players on the court, it should
be business as usual. But if a third
wheel gets rolling, look out.




Kansas defeats Tech 71-67, hopes to keep rolling


After a dramatic 71-67

win against Texas Tech on
Wednesday, Kansas (13-10,
4-6) will host Oklahoma State
on Saturday at 7 p.m.
Since starting 0-5 in conference play, Kansas has won
four of its past five games,
with its only loss coming
against Baylor last Sunday.
Oklahoma State (13-8, 3-7)
is currently tied with Texas
Tech for ninth place in the
Big 12, only a half game back
of Kansas, West Virginia,
Kansas State and Texas for
fifth place.

They (Oklahoma State) are a

good team, and weve got to
be ready and focused.
Senior guard

Oklahoma State was defeated by No. 3 Baylor on

Wednesday, 69-52 in Stillwater, Okla. The Cowgirls have
won two of their past seven
games going into Saturdays
matchup with Kansas, which
includes a five game losing
streak through mid-January

with losses coming against

West Virginia, Oklahoma,
TCU and Kansas State. Oklahoma State and Kansas have
both gone to Iowa State and
have come out of Ames, Iowa
with wins.
The Cowgirls have four players who average 11 plus points
per game led by junior guard
Brittney Martin who averages
12.5 points and 8.4 rebounds
per game. Martin received
honorable mention All-Big 12
last season as a sophomore.
Martin can score and they
have others that can score as
well, coach Bonnie Henrickson said. We will have our
hands full, but itll be a great
opportunity to have.
Saturdays meeting will be
the first time the two teams
will matchup this season. The
two teams will meet in Stillwater, Okla. just two weeks
later on Feb. 21.
They are a good team, and
weve got to be ready and focused, senior guard Asia
Boyd said.
Kansas has lost its last five
games against the Cowgirls,
with its last win coming on Jan.
18, 2012. The Cowgirls swept
last seasons meeting 64-56 on
Jan. 22, 2014 in Lawrence and
76-74 on Feb. 5, 2014 in Stillwater, Okla.
Edited by Laura Kubicki

Senior Natalie Knight looks for an open pass in the game against Texas Tech on Wednesday. The Jayhawks knocked off the Raiders 71-67.

Tennis looks to reverse fortune in Las Vegas matches


Kansas will head to Las Vegas this weekend for three

nonconference matches. The
Jayhawks will face UNLV on
Feb. 6, Pacific on Feb. 7 and
New Mexico State on Feb. 8.
The team looks to rebound

after a pair of losses in Albuquerque, N.M., where it fell to

New Mexico and 23rd-ranked
South Carolina.
Kansas turns once again to
its upperclassmen to lead the
way as senior Maria Belen
Luduea and junior Maria
Jose Cardona are two of just
three returning players for the

The pair of upperclassmen anchored the team in
its opening weekend, despite
the two losses. The two won
their doubles matchup against
New Mexico and played close
matchups in singles losses to
South Carolina.
The Jayhawks will need con-

Keeping the

Hawks Rolling
Since 1974

tributions from their young

players who are looking to
build momentum after an
opening weekend that saw
many firsts for the youthful
Freshmen Madison Harrison
and Smith Hinton were able
to secure the doubles point
in the opening weekend with

their first doubles win of the

season against New Mexico.
Fellow freshman Rachel McNeely won her singles matchup against New Mexico and
paired with Summer Collins
for a doubles victory against
South Carolina.
The Jayhawks will need these
many contributing freshmen
to continue their success on
their Las Vegas trip.
Kansas first opponent,
UNLV, comes off consecutive
6-1 losses against Oregon and
at UC Santa Barbara. The Rebels were only able to avoid a
sweep in singles play thanks
to a win from freshman Mercedes Lopez Valez, 7-5, 3-6,

1-0 (10-8).
The Pacific Tigers, the Jayhawks second opponent, have
played a lone match in their
spring season, a 4-3 win at UC
Davis. The match was tightly
contested as Pacific dropped
the doubles point but rallied
behind its top four singles
Meanwhile, New Mexico
State will enter the weekend
1-1 after splitting its first two
matches. The Aggies dropped
their season opening match
against Arizona 7-0 but rebounded nicely with a 5-2 win
against Texas State.

Edited by Mackenzie Clark

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Kansas senior Paulina Los (left) serves in a pairs match against UMKC last season. The tennis team will travel to Las Vegas for three nonconference matches
over the weekend.

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Kansas victory a microcosm of the 2014-15 season


Nine wins, nine losses.

Nearly halfway through the
season, the Kansas womens basketball team just couldnt seem
to buy a win. After a strong 7-2
start, the team just didnt look
the same at least until the
end of winter break, when the
Jayhawks started to turn things
The same could be said of the
game the Jayhawks played on
Wednesday, as the team jumped
on top early, leading 32-25 with
four minutes to go in the first
half. However, Kansas allowed
Texas Tech to go on an extended
12-4 run to take the lead, and the
team started to fade. With 10:35
remaining, the Red Raiders led
by seven points, and they were
in the midst of a 12-2 run; coach
Bonnie Henrickson called a timeout. Guess the winter break
portion of the game ended after
We got stuck [early on], said
Henrickson after the game.
Once we finally forced more
tough twos and got some tough
rebounds, [we] got the opportunity to go in transition.
The Jayhawks rattled off a 16-0
run of their own to go ahead by
nine, and the team was as fired

Senior guard Natalie Knight seraches to pass the ball against Texas Tech on Wednesday night. The Jayhawks won

Freshman Lauren Aldridge shoots a layup in the game against Texas Tech on

up as it had been all year. Senior

Asia Boyd really embodied that
energy as she took a charge late
in the game, pumping her fist

and letting out an emphatic roar.

The team wasnt about to roll
After holding on for the win,

the Jayhawks improved to 13-10

on the year, with four victories
in their last five games, keeping
them in the hunt to make the
NCAA Tournament. Two seasons ago, when the team was last
an entrant in March Madness,
the Jayhawks entered the Big 12
Tournament at 17-12. It is very
possible that they could match
that record this time around,
with only one ranked opponent
on the schedule the rest of the

[Theres] a great opportunity

for us to continue our run here,
Henrickson said. Well have our
hands full, [but] weve played
with more energy [as of late].
Currently, the Jayhawks are
just one game out of a tie for
third place in the Big 12, and
in fact, it seems as though the
odds are starting to fall in their
favor. The two teams sitting between them and third place still
have a game to play against the
league-leading Baylor Bears,

which should help even things

Additionally, two of the Jayhawks last three games will be
home contests, one of which
will come against the Iowa State
Cyclones, whom Kansas beat in
Ames earlier this year. The other
one will come against the Kansas
State Wildcats, who have gone
just 1-5 on the road this season.

Edited by Mackenzie Clark

Track and field team set to

compete in Lincoln, Neb.

The Kansas track and field

team will travel up to Lincoln,
Neb., to compete in the Frank
Sevigne Husker Invitational
hosted by the University of
Kansas is coming off a successful performance in the
Jayhawk Classic last week. The
Jayhawks won 14 events in the
meet. It was their last home
meet of the indoor season.
Of the 14 first-place finishes, the Jayhawks swept the top
four spots in the men's 1,000
meters and 3,000 meters. This
is the second straight meet
Kansas has taken at least the
top three spots in the 3,000
Senior James Wilson was
the first of the four Jayhawks
to cross the finish line, with a
time of 8:11.53. Wilson said
the team put in a lot of work
over winter break in preparation for the final stretch of the
indoor season, in particular,
the Big 12 Conference Championships.
I just think we have a really good group of guys coming
together, Wilson said. I think
everyone has a pretty common
goal of wanting to do well.
Wilson said sometimes a lot
of the competition they face
in meets can come from each

A Kansas track runner rests after running a heat last season. The track and
field team will be heading to Lincoln, Neb., to compete in the Frank Sevigne
Husker Invitational this weekend.

other, in addition to practice.

Its nice knowing you can
put in a bunch of miles with
these guys, Wilson said. You
can go out on the starting line
on the track and trust them to
push you in a race as well as
Wilson will not be participating in the Frank Sevigne
Husker Invitational. He will
be taking the meet off to better
prepare for the ISU Classic in
Ames, Iowa, on Feb. 14.
Notable teams competing
in the Frank Sevigne Husker
Invitational include: Auburn,
Iowa, Maryland, Alabama and
USC; in addition to Kansas
and Nebraska.
Similar to the Jayhawk Clas-

sic last week, the majority of

heptathlon and pentathlon
events will be taking place Friday, the first day of the event.
The heptathlon 60-meter
dash will start the competition
off at noon. Friday will end
with the mens and womens
400-meter dash finals, followed by 5,000-meter run at
9:05 p.m.
The events will begin Saturday with the heptathlon
60-meter hurdles and pole
vault at 10 a.m and 10:45 a.m.,
respectively. The meet will
conclude with the 4x400 relay
at 4:50 p.m., which will be separated into two heats.
Edited by Andrew Collins


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