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Conference Co-Chairs

Prof. Naresh K. Malhotra

Senior Fellow, Georgia Tech CIBER & Regents Professor Emeritus

Dr. Bibek Banerjee

Director, IMT-Ghaziabad, INDIA; Academic Mentor, Group IMT

Dr. Janakiraman Moorthy

Director and Professor, IMT-Dubai, UAE

Dr. Jagdish N. Sheth

Emory University, USA; Founder, Academy of Indian Marketing

Dr. V. Kumar
Georgia State University; USA, Co-Founder, Academy of Indian Marketing

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DAY 1 - JANUARY 20. 2015


4.00 PM 5.00 PM:



Inaugural session
Welcome Address: Dr Bibek Banerjee
5.00 PM - 6.00 PM:

History of Conference: Dr Naresh Malhotra

Conference Theme: Dr V Kumar
Message from the Host: Dr Janakiraman Moorthy

Special Session: Meet the Editors

Chair: Dr. Naresh Malhotra
Journal of Marketing: Dr. V. Kumar, Georgia State University
6.00 PM 7.30 PM:
Journal of International Marketing: Dr. Constantine Katsikeas,
University of Leeds
Journal of Public Policy and Marketing: Dr. David W. Stewart, Loyola
Marymount University
Review of Marketing Research: Dr Naresh Malhotra, Georgia Tech

7.30 PM

Conference dinner

DAY 2 - JANUARY 21, 2015



9.00 AM 5.00 PM:



Consumer Behaviour in Emerging Markets
Fairness in franchisor-franchisee relationship: dimensions, definitions
and preliminary construction of scale: Biswajita Parida
Hedonic and Utilitarian Shopping Motivations A Study of Young
Indian Consumers: Bikramjit Rishi, Harvinder Singh
Understanding Consumers Preferences on Product Attributes for Fruits
and Vegetables in an Emerging Economy: Jabir Ali, Sushil Kumar
Preventive Self-Medication Decision for Children: An Exploratory Study
with Parent Dyads: Phuong Nguyen

Creating Value in the Supply Chain
9.30 AM 11.00 AM:

Payment delays in Supply Chains An Empirical Study of Packaging

industry in UAE: Mohd Laeequdding, Waheed Karim Abdul
Supplier Satisfaction in a Purchasing Relationship: A study in the UAE
context: Shantanu Roy, Kunal K Ganguly


Distribution and Retailing in Emerging Markets
Small Business and Self-organization of a Marketplace: Ke Ding,
Toshikata Gokan, Xiwei Zhu
Impact of SERVAQUAL on Customer Satisfaction of Organized Retailers
in Davangere City: Raju Javali Kotrappa, Shruthi Prakash, Asifulla Attar
Traditional verses modern retail stores in an emerging market:
diagnosing the barriers to retailing in India: Jabir Ali, Tabassum Ali
Comparing Positive Word of Mouth behavior between Online and
Offline Channels: Hayran Kim, Geon-Cheol Shin
Success of Store Brands in Emerging Markets: Effect of Price Variability:
Sudipt Roy, Sridhar Samu, Sheikha Alia

11.00 AM 11.30AM:


Winning with Digital marketing an Social Media
Digital Marketing Practices of SMEs in Emerging Economies: Rubeena
Role of Personality in Facebook Usage: Ridhi Agarwal
Social Media Maturity and Social Media Usage Intention: Toker
Ayesgul, Mina Seraj, Asli Kuscu, Ramazan Yavuz, Stefan Koch, Christophe
The Changing Dynamics in E-Grocery Space: From Hesitation to
Adoption: Bikramjit Rishi, H Pradeep, Manasvini Viswanathan

Marketing to Shape a Sustainable Society

11.30 AM 1.00 PM:

Marketing Ethics in India-A Study of Relationship between Ethical

Propensity and Education Level: Anupama Mahajan, Poornima Talwar,
Raveesha Mahajan
Food Miles to Assess Sustainability: Food Basket Analysis of Cuttack
City: Rahul Pratyush Mohanty, Punit Kumar Mishra
Role of ethics in consumer buying behaviour - A Structural Equation
Modelling Approach: Vimi Jham, Gunjan Malhotra
Prescription Behaviour of Indian Doctors: Soma Arora, Ashish Kapoor

Creating Customer Value in Emerging Markets
Session Chairs: Saytabhushan Dash, Ramendra Singh
The Impact of Culture and Shared Values on Trust in the Emerging
Financial Service Market in UAE: Roudaina Houjier
Impact of Friendship among Customers on their Perceived Value from
Consumption A Conceptual Framework: Diptiman Banerjee,
Ramendra Singh, Prashant Mishra
Dimensions of Perceived Value: Mobile Phones Users from Low SocioEconomic Strata in an Emerging Economy: Moutusy Maity
Role of ICT in delivering Value for Indian Farmers: An Empirical
Investigation of ITCs E-choupal: Saytyabhushan Dash

1.00 PM 2.00 PM:

Lunch Break

Consumer Behaviour in Emerging Markets
Mothers Self-Image Predicts Intention to Administer Medications to
Children: Evidence from Two Developing Countries: Phuong Nguyen
Does Displaying via 3D Simulation Always Work? The Influence of
Product Displaying Methods on Product Evaluation: Qintang Wan, Wei
Lu, Zhenyu Jin
A Study to Understand the Buying Behaviour of Luxury Car Customers
Through Factors Affecting the Buying Decision Process: Vaishnavee
Subramaniam, Nandgopal R, Sri Gayathridevi K
Increasing Choices for consumers- an empowerment or a confusion:
Can it be culturally determined?: Rajat Sharma, Dwarika Prasad Uniyal


Marketing to Rural and Bottom of Pyramid Customers
2.00 PM 3.30 PM:

Market Separations for BOP Producers: Case Study on Market

Development for Chanderi Cluster Weavers in India: Ramendra Singh,
Sharad Agarwal, Pratik Modi
Sachetisation: A Value to Rural Consumer: Raju Javali Kotrappa, Asifulla
Attar, Shruthi Prakash
A little respect: CVP development and the low income consumer:
Elizabeth Williams, Kerry Chipp


Measurement, Research and Analytics in Emerging Markets
A Methodological Approach to Theory Testing and Theory Integration
in Marketing Research: Modeling Consumer-Company Relationships:
James Agarwal, Naresh Malhotra
Development of a General Work Engagement Instrument (GWEI-3):
Surya Prakash Pati, Ashish Rastogi, Pankaj Kumar
Challenges Facing Online and Mobile Research in MENA region: Amit
Sahni, Natasha Prasad
The Cultural and Cognitive Determinants of Observed participant
Behaviors: A Comparison of Indian and US Taste Testers: Lawrence L
Garber Jr, Lubna Nafees, Eva Hyatt

4.00 PM

Desert Safari (on payment basis)

DAY 3 - JANUARY 22, 2015



9.00 AM 4.00 PM:



Winning with Digital Marketing and Social Media
Online Adoption in an Emerging Market: An Examination of
Relationship Quality and Social Support: Monica Bhardwaj, Gaurav
Exploring the usage of social media Tools for conducting Market
Research in MENA region: Amit Sahni
Identification of Factors Influencing Purchase Intention of Consumers
Under Social Media Context in Tamil Nadu, India: Ganapathi
Brand Valuation through Brands Intentions and Consumers
Perception: Ashish S. Galande and Manish Gangwar

Marketing Strategies for Penetrating Emerging markets

9.00 AM 10.30 AM:

BRICS, a Bloc of Emerging Market Economics and its Challenge to

Development Economies: Golam Mostafa
Customer Centric Marketing Programs for the Emerging Markets
Consumers: A Pakistani Perspective: Farha Naz, Tech Eng
Stakeholder Identification, Classification and Prioritization: A
Sustainability Marketing Perspective: Vinod Kumar

What Do Patients Expect from the Health-Care Service

System? A Case Study of Diabetes Patients in Rural Areas of
Thailand: Angsumalee Pholpark, Yupin Patara, Charay
Vichathai, Thaworn Sakunpanich
Consumer Behaviour in Emerging Markets
Effect of Customer Engagement on Retention: An Empirical
Investigation: Prakash Satyavaageswaran, Siddhharth S Singh, Sharad
Examining the Influence of Service Quality on Relationship Quality in
an Emerging Market: A Study of Apparel Retailers: Kartik Dave,
Gaurav Tripathi
Impact of Governance Environment on Evaluation of Service in
Developed and Emerging Countries: A Qualitative Study of English
and Nigerian Consumers: Ethelbert Chukwuagozi, Jikyeong Yang
Modern Youth and online shopping in India: A case study of Punjab:
Apra Sahni
10.30 AM 11.00


11.00 AM 12.30

Consumer Behaviour in Emerging Markets

The Impact of Personal Factors on Health Insurance Purchase

Decision: Thomas Varghese
The Role of Body Esteem and Body Care in Explaining West African
Womens Brand Sensitivity Towards Cosmetics: Bernard Korai
Involvement with Experience: Activating the Impact of Brand
Experiences on Brand Attitude and Loyalty: Seema Gupta, Tanvi
Gupta, Shainesh G
Is preference heterogeneity associated with consumers personality?

Friederike Paetz
Distribution and Retailing in Emerging Markets
Measuring and Modeling Gaps in Service Quality of the Food
Retailers: K Abdus Samad
The Dynamics of Rural Marketing in Emerging Market Economy of
India: Gouher Ahmed
Relating Organization Strategy typologies & Structure for various
retail formats: An empirical Validation: Saba Azeem, R. R. K. Sharma
Understanding kids as consumers in Indian Context: Satyabhusan
Dash, Suryatapa Kar and Sweta Gupta

Concurrent Session VI
Branding in Emerging Economies
Effect of Consumer Design Perception on Brand Equity: Fuzzy
Association Rule Application in R: Abhishek Mishra, B. K. Mohanty,
Satyabhushan Dash
Is Branding in Emerging Economies a Necessity or Vanity: A Study of
Indian Petroleum Retailing: Kaushal Kishore
Brand Reinforcement using Surrogate Advertising- an analysis of
regulatory framework in India: Rashmi Aggarwal, Rajinder Kaur,
Harvinder Singh
Employee Brand Building Behaviour: An Investigation of its
Customers for the Employer: Hemang Jauhari, Shailendra Singh,
Manish Kumar
The Importance of Port Brand Personality Differentiation: Richard
Rutter, Suwaid Al Shamisi, Fiona Lettice
12.30 PM 1.30 PM:

Lunch Break
Product management in Emerging Markets

1.30 PM 3.00 PM:

Environmental Moderators and Performance Effect of Interactivity

Innovation: Study of the Services Sector of an Emerging Economy:
Thomas-Anning Dorson
NPI Performance: An Empirical Investigation of Factors Influencing
NPI Launch Performance in Industrial and Automotive Products
Manufacturing Industries: Shashishekhar M

Understanding the Impact of Consumer Characteristics

on Customer Loyalty: An Indian Perspective: Kanupriya
Katyal, Sanjay Patro

Survey of Pricing Methods and Strategies for Creating Value for

Multinationals Entering Emerging Markets: Lloyd Soobrian Soobrian


Marketing 2.0: Redefining the value for customers
Mobile Phone Usage at the BOP: The Role of Perceived Value:
Moutusy Maity
Creating value in online B2B Communities: The Role of C2C
interaction: Amit Sethi, Satyabhusan Dash, Suryatapa Kar
When Little Less as Good as Quite More: Nayyer Naseem, Sujay Dutta
Wasta and Trust in Business-to-Business Relationships: A Study of
Financial Services in the United Arab Emirates: Roudaina Houjier

Session Chair: Rajiv Vaidyanathan
The Impact of Price Display on Processing and Evaluation of
Comparative Price Advertisements: Rajiv Vaidyanathan, Praveen
Building Brand Equity Through Bundling: The Effect of Cross-Brand
Promotions on Perceptions of Value: Rajiv Vaidyanathan, Praveen
Identifying the need and change for increased value creation with
customer co creation: Soumi Paul, Saroj Datta

Family purchase decisions on personal computers: a proposal

for segmentation based on roles performed and income level:
Marcelo L D S Gabriel, Sergio S Braga Jr
3.00 PM 3.30 PM:

Tea Break
Consumer Behaviour in Marketing Markets

3.30 PM 5.00 PM:

Exploring Expenditure and Consumption on Different Commodity

Groups across Indian Households: Emerging Patterns and Policy
Implications: Bipul Kumar
Who drives organic food consumption in India? Opinion Seekers or
Leaders: Shivendra Pandey and Arpita Khare
Cultural Changes in the Emerging Markets: Is a New Paradigm
Evolving? Intekhab Alam
An Evaluation on the Effect of the Non-Verbal Cues of a Salesperson
on a Prospective Customer During a Sales Negotiation: Sri
Gayathridevi K, Sudharani Ravindran D, Vaishnavee S

Marketing Strategies for Penetrating Emerging markets
The Milk Chocolate Market: Exploring the Urban Pakistani Consumer
Preferences: Nida Aslam Khan
Dominos Dominance in India & Emerging Markets Challenge: Kapil

Organizational Structure and Individual Outcomes: Exploring the

Linkage: Manish Kumar, Hemang Jauhari and Surya Prakash Pati
A study on Service Quality and customer satisfaction among two
airlines of UAE: Suchita Jha, Ghazal Masarrat

Promoting and Communicating Value in Emerging markets
An Emerging Market Perspective on SME: Irene Kujala
Demystifying the Rationale behind Consumer Brand Engagement in
Pakistan: Saima Hussain, Ayeza Sumsan
The Effect of Materialism on Adolescent Healthy Food Consumption:
The Case of International Schools in Egypt: Nesma Ammar, Noha ElBassiouny, Ronia Hawash
New Product Development using Consumer Value Framework: Jyoti
Kainth, Rajat Goel, Bikramjit Rishi, Priya Gupta

5.00 PM - 5.30 PM

Conference Concluding ceremony