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Mustang Matters


Trinity Lutheran School
& Early Childhood
Development Center
Jackson, Michigan

Grades 3 & 4: Out to Save the Planet
Besides our typical in it. The air in the box heats building it to learn more about
academic work, the second and up. As it is heated the air rises, science.”
third grade class really enjoys therefore pulling in the cooler
more involved hands-on air from the room, and Mr. Genthner- “How does
activities. Since the beginning of supplying warmer air to the the solar collector work?”
the year, we have ground wheat room. Karter Herrington- Cold
into flour and made whole wheat air comes in through the bottom
bread, made apple cake (yum), This is what some
students have to say: and hot air goes out the top,
made a geodesic dome by because hot air goes to the top
reusing newspapers, and made Zach Towns- “It (the (rises). The sun heats the box and
and canned apple butter. So solar collector) takes cold air it will work good because we will
what is our latest venture? from our room and heats it up, spray the box black.”
Saving the planet…well, at least and then it comes out into our
making an attempt to reduce our room.” Now, if we can only get the sun to
energy consumption. shine in Michigan.
Mr. Genthner- “Why
We are building a passive would we want to build this?”
solar collector, and in the process
learning the basic of Zach Towns- “So the Mr. Genthner
thermodynamics. In short, we school can save money.
have built an insulated box Because it’s fun, plus I’d say
(2’x4’), lined it with aluminum that if you want to save money
tubes, painted it black (to attract you can just make one instead
the sun’s heat), and put two holes of buying one. We are also
Where Are They Now?
Ryan Stowe Grateful for a Friend
I had to say goodbye to a was opening her eyes and moving
dear friend last March.  This her head.  As the weeks past
friend of mine was a dear lady though she did not make any
who had the never ending gift of progress.  The most awesome
serving the Lord.  She was experience for me was watching
always planning dinners for her head move and eyes blink
families at her church, making when I would sing hymns to her
quilts for the poor or taking care or pray the Lord's prayer.
of an elderly relative.        As I watched her react to the
songs I am Jesus Little Lamb, Jesus
She was an angel here on earth Loves Me and Beautiful Savior, I
always taking care of others.    I could see her finding something

This week we are highlighting had the opportunity to take care in her memory.  It amazed me
alumnus Ryan Stowe. Ryan of her before she left for heaven.  that these words were still
graduated from Trinity in the spring It will forever be a special part of somewhere in her brain.  She
of 2002 and from Jackson High in me.    This friend went into a would not respond to her family’s
the spring of 2006. He had the coma for six weeks.  I was able to voices, but she did to those words
distinction of being one of his class’s visit her everyday at Allegiance.  of our great God!  Ida is now in
valedictorians.          It was during these visits heaven singing and praising our
Currently, he attends Albion that I began to understand how Lord. 
College in pursuit of a Chemistry much the songs and prayers that       Every time I sing the hymns
major and a cell and molecular are learned in church/Christian at church or the Jesus songs at
biology minor. He expects to schools are imprinted in our Jesus time in the classroom I am
graduate in May of this year. While brains.  Ida was raised in the reminded how these words
at Albion he has pursued various Lutheran church;  imprint on our memories.  I pray 
research agendas in chemistry at the learning hymns and prayers, with the help of the Holy Spirit
University of Michigan, the being baptized, and then that as I work with the young
University of Illinois, the University confirmed.  When she suffered
of Glasgow and, of course, Albion children I am providing songs
brain swelling and fell into a and prayers that will forever be a
itself. These projects have included
coma the prognosis was not source of comfort in a time of
the synthesis of bioluminscent
good.  There was no brain need.
imaging probes, therapeutics for
neurodegenerative diseases and activity and she would probably
enantioselective catalysts never recover.  It was very hard -Mrs. Beth Westin
(enantiomers are non-superimposible to accept this particularly
mirror images of a given molecule). because the first few weeks she
After Albion , he plans to pursue a
PhD in synthetic organic chemistry. Christian community, serving on several leadership committees including
He has just been accepted by the those for their weekly student led worship service and their yearly week of
University of Illinois Urbana- outreach. In the past he has coordinated a speaker series which focused on the
Champaign, which boasts one of the discussion of the interplay of science and religion, and that brought Dr. Ken
best chemistry programs in the US, Miller from Brown University and Dr. Owen Gingerich from Harvard
but he is awaiting the decisions from University to campus. He also orchestrated the visit of social justice advocate
Notre Dame, the University of Shane Claiborne.
Michigan, MIT, Scripps, Stanford So far in his college career, he has been the recipient of two travel
and Harvard before he makes a final grants, two semester research grants, a four year academic scholarship and a
decision (which should arrive in Feb). summer research fellowship.
Also at Albion, he has been Ryan has already done many impressive things in his short career, we
rather involved in the campus know that God will continue to use him and his considerable talents. God’s
Blessings Ryan as you continue on your journey.
Getting to Know You! Chapel Schedule
Anything else that we may not January Offering is
Christian Pfeiffer
already know about him? going to the Heifer
Currently Christian is a 3rd
grader in Mr. Genthner’s class. Since he was 6 years old he Project. Each family
has been able to tell time down to
Here’s a little more about him. should have received a
the minute. He likes to watch his
What’s his big sister, Leigha, feed our pet bank and calendar.
turtle named Tiny. He also went
favorite February offering is
ice fishing for the first time last
subject in winter. Hearts for Jesus.
school? Upcoming chapel
His favorite speakers are
subject is 1/20 - Mr. Genthner,
science. He
1/27 - Mr. Erfourth,
is very
fascinated D.O.G. 2/3 - Pastor Krengel,
with our Depending On God 2/10 - Pastor Lanham,
Solar system and doing Our Mission
Preparing God’s children today to 2/17 - Pastor Waddel.
be His light in tomorrow’s world
What does he like to do in his
and for eternity.
Everyone is welcome to
spare time? worship with us on
He loves to play games on Wednesday mornings
the computer, and listens to
music a lot! He also likes to play beginning at 8:15 a.m.
on our piano keyboard.

Coming In From the Office of our
Two Principal
•Words of Wisdom: A staff •Our "Loose Change "
article written by Mrs. Elizabeth Collection has been
Valente. postpone for Lutheran
Schools Week in March.
• Where Are They Now?: An update
on one of our Trinity Alumni. •Students from grades
• More Classroom News: Keep up-to- 5-8 will participate in
date on the classroom happenings at the school spelling
TLS. bee on Friday, Jan.
• Getting to Know You: Don’t forget, if 22. The bee will
you would like your child featured simply begin at 1:30 p.m.
go to and choose the in the gym.
Classroom News
Kindergarten & First Grade Second & Third Grades
We are working with money in math with We have 2 cans of paint, and Kevin Smith
both classes.  As part of the fun we will be volunteered to bring in the insulation board
setting up a classroom grocery store.   and pine boards for our solar collector build.
Please send 2 empty, clean boxes, cans, Other items needed: One 2' x 4' sheet of
jugs, etc. to school for our store.  We need plexiglass or real glass (I can cut a larger
them by Wednesday, January 27. Thanks! piece down), and about 6 pop cans per
- Mrs. Frusti student. We've also been studying The
Declaration of Independence in Social
Studies, and the Food Web, Producers, and
Consumers in Science.
- Mr. Genthner
Fourth & Fifth Grades
Please remember that the end of the 2nd marking period is
Friday, January 22nd. Ask your child if they’ve gotten their AR Sixth, Seventh, & Eighth Grades
points! Look for a new memory schedule to come out on Friday. Students have selected and designed their
Thank you to all of you who sent in payments for Mackinac. If science fair projects. They should now be
gathering materials and carrying out their
you forgot, please remember to get that in. A statement will
experiments within the next two weeks.
come home soon.
LOOKING AHEAD: Tryouts for the lead
- Mrs. Valente roles in our March 13 & 14 production of
"Pirates of Penzance" will be held February
9 & 10. 
- Dr. Frusti

Trinity’s Science & Art Fair
Students should be planning, preparing,
and/or selecting projects to enter!  Students
in grades 6 to 8 are required to enter a
formal science fair project, plus one art
project. Participation expectations for
younger grades will be explained by
individual teachers. Parents of our 4th and
5th graders will serve a DELICIOUS
SPAGHETTI SUPPER as a fund raiser for
their class trip. Watch for details and set the
evening aside (5:00 to 8:00 PM) on your
family calendar!