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Avant-garde writer,
dramatist and poet
His work offers a bleak outlook on
human culture and both formally
and philosophically became
increasingly minimalist.
Beckett was a student, assistant and
friend of James Joyce
(considered one of the most influential
writers of the 20th Century).
Beckett had a revelation!
He rejected the Joycean principle that
knowing more was a way of creatively
understanding the world and
controlling it.
In future his work would focus on
Out with
In with
the old the New
COO of Coca-Cola Donald Keough’s announcement to return the
classic coke product:

“The simple fact is that all the time
and money and skill poured into
consumer research on the new Coca-
Cola could not measure or reveal the
deep and abiding emotional
attachment to original Coca-Cola felt
by so many people. The passion for
the original Coca-Cola – and that is the
word for it, passion – was something
that caught us by surprise.