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Math Quests

Every Quest Activity explores three related concepts. Listed below are the concepts for each Quest.

56376 Quest - Momma Mia’s Bakery
Algebraic Expressions; Use Addition or Subtraction to Solve for the Variable; Use Multiplication or
Division to Solve for the Variable

56375 Quest - Absconded Art
Polygons; Circles; Solid Figures

67211 Quest - Password Protected
Add and Subtract Integers; Multiply and Divide Integers; Simplify Algebraic Expressions

67215 Quest - Discovery Island
Solve One-Step Equations; Solve Two-Step Equations; Solve Inequalities

67193 Quest - Custom Conversions
Comparing Measurements; Converting Measurements; Proportional Reasoning & Indirect Measurement

Data Analysis
67231 Quest - Without a Drought
Collecting and Organizing Data; Summarizing Data; Graphs that Compare

Fractions and Decimals
67120 Quest - A Bazaar Merchant
Least Common Multiple; Least Common Denominator; Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers

67152 Quest - A Talented Camper
Convert between Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions; Multiply Mixed Numbers; Divide Mixed

67181 Quest - The Maharaja’s Trade
Multiply Decimals; Division and Decimal Remainders; Dividing Decimals

67189 Quest - A Miner Problem
Divide with Decimal Remainders; Convert between Fractions and Decimals; Terminating and Repeating

67161 Quest - Points On a Circle
Basic Geometry Terms; Plane Figures/Solid Figures; Circles

67219 Quest - Angling for Treasure
Angle Measures; Bisectors; Angle Relationships

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Meanings of Operations
67194 Quest - Code Breaker
Properties; Evaluate Exponents and Roots; Order of Operations

67195 Quest - The Gala
Multiply and Divide Whole Numbers; Estimate Products and Quotients; Divide with Decimal

67180 Quest - A Space Race
Estimation and Measurement; Conversions; Proportional Reasoning & Indirect Measurement

67179 Quest - A Camp Celebration
Estimate and Measure; Converting Units; Proportional Reasoning and Indirect Measurement

Number Theory and Systems
67156 Quest - The Great Floral Display
Divisibility Rules; Prime Factorization; Greatest Common Factor

67158 Quest - Science Notes
Powers of 10; Scientific Notation; Compare Numbers in Scientific Notation

67157 Quest - A Topographical Decision
Number Line; Comparing Integers; Absolute Value

Patterns, Relations, Functions
67207 Quest - Galactic Heights
Pattern Rules; Functions; Graphing Functions

Percents and Ratios
67191 Quest - The Bargain
Percents Greater than 100; Percent Increase and Decrease; Simple Interest

67196 Quest - The Traveler
Ratios; Proportions; Rates

67170 Quest - State Fair Game
Possible Outcomes; Probability; Solve Problems

Spatial Relationships
67220 Quest - Great Gardens
Area Relationships; Perimeter & Area Formulas; Comparing Perimeter &Area

67206 Quest - Perfect Timing
Units of Time; Elapsed Time; Rates

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