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Ancient Explorers

Contributor: Taryn Notman

Grade: 5
Reviewing in a way that students will retain the information by having fun.
5.2.1 Identify and locate selected ancient societies and give examples of
interactions among them
5.2.2 Explain how a place influenced the emergence of an ancient society
5.2.3 Demonstrate an understanding of the diverse lifestyles of the ancient
Topic: Unit-2 Place Ancient Society
Keywords: Culture, Ancient, Civilizations, Egypt, Diversity (ect.)
Time: This game can vary depending on the number of teams. It would take
around 20-30 minutes however it can be prolonged if students are enjoying the
Student Grouping: Students play in pairs and there can be 2 to 4 teams
Teacher materials:

Board game
Question Cards

Student materials: Nothing

Students would be broken up into pairs. They might be allowed to choose their
partner depending on the class. Students place their piece on the start space of
the game board. Students roll the die to see who goes first. The students with the
higher number go first. In this game teams roll at the end of their turn after they
have successfully completed their task. That team starts with a Red card. You

choose the card depending on the color of the space the player is on. There are
four categories Purple=Definitions, Blue= Creativity, Red= Acting and Green=
Trivia. Therefore if you land on blue you pick up a blue card. There is another
symbol on the board which is ?= Players choice. If a team lands of that symbol
(?) they can choose whichever category theyd like. The team to the players right
reads the cards. Then the team must respond to the question or one team
member must do what the card says (they have to take turns) and the other team
member has to guess. Example if the card says a team member must act
something out then one member acts while the other has to guess. If the pair is
successful at finishing the task or getting the answer correct before the timer runs
out, they keep that card and roll the die and move the amount of spaces provided.
In order to win each team must have a card from each category and make it to the
end of the board.
This game allows students to use different forms of representation. This game is a
review therefore students would require a lot of prior knowledge of the topic. It a
good game that allows for different learning styles.

Game could be altered to be longer or shorter.

Students could work alone if questions that require a partner were taken

Cross Curricular:
Art: Students have to draw for some questions.
Language Arts: Students will have to spell for certain questions. Students are
reading the questions and going in front of their peers.
Math: Students are rolling the dice and counting spaces