Procurement Process:
•To manage purchasing to obtain the most advantageous combination of
price, quality, delivery.
•To ensure possible savings through negotiation, alternate vendor
development, indigenization of spares and establishment of Annual Rate
•To carry out day to day activities for offer collection as per requirement,
evaluation of offers techno commercially, preparation of comparative
statements, negotiations with the approved vendors and finalise the
orders in coordination with the tender committee.
•Preparation of management approval note by compiling evaluation report
& comments by various concerned users etc. with committee
•To ensure adherence of procurement activities with the corporate
guidelines and policies.
2. Alternate Sourcing:
•Alternate vendor development for OEM items in coordination with users
by providing samples or by organizing supplier visits.
•Indigenisation of the imported items through development of alternate
(indigenous) vendors based on cost benefit analysis to avoid dependency
on foreign supplier.
3. Coordination:
•Coordinating with Technical deppt. for technical clearance and with
finance & stores to process the GRN and Payment to suppliers.
4. Supplier Management
• To be proactive and act on initiative to maintain existing supplier base
and development of alternative sources to ensure the product availability
at the time of need.
• Establishment of Annual Rate Contracts for the common / standard
spares & consumables.
5. Monitoring & Review of Pending PR / PO:
• To follow up with vendors for delivery and to get the material at the right
time and required quantity for required locations.
• Review of pending PR/PO related to O&M.
• PR Pending - Timely PR to PO conversion from Release date.
• PO Pending - To make the material available at site as per the delivery
schedule given to Supplier.

 Responsible for sourcing for Cairn India in line with the established procedures
(internal and external).
 Inviting bids/ offer from vendors, preparing bid strategy, evaluation of offers,
negotiation and award of contract.
 Managed $134 million worth of tender invitation and financial evaluation of
contract bids.
 Achieved savings of 15% for FY 13-14.

monitoring of supplier performance. . Contribute to the development of procurement plans and budgets.  Contract management involving levying of Liquidated damages.  Develop and maintain cross functional relationships in support of Cairn procurement related matters both internally and externally. payments and contract close out. ensuring delivery as per well plan.