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This is the final stage of Zalmoxis Initiations, together

with the Infinite Love Initiation, reaching to the
Ultimate Truth!

The True Creator Manual is property of Armand-Manuel Ratundu 2011

All rights reserved.
Anyone claiming The True Creator Manual, charging or pretending money for it, or
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will be considered in direct violation of founder purpose!
The True Creator Manual and methods presented here serves only spiritual purposes, was
not meant for healing or has nothing in common to alternative medicine or any kind of
healing activity and therefore it is not meant to replace any medical treatment.
This version of The True Creator Manual is freely available from April 2011

I was explaining in the Infinite Love Manual how to

reach True Creator Center of True Heart and for this idea
it might seem that an excursion is needed. In reality
things are completely different. You arent getting
anywhere even with your thought, but just the intent to
gather with the True Creator is placing the True Creator
right where you are at this moment in the False
Creation in your True Heart! It is true and its nothing
supernatural the True Creator is everywhere, even here
in the Malevolent Creation, but you were educated that
there is a God and saints and angels and the rest of blah
blah in order just to obstruct you ever reaching the Truth.
Have you noticed that the Church and its spirituality is
architected on the same pyramid principle?
Everything comprising the Fake Creation is opposite
to True Creation and based on exploitation. The
Malevolent Creation is absolutely totally opposite but
except one thing that Darkness cant fake: True Spirit and
True Light.
Things are abruptly simple in the True Reality! The True
Creator is The Source of everything, inclusive is this
Malevolent Creation that draws its energy from the same
source, but indirectly even Darkness tried to hide this for
Focusing on the Center of True Creators True Heart you
arent going anywhere! Your Mind has an immense
potential that you arent aware of: your mind creates the
reality. Of course I am referring to Infinite Mind that has
such power! This is the reason that the Malevolent
Creation exists! Your mind is creating it! Its outrageous
but that is the Truth. Every slave on this physical plane
effectively creates and sustains the slavery. This attribute
of Mind is the biggest power of yours used against you!
And you dont even have a hint of what is happening!

The Human Mind is a pathetic instrument meant to

block your access to Infinite Mind. Many people are using
the Infinite Mind without knowing exactly what they do.
There are several ways of training to reach a good mental
focusing, but in reality you are more or less reaching The
Infinite Mind! All these methods are centered on
detachment of the human mind and your random
thoughts to follow only your goal in other words once
you want something let The Infinite Mind materialize
your idea because it will work without failure. In fact for
every focused idea you are pursuing you are eliminating
the Human Mind and this makes possible accessing
Infinite Mind and creating a new reality according to your
needs. The energy seeded to the Infinite Mind will grow
and blossom, but the common mistake is that people
often perturb their goals, the original idea with oftencontrary energies as doubt and fear that will work
contrary to their needs. People with a good spiritual
condition and knowing how to use positive thinking
without being too attached to it just simply reach the
Infinite Mind, realizing most of their projects in a natural
way, without much effort. This is a quality of True
Creator that we all have more or less according to each
amount of True Light.
Darkness is even more evil than you can ever imagine.
By setting up the Human Mind fuelled with crimes,
violence, revenge, jealousy, vanity, pride, mostly seeded
by Media, it targets the Infinite Mind. Darkness knows
that most of people are accessing randomly the Infinite
Mind and then when that gate is open aims that the
Human Mind leaks into the Infinite Mind. Its an
outrageous way to use its prisoners to poison the infinite
Mind, especially those that are still True at Heart! See the
irony? Using even those that carry Pure Light to pervert
the Infinite Mind, because those are the most efficient to
reach Infinite Mind. The perfect slaves! This is the
subtlest way of evil conspiracy. It is hard to escape from
the media poisoning even being aware of the peril of
being brainwashed, because your Human Mind is
everyday fuelled with darkness and most of people dont
even have any hint of whats happening. Forced labor for
Darkness. Evil again!

At least now you can correct this by creating Infinite

Love in the Infinite Mind to disintegrate all the darkness
energies and concepts that ever reached Infinite Mind!
And even the concept of darkness that Darkness itself is
desperately trying to implement.
Darkness uses also a system of turning the attention to
side subjects if somehow a brainwash is suspected.
Because every one of us is spiritually connected, nothing
can be really hidden it will appear somehow to certain
people as inexplicable suspicions referring to some
subjects. Like you are going to see your mistress and the
wife back home is sensing that, because we are
interconnected. Then you come back home and she is
inspecting you carefully or asking tricky questions to
confirm what she really sensed. All right if your wife is
stoned by Darkness probably she wont feel anything. In
fact this example is produced at a global scale Darkness
needs ignorance to set in motion its plans! And even
when someone has some suspicions the so-called
conspiracy theories are set up by Darkness Agents to
divert the attention from the real subject. It could be
framing an abuse made by a politician or a company that
uses unorthodox resources to subliminally send messages.
Then once the guilty one is discovered and punished
everybody will comfortably sit back with the nice feeling
that justice is watching for the good of all people. Lame!
Another diversion method is throwing out and
sustaining different contradictory conspiracy theories
that could sometimes comprise even the truth, and then
the scientific community argues that its impossible to do
that and then ridicules all those theories and the
originators that in most of cases are Agents of Darkness
or simply skeptics totally brainwashed and programmed.
Most of these are public figures that surprisingly fill TV
screens when needed. And most of them are from the
Anunnaki bloodline.
Are you surprised to find out this Truth only now? Well
it is not a novelty for you that the physical plane is a
conspiracy against Spirit and against you. Darkness not

only doesnt want you to reach your Infinite Power, but it

fears the most! Instead will happily involve you in a
debate about trivia or make you wish to buy something
that you dont need. Mission accomplished.
The Agents of Darkness have long lost their ability of
Creation according to the principle they are subscribed to:
the opposition of true Creator which cannot be else that
something finite and self-consuming, impossible to create
and doomed only to use until total consuming. By the act
of ceasing access to Infinite Love the Agents of Darkness
are forever loosing access to Infinite Mind, being
manipulated forever according to Darkness plans. They
are the masters of Physical Plane the only plane that
they can act! Evidently there are some material rewards
for that, but the exchange is profoundly unfair and
favoring Darkness, because the delusion is a standard way
of Darkness action even with its minions! Is like you have
the power to create whatever you want and someone
comes to take this power off of you offering in return a
nice house or a nice car that you can have whenever you
want it, but you dont even know you can!
This is one of the reasons that Darkness hates us so
much: because we can at anytime dismount Darkness if
we are reaching a true state of True Creator. The most
feared enemy of Darkness is the True Knowledge and
those carrying True Light! You should be now aware of
the real war that is everyday fought against you and
against your True Power. Its a huge conspiracy and
Darkness also mounted different systems to ridicule and
mock those that have the power to speak up about this
conspiracy! The conspiracy is so huge that surrounds you
everywhere in the physical plane from the cradle to the
grave and allows no chance for you to awake. Well, until
Things are now on the other course. Darkness is
everyday losing its power on the physical plane and this
fact is now impossible to stop. The higher echelons of
Agents of Darkness are alarmed and many are starting to
see the signs of collapse and to be confused by the net of
multiple delusions they are in. On the heights of the

pyramid they know that the imminent collapse is

unstoppable, but they are actually pretending that the
situation is under control. Soon all the staging that
Darkness was setting up against humanity will turn to its
disadvantage. Many of the conflicts artificially set up
against people will be exposed and even those who have
worked for Darkness will be disoriented and seeing
through the veils will realize the mockery and unfairness
they settled for. The awakening of the humanity will take
place sooner than anyone expects and those framed by
Darkness will bitterly expose the outrageous conspiracy.
For too many it will be too late finding out that they
lost the most precious thing that they ever had: True
Light. It will be terribly sad, but no one will have time to
cry as long as Darkness and its systems will totally
As probably you are suspecting Darkness seeing its own
inevitable end will try to draw after him as many as
possible. The collapse will be as well as physically on all
systems that Darkness imposed on physical plane. This
planet will be boiling more and more due to the action of
a dying sun that burns hotter until its final collapse. Even
some scientists have warned a few years ago that our Sun
is a dying star, but no one expected it to die so soon.
Everybody knows that a Sun that dies will consume the
last drops of energy in a huge explosion, to which our Sun
is very close. The hotter Sun is the reason for the global
warming, but Darkness is trying to induce the idea that
the greenhouse effect is generated by peoples activities.
This is part of the plan that is meant to accentuate the
economic crisis by the increasing price of energy due to
the so-called resource shortage and greenhouse effect. In
reality things are different: the hotter Sun is heating
more and more the planet and because of that the ozone
layer is getting thicker. The induced idea of energy
shortage was the part of the plan to implement nuclear
facilities all over the planet because Darkness in
eventuality of collapse planned to destroy everything
including the whole planet because it considers that
human slaves are responsible for the collapse.

And indeed somehow humans are responsible; the

rescue mission targets those of us that carry True Light
and remained unaffected by Darkness. Because the urge
to save those pure at Heart much endangered by the
machinations of Darkness is now a priority for The True
Creator & has taken all the measures to stop this atrocity
of Malevolent Creation!
The economic crisis is one of the factors that will
conclude Darkness final plans along multiple wars and
religious conflicts. Darkness knows from thousands of
years that things will go out of control in 2012 and this is
the reason that it has set up the famous Mayan calendar
and introduced the idea of the end of the world. In reality
this is a hoax because things arent quite exact: the end of
the world is presumably to take effect, but not on
December 2012. It could be much sooner. Darkness tries
once again to induce false information in order to
confuse. People unaware of that will come next could be
terribly affected by the events that they are not prepared
to face or understand. That could be as a terminal
madness all over the planet and this is Darkness plan in
order to squeeze the last drops of True Light from those
still carrying it.
The hotter Sun activity will start to be accentuated from
this summer and will override all the efforts that are
secretly converging today to cool down the planet. The
cooler than normal weather of the last few months and
years is the result of the weather control devices that
desperately are put in action in the last years. Darkness is
trying to gain as much time as possible in order to put in
practice its final plan: the spiritual dictatorship on the
entire planet! Darkness Agents are setting this against
True Spirit from thousands of years ago, willing to create
chaos and conflicts all over the planet and finally to come
with a rescuing solution one leader that will reunite the
remaining people of world under one faith totally
subdued to Darkness! This plan is now outside discussion
because the rapid heating of the planet could soon lead to
massive ozone holes that could dramatically affect the life
on the planet. Agents of Darkness are now trying to find
out a way to escape the planet. The evil Anunnaki are also

desperately in need to leave because they cant stand the

higher energies that appear as the result of Darkness
failure! Evidently what they dont know is that the falling
of Darkness is not regional and there is practically no
physical place to escape! Even if they will succeed to
leave or not their plan is to destroy the entire planet by
sabotaging the nuclear plants all around the Earth. The
rage will be bigger when they will find out that Darkness,
their beloved master is unable to act further on the
actions of True Creator.
Darkness knew from thousand years that things would
get out of control around 2012, and even knowing that
was hoping that somehow it would get in control of the
situation. Darkness arrogance that the Malevolent
Creation is sealed from Infinite Love and the Physical
Plane is impossible to be affected was arrogance that
Darkness in its blindness got caught in its self-delusions.
These days the Rescue Mission is about to be completed.
The True Creator has long ago started to correct the
aberration known to us as the Physical Plane and things
are now close to final. Just remain faithful to Infinite Love
and make abstraction of the last of Darkness convulsions.
The rescuing will be done before the collapsed final stage,
but will take place only in accordance to ones True Light.
It is very important now because Darkness will be more
and more angry and vengeful, but disoriented at the same
time. Now it is very important to keep up to your True
Light and to develop your True Light the passport of
each one back home in the True Creation. It is an
individual action concerning each one of you that remains
pure these days. It is not about family members, friends
or lovers, except they are also pure. Your only True
Brothers are only those that manage to carry True Light
in their True Hearts! I know that sounds a little bit rough,
but those that loose the True Light are sadly impossible to
regain it. Its tough and depends upon you and your
Family on the other hand is another aberration set up
by Darkness against True Spirit. On your ancestry lineage
there are some people that you even havent the chance
to know, that have lived hundred years before you and

those energies are today influencing you. It is also about

the spiritual choices of their lives and finally the presence
or absence of True Heart. This is the reason that thing
was set up this way because the individual will be
constrained by some energies that even dont know about
their existence. And you probably are now suspecting that
the constraint will be in favor of Darkness as long as True
Light is a rare phenomenon in Physical Plane. Its another
outrageous way of Darkness action and just think that
society and religion are constantly pushing you in this
direction. A divorce some years ago was impossible and in
some communities it is even today. Now imagine two
innocent people gathering together in an affair never
knowing what pressures to face from past energies and
procreating and then feeding Darkness with another
innocent Spirit that will be exploited. This offspring will
be influenced by the both sides of parents ancestry, again
without a hint of what is going on. Evil, isnt it? The
Darkness braided tentacles are proudly supported by the
ones that you suppose that you have to trust: first are
your parents and then your family, priests, society,
everyone pushing you to get married faster (while you
are still nave and not aware what is really happening).
Who has the courage to be a pariah for the community?
On the other side Anunnaki families which happens to
be all the royal families of the world have very strict rules
for marriage only within closed circles of nobles, the
so-called wise blood, in fact only to other Anunnaki family
members. They aim to preserve their deep connections
with Darkness! Those families ruled the world in the past,
hand in hand with the Church (surprised again?) living in
huge castles surrounded by the poor villains considered as
property that should fight for the nobles in wars that they
are know nothing. Slavery? Not much different than
todays plastic card slavery. The same bloodlines are ruling
the world today, what do you expect?
The monarchic image is poisoning the minds of children
around the world in tales and cartoons that you dont
even suspect that are programming kids minds to
darkness. Evil again? Surprised? Well its time to wake up
and even not act as you parents did, but the conspiracy is

so huge that if you dare not to feed your offspring with

television or games youll create a crisis and everyone will
suspect that you are a loony! See how mind poisoning is
mandatory? Anyway these kids will go to school one day
and materialistic facts as Earth is a solid planet with a
melting core (which btw is just a scientific theory and not
a proven fact) will program them for a nice materialistic
Dacians-Thracians were not even considering marriage.
This false concept doesnt exist. In fact marriage is an
infringement of the Free Spirit. There are multiple
experiences that one Spirit could live and share on this
planet, but the gathering of two spirits should be done
exclusively on a spiritual basis according to Infinite Love.
In this case the result will be purely spectacular! In a love
affair energies tend to balance as in the communicating
vessels. And if one is carrying True Light and the other is
not, the balance will be on the lowering the level of those
carrying true Light. Fake Love, or Human Love is a
mockery of Infinite Love. Basically it is a programming.
Based on the built-in Infinite Love sharing of the True
Spirit that is the definition of the True Creation, Darkness
set up Human Love susceptibly to go hand in hand with
jealousy in a sordid plot that intends to steal True Light!
In a love affair the one that manifest jealousy will start to
lose its True Light and gain vanity and self-importance,
and that corresponds again to Darkness plans. Another
Darkness bitter framing! Another deluded True Spirit.
By the separation of True Spirit in different genres in
the Physical Plane and the induced concept of separation
Darkness considerably diminished the True Spiritual
Power of its inhabitants because the design of the True
Creation is that each one is powerful through the others
and together are manifesting through Infinite Love being
in the same time the True Creator. Maybe it is a concept
hard to understand here where Human Mind is designed
only to work in separation, but once reaching the Infinite
Mind, being Infinite is a natural way and the True Design
of True Spirit. Being the True Creator is the design of
everything comprising the True Creation. These are facts
almost unacceptable here in the Physical Plane and if you

are feeling a strong rejection for that just dont bother

its common due the evil programming of Human Mind.
Just go beyond and get rid of Human Mind.
The final stage of Zalmoxis Initiations is the recognizing
and identification with Infinite Love, The True Creator
and The Infinite. This is the Supreme Initiation that
anyone can receive in the Physical Plane and the ultimate
state of awareness: being Infinite Love, being True
Creator and being The Infinite. Its true that not anyone
could reach this state and Zalmoxis was referred as to be
the first to be human and Creator in the same time!
This stage is the Ultimate Awareness!
Just go to the Center of the True Heart of True
Creator and affirm with your True Heart, I am
the True Creator!
Go to the Center of The Infinite and affirm
with your True Heart, I am The Infinite!
Please repeat the affirmation in your True Heart
anytime you want and as many times as you feel until the
complete identification, which you really are and youll
always be even if you dont know that. Your True Heart
instantly is the True Creators Heart. Only your Human
Mind worked against you until now. Now you know The
Supreme Truth! It is possible that your Human Mind or
anything in the Malevolent Creation to try to further
withhold you just get rid of it!
You are the True Creator and this is out of any human
pride or arrogance! This is a stage of awareness that can
be reached only out of any of the Darkness attributes. Its
impossible to be suspected or correlated to any human
concept! Everything in this Malevolent Creation has
constantly hiding the Ultimate Truth!
Until now!

The Malevolent Conspiracy against True Spirit started to

crumble forever!
Welcome back in the True Creation!

The True Creator Manual is property of Armand-Manuel Ratundu 2011

All rights reserved.
Anyone claiming The True Creator Manual, charging or pretending money for it, or
presenting The True Creator Manual without mentioning the source
will be considered in direct violation of founder purpose!
The True Creator Manual and methods presented here serves only spiritual purposes, was
not meant for healing or has nothing in common to alternative medicine or any kind of
healing activity and therefore it is not meant to replace any medical treatment.
This version of The True Creator Manual is freely available from April 2011