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PhD Admissions – December 2014
All candidates who have received the call letter must appear for the written test on Dec 3rd 2014. The
details of the written test are:


Room No. LC 001 & LC 002, New Lecture Hall Complex

Reporting time :

8:30 AM

Exam time

11:30 AM to 12:30 PM


Candidates shortlisted after the written test will have to appear for the interview on Dec 4th 2014.
Shortlisted candidates are requested to register with the link below on or before December 1 2014, Please note that registration is not mandatory and the information is
collected only for logistics.
1. What is the syllabus for the written test in Energy Science and Engineering?
The syllabus for the written test will include basic physics, chemistry, mathematics and general
engineering subjects. Candidates will be tested for comprehension of fundamentals. A sample question
paper is available below. (The format is subject to change).
2. How would I know if I have been shortlisted for the interview after the written test?
The list of shortlisted candidates for the interview will be displayed on the DESE and ME notice boards,
and also uploaded online with the link on the department homepage (
3. I will be able to attend the written test, but will not be able to stay the next day for the interview.
Would it be possible to reschedule my interview?
If you have successfully cleared the written test and have been shortlisted for interview, the admission
committee may consider your request and hold your interview on the same day (Dec 3rd 2014) if the
candidate provides the necessary proof.
4. What are the items that can be kept in the examination hall?
Mobile phones or any other communication devices ARE NOT allowed in the exam hall. However,
calculators WILL BE allowed. If you have a mobile phone with you, we request you to keep it in your
bag and leave your bag outside the exam hall.
5. Where is the information regarding accommodation for students appearing for the written
The details can be found at:

The average velocity for going a distance D at minimum cost is ____________ km/hr. WRITTEN TEST (SAMPLE PAPER) TIME: 1 HOUR MAXIMUM MARKS: 50 PART A – There are 10 questions in this part for a total of 30 Marks (Each question carries THREE Marks) 1. the probability that the student chosen is taking Hindi. . and x in meters./ . The other part is a fixed cost .32 kJ per gram equivalent and that of acetic acid and NaOH is -55. A dc shunt motor takes 50A on full load from 250V mains./ . but not Sanskrit is______________________. then energy transferred to unit area of surface is ______J m-2. where a=200 °C.DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING. 36 are taking Hindi. A system undergoes quasi-static. then E = 0 at x = _______________ 7.5 ohm. In a group of 200 high school students. Its speed is to be raised by 40% by weakening of the field flux.D. 8. The time required to pass 3600 Coulomb of electricity through an electroplating bath using a current of 200 mA is ___________ hours 9. 3. B=-2000 °C/m2. PART B – There are 2 questions in this part for a total of 20 Marks (Each question carries TEN Marks) 11. 6. then the ratio of the tube volume to the volume of a single sphere is _______________ 5. where k is a non-zero constant.2 years half of 128 mg of a radioactive isotope decays. 550 nm = _______ eV. The steady-state temperature distribution in a one–dimensional wall of thermal conductivity 50 Wm-1K-1 and thickness 50 mm is observed to be T(°C)= a+bx2. Heat of neutralisation of HCl and NaOH is -57. 1 4 4 . 6. Two identical spheres of radius ‘r’ fit exactly in a cylindrical tube. What is the heat generation rate in the wall? Calculate heat flux at the walls. The armature resistance (including brushes) is 0. If the torque at this increased speed is 20% more than that at the initial speed. x and y are independent variables. 3 10 / 2. 10 . and 126 are taking neither Hindi nor Sanskrit. find the percentage change in the field flux. 12.634 and c-a 10. ADMISSIONS. One part of the cost of driving a car from point A to B is proportional to the square of the average velocity . If one of these 200 students is to be chosen at random. In 1. adiabatic processes. then the work done in the process a-c-a = _______________ 4.23 kJ per gram equivalent. The heat of dissociation of acetic acid per gram equivalent should be ________________ kJ. The energy of a green photon of wavelength. The amount left after 6 years will be ____________________ g. IIT BOMBAY Ph. 52 are taking Sanskrit. Cherrapunji receives 11000 mm of rainfall in a year with average terminal velocity of 10 ms1 . a-c .