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Kristina Peterson

Humanities 105 — Dr. Anna Hackman

Final Project


December 1th, 2014

and femininity is being discriminated against compared with masculinity. On feminist conferences often hang posters with the words Joyce Stevens: ". This text lists a fairly long list of problems. and we first laid off and how we look is more important than what we do and if we raped it's our fault and if we beat means we provoked and if we raise the voice we skandalistki and if we enjoy sex so we nymphomaniac but if not then frigid and if we expect from the company cares about our children that we are selfish and if we defend our rights.. and if we want to get married so we hunt the man and if we do not want to abnormal and because we still do not have a reliable and safe contraceptives when men would not respond. we are aggressive and unfeminine but if not then we typically weak women. for many other reasons. As part of the binary gender system. At the heart of feminism is the idea of equality.. 2. Sex and gender — not the same thing.Feminism. and this reflect reality in very limited way. we participate in the women's movement. ". Institutional gender discrimination is called sexism. Gender is determined by biological indicators and anatomical differences. and if we are afraid of responsibility or abandon us make pregnancy and abortion culprits . The problems of feminism is based on two premises: 1. Feminism .. there is an institutional gender inequality. Because women's work is never done and not paid or paid less or it is boring and monotonous.. which occupies feminists. This system (1)(2) divides people strictly into two groups-women and men.a socio-political movement aimed at the elimination of gender discrimination and the fight against sexism. Gender is determined by the social behavior performed by roles 2 . In a patriarchal society. there is a binary gender system (gender binary) .

So. funny. Another great example is chart 1. if you are very fit perfectly in them and do not face with discrimination. Femininity-characteristics of social behavior. clever. but the last word belongs to him and his identity. (3) Modern society distinguishes two sexes (male and female) and the two main characteristics of gender-femininity and masculinity. but he can identify himself as a man who simply enjoys wearing makeup and dresses. however. Biological data. it is fun to remember. physiological. Just because that cannot be touched. successful and desirable inflated. Normative notions of femininity and masculinity exist in almost every society. Often in the course of social interaction as biological indicators taken into account in determining the gender of a person. if a man is dressed in makeup and dresses. and be able to cook.and social identity. it is better with a beard and a big salary. men should be strong. social behavior and self-identification. characteristic of a biological woman. 3 . nimble . Attributes of sex are anatomical. and gender is often also determined depending on the biological indicators. many may find him as a woman. serious. Attributes are the social roles of gender. biochemical and genetic characteristics. It is very hard to put these norms into question and see their perspective. less talk nonsense and ask coat. and assimilated from childhood. is also built into the system of social representations. Opponents of feminism are people who exist comfortably in this system. Examples of patriarchal gender attitudes: women should be weak. Masculinity-characteristic of biological male. have children and be loving and never drive a car and do not make important decisions.

Women with shaved armpits (you're still stupid woman). The second . (4) For whom it is bad and hard to live in a patriarchal society: For anyone who does not fit into the narrow framework of gender.aligning femininity and masculinity. and he can not just ascribe 4 . so the opponents of feminism among men is much higher than among women. Beautiful woman who works at a construction site (you're a woman?). successful white men who are fond of cars and football. Patriarchal society tries to squeeze huge human diversity in the extremely narrow framework. Thick (disgusting). However. (The things which placed in the brackets is stereotypes or examples) Why "feminism"? Why not humanism? Because in a patriarchal society.the historical term that means something. there is very specific problem . Gay (not a human at all). the first is much more comfortable than the second. Lesbians with short hair (you're a man?).to eradicate gender binary in general. Feminism recognizes this problem and it can be solved in two steps. Men who are fond of embroidery and is responsible for cleaning the house (you’re a woman?). and it benefits for only a very very small group of people (white masculine men).(shown in Picture 1) A woman without breasts that do not want to have children and to be painted (you're a man?). The first step . If you do not like the term "feminism" because it was "too feminine" look in the mirror and say hello to a sexist. Bisexual (also on fire). put equal sign between them. there is a lot of such cases. Women who are too sexy (whore).infringement of femininity. Men in pink clothes (you woman?). Women with hairy armpits (also disgusting). And humanism is a philosophy that emerged in the Renaissance. Women who are not sexy (you're not a woman). Humanism . and stupid woman who wants to spent her husband’s money and to be weak-willed princess. emphasized the value of a person as opposed to the value of the supernatural or the divine. In short. People who do not identify themselves as neither a woman nor a man as (let’s put on fire this bisexuals).For example.

Another thing is that there is a 5 . Too many people identify themselves as feminists. and others) 3) For feminists cannot be open door and give place in public transport.not Misandry. I will wear a dress. Dear man. "She wants the same rights. Feminism . Feminists and feminists do not hate men they hate sexism and patriarchy. I'm a humanist" . Many celebrities. Shaylin Woodley. children. Myths about feminism: «The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. (5) 1) Feminists hate men. men. but do not want equal responsibilities. but says that I should pay for dinner. 2) Feminists want equal rights with men. for treating people with respect. Do not draw conclusions about feminism only because of this. practice witchcraft. Saying "I'm not a feminist.a new value. until's like saying «I do not want a pear. dogs. It is about a socialist. do not understand what feminism is (Madonna. Give the place in transport it is possible to grandparents. because I'm a man!".» By Pat Robertson. Feminism stands for gender equality. for a society in which every person is valuable regardless of their gender. women. It is a popular belief offended men. and become lesbians. kill their children. anyone. make conclusions about these people. for example. for the removal of the binary gender system. your interlocutor does not understand what feminism is all. they have completely different perspective. Be kind and courteous to all and be with respect to all. but do not fully understand what feminism means to reproduce and sexist stereotypes. Taylor Swift." The first and second are not connected. anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands. Kelly Clarkson. destroy capitalism.

you need to engage in politics and activism. The thing intentions. What about people who 6 . You can simply share the values of feminism and understand it’s perspective about how to be a feminist. you need just open Google. Feminists can shave their legs and do not shave their is a reality. It is not necessarily engage in activism. No one had to do it. a woman in New York can be a CEO. wearing a dress and generally fit into the image of the traditional feminine woman . Give . cook soup. Ask any woman who had been subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace. cook soup and do not cook. because they are weak. and not because you are a man and have to do it. 4) If you shave your legs and armpits. There are a lot of statistics. This is very popular and terrible myth. 5) To be a feminist. if you have given way. sometimes and sometimes not. and you have to be blind not to see it.patriarchal're not a feminist. If you fit into the gender norm. and every other answer in the affirmative. as long as it does not limit the freedom of others. sometimes be feminine and so on. drive a car and have a bank account. women can vote and for a long time to go to school. does not mean that you support gender discrimination. The same thing is with men. sometimes to be feminine. Yes. Everyone is free to do whatever he or she wants. The (6) opportunity to vote and to have money does not mean institutional gender equality in all social spheres. paint armpits in pink. devote themselves to the study of social organization of meerkats. 6) Feminism is no longer needed. devote life and career or devote the live to children and home. thank. according to which women should give in. because it's a good thing. Women. but it will still be faced with sexism every day . In some places of the planet is indeed the case. And even Western societies do not have gender equality. but in many countries women are still not eligible for human rights.

feminism tried to transform the image of a woman . For feminists sometimes even credited with the desire to take away a woman's family and the power to send her to work. and the ability to make that choice yourself. In this respect feminists should blame only themselves. Some do not even consider them as human beings. Despite the historical extent of the women's movement in Russia. not only to get equal rights with men and opportunities. rather than blurring of boundaries. and it's just awful. In this regard themselves to blame "the desperate human rights defender." Impersonal equality to which they are the dominant (androcentric) culture. feminism has tried to change the shape public consciousness to admit women as full members of society. leads to standardization of all: thoughts. Feminism is fighting for their rights. In addition to the struggle for women's rights in the political. Feminism in Russia. feelings and behavior . most Russian citizens are actually feminists. None do not know what is worse. True equality is the recognition of differences and mutual respect. professional and educational spheres.but such standardization is not true equality. but they do not know about it.a weak and subordinate to a strong and independent .do not fall under the definition of "woman" and "man"? Transgender and Genderqueer. face discrimination in huge volumes. Unfortunately the majority of feminists in Russia are divided into two types: "stubborn idealist" and those who fell under the influence of mass media and picked up the trend. because in fact they recognize women's rights and respect those rights. Feminism as a socio-political movement has helped women in all countries. in the eyes of the women themselves. for example. Public consciousness ascribed feminists are not successful with the opposite sex. aggression and even traditional sexual orientation. but also showed the role of women in all spheres of culture. calling the mistake of nature. the word feminism long considered as almost abusive. while the motion submitted no specific right of women to work or to stand at the stove. Moreover. " 7 . Oddly enough.

and the man is not intercede for her. thereby angering all the world's population of men. Russian women want to be weak. because in the man she wants to see the defense and support. And while it will live these feelings. The usual Russian woman is not easy. They can raise their own children. This 8 . As in any endeavor. Another reason that women in Russia are not ready for unconditional feminism. resulting in quenching was vital.Stubborn feminists" seek to embody the "naked idea". I think feminism does not take root. Still. Previously. if for some reason marriage did not work. and excesses. Currently. Many women succeed in a career that is more successful than men. In Russia. did not consider it weak. which leads woman to care not only for children. changing and men. the desire to give its heat to the family. the Russian attitude toward feminism can be characterized by the phrase: "For that fought for it and ran. often leaving personal ambitions. that is. but in fact. Therefore. this fact "will please only feminist": it did not violate the rights of man and does not stand up for her. After all. In normal incarnation feminism does not give women the benefits. It is not the whole day in the kitchen. he was considered as a bad master. they forget that the "bare idea" eliminates the human factor. to be cared for. there are difficulties. If the woman attacked in the alley. But in Russia believe that feminism will lead to the fact that men cease to be defenders." It is believed that when a woman told about her rights. feminine. women in Russia are not yet ready for pure feminism. there are different manifestations of feminism. a strong woman does not imply that it needs support. changing yourself. fragile. but restores justice. A strong woman is associated with the person who has gone through many trials. Woman. but also to the need for love. the term "feminism" on everyone's lips means that woman does not want to be enslaved by men. but also she can do her own work responsibilities. Still etched maternal instinct. when a man could not hammer a nail in the house. she had not yet defended them. When they raise feminism in the cult. I think it's unwillingness to be a strong woman.

Men agreed that a feminist . many people ask themselves the question: "Given the position of feminism unconditionally. Woman works on a par with men. in Russia. and children let the nurse is engaged. Of course. in general. Mom evening come with gifts. Their complexes she tries to remedy the hatred of men. but in general. trying to show in any situation irrelevance male. fighting for the rights of the man. I want end here. and the woman. Thus. though it is certainly not all to know about feminism. Feminism . As a result. not the case. and where there is a war for supremacy. I want to underline that nowadays the word "feminist" many now perceive ambiguous. the majority of people it is about the same as I described. There is no shame in having been exposed to a rather narrow and inaccurate definition of feminism. this image may be slightly modified. Here it is necessary to hammer a nail by woman . of course. It's just general information to help make at least some more or less clear picture about feminism. educates and loves. from which it is so easy to refuse. For what? To work alongside? To be around par with men? The family is supposed to advice and love. many women find that in their pursuit of rights as men. do not forget about the main thing would be: why do we come into this world – for the struggle or happiness? " To sum up.fact could be his long be a woman. Nature has put a woman in the divine function. and ready to give up on this. But with the advent of feminism toolbox will not masculine accessories. caring. all people are different. a woman may lose their right thing . and general. Nature has endowed her beauty to the man idolized her. admired her femininity. None of us are born knowing what means feminism means. something like that. it is hardly possible to find is a world view based on the idea of equality of women 9 . This. Well. can we lose something important? Abandoning their unattractive lady with problems in his personal life.even if it scores! You can not infringe upon a woman and considered the weaker sex. while he is not accustomed to their direct responsibilities.

and men in public life. 10 . develop empathy it means often put yourself in the situation of another person. has ambition and pride.human.who believes that women and men are equal. Hence it clearly shows that feminist . Woman. She. And also I would prefer to all people to put into question the social norms. be kind and polite and do not forget that all we have a brain. none should forget this. like man.

Picture 1 11 .

house Become man's best friend Find a job. beautiful clothes Perform all the household chores Cash earnings Be faithful to man in body and mind Expansion of space apartment. Organize all the household chores relationships with people Give woman jewelry.Chart 1 Stereotypes Male responsibilities Female responsibilities Take the lead in the relationships Create a family Foreign policy .the presence of that the woman could feel it Be responsive Understand the changing nature of women Take part in the upbringing of children He obliged to honor and respect his wife's Do not perform the duties of men parents Separate spheres of influence of living Be weak together-that the man knew where his case. according to the nature Be beautiful and sexy for her man Provide inspiration . and where woman’s 12 .resolution from men Inspire a man Appreciate the woman and protect her Wear Jewelry Do not blame women and take her for who Enjoy the beautiful clothes she is To be responsible for the moral education Wear skirts To be responsible for the physical Respect man development To be responsible for the spiritual education Appreciate and praise the man To be the head in the upbringing of children Obey to man Be respected man in the community Manage her emotions Be a serious man Have patience and forbearance Be loving .

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