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Press Release – For Immediate Release

New White Paper Examines Advanced Mycoplasma Tests - How Real-Time PCR
Analysis Helps Save Time and Money for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers

AGAWAM, MASS. – January 19, 2010 – Contamination by mycoplasmal organisms is an

ever-present concern in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Their properties make them
ready sources of contamination, while rendering them difficult and time-consuming to
detect. A new free white paper, examines how PCR mycoplasma tests and analysis,
deployed by a cutting-edge laboratory, minimizes testing delays and enable safe, high-
volume biopharmaceutical production.

The new white paper, “Advanced Detection of Mycoplasmas: How Real-Time PCR Analysis
Helps Save Time and Money for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers,” explores relevant
mycoplasma characteristics, established testing solutions, and the use of real-time PCR
analysis as an alternative testing method for fast, preliminary mycoplasma detection.

It also available for download from:

“Of all the threats that keep quality managers awake at night, mycoplasmas rank high. In a
career performing quality control or quality assurance for biopharmaceutical manufacturing
anywhere in the world, a QC or QA specialist will probably encounter mycoplasma
contamination of a production facility at least once. The resulting devastation to the site’s
output and schedules, as well as to its staff’s peace of mind, makes it urgent to avoid any
repetition of the experience,” says Dennis Champagne, author of the white paper and
Director of Lab Services at Microtest Laboratories, a leader in biopharmaceutical and
mycoplasma tests and services.

“Whereas the traditional direct cultivation method takes 28 days to provide results, modern
real-time PCR mycoplasma tests and analysis in an experienced testing laboratory may be
accomplished in an actual testing duration of only 24 hours, plus the time needed for
sample collection, shipment, preparation, and handling,” he said.

The white paper identifies the shortcomings of traditional identification methods, such as
direct culture (for cultivable species), indirect culture (DNA fluorochrome staining — for
noncultivable species), DNA probe, PCR, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA),
autoradiography, and immunofluorescence.

The white paper explains how, as opposed to traditional methods, PCR mycoplasma analysis
accurately quantifies DNA and/or RNA, furnishes increased sensitivity and specificity,
detects all known mycoplasma species and works whether mycoplasmas in sample are living
or dead.

Download the new white paper on PCR mycoplasma tests, “Advanced Detection of
Mycoplasms: How Real-Time PCR Analysis Helps Save Time and Money for Biopharmaceutical
Manufacturers,” at
About Microtest
Microtest is a leader in testing services and contract manufacturing for the medical device,
pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. Based in Agawam, Massachusetts, U.S.A., the
company's expertise and flexible processes enhance product safety and security, accelerate
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