1800MHz Multi-Carrier High Power Outdoor Booster System
System advantages
Cellcomm's newly introduced Multi- Carrier High Power Outdoor Booster platform  provides higher
downlink EIRP and improved uplink sensitivity at the same time to extend the coverage of existing
networks. This multi-carrier based product platform can also work with customized BTS to extend capacity
of original BTS with a low system total cost. This product platform features:

Available for Cellular band, GSM band, DCS band, PCS band or UMTS band

Support multi-carrier

Downlink output maximum power 100 to 120W, support carriers number up to 16.

Support flexible downlink Input either duplexed or unduplexed

Support system full diversity

Downlink and uplink gain adjustable with wide dynamic range

Wide uplink input dynamic range

1.8dB uplink noise figure

Very High System Efficiency

Extensive product monitoring and control (local and remote)

Centralized system alarms

Great system reliability supported by architecture built-in redundancy

Powered by -48VDC or 220VAC/110VAC available

IP54 environmental protection. Designed for indoor or outdoor installations.

Extensive protection for lightning, voltage surge, and any high failure rate assemblies

Compact system size and light weight

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BMB1800-120/100-SG01 System Block Diagram Product Picture Page: 2 .

2. 2.3dB Typical.6dB Max +12dBm +23dBm 14dB (1.8dB Typical.15dB(+/-0. Gain) Return loss(VSWR) Specification 1710 – 1785MHz (Defined by Customer) 75MHz (Below full band output power can be 120W) 12±1 dB 0~12dB =±1dB TX Characteristics Specification Frequency Range Instantaneous Bandwidth Number of Carriers Output Power Input Power Gain 1805 – 1880MHz (Defined by Customer) 75MHz (Below full band output power can be 120W) 4 or 8 carriers 100W (Below full band output power can be 120W) 30~43dBm 0 .5:1) Page: 3 .BMB1800-120/100-SG01 Outline Drawing Specifications RX Characteristics Frequency Range Instantaneous Bandwidth Max Gain over frequency and temperature Adjustable Gain Range Flatness over Frequency Noise Figure (with minimum input attenuation) TX Path Off TX Path On Output 1dB Compression (max. Gain) Output IP3 (max.1dB Max 2.5dB) Adjustable in 1dB step +/-1dB +/-1dB -65dBc for multi-carrier (typical) FCC compliant Gain Flatness Gain Variation Over Temp IMD Spectrum Masks and Spurious Emissions 1.

000 hours 150. LNA Conditions (for both). Temp.000 hours 50. DC Voltage Overpower Shutdown.5:1) 14dB (1. Over Temp Shutdown. Reverse Power.000 hours Page: 4 .000 hours 70. Reverse Power Shutdown.BMB1800-120/100-SG01 System Characteristics Return loss(VSWR) BTS Ports Antenna Ports Monitor & Control Alarm & Protection Specification 14dB (1. PA Conditions. TX Gain Setting.5:1) Forward Power. RX Gain Setting. DC Fail Shutdown Environmental Characteristics Specification Operating Temperature Range Cold Start Temperature Storage Temperature Humidity EMC Ingress Protection Class -20°C to +55°C -40°C -40°C to +85°C 5%~95% ETS 300 342-3 IP54 Mechanical Characteristics Specification Material Weight Dimensions ( H x W x D) Connectors BTS Ports ANT Ports USB Port Steel& Aluminum Frame 48Kg 210mm x 465mm x 866mm Reliability Characteristics MTBF MCPA Rectifier Fan Other Parts Specification Options Power Input Specification 220/110VAC or -48VDC available (Defined by Customer) 7/16 DIN female 7/16 DIN female Standard USB connector 100. Loop Fail Shutdown.