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Project on Blackberry

Product Management

Just five years ago, “BlackBerry” was virtually synonymous with “smartphones.” It was well on its
way to becoming a generic trademark, like Xerox or Band-Aid, which would seemingly forever be
associated with its entire sector. For many, the Blackberry was a must-have gadget, a wireless handheld computer that can send e-mail and make phone calls!
Five years down the lane, Blackberry is feared to join the ranks of Sony Walkman or Polaroid Instant
According to research firm IDC, BlackBerry has a 4.8% share of the global smartphone market,
compared to 11.5% in 2011. Android and Apple together now account for 85% of the market.

RIM (Research-in-motion), maker of Blackberry, whose shares listed on NASDAQ have
fallen over 80% over the past two years, is now looking for a fresh lease of life with the
launch of new handsets running on its new operating system BB10.

RIM has released numerous devices. However. 2. There is now a Blackberry product available for different price points. The Blackberry line boasted all-in-one capabilities. It revolutionised the Mobile market with the introduction of Blackberry product line and solutions targeted towards modern day enterprises. Smartphones BlackBerry Playbook (professional-grade tablet) Business Package Services Software offerings (apps) . it became the mobile device that could do it all. Partnered with voice and data transmissions. The traditional buyer profile of a Blackberry is business individuals of medium to big enterprises. This is not true of current day Blackberry. Its recent global expansion suggests that the Blackberry is making itself a commonplace to a different segmentation as well as existing customers.1. Blackberry has built a strong platform for future product innovation. In 1992. none more popular than their Blackberry product line. 4. It is available in 135 different countries. Product Innovation & Product Features Research In Motion (RIM) is a technology company and leader in wireless and smartphone innovation. Research In Motion (RIM) introduced a two-way pager as their first product. They are trying to reposition themselves as a product that everybody should have. Product Family The BlackBerry family includes 1. Its relatively fast communication abilities appealed greatly to those in business situations where e-mails dominated. existing mobile device companies are still in direct competition and RIM will need to continue developing their technology to win dominance in the Smartphone market. They have a trusted name. 3. Since then. over 350 mobile carriers. The need of the hour is to introduce cutting edge technology and products to compete with today’s iPhones and S3s and regain the losing market share.

RIM’s problem is not one of bad ads. - Lack of incremental innovation e. All the blackberry models support Wi-Fi technology. and devices that use the iOS® and Android™ operating systems BlackBerry Enterprise Server -> for large businesses requiring high level of IT control. Adobe Connect. Blackberry Playbook Tablet Blackberry Playbook for Business is positioned as the tablet for business use comprising of software to support most of the business requirements for emails. . Citrix Receiver etc.Blackberry Smartphones Blackberry Smartphones start from Rs. App world offers many business apps for Playbook such as SAP Dashboards.g. or a weak brand. Only recently RIM tried to target young audience with its basic smartphone models. soon-to-be launched Blackberry 10 smartphones. 10. reporting.g. Business Suits and Software Blackberry Mobile Fusion -> for businesses of any size or specialty looking for a single interface to manage BlackBerry smartphones and tablets. It supports all major email exchange servers such as Microsoft Exchange. RIM promised it for early 2013. RIM is an example of a company that rose thanks to great product. of course. The problem is lack of new devices and assisting features (such as apps) that consumers would prefer over competitors. and is now imploding thanks to the absence thereof. But the trouble for RIM. 1.Apps o o o o BlackBerry App World (3rd party apps) BlackBerry Travel BlackBerry Protect BlackBerry Maps RIM’s decline due to lack of Product Innovation For marketers. is that the iPhone 5 is in stores since Sept. All models have in-built camera and QWERTY keyboard (or virtual keyboard) for typing. 21 while the much delayed BlackBerry 10 still doesn't have an official arrival date. messaging. Software Offerings . Blackberry business solutions are used by many corporations across world and enterprises consist of its major smartphone customers.000 approx. for the basic model BB Curve and goes up to Rs.3 lakhs for the ultra-premium BB Porsche. but rivals Samsung and Nokia has much better offering and variety in this range for this target. IBM Lotus etc. 3G network and has GPS enabled. restrictive and featureless apps RIM is betting high on the feature rich. no device compared to the iPhone/Samsung S3 Lack of execution capability e. analysis and presentation.

Windows Phone 8. down from 11. which once defined and dominated the smartphone category. is out already. is actively concentrating on rolling out products that would endear it to its customers.By then. Product Innovations Research In Motion (RIM) makers of Blackberry. Research firm IDC reported this week that phones using the BlackBerry operating system. Branding Strategy We first analyse the present status of Brand Blackberry to see if the branding has been effective and sustainableBrand valuation using Young and Rubicam Model- . With HTC and Nokia's strong Windows Phone 8 showings and many consumers wondering which phone to buy. Research In Motion (RIM). RIM will need to muster all the mojo it can to keep future smartphones and tablets on consumers' minds.5% during the same period a year earlier. 2. which may upstage some of the new BlackBerry's software features. In an apparent bid to put a strong device in front of its competitors and improve its market share in the developing countries. It is BBM Voice. It introduced another new product feature that would capture the numerous lovers of Blackberry Messenger (BBM) in developing countries. The pressure has never been greater for RIM to show it can still make a product that can stand up to the blockbuster success of the iPhone 5 or the Galaxy S3. This exciting new feature is made available on BBM version 7 and it will allow customers make free voice calls to their BBM customers around the world over a Wi-Fi connection. And the world of phones using Google's Android operating system marches relentlessly on. will be introducing Blackberry 10 smartphones in January 2013. The decline of the once-prominent company continues.8% of shipments during the second quarter of this year. accounted for only 4. which is after more than a year gap of new products from BB. Apple is unlikely to be the only competitor to spoil some of RIM's BlackBerry 10 surprises.

Knowledge refers to the brand awareness and the understanding of its brand identity. The other players like Apple and Samsung responded to the needs of this broader customer base. It was the leader in the smart phone technology with its application being directed towards the need of the corporates.The Blackberry products were previously differentiated as it was the first to come up with smart phones.earlier only the corporates found use of smart phones but now the teenagers and young adults have become the largest consumer segment for the smart phones. Even the corporates went for the cooler looking I phones. However it was not able to maintain its dominance as the smart phone consumer changed from just the corporates to just anyone.Esteem refers to the perceived quality and consumer perception. Other factors supporting the need for rebranding of Blackberry   Changing consumer profile of smart phone customer. However to make sure that these loyal customers do not switch to other the brand equity has been falling and its ranking has fallen from the 5th to 10th among the top brands in Canada. Knowledge . Apple and Samsung being the major competitors. suddenly Blackberry started to lose its relevance.marketingmag. Even the media was filled with news on the recent failure of Blackberry which further amplified the negative branding of Blackberry. Suddenly the popularity bubble of Blackberry had burst. it is highly recommended that Blackberry responds to the changing needs of the customer and undertakes a rebranding strategy. Drop in sales due to the increased competition in the smart phone segment. Decrease in the Brand Equity – According to a recent study (http://www.With other mobile phone companies coming with smart phones having better look and feel and also offering the features offered by Blackberry. Blackberry has sold more than 16 million of its phones and has a large base of brand loyal fans. Thus we can conclude that Blackberry should undertake a rebranding strategy to keep up with the increased competition and the changing needs of the consumer. Even its Global ranking has reduced as Blackberry has been losing its brand equity. Suddenly the market was flooded with cooler and innovative smart phones. Thus Blackberry need to alter and reposition its product to meet the needs of this consumer segment. Relevance .    Differentiation . . Blackberry has no problem as such with its quality but with the increasing sales of the other smart phones its market share started reducing. Esteem . This has been one front on which Blackberry has an advantage. Thus Blackberry lost its differentiation which had benefited in early years. Thus the consumer perception of Blackberry got further hampered.

Positionin g Congruenc y Branding of Blackberr y Personalit y Promise Brand Positioning Factors in Positioning Customer need Competitor’s Positioning Core competency .

User Friendly) Samsung – Superior Features.Ground breaking features to maximize user experience Brand Personality Earlier    Professional Sophisticated Competent Responsible    Innovative Cool Competent Suggested- (So as to connect with the different target customers which is composed of Young adults. we suggest the following positing for Blackberry – Superior for Internet Usage (Cloud friendly) Brand Promise Earlier Brand Promise.Ground breaking wireless technology Suggested Brand Promise.As we see the earlier brand promise of Blackberry is focused on the need of businesses. professionals. However Blackberry needs to realize that the major target segment in not the businesses but the Youth populations therefore we suggest the following brand promise. Value for money Based on the above data.Possible positioning for Smart Phones Superior Gaming and Fun User Friendly Superior Features Superior Design(Look & feel) Cloud based superior internet options Also the positioning of major competitors is  Apple – Innovative Product (Superior Design. teens) .

Target Market The Blackberry is a phone targeted towards a particular segment of the market. We would expect this segment of people to be college graduates and would definitely expect a large proportion of them to be holder of a Master’s degree The demographics of the current Blackberry target market is composed of mid to upper class buyers aged 30-55 in the professional. the income level that would be targeted for the Blackberry would be above the Rs 10. Today the Blackberry is a very useful device for managers and business executives to keep in touch on the go and manage their business affairs. 00. these business executives are generally young. Print Ads. RIM can offer smartphone products with additional multimedia components to suit consumers’ interactive lifestyle.Brand Congruency Blackberry needs to ensure that it uses the different channels of communication effectively. the marketing strategy should be geared towards appealing to both genders. RIM can target the next generational cohort. However it must assure that the communication through these various medium are in congruence with the branding strategy. social media and have considerable influence on their parent’s consumer behavior . or connect with other executives would need the primary users of a Blackberry. Business executives today are not necessarily above 30 or 40 as it used to be the case a couple of decades ago.000 mark per year. Educational Level: people who want to manage their affairs up to the minute. Website and Social Media. Nowadays. This is due in part by the fact that executives and business workers earning hefty salaries would be more likely to invest in such business supportive tools and gadgets than other lower paid managers. The modern business world has an equal number of male and female executives who would require a Blackberry. To continue long-term growth. “Tweens”. these channels include TV advertisements. The mainstream consumer market is a target for acquiring new customers where RIM will penetrate this segment by incorporating changes in consumer expectations. Hence. Income Level: Generally. the older adults may also be targeted for this device. who are adept to technology. Profession: It is targeted towards business users and executives to give them a freehand in managing their business affairs. Thus. Sex: Executives are nowadays not limited to any particular gender. if not fairly. executive and industrial segments. However. generally this segment of the population would be highly. educated. BTL. This target market is defined by the following demographics: Age: Anyone above 18.

People were so addicted to their blackberrys that various spoofs like ‘the blackberry helmet’ were being made. At that time blackberry was busy promoting BB Pearl in which touch screen was absent. It was also mentioned in the television serial ‘The Seinfeld’. They are always in need of getting instant information so that they don’t lose out on any new client or customer. To compete with I-Phone. social media enthusiast and either studying in college or just entered into software or sales and marketing job. Let us take a look at how Blackberry signed its own death certificate via its promotional strategies.Customer Profile Young Professionals: People in age group 20-30 who are tech savvy. It was targeted towards the working professionals by tapping on the growing Email market. Blackberry was on every professional’s musthaves’ list. Blackberry Storm and BB Bold were introduced in a big way via their TV advertisements. They require blackberry services to manage their day to day business affairs. 3. . They need to be up to date with what is happening in the market to deal with competition effectively. The biggest mistake made by RIM was dismissing I Phone as just another market entry. Middle Age Professionals : People in age group 30-55 who are mid-level executives or senior executives in the company. Though RIM had weathered the storm initially but since 2008 it seems to be disappearing from the cell phone arena. The first Blackberry to hit the stores was RIM 850 in 1999. Students in college required blackberry to check mails sent by faculties and administrative department in continuous basis. People in sales job require blackberry services when they are in field interacting with customers to share instant information with the boss. People in this age group who are entrepreneurs or having their in house business also use blackberry services to manage their business affairs and connect with customers. For software professionals it is required because they can check any urgent client mail even if they are travelling or they are on leave. RIM has tried a number of times to revive blackberry but has failed to do so. Blackberry Promotional Strategy RIM was the pioneer among the Smartphone segment until Apple and Android ate away its market. Though they promised success as predicted by initial sales numbers but it failed to keep the customers captivated.

Its postpaid customer base grew 74% from 160. but its gross margin slipped from 51% to 44%. 80% of its new subscribers came from non-business users. Sales increased 37% from the same period last year.In 2010. almost everyone remembers the U2 I-Pod ad.000 additional subscribers (of which 35. Also the latest addition of Blackberry messenger was a huge hit amongst the youngsters. Love what you do Aim of the advertisement was to broaden the brand’s appeal beyond the email obsessed professionals. every Blackberry phone had this default video for a very long time. ‘Blackberry Boys’ were introduced in India to convey that Smartphone is no longer the device just for the corporate world and that their services were now available in mainstream. Vodafone increased its share of BlackBerry users by 96%. both Apple and Blackberry collaborated with the well known band U2 to endorse their products. Barack Obama’s official declaration of being a blackberry addict took the brand to newer heights as it got associated with a trusted personality. ‘Will I Am’ endorsed this campaign. It featured Blackberry users enjoying outside work and positioned it as a consumer product rather than just a business tool.000 post-campaign. Blackberry returned the favor by designing a custom made blackberry for the president. but only a few are aware of the U2 BlackBerry ad. nearly double its 50% target and within the first four months of the campaign it signed up nearly 154. This advertisement was meant to attract the social networking addicted youth. The Blackberry Boys In 2010.000 were pre-paid). .000 pre-campaign to 279. but based on customer recall.

The fan base increased as shown in the below graph made by Unmetric. But they failed to recreate the magic. Action starts Here In August’12 blackberry launched a new 360 campaign around the concept’ Action starts here’. On facebook. .000 pledges were taken. From print advertisements to retail elements. the message they aimed to send across was that BlackBerry is a brand for the person of action. social engagement and a unique TV commercial. More than 17. where fans had to take a pledge and share it with their friends and thus get a chance to win a blackberry device.Recently in March’12. then what would it be. The campaign showcases BlackBerry as an enabler of action and its strengths as a brand that supports individuals to get things done. An app was developed. this focusing on their prepaid services. 519 actions were completed by 151 people. Blackberry is trying to recreate the same effect by bringing back ‘The Blackberry Boys’. ‘Action Campaign’ was designed where it asked fans if there was something that they would like to change about their world. digital campaign. It sends out the message that BlackBerry is for those who want more than just a smartphone. It is for people of action who put more into life to get more out of it.

This has been reported as one of the most desperate guerilla marketing attempt ever made by Blackberry or any brand for that matter. Wake Up. The campaign was also taken up on social media websites with the launch of ‘#TeamBlackBerry’ campaign on Twitter featuring cartoon superhero kids ”The Bold Team”. RIM launched the campaign with a manifesto at ‘wakeupbebold. analyzed and criticized by a number of customers. It started with a group of protesters disembarking from a bus (Labeled.Wake Up) outside of Apple’s Sydney store with signs that read ‘Wake Up’. .com’. Though the Wake Up campaign TV advertisements received a positive feedback but they failed to break the I-Phone and Samsung fad. Be Bold. The campaign wanted to state that Blackberry is the phone for all the people who mean business and are bold enough to make it happen. The lyrics somehow point out that Blackberry is not for everyone thus limiting their own target audience. bloggers and even digital magazine editors.The TV advertisements and related campaign videos posted by fans went viral on Youtube. The words of the manifesto have been broken down.

 Competencies are specialized in different divisions as per the requirements.  It can be controlled by the performance of different divisions by the parent company i. . Each division is required to respond to the specific requirements of its product using its own functional departments as per their specific strategy. There are several types of structures present and for RIM multi-divisional structure. services or geographical areas. In this type of structure divisionalisation often comes with a solution to the problem of diversity. processes and relationships through which the organization operates. But to make it successful. RIM. ORGANISATION DESIGN OR STRUCTURE FOR RIM Any organization’s configuration consists of the structures. 4.  Each product division can have their own strategy. In the case of RIM there several products:  BlackBerry tablets
  BlackBerry smartphones
  BlackBerry accessories
  BlackBerry 7 OS
  BlackBerry 6 OS
  BlackBerry App World
  BlackBerry Messenger On the basis of which the divisions have been created. which it adopted. The multidivisional structure may comes up with some problems along with the advantages discussed below. Even investing or adding or disinvesting all become quite easier in this type of structure.The last ray of hope left for Blackberry and RIM is the Blackberry 10. A multidivisional structure is built up of separate divisions on the basis of products. is best suited. they need to revamp their communication strategy throughout. Advantages  It is flexible.e.

the first are the ones that make the devices themselves. mainly because this is the easy part. The biggest player in this market is now Nokia who build a line of several different smart phones that have become very popular. So. It is really the competitors when it comes to the operating systems that has hurt the sales for BlackBerry more than the smart phone makers themselves.Disadvantages  The cost of setting up different centers goes up. This sector of the market has attracted some of the biggest companies in the world. Far more difficulty is building the operating system that runs it. as many of their competitors have adopted similar structures and policies with very good success.  Most of the activities get duplicated like some of the processes of tablets and smart phones are similar but they get duplicated due to the divisional structure followed by RIM. Service Division RIM is committed to global sustainability by improving the economic. Most of the companies that compete with BlackBerry for the construction of the actual smart phones rely on operating systems that are made by somebody else. companies that produce this are the other big competitor for BlackBerry. along with the various product divisions RIM also have a service division. execute and measure sustainable initiatives. RIM teams implement programs across the organization to identify. BlackBerry are one of the few that makes their own operating system. Samsung is one example of such a company. There are lots of companies who have tried to enter the market to build the devices. Competitive Analysis There are basically two different types of companies that compete with BlackBerry. 5. The various CSR activities undertaken by the department are as such:         Corporate Governance Corporate carbon footprints Energy efficient buildings New data center built to green standards Green IT Waste division Paper recycling Paper procurement These organization design and CSR policies were suitable for the scenario they were in. which takes care about its various CSR activities.  Non –cooperation may arise between the different divisions. This would include Microsoft with their Windows Phone 7 and Google with their Android operating system. social and environmental impacts of our day-to-day operations. Other competitors who build the devices would include Samsung and LG. Hence it can be concluded that the reason for the failure of the Blackberry strategy had to do with other features not associated with organizational design. The biggest direct competitor for BlackBerry is the iPhone of Apple since they are the only competitor who does the same as BlackBerry and makes the phone and the operating system .

When Apple releases a new version of their iPhone there are huge lineups at the stores to get them. this just doesn't happen when a new BlackBerry comes out. In the chart below. It is also Apple who have really hurt the sales for BlackBerry the most with their very intensive marketing campaigns. It also shows the converse for Nokia’s Symbian (which has been discontinued anyway) and Research In Motion’s BlackBerry platform. There is considerable debate about who makes the better product but there is really no debate about who has done a better job of marketing their product.themselves. . as well as Apple’s increased share of those sales. It demonstrates the large increase in total sales. comparison of smartphone unit sales from Q1 2011 to unit sales in Q1 2012 is given.

One more chart is given below showing smartphone market share for Q1 2011 and Q1 2012 as pie charts. The plummeting of Blackberry market share has certain reasons that can be more or less summed up in the following points: .

As a result. Unfortunately. 2. and it clearly shows in the sales reports over the past few years. carriers have been alert to the fact that an increasing number of Blackberry customers is fleeing in sheer disappointment. Who likes being restricted? Nobody. Blackberry lost a considerable amount of customers that simply refused to be tied down. on the other hand. In the process of making good the losses that mount. Blackberry seems to have compromised on compensating all those who are actually putting in heaps of hours into the manufacturing of Blackberry phones. Samsung and Apple iPhone have been in the spotlight.“the fight for market share”. Increasing Carrier Support Android and Apple have been ruling the smartphones industry for a long time now. the Blackberry OS has overwhelmed even the iOS in this regard by being extremely restrictive in its operations. Being Just To The Contributors Blackberry may very well have given smartphone users the impression that RIM has been a bit too eager to get its hands on the cash. Flexibility trumps Restrictions Call me Captain obvious. The Battle Of Market Share It simply boils down to this. 4. Sadly. Samsung and Apple smartphones stamped authority over all the others with enhancing shares every year. . LG and others. After all. been a telling impression on smartphone users and it has only convinced them more to prefer everything but a Blackberry. more often than not. itself. With more and more Blackberry RIM customers ditching the dinosaur OS that is Blackberry and switching to other smartphones. The astonishingly high support for smartphones other than Blackberry has. This is another area where other smartphone manufacturers have taken the lead and by getting their efforts worth they are able to keep their spirits high. Android and Apple have had the upper hand in the smartphone industry of late. Android. While Blackberry continued to nosedive in the market. continued to prosper and proved to be much more flexible rather than limiting the activities of users. RIM clearly misses the target by limiting users to the extent that operating the Blackberry device becomes rather annoying. There is a wide population that believed that the Apple iPhone is somewhat restricted in how it operates. Blackberry only achieved losses and nothing substantial. Underpaying contributors indirectly calls for a compromise on standards as contributors may very well give up putting in the necessary effort that makes a device that much more promising to use. The consequence ? carriers have continued to side with the more superior smartphones in Samsung. to a report in year 2012) for Blackberry simply sums up what has been a nightmarish experience for Blackberry. A horrid slump to 1 percent of market share (acc. when it comes to leading the market for smartphones.1. but clearly this was something Blackberry wasnt able to edify. 3. Apple iPhone. ofcourse! However.

The application issue isn’t as great among government accounts. The product it’s betting will make the difference: BlackBerry 10.BlackBerry 10 is the new operating system to power a fleet of slick Blackberry smartphones designed to appeal to enterprise and government users. iPhone is making inroads with business customers that have traditionally preferred the BlackBerry. If RIM fails to hit big with BlackBerry 10. End of AT&T exclusivity will give Apple’s iPhone wider distribution in the US (comparable to BlackBerry distribution). iPad. A critical factor in RIM’s revival is applications. And. . Apple TV) and services (iTunes. it will marshal the sales relationships of its application developers and independent software vendors. it’s a fair bet the Canadian company will ply any channel that will retain existing or deliver new customers. The BlackBerry platform has been criticized for not having the breadth of applications that Apple and Google support for their respective operating systems. iPhone apps) make the iPhone a more attractive phone for many consumers compared to the BlackBerry. Sales of the iPhone outpacing BlackBerry sales has the following reasons: 1.RIM says BlackBerry 10 will have the support of hundreds of applications out of the gate. who are beginning to migrate toward the Apple iPhone platform as confidence wanes in RIM’s viability and product quality. 3. by many reports. Sales and Distribution The one-time leader in mobility and smartphones is trying to reverse its precipitous slide against insurgent rivals Apple Inc.    It already has relationships with Tech Data Corp. It will work with carriers on device sales and distribution. Given the gravity of RIM’s situation. which typically limit the number and type of apps used on their devices for security reasons. but there are telltale signs it will engage a broad channel. an on-premises controller that passes traffic and messaging to the devices. which should assuage concerns of many enterprise and hybrid-consumer users.6. which retains the QWERTY keyboard and small screen. Just how RIM will bring BlackBerry to market is unclear. isn’t conducive to media-rich applications. Apple’s ecosystem of consumer products (Macs. 2. BlackBerry 10. is a worthy operating system that corrects many of the shortcomings in legacy versions and provides the same performance and security for which the company is known.’s TD Mobility unit for enabling VAR sales and integration of BlackBerry devices and equipment.Of critical importance to BlackBerry is stopping the defection of government customers. Supporting the operating system and devices is a new BlackBerry server.RIM announced plans to upgrade and migrate many of its existing customers to the new platform early in the new year. Google and Samsung Electronics Co. if applications are that important. its fate as a company could be sealed. And users complain the BlackBerry form-factor. and thwart efforts by Apple and other smartphone-makers to eat away at its remaining market share..

where we can give the consumer an experience and complete details about their Blackberry solution. Gurgaon and Bangalore. The strategic business initiative was to help it more effectively to tap the fast growing mobile communications market in India.It is present in 250 cities and over a period have seen increased demand for BlackBerry Smartphones across all cities. This trend is going to only grow. somewhere the retail sector is developing quite a lot. The expertise lies in creating Smartphones experience for everyone’s need and there is a clear differentiation between our entry level (Curve series).History Smartphone maker Research in Motion (RIM) had announced collaboration with Redington India to establish a national retail distribution channels for their BlackBerry handsets in 2009. in Mumbai in august this year. especially in terms of experience. While tier 1 and 2 cities have adopted all three segments. NCR.While we see trends like online buying rising. Regions working best for BlackBerry . It also has interactive mediums by which the products are showcased at these stores. . What is happening is increasingly the market is moving towards Smartphones as people are upgrading from normal feature handsets to Smartphones. Hyderabad. all that is best demonstrated to the consumer in a live environment. so a whole lot of these people want to know the capability of these handsets and how are they differentiated from the other phones. throughout the country if you see the development of high end malls and branded showrooms like DLF Emporio and Palladium. what the brand believes are ‘unique experience destination stores’. Now. Print ads and PR was further supported by digital engagement on our Facebook fan page. As part of the retail distribution agreement with Redington India. Redington intended to expand the retail footprint in a phased manner and offer a wide range of BlackBerry smartphones beginning with the BlackBerry Pearl series. Bangalore. Blackberry’s strategy was also to strengthen distribution channels to increase foothold -RIM opened the BlackBerry Premium Stores . This includes Mumbai. The brand is all set to open similar stores in key metro cities in India in a phased manner in a bid to engage consumers and catch up with the rising competition in the mobile category work. Delhi. in addition to stores in Delhi. RIM has used the integrated communication mix for the BlackBerry Premium Stores. BlackBerry smartphones and service plans from supported carriers were initially be available in retail and modern trade outlets across nine cities. Chennai. high-end (Bold series) and mid-segment (Torch series) Smartphones. they all are dedicated and aimed at delivering an experience. Of late a lot of importance has been place on POP in retail . Pune and Ahmedabad. the BlackBerry Curve series and the BlackBerry Bold smartphone. Kolkata. we see the tier 3 cities adopting the entry level Smartphones and there is an increased interest in the high end segment due to sheer aspirational value of the brand BlackBerry.

app lists and a unified inbox into one slick interface. you can just drag to show it and then let go – with the device remaining locked. .7. with 16 apps on the screen at any one time – if you have more than 16 apps additional pages are added and can be accessed by swiping the same way again – familiar territory for iOS and Android users. Lock screen The lock screen shows notifications for alarms and unread messages on the left plus your upcoming meetings as well as the date and time. although with its own unique features. in favour of something which resembles the likes of Android and iOS. RIM has merged home screens. search and camera applications – allowing you to quickly jump to these regularly used features. BlackBerry 10 BlackBerry 10 (or BB10) is still under development and not yet a finished product. Home screen The main home screen comprises of 'Active Frames'. technically mini-applications. Interface Swiping from right to left will take you to the app list. There's a pleasant fading animation as you flick between pages. to be replaced by the new page. will be able to appear as an 'Active Frame' on the BB10 home screen. and if you scroll down and you'll be able to view the others – the display in order of use allows you to jump quickly between your recent applications. even third party ones. At the bottom of both the home screen and app list you'll notice a shortcut bar. You unlock the phone by sliding your thumb up the screen and from there slide from anywhere on screen and the handset starts to draw in around where you slide so if you just want a quick peek at the information in one area of the screen. offering up an easy-to-navigate user experience. which give you an overview of information from a particular app and launch the full version when tapped. With BlackBerry 10. RIM tell us that any application. with the latest app appearing in the top left position. Users can select up to eight of these active frames. with quick links to the phone. A maximum of four frames are shown on the screen at any one time. which is excellent news for anyone left frustrated by the limited widget options on Android or live tiles on Windows Phone. and you'll see the previous page of apps fade away to the side of the screen. with RIM doing away with the familiar BlackBerry system we're all used to. BB 10 sees the implementation of a whole new user interface. with a button to launch the camera straight from the lock screen to grab a quick snap. which arrange themselves in order of most recently used. widgets.

send any email. or the 'Hub' as RIM likes to refer to it as. Personal and Work modes Sweep down on the home screen or an app list page and you'll see Personal and Work buttons that let you switch between the two BlackBerry Balance modes. If you use your BlackBerry for work though. text messages. and the location of the URL bar at the bottom of the page is reminiscent of Internet Explorer on Windows Phone. texts and social media messages. BBMs. If you continue the slide to the right. you can install any apps you want. can deal with multiple email accounts. BBM. BlackBerry Hub When we say all. Your company can have complete control of this work section. or as little freedom within this area as they see fit – and everything in Work mode is fully secured. Browser The BlackBerry browser has also had a refresh for BB10. third party messaging apps such as Whats App and a whole host of social networks including Facebook. Twitter and LinkedIn. Cascades Cascades. pick Work mode and all your personal apps disappear – so you can't accidentally copy a work file into your personal cloud storage account. In Personal. working in a partition that's encrypted for privacy but not locked down in any way. allows for quick multitasking from within applications. as the unified inbox. the unified 'Hub' application can be previewed – allowing you to 'peek' at your messages. including new emails. save any file and so on. we mean all. with remote wipe available just it case your handset goes astray.Notifications The whole Flow concept really comes to life when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen – this minimises the current app/screen you're viewing and shows new notifications counts down the left hand side. . bringing it in line with the minimalist style of current offerings on other devices. giving you as much. Drag down on the screen. otherwise you'll be returned to the page you were viewing before the little red light on your handset started to flash. call history. you'll also have a Work partition that's also encrypted but completely separate and can be locked down if that's what the company wants. a new navigation system cooked up by RIM especially for BB10. Complete the slide and you'll open the hub fully.

you can individually adjust each person.Camera Fire up the camera app. you can tap it and literally roll back time to find the point at which your friend had their eyes open and the perfect grin. select 'Time Shift' mode and snap your subject and the app will then search for faces in the image. enjoy lightning fast downloads on modern networks  BB10 supports Adobe Flash which is required for a lot of games and videos  Much higher resolution screen: 1260 x 768 (BB10) v/s 640 x 480 (BB7)  Much sharper screen: 355ppi (BB10) v/s 249ppi (BB7)  BB10 outputs video to TV via mini HDMI  Records much higher definition video: 1920 x 1080 (BB10) v/s 1280 x 720 (BB7) BB10 will support NFC.5x better theoretical download speed.2 Mb/s (HSDPA): Around 23. . If there are multiple people in your snap. Once a face is located in a photo. BB10 vs BB7  BB10 has better theoretical download speed: 168 Mb/s (HSPA+) v/s 7.

learn from Apple and then bring about a product that promises more in lesser price. In order to beat competition. Strong R&D – in order to use technological advances to its advantage. Learn from competitors – As Samsung does it.8. Simplify the communication strategy – The promotional campaigns should be simple and easy to remember. BB10 to exceed the customer expectations positively and gain the lost market share. Also. a regular feedback mechanism should be started via company website and social media sites. Apart from the look of the smartphones. RIM must make sure to have operating system and software that have largest number of useful apps. experienced and successful researchers. Short strategy-development periods and quick thinking can prove to be a n asset to the organisation at this moment. It’s time for RIM to get into the making of operating systems comparable or exceeding the Android’s & iOS’s. .e. the individual pieces of software on a phone. Conclusion RIM’s Blackberry faces a continuous loss of market share. Suggested Strategy for Blackberry to ensure their survival:       Aim high but promise less – Rather than building the customer expectations and then letting them die all together can harm the brand image. Perhaps the biggest challenge RIM faces is in winning over the developers who make apps. it will give bonus points to the company and the product. Leverage the brand success – Blackberry at one time was the leader in smartphones. Thus. Always be on your feet – Blackberry has lost a lot by not being in sync with the latest technological changes. Hopes are now pinned on the new product from RIM i. use this image to build an example and prove that blackberry can come out of these shambles and still become the world leader. Blackberry should promise a decent quality product and then if it performs beyond expectations. more important is to understand and predict their strategy. Blackberry needs to set a world class R&D department with devoted.

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