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Profile of the Respondent
Direction: Please answer the following question put check for some question.
NAME: __________________________________
RLE grade during 1st DR exposure:________

GENDER: male( ) female( )
Grade in NCM102 final:____

Direction: Below are statements that will describe your level of competence in handling
labor and delivery. Kindly check ( )the number that will correspond to your
answer by using the code below.
5 – Always


2 – Seldom


4 – Often


1 – Never


3 -- Sometimes


Safe and Quality Nursing Care
1. Obtain obstetrical history and onset of true labor.
2. Conduct physical examinations.
3. Check vital signs, fetal heart tone, fetal movement and uterine
4. Recognize maternal complications (cardio-vascular, pulmonary,
bleeding tendencies.
5. Perform Leopold’s Maneuver.
6. Observe for timely rupture of membranes.
7. Recognize active signs for transitional phase of second stage of
8. Place mother in appropriate delivery position.
9. Perform Ritgen’sManeuver by supporting baby’s head as it
emerges preventing rapid delivery with gentle pressure.
10. Check for natal cord, slip one over head if possible.






verbal and non verbal. 2. Observes proper disposal of wastes particularly sharps. Record Management 1.11. . Solicits feedback from client and significant others regarding care rendered.Demonstrate accuracy and honesty in recording and reporting gender of newborn. 13. 3. Teach client basic preparations for labor and delivery. Assess uterine contractions. Recognize signs of early postpartum bleeding. Ensure proper identification of client. butadiene.Uses consumable such as cottons. Introduces self and verify client identity.Utilize forms of communication. Evaluate nursing performance based on curriculum standards. type and time of placental presentation. Clamp umbilical cord and cut between sterile scissors. 12. Management of Resources and Environment 1. Health Education 1. and other needed supplies appropriately. Identify deviation of practice from standard expectations. 2. Secure informed consent in all procedures related to labor and delivery. 3. 2. 3. 2. thermometer and penlight. Listen attentively to client and family queries and request. Checks the completeness of informed consent and other legal forms.Refer to physician informing client’s signification.Coach mother on breathing and pushing technique. 2. 3. Complete and correct record and report all pertinent data. 3. 2.Assess the patient’s affect and ability to understand direction. Participate in the conduct of educational activities related to health promotion. 3. Check the proper functioning of equipment such as the BP apparatus. Collaboration and Teamwork 1. Quality Improvement 1. Communication 1. Legal Responsibility 1.

Ethic-Moral Responsibilities 1. 3.2.Participates endorsement practices in the delivery unit.Promote professional growth for self and others.Establish working relationship with client. 2.Acknowledge client’s cultural.Maintain privacy and confidentiality. 3. . religious and ethnic practice of the family.Use updated review of literature with latest trend and development inmaternal and child related to health promotion and disease prevention. 2.Demonstrate leadership role as a team player in the delivery unit and relates effectively with others.Development and implement nursing care plan. Personal and Professional Development/Research 1. 3.