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ESE150 / C1

Climate Change May Increase the Risk of Severe Thunderstorms
(June 04, 2013 Article)
Analysis has suggested that changes in the atmosphere will lead to more frequent
conditions favorable for severe thunderstorms. According to recent studies there will be more
damaging winds related to thunderstorms. The number of tornadoes and large hail is expected to
remain at the same level as today.
Climate model simulations suggest that on average, as the surface temperature and
moisture increases the conditions for thunderstorms becomes more frequent. Climate change
decreases temperature difference between the poles and the equator. This leads to a decrease in
vertical wind shear, which is a major factor determining what type of severe weather occurs.
These expectations are supported by a majority of the climate model simulations that have
looked at the variables.

However risks of tornadoes and hail are still open to many questions. The small scale of
severe thunderstorms makes it difficult to deal with them with global models. The estimations of
their occurrence in the future climate is based on the occurrence of their favorable environments
in climate model simulations.

"According to latest research the intensity of tornadoes will not increase, therefore
incidents like in Oklahoma are not expected to be more frequent than today," said Harold
Brooks, who is one of the most well-known researchers of severe thunderstorms from National
Severe Storms Laboratory, USA.

"Most of the research on severe thunderstorms and tornadoes in climate change has
focused on the USA and it is unclear how well the lessons learned there apply to the rest of the
world," Brooks concluded.

Thunderstorms cause the most severe damage in Finland

. "As climate models are being developed. On average. I think this is one way of telling us that as our climate changes and the atmosphere changes. On average one person is killed every second year because of a lightning strike. Most of them are quite weak but also some significant cases have been reported in history. we are beginning to get more accurate information about the impacts of climate change to severe weather incidents in areas like Finland. hail and tornadoes.Most severe weather incidents in Finland are caused by phenomena related to thunderstorms such as lightning. strong wind gusts. Thunderstorms can cause also severe damage to the property because of falling trees and strong winds. These risks will more likely affect us the most. REACTION Based on the written article analysis has suggested that changes in the atmosphere will lead to more frequent conditions favorable for severe thunderstorms. studying environmental science." says meteorologist Pauli Jokinen from Finnish Meteorological Institute. As a student. we are more frequent to these environmental disasters. my reaction to this is that this changes we experienced were not only from the conditions of the environment itself but also from the actions done by the people. about 14 cases of tornadoes are reported in Finland annually. There will be changes in weather conditions and this could change our lifestyle.

.For me. the more we could do to prevent it. The more we know about it. the best way we could prevent this is to be more knowledgeable of our environmental conditions.