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Projection Television



For Technical Bulletins, Technical Tips, or other information regarding the
service of this model, visit the Toshiba America Consumer Products National
Service Division website at:

This model is classified as a green product (*1), as indicated by the underlined serial number.
This Service Manual describes replacement parts for the green product. When repairing this
green product, use the part(s) described in this manual and lead-free solder (*2).
For (*1) and (*2), refer to GREEN PRODUCT PROCUREMENT and LEAD-FREE


WARNING: Do not modify or alter the information or data provided herein without prior written consent by Toshiba.
Toshiba shall not be liable to anybody for any damages, losses, expenses or costs, if any, incurred in connection with or
as a result of such modification or alteration.
Toshiba shall not be liable for any damages, losses, expenses or costs, if any, incurred in connection with or as a result of
use of any information or data provided herein.
The EC is actively promoting the WEEE & RoHS Directives that define standards for recycling and reuse of Waste Electrical and
Electronic Equipment and for the Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances. From July 1, 2006, the RoHS Directive will
prohibit any marketing of new products containing the restricted substances.
Increasing attention is given to issues related to the global environmental. Toshiba Corporation recognizes environmental protection
as a key management tasks, and is doing its utmost to enhance and improve the quality and scope of its environmental activities. In
line with this, Toshiba proactively promotes Green Procurement, and seeks to purchase and use products, parts and materials that
have low environmental impacts.
Green procurement of parts is not only confined to manufacture. The same green parts used in manufacture must also be used as
replacement parts.
WARNING: This product is manufactured using lead-free solder as a part of a movement within the consumer products industry at
large to be environmentally responsible. Lead-free solder must be used in the servicing and repair of this product.
The melting temperature of lead-free solder is higher than that of leaded solder by 86ºF to 104ºF (30ºC to 40ºC). Use of a soldering
iron designed for lead-based solders to repair product made with lead-free solder may result in damage to the component and or
PCB being soldered. Great care should be made to ensure high-quality soldering when servicing this product especially when
soldering large components, through-hole pins, and on PCBs as the level of heat required to melt lead-free solder is high.
WARNING: Before servicing this chassis, read the "Safety Precaution" and "Product Safety Notice" instructions below.
Safety Precaution
WARNING: Servicing should not be attempted by anyone unfamiliar with the necessary precautions on this receiver. The following
are the necessary precautions to be observed before servicing this chassis.

An isolation transformer should be connected in the power line between the receiver and the AC line before any service is
performed on the receiver.


Always disconnect the power plug before any disassembling of the product. It may result in electrical shock.


When replacing a chassis in the cabinet, always be certain that all the protective devices are put back in place, such as
nonmetallic control knobs, insulating covers, shields, isolation resistor-capacitor network, etc.


Always keep tools, product components, etc. away from children as these items may cause injury.


Depending on the model, use an isolation transformer or wear suitable gloves when servicing with the power on.
Disconnect the power plug to avoid electrical shock when replacing parts. In some cases, alternating current is also
impressed in the chassis, so electrical shock is possible if the chassis is contacted with the power on.


Always use the replacement parts specified for the particular model when making repairs. The parts used in products
require special safety characteristics such as inflammability; voltage resistance, etc. therefore, use only replacement parts


that have these same characteristics. Use only the specified parts when the
parts list.

mark is indicated in the circuit diagram or


Part mounting and wire routing should be the same as that used originally. For safety purposes, insulating materials such as
isolation tubes or tape are sometimes used and printed circuit boards are sometimes mounted floating. Also make sure that
wiring is routed and clamped to avoid parts that generate heat or use high voltage. Always follow the manufactures wiring
routes / dressings.


Always ensure that all internal wirings are in accordance before re-assembling the external casing after a repair is
completed. Do not allow internal wiring to be pinched by cabinets, panels, etc. Any error in reassembly or wiring can result
in electrical leakage, flame, etc., and may be hazardous.


NEVER remodel the product in any way. Remodeling can result in improper operation, malfunction, electrical leakage, or
flame, which may be hazardous.

10. Always perform an AC leakage current check on the exposed metallic parts of the cabinet such as antennas, terminals,
screw heads, metal overlays, control shafts, etc. to be sure that the set is safe to operate without any danger of electrical
shock before returning the set to the customer.
11. To check leakage current: (After completing the work, measure the leakage current to prevent an electrical shock.)

Plug the AC line cord directly into a 120V AC outlet. Do not use an isolation transformer for this check.

Use an AC voltmeter having 5000 ohms per volt or more sensitivity in the following manner.

Connect a 1500 ohm 10 watt resistor, paralleled by a 0.15 µF, AC type capacitor, between a known good earth ground (water pipe,
conduit, etc.) and the exposed metallic parts, one at a time. Measure the AC voltage across the combination of 1500 ohm resistor
and 0.15 µF capacitor. Reverse the AC plug at the AC outlet and repeat AC voltage measurements for each exposed metallic part.
Voltage measured must not exceed 0.3 volts rms. This corresponds to 0.2 milliamps AC. Any value exceeding this limit constitutes a
potential shock hazard and must be corrected immediately.

Product Safety Notice
Many electrical and mechanical parts in this chassis have special safety-related characteristics. These characteristics are often
overlooked in a visual inspection. The protection afforded by them cannot necessarily be obtained by using replacement
components rated for higher voltage, wattage, etc. Replacement parts which have these special safety characteristics are identified
in this manual and its supplements. Electrical components having such features are identified by the international hazard symbols
on the schematic diagram and the parts list. Before replacing any of these components, read the parts list in this manual carefully.
The use of substitute replacement parts which do not have the same safety as specified in the parts list may create electrical shock,
fire, or other hazards.



press MENU button on TV set. 3. While holding the MUTE button. The variable range depends on Adjusting the Data Pressing of VOLUME the adjusting item. or button will change the value of data in the range from 00H to FFH. 3 . Press MUTE button again and hold button down.Entering Service Mode 1. Set VOLUME to minimum and press MUTE button twice on the remote control. Exiting Service Mode Pressing POWER button to turn off the TV once. ↓ Service Mode display Selecting the Adjusting Item Every pressing of CH or button in the service mode changes the adjustment items. ↓ 2.

the yellow LED will blink while the TV is booting until the remote control is usable.g. This is normal and is not a sign of malfunction. 50HM66/56HM66 MODE BLUE POWER POWER ON POWER OFF (Standby w/ Quick Restart OFF) IN LPS (Standby w/ Quick restart ON) ON Waiting to re-light the lamp ON YELLOW LAMP Open Lamp door Fan Stop Detection (Light Engine) ON IIC BUS Error Color wheel stop Abnormal temperature in Thermo Sensor Seine Booting Blinking YES Blinking ON Fan Stop Detection (Ballast) VOICE ANNOUNCEMENT Blinking Lamp won’t light Fan Stop Detection (POD) RED/GREEN TIMER YES Blinking YES ON Blinking YES ON Slow blinking Fast blinking Fast blinking Blinking YES YES Blinking Blinking YES Blinking YES 3 Blinks SLEEP TIMER ON   4 .LED BLINK CODES The yellow. when power is restored. a power outage occurs or the power cord is unplugged).. as described below: Note: If the TV loses A/C power (e. and red/green LED lights on the TV (at the bottom center of the TV) indicate the TV's status. blue.

WARNING: Eye damage may result from directly viewing the light produced by this lamp. The lamp unit in this TV was designed for safe replacement by consumers.  The light source for this TV is a mercury lamp with internal atmospheric pressure that increases during use. exposing sharp edges or pinch points. The strength of the quartz glass in the lamp will be reduced and the lamp may rupture (often making a loud noise when this happens). ALLOW THE LAMP TO COOL FOR AT LEAST ONE (1) HOUR BEFORE REPLACING IT. slotted screwdriver. REFER ALL SERVICING NOT SPECIFIED IN THIS MANUAL TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL. As is generally the case with all projection TVs that use projection lamps as a light source. 3. the TV will not operate until the lamp unit is replaced. loosen the two screws on the lamp unit. The lamp has a limited service life that varies depending on product use and user settings. loosen the screw securing the lamp door and remove the door. EXCEPT AS SPECIFIED HEREIN. If the lamp ruptures. your experience may vary from other users. WARNING: RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK! TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK. EXCEPT AS SPECIFIED HEREIN. the unit may break. Using a manual. 2. NEVER REMOVE TV COVERS. the brightness of the lamp in this TV may vary somewhat over the expected service life and will generally decrease over time. Failure to follow this WARNING may result in death or serious injury. Using a manual Phillips screwdriver. CAUTION! HOT SURFACE! Touching the lamp before it has cooled will result in severe burns. if the lamp unit is subjected to intentional abuse (such as excessive mechanical abuse or handling by children or pets). Because of the many variables that can affect the useful service life of the lamp. REFER ALL SERVICING NOT SPECIFIED IN THIS MANUAL TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL. Turn off the TV and unplug the power cord. CAUTION: Always handle the lamp unit with care. NEVER REMOVE TV COVERS. 5 .  1. Always turn off the TV and unplug the power cord before opening the lamp unit door. Failure to follow this WARNING may result in death or serious injury. If you use the lamp beyond its service life you may notice a reduction in the colors and/or brightness of the picture. however.Replacing the Lamp Unit WARNING: RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK! TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK.

Failure to follow this WARNING may result in death or serious injury. NOTE: Wear soft. Carefully insert the new lamp unit straight into the TV until it is fully seated. Make sure the lamp unit and screws are installed securely. Using a manual Phillips screwdriver. lint-free gloves when replacing the lamp unit. CLEANING THE LAMP UNIT GLASS If you accidentally touch the lamp unit glass or otherwise get it dirty. Many ordinary cleaning agents (such as glass cleaners) contain chemicals that may be flammable at certain temperatures. tighten the two lamp unit screws. the TV may no turn on and the lamp life may be shortened.WARNING: RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK! The lamp unit door is provided with an interlock to reduce the risk of electric shock and excessive ultraviolet radiation. Never touch the lamp unit glass or otherwise get it dirty. See "Cleaning the lamp unit glass" below. Doing so may affect the image quality and reduce the service life of the lamp. CAUTION: NEVER clean a hot lamp with any type of flammable liquid or aerosol cleaning agent. 6. NOTE: Never subject the lamp unit to excessive shock. 6 . NOTE: Hand-tighten only. such chemicals may ignite. wipe it with a lint-free lens cleaning cloth (such as a cloth for cleaning camera lenses or eyeglasses). 5. Never defeat its purpose or attempt to service without removing the lamp unit door completely. If the lamp unit is not allowed to cool for at least one (1) hour. 4. Set the old lamp unit aside (-> "Disposing of the used lamp unit" on Owners’ Manual). Grasp the lamp unit handle and gently pull the lamp unit straight out of the TV. Otherwise. Do not use an electric screwdriver.

NOTE: The lamp unit contains mercury. the unit may break. If any of the following conditions exist.eiae. after repeating steps 1-9. • Keep the lamp unit out of reach of children and pets. The lamp unit in this TV was designed for safe replacement by consumers. click "Home Entertainment".toshiba. For disposal or recycling information. Disposing of the Used Lamp Unit CAUTION: Always handle the lamp unit with care. 7 .7. 9. Reattach the lamp unit door.  • Place the used lamp unit in the empty box from the new unit. After the initial warm-up period (which may take several seconds for full picture brightness). exposing sharp edges or pinch points. • Dispose of the used lamp unit by the approved method for your area. Plug in the power cord and turn on the TV. contact your local authorities or the Electronic Industries Alliance (www. however. 8. unplug the power cord. turn off the TV. making sure to insert the hooks on the left side of the door inside the opening in the TV cabinet. and repeat steps 1-9 to ensure that the lamp unit and lamp unit door are installed correctly: • No picture • Dark picture • TV will not turn on NOTE: If. Disposal of mercury may be regulated due to environmental considerations. Replace the door screw and tighten using a manual screwdriver. In Canada. locate the nearest Toshiba authorized service depot by directing your web browser to www. the problem still exists: • • In the U. NOTE: Make sure the lamp unit door is installed if the lamp unit is subjected to intentional or accidental abuse (such as excessive mechanical abuse or handling by children or pets). the TV should operate normally. and then click "Support". call TACP Consumer Solutions at 1-800-631-3811.S. the TV may not turn on.

56HMX96 1. 56HM16. Remove 7 Screws from cabinet Back 2.2 8 . Pull front Bezel up then out ______________________________________________________________________________ ” 2007 Toshiba America Consumer Products. LLC. Remove Front Plate 3. Page 10 of 12 SMART2006001_Version2.Front Bezel Removal 50HM66. 50HMX96. 56HM66. Remove 2 Screws 4.

LIGHT ENGINE REPLACEMENT 1. (Leave the thermostat Breaker. Unfasten the thermostat lead wires.) 9 . Remove the lamp cover by removing screws 1. and 3. 2. Remove the LVDS and POWER cables. 2. 4. 3. Remove the back cover.

2. Remove screws 1. 6. 7. Remove the light engine. Disconnect the ballast cable and remove the ballast unit from the retaining clips 1 .4. and 3 securing the lamp fan cover and remove the lamp fan cover. 10 . Remove the door SW unit by unscrewing as shown below. Lamp Fan Replacement 1.5. Reassemble the light engine by following steps 1 – 7 in reverse.

3. 11 . 4. Remove the 2 screws securing the Lamp fan and remove the lamp fan. Remove the 4 rubber corners from the old lamp fan and place them on the new lamp fan. Assemble the new fan to the light engine by following steps 1 – 4 in reverse.2. 5. Remove the Ballast Fan cable (1) and Lamp Fan cable (2).

2.DMD Fan Replacement 1. Remove the 2 screws securing the LVDS connector. 3. 12 . and 3. Remove the DMD Fan casing by removing screws 1. Remove the DMD Fan cable. 2.

5. 13 . Remove the DMD Fan by removing screws 1 and 2.4. Assemble the new DMD fan by following steps 1 – 5 in reverse. Remove the retaining pins from the fan. Remove the DMD shield case by removing screws 1 and 2. Ballast Fan Replacement 1. 6.

Disconnect the thermostat lead wires. 3. 14 . Thermostat Breaker Replacement 1.2. Fix the Ballast Fan with two pins. Replace the Ballast Fan.

2.) 3. Reconnect the thermostat lead wires. (Thermostat Breaker is secured by 2 screws in some production units. Replace the Thermostat Breaker by removing the retaining screw. 15 .

Off BLUE .5 second blink The lamp has failed to light after 8 attempts YELLOW ..2 16 .Off RED .Solid BLUE .Off RED .Off BUS Line Error.Off BLUE . Refer to Chart 4 No YELLOW ..Solid RED .1/2 second blink BLUE .5 second blink One of the Optical Engine Fans Has Stopped Did Lamp Light within 8 Cycles? No Inspect Lamp Assy / Substitute Lamp Lamp Defective? Yes YELLOW .5 second blinks Replace LAMP POD Fan Has Stopped (Lamp will still light but has error Indication on Screen) Refer to Chart 4 UNKNOWN Sequence or No Sequence Go To Chart 2 ______________________________________________________________________________ ” 2007 Toshiba America Consumer Products.. SMART2006001_Version2.Off Lamp door is OPEN.Off Trying to Light the Lamp (Chassis will try this cycle about 8 times) YELLOW .Solid BLUE . Check Lamp Door Switch and Cables between the Switch and Chassis YELLOW .Off BLUE .Off RED .Solid GREEN . LLC.Troubleshooting Flowchart 2006 DLP “Lamp Fails To Start” (Chart 1) Lamp fails to light Power the Set On using the power button Repair Chassis Power Supply and/or System Control No Is a Power Relay Click heard? Yes No Do any of the LED’s light or blink? Yes Select LED Blink Sequence after pressing the Power Button Unit is Working OK Yes YELLOW .1 second blink RED .

______________________________________________________________________________ ” 2007 Toshiba America Consumer Products.2? No Check Chassis Power Supply Yes Yes See Footnote 1. Page 3 of 12 SMART2006001_Version2. LLC.2 17 . 1 Pin 1 Plug Pin 2 CN3 Pin 3 Pin 4 Pin 5 Black Brown Red Orange Yellow Change Ballast Power Supply Fig. Connector labeled [CW OUT] on Formatter Metal Shield No Check for 5vdc on pin 3 of plug CN3 on the Ballast Board (5 pin plug) Fig. DMD Formatter PCB Re-Apply AC and Power the set on using the power button.0 From Chart 1 Unplug the TV from AC and remove the back cover Remove 2 screws holding the optic engine in place and slide back to gain access.Troubleshooting Flowchart 2006 DLP “Lamp Fails To Start” (Chart 2) V1. 12v present on J11 Pins 1. The Color Wheel will emit a high pitched whine when the TV Receiver is first turned on. Reset Thermal Sensor No Ballast Power Supply PCB Does the Color Wheel Start? Approx 300v present across P811A? Yes No No 120vac across P807B? Yes Is Thermal Sensor across P805 Open? Yes No Check Ribbon Cable from the Color Wheel to the DMD Formatter Board. 1 Problem Resolved? Is the 5vdc present? Yes No Repair Connections Replace Optical Engine Yes Go to Chart 3 Replacing the Light Engine under Warranty requires a concession number to be obtained from Technical Support. 1-800-345-9785 Footnote 1.

2 18 . 1-800-345-9785 ______________________________________________________________________________ ” 2007 Toshiba America Consumer Products. Page 4 of 12 SMART2006001_Version2. LLC.Replacing the Light Engine under Warranty requires a concession number to be obtained from Technical Support.

LLC.Troubleshooting Flowchart 2006 DLP “Dead / Does not Cycle” (Chart 4) A cycle is when the Blue LED goes solid then after 10 seconds the Yellow LED flashes 15 times before both go out and restart again Power Does Not Cycle V1.2 19 .3vdc at PB90 Pin 4? No No Yes No 9 Volts at Capacitor CS110(+) Yes Change Regulator PCB or POD Fan Yes Check F840 and Power Supply No Yes 20 Volts at P823B Pin 3? Are the Optic Engine Fans Running? Location PCB No 5.0 Change Regulator PCB No Is POD Fan Running? 9 Volts at Capacitor CS110(+) Yes No 6 Volts at Pin 18 of PB90? Yes Change Digital PCB Yes Yes 3.0 Volts at PB504 Pin 4? Is the Blue LED Solid and the Others Off? 12 Volts at P823B Pin 6? Yes PB504 Back AV CS110 Back AV P823B Regulator P822B Regulator PB90 Regulator PB80B Regulator 3.3 Volts at PB80B Pin 19 and 20? Yes No No Yes Check F873 and Power Supply Check F875 and Power Supply Change Regulator PCB P823B No Change Optic Engine No Change TV-Micro PCB P822B PB90 PB80B CS110 PB504 Back AV & Regulator PCB ______________________________________________________________________________ ” 2007 Toshiba America Consumer Products. Page 5 of 12 SMART2006001_Version2.

3V D1 IC827 x3 3.5V 3.3V 5V Thermo Sensor Dolby Digital Decoder C/W Vcc/Ctrl Reg.SR82 3.8V 2.6V IC833 Regulator 9V D850 + CVBS(Monitor Out) Door SW Video LVTTL HDMI Audio (For Audio AMP) Video LVDS link 32V Switching POD FAN STOP DET LAMP DOOR OPEN DET FAN STOP DET Control TS-in IC100 TC90411A IIC DMD sp LVDS Rx EEPROM FLASH DAD2000 IC02 EEPROM IC118 Spread Spectrum IC107 System Clock VCXO IC300 ADC IC310 DAC PCM1754DBQR EEPROM DDR2 SDRAM PWM LVDS Out Light ENGINE Service Connector for S/W Update 20 IC313 ActiveFilter IC109 IC110/111 LED Powergood Interface RLDRAM IIC-Bus Lamp Interface DDP3021 Smooth Picture Circuit IC01 UART Thermo Sensor DS100 Color Wheel 1.3V D2 IC831 6V D IC899 Regulator IC832 Regulator x2IC838 SIF IC850 US MTS AN5832SA L/R TC90111A IC803 CableCARD Interface 5V-3 ADC x3 VSB/QAM TB1131F AV-SW 3DYCS VBI IIC-Bus 32V IC201 Y/Pb/Pr CVBS ADC 1.5V 1. TV-MICRO Fan Vcc/Ctrl IC03 Flash PMD1000 Lamp LED Ballast IC115 Boot ROM DS101 Thermal Breaker AFT IC117 NAND FLASH L/R(Monitor out) L/R (for SPK) Detection Slow BUS Igniter POWER CONTROL + IC621 Audio Processor NJW1180AFP1 IC61 IC602 BA4558 TA8216HQ Vari OUT (L/R) Digital Audio OUT Ext1/2 (V/Y/C/L/R) IC611 IC700 5V-2 IC101 DC-DC CONV 40V PJ850 20V V V/L/R DC-DC CONV RF-SW T801 Analog/Digital Tuner IC823 12V + T800 OOB Tuner SR81 D801 3.2V 1.3V-1 CableCARD Slot T862 MAIN Power Transformer HDMI IN Monitor OUT (V/L/R) 5V-1 IC05 Regulator POD FAN + L/R T840 Standby Power Transformer D840 E-CS1/2 (Y/Cb/Cr/L/R) BLOCK DIAGRAM .

6v) 2 32v 3 5v3 Î 32v F877 Î Î Î Î F871 F875 32v 2 Î 5v3 3 Î 1 32v 4 12v CN81 5v3 7 Î 5v2 9 Î 3. 62MX196.5 POWER SUPPLY Power_DMD Power (2. Inc. LLC.3vd1 4 Î Î 3.6v AC_DETECT (3. 56HM16.7v) 2 Í 3 Í Í Í PB80B 2 Power_Sig_Det 3 Power (2.3v) Î 23 POWER_PROTECT (0v) PB90 P807B Î 3.7v) 5v1 6 Î Î 6 5v1 32v 8 Î Î 8 32v P823A 20v 3 Î 20v 4 Î 12v 6 Î TV-MICRO PCB P822B 32v 1 Î 12v 4 Î Fuse FE20 20vdb 3 20v 4 20v 6 12v 6 5v3 5v3 4 Î Î 4 5v3 7 5v3 9 5v2 1.3vd2 13 Î Î 13 3.50HM66 Wiring Diagram ______________________________________________________________________________ ” 2007 Toshiba America Consumer Products.3vd1 7 Î Î 7 3.3vd2 11 Î Î 11 3. 56HM66.3vd2 6vd 18 Î 12 v 1 Î 3 Í 4 3.3v1 1. Page 6 of 12 SMART2006001_Version2.3vd1 6 Î Î 6 3.6v AC_DETECT (3.6v 8 5v2 13 15 18 19 Í Î Î Í POWER_SIG (3.3vd1 3.3vd1 Î P811A POWER_KEY PB93B CN90 320v 1 Î P811B Stand By (Always On) Í 21 POWER_SIG (3.3v) 21 Í F873 20v POWER_PROTECT (0v) 23 Î DOOR_SW 25 Î Audio_Vcc 12v BALLAST POWER F840 5v1 P880A F801 120vac (120vac) AC_ENGINE 3 Î Î 1 5v1 Í 3 AC_DET 4 Í Í 4 LAMP_DOOR 1 AC_ENGINE 3 AC_ENGINE Power Supply Voltage Chart Switched Î Input (To CBA) Í Output (From CBA) P812 Î 25 DOOR_SW DIGITAL PCB BALLAST 3. 62HM196. 56HMX96.3v) POWER_TV (3.3vd2 320v 3 Î Î 3 320v 3.3v1 1.3vd1 3.3vd2 12 Î Î 12 3.3v) Fuses Î Î DIGITAL TUNER PJ101 5v3 6 Î 5v1 11 Î P823B Î Î Î PB80A Î 23 20vdb BACK AV PCB P501A 5v1 37 Î P501B Î 37 5v1 12v 39 Î Î 39 12v 9v 41 Î Î 41 9v 5v3 43 Î Î 43 5v3 PB504 5v1 4 Î IR_OUT 5 Í P831A AUDIO_GND 1 Î AUDIO_VCC 3 Î © 2006 Toshiba America Consumer Products. 72MX196 POWER UNIT REGULATOR PCB P800 P822A 1 (120 vac) 2 (120 vac) Ver 1.3vd1 3. 72HM196.3vd2 14 Î Î 18 6vd Fuse 6vd 19 Î Î 19 6vd OPTIC ENGINE F899 20vdb 23 Î J11 120vac Î 1 12 v 12 v 2 Î Î 2 12 v P904 POD_FAN 2 Î Í 3 POWER_KEY LED PCB PB92A 5v1 1 Î PB92B Î 1 5v1 Î 14 3.3vd2 1 320v 3.6v 6 Î 5v2 8 Î Î Î 6 1.2 TOSHIBA Î Î 50HM66. 21 P831B Î Î 1 AUDIO_GND 3 AUDIO_VCC .3vd1 5 Î Î 5 3. 50HMX96.3v) KEYBOARD 5v1 1 Î Î 13 15 18 19 PB93A P807A (120vac) AC_ENGINE 1 Î Î 11 5v1 Í Î Î Í P880B AC_DET 3 Í LAMP_DOOR (3.3vd2 3.62HM116.3v) POWER_TV (3.

Video Signal Paths (Analog) ______________________________________________________________________________ ” 2007 Toshiba America Consumer Products. LLC.2 22 . Page 7 of 12 SMART2006001_Version2.

2 23 .Audio Signal Paths (Analog) ______________________________________________________________________________ ” 2007 Toshiba America Consumer Products. Page 8 of 12 SMART2006001_Version2. LLC.

Page 9 of 12 SMART2006001_Version2.2 24 . LLC.Audio Signal Paths (Digital) ______________________________________________________________________________ ” 2007 Toshiba America Consumer Products.

25 .

26 .

27 .

25V B 0. AV BOARD ECO PAD CENTER PARTITION TERMINAL. SCREW. 16V 100UF M 3A CERAMIC CHIP. AC250V E 4700PF CERAMIC DISC.22UF K CERAMIC CHIP.1UF J CERAMIC DISC. 25V 820UF M 3A ELECTROLYTIC. 10V 2200UF M 3A PLASTIC FILM . 2KV 330PF K CERAMIC CHIP. 400V 0.CENTER DIVIDER ASSY COVER BEZEL ASSY BACK COVER SPK GRILLE COVER PIECE AV MOUNT ASSY PIECE AV BUTTONS.01UF J CERAMIC CHIP. 16V B 0.1UF K ELECTROLYTIC. 200V 2. MET31-0332 TERMINAL. 500V B 0.2UF M 3A PLASTIC FILM. MET31-0332 TERMINAL. 63V 0. AC250V B 470PF K CERAMIC DISC. MET31-0332 TERMINAL.1UF K ELECTROLYTIC. 16V 1000UF M 3A 28 . 63V 1UF J CERAMIC CHIP. 63V 1UF J CERAMIC DISC. 50V 47UF M 3A ELECTROLYTIC. 16V B 0. MET31-0332 MT PLA PCX2 337 11474 PLASTIC FILM. 2KV 680PF K CERAMIC DISC. 2KV 220PF K CERAMIC DISC. AC250V B 470PF K CERAMIC DISC. EARTH PHI3.1UF K PLASTIC FILM. AC250V E 4700PF ELECTROLYTIC.01UF K ELECTROLYTIC. 16V B 0.1UF K ELECTROLYTIC CE04P 50V 56UF M 3A CERAMIC CHIP.056UF J CERAMIC DISC DISC. 200V 560UF M CERAMIC DISC. 50V B 0. 16V 220UF M 3A ELECTROLYTIC. 200V 560UF M ELECTROLYTIC.1UF K CERAMIC CHIP. 500V B 1000PF K CERAMIC CHIP. 25V B 0. 50V B 0. 25V 820UF M 3A ELECTROLYTIC. 250V 22UF M 3A ELECTROLYTIC. 200V 560UF M CERAMIC DISC. EARTH PHI3. 50V 2. 50V 2.Location A110 A201 A205 A235 A333 A338 A621 A811 B810 B896 B898 B899 C801 C802 C803 C807 C808 C813 C814 C815 C820 C821 C822 C823 C824 C825 C826 C827 C828 C829 C830 C831 C832 C833 C834 C835 C840 C841 C842 C843 C845 C848 C850 C851 C852 C853 C854 C855 C856 C857 C858 C865 C870 C871 C872 C873 C874 C875 Part No. EARTH PHI3.1UF K ELECTROLYTIC. SCREW. AC275V 0. 2KV 100PF K ELECTROLYTIC.22UF K PLASTIC FILM. 2KV 820PF K CERAMIC DISC. 630V 0.1UF K CERAMIC CHIP.2UF M PLASTIC FILM. AC250V E 4700PF CERAMIC DISC. 25V B 0. AC250V B 470PF K ELECTROLYTIC. AC275V 0. 75002053 75002049 75002048 75002051 75002050 75002052 23717443 75002133 23165495 23165495 23165495 23165495 76503508 76503507 76503506 76092565 76092565 76092281 76092281 76092565 76073217 76092343 76092344 76092339 76109472 76829563 76092337 76214102 76092179 76092463 76285104 76285104 76678229 76503053 76214103 76073089 76679220 76073097 76503041 76092333 76669229 76073039 76073217 76073217 76092281 76073082 76503053 76092730 76820103 76092730 76092730 76073038 76092178 76073197 76092178 76073171 76073171 76073155 Description CABINET.22UF K CERAMIC CHIP.2UF M ELECTROLYTIC. 50V B 4700PF K PLASTIC FILM. EARTH PHI3.1UF K CERAMIC DISC. 16V B 0.

2 29 .01UF K ELECTROLYTIC. ZENER. CARTRIDGE. 50V B 0.0ESA B2 DIODE. 16V 100UF M 3A CERAMIC CHIP. 1SS355 DIODE. ZENER. MTZJ16B DIODE. ZENER. LN1WBA60 4101 DIODE. 50V B 0. ZENER. 1SS355 DIODE. 16V 22UF M 3A ELECTROLYTIC. D5SB60.1UF K CERAMIC CHIP. MA8056-M DIODE.1UF K CERAMIC CHIP.6C MTZJ5 6C DIODE. 25V B 0. ZENER. MTZJ16B DIODE. RB095T-90 SCREW DIODE. FR105-B5 DIODE.1A DIODE. FR105-B5 DIODE. MTZJ10A DIODE. 16V 1000UF M 3A ELECTROLYTIC CE04P 50V 470UF M 3A ELECTROLYTIC. ZENER. LED RED-GRN. MTZJ27C DIODE.7UF M CERAMIC CHIP. 16V 330UF M 3A ELECTROLYTIC. 1SS355 DIODE. 1SS355 DIODE. MTZJ10A DIODE. ZENER. YELLOW. MTZJ4. MTZJ9. ZENER. 76073155 76073205 76073035 76073084 76109103 76109103 76092178 76092178 76092178 76109103 76073087 76073087 76073152 76073038 76092178 76092567 23362200 23717240 23357850 23357893 23357905 23357893 23357511 23357852 23357512 23362046 23357838 23357831 23357366 23357684 23357684 23357853 23357853 23362200 23717240 23357745 23357703 23357703 23357703 23357703 23357366 23362197 23717240 75002031 23717240 23362210 23717240 23357703 23357874 23357874 23357703 23357703 76019485 23358619 23311148 23358602 23144318 23165433 Description ELECTROLYTIC. MTZJ9. D5SB60.2X20 FUSE HOLDER. SLI-580YT DIODE. AL01Z DIODE. ZENER. ZENER MTZJ5. 5. 25V B 0. FMW-24L SCREW DIODE. 5. SLA580BCT LAMP. 125V 6. RD3.1C DIODE. ZENER. AG01A DIODE.3A.7B DIODE. 50V 22UF M 3A ELECTROLYTIC. 25V B 0. 1SS355 DIODE.0ESA B2 DIODE. MTZJ27C DIODE. RB085T-60 SCREW DIODE. 50V 4. ZENER. 1SS355 DIODE. 7009F07 SCREW DIODE. ZENER. RD3. TNR10V431K DIODE. ZENER. LED. SCHOTTKY.01UF K CERAMIC CHIP. 50V B 0. SCHOTTKY. SPR-54MVWFLMN FUSE.1UF K CERAMIC DISC. 7009F07 SCREW DIODE. DIODE ZENER. 50V 22UF M 3A ELECTROLYTIC.1UF K CERAMIC CHIP. MTZJ36C DIODE.Location C876 C877 C878 C879 C881 C883 C884 C885 C886 C887 C888 C889 C891 C892 C898 C899 D801 D801B D805 D806 D809 D810 D811 D812 D813 D840 D841 D842 D843 D846 D847 D848 D849 D850 D850B D851 D855 D856 D865 D870 D871 D873 D873B D875 D875B D877 D877B D879 D881 D882 D890 D891 D899 DB81 DB82 DB83 F801 F801A Part No. 25V B 0. AC250V E 1000PF M DIODE.01UF K CERAMIC CHIP. 1SS355 VARISTOR.

TLN3481AA FERRITR CHOKE. MIP2900MPSCF OPTICAL ENGINE. TEM2129AM INDUCTOR. CARTRIDGE. TLN3515AH INDUCTOR. TEM2011AH FERRITE CHOKE. TEM2011AH FERRITE CHOKE. 23144378 23144374 23144707 23144715 23144715 23144714 23144326 23165433 75002037 23135038 75002047 75002044 75002045 75002046 23103302 23103302 23103302 23289996 23103302 23248386 23248386 23103307 23103307 23103828 23103828 23103828 23103828 23248386 23248386 23103302 23103887 23103887 23103302 23103302 23103302 23103302 23103302 23103302 23103887 23103886 23103886 23103885 23248442 23103885 23289979 23248442 23248442 23103885 23103887 23103887 23713702 23164965 23713713 23713910 23713759 23713911 23713908 23713755 Description FUSE. TEM2130AM INDUCTOR. BEAD.2X20 FUSE HOLDER. TEM2011AH COIL.96MM VH CONNECTOR.5MM G. 125V 4A FUSE.5MM G. TLN3481AA FERRITE CHOKE. CHOKE. TEM2011AH INDUCTOR. TLN3481AA COIL. BEAD TEM2121M COIL. CHOKE. CHOKE. CHOKE. TEM2014AA FERRITR CHOKE. 95. TEM2014AA INDUCTOR. CHIP BEAD. RADIAL LEAD SUB-MINIATUR 250V 800MA FUSE. W-P3504-#02 PLUG. CHIP BEAD 3A 22OHM COIL. AXIAL. TEM2011AH INDUCTOR. 125V 5A FUSE.2 IC. B4B-EH-F1-TV4 30 .2X20. CHIP BEAD. PEAKING. 2P 3. TEM2129AM INDUCTOR. B8B-EH-F1-TV4 CONNECTOR. CHOKE. TRF4220AF FERRITE CHOKE. 125V 0. STR-Z4316(LF1503) IC. TEM2011AH FERRITE CHOKE. CHIP BEAD. BEAD. CHIP BEAD 3A 22OHM COIL.Location F820 F840 F871 F873 F875 F877 F899 F899A IC81 IC840 K271 K501 K502 K601 L803 L804 L805 L840 L841 L842 L843 L850 L851 L852 L853 L854 L855 L856 L857 L870 L871 L872 L873 L874 L875 L876 L877 L878 L879 L880 L881 L882 L883 L884 L885 L886 L887 L888 L889 L890 P800 P805 P811A P812 P822A P823A P831A P880A Part No. CARTRIDGE 5. 125V 5A FUSE. CHOKE. TRF4100AZ COIL. BEAD. 50G6M3 FERRITE CHOKE. CHIP BEAD. LENTI SHEET SCREEN50K6ML SCREEN.L7003G001 SCREEN.63A FUSE. TEM2011AH FERRITE CHOKE.2X20. B3P-VH(LF)(SN) PLUG. 250V 2A FUSE. TEM2011AH COIL. TLN3481AA COIL. 5. INDUCTOR BEAD. CHIP BEAD 3A 22OHM INDUCTOR. 5. AXIAL. 2P 11. CONNECTOR B5P-VH(LF) PLUG. TLN3515AH INDUCTOR. TEM2011AH FERRITE CHOKE. CONNECTOR B6P-VH(LF)(SN) CONNECTOR. RADIAL LEAD SUB-MINIATUR. CARTRIDGE 5. BEAD. BEAD. FRESNEL SHEET SCREEN50K6MF MIRROR. TEM2011AH FERRITE CHOKE. 4P 2. TEM2130AM FERRITE CHOKE. TEM2121M INDUCTOR. TEM2121M INDUCTOR. TLN3515AH COIL. CHOKE. CHIP BEAD. 4P. 8P 2. PEAKING. TEM2011AH FERRITE CHOKE. TEM2130AM INDUCTOR. TEM2130AM PLUG.88MM W VT PLUG. 250V 2A. TEM2130AM INDUCTOR. TEM2121M INDUCTOR.

2SC4081 Q TRANSISTOR.5MM G. 2SC4081 Q IC. NJM431L TRANSISTOR. 1/8W 47K OHM J CHIP. TLP421F(GR) IC. PHOTO COUPLER. PHOTO COUPLER. 1/2W 5. 2W 47K OHM J CHIP. 1/20W 10K OHM J CHIP.6K OHM J CHIP. 2SJ668(Q) TRANSISTOR. 1/2OW 15K OHM J CHIP. 1/8W 47K OHM J CHIP. 1/8W 47K OHM J CHIP. 1/20W 3.3K OHM J CHIP. 1/8W 47K OHM J CHIP. 1/20W 1. 1/20W 8. 1W 33 OHM J OXIDE METAL FILM. 1/2W 100 OHM J OXIDE METAL FILM. TLP421F(GR) TRANSISTOR. 1/8W 47K OHM J CHIP. 1/20W 82K OHM J 31 .2806KL-04W-B39-B02 IC.2K OHM J CHIP. 2SA1576A Q TRANSISTOR. 1/20W 1K OHM J CHIP. 1/20W 120K OHM J CHIP.2K OHM J OXIDE METAL FILM.3K OHM J CHIP. PHOTO COUPLER. 1/6W 22 OHM J OXIDE METAL FILM. 1/20W 8. 1/8W 47K OHM J OXIDE METAL FILM.Location P902A Q001 Q842 Q850 Q851 Q852 Q855 Q856 Q857 Q858 Q860 Q862 Q865 Q870 Q875 Q876 Q877 Q878 R803 R807 R808 R809 R810 R811 R812 R813 R815 R816 R817 R818 R819 R821 R824 R825 R826 R827 R828 R829 R830 R831 R832 R833 R834 R835 R836 R840 R841 R851 R852 R853 R854 R855 R856 R857 R858 R859 R860 R861 Part No. 2SC4081 Q TRANSISTOR. 1/20W 33K OHM J CHIP. 1/20W 3. 2SC4081 Q TRANSISTOR. 1/2W 6. 1/20W 220 OHM J CHIP. TLP421F(GR) TRANSISTOR. 2SC4081 Q TRANSISTOR. 1/2OW 15K OHM J OXIDE METAL FILM. B3B-EH-F1-TV4 DC FAN. 2W 100K OHM J CHIP. 2SC4081 Q TRANSISTOR. 1/6W 1K OHM J CHIP.2K OHM J CHIP. 1/8W 47K OHM J CHIP. 1/8W 47K OHM J CHIP. 1/8W 1M OHM J CHIP. 3P 2. 1/8W 1M OHM J CHIP. RN1404(F) IC. 1/20W 22K OHM J CHIP. 2SC4081 Q CHIP. 1/2W 39 OHM J CARBON FILM. FILM 1/2W 10 OHM J CARBON FILM.5K OHM J OXIDE METAL FILM. 1/20W 8. 1/8W 1M OHM J CHIP. 2SJ304(F) TRANSISTOR. 1/8W 47K OHM J CHIP. 2SC4081 Q TRANSISTOR.8 OHM J OXIDE METAL FILM. 1/20W 10K OHM J CHIP. 1/8W 1M OHM J CHIP. 1/2W 56 OHM J OXIDE METAL FILM. 23713754 75002038 23000823 23205506 23205507 23205506 23205506 23205506 23205506 23205506 23000823 23000823 23205329 23085389 75002026 23205506 75002025 23205506 76011221 76011822 76552560 76321689 76382330 76552101 76552390 76366220 76552100 76366102 76871473 76871473 76871473 76383473 76871473 76871473 76871473 76871473 76871473 76871473 76011332 76011102 76011103 76011103 76011332 76011153 76011153 76552562 76011152 76383104 76011822 76011822 76871105 76871105 76871105 76871105 76011124 76011223 76011333 76011823 Description PLUG.

DC12V. TPW3588AS PC BOARD ASSY. ST-H0061 TRANSFORMER. U/C 125V10A HSV 5 CMC-02P 5 CABLE.LF LH28V 5MH 3. 1/20W 1K OHM J CHIP. PE0032B3 REMOTE EYE PC BOARD ASSY. SPK-1488AO RELAY. 1/20W 33K OHM J CHIP. 1/20W 4. 1/20W 10K OHM J CHIP. PE0032B7 LED(720P 06MODEL) PC BOARD ASSY.2A. PE0043A1 HM66 SEINE PC BOARD ASSY. PE0032B6 DOOR SWITCH PC BOARD ASSY. 1/20W 1K OHM J CHIP. 1/2W 8 8. PE0032B1 POWER PC BOARD ASSY. DG-3 FILTER. SPVF11 SPEAKER ASSY. CT-90251 32 . PE0033A2 TV-MICRO PC BOARD ASSY. 1/20W 1K OHM J CHIP. Y66-LMA POWER CORD. TV5. PE0032B5 KEY SWITCH(720P 06MODEL) PC BOARD ASSY. 1/20W 10K OHM J CHIP. 1/20W 1K OHM J OXIDE METAL FILM. LVDS MANUAL OM INSTALLATION E/F MANUAL OPERATING ENGLISH/FRENC REMOCON HAND UNIT.2M 2M OHM J SWITCH.Location R862 R863 R864 R865 R866 R867 R869 R870 R871 R873 R875 R876 R877 R878 R879 R880 R881 R882 R883 R884 R885 R886 R887 R888 R889 R890 R899 S810 SP661 SP662 SR81 SR82 T801 T802 T810 T840 T862 U01A U01B U01C U01D U01E U01F U01G U02A U02B U03 U04S U05A V701 W801 WV01 Y101 Y102 Y912 Part No.2K OHM J OXIDE METAL FILM. PE0033A1 REGULATOR PC BOARD ASSY. TPW3589AH TRANSFORMER CONVERTER. 1W 1. 1/20W 22K OHM J METAL GLAZE GLAZE. SERVICE. PE0044A1 D-TUNER DLP/FPD LAMP UNIT. 1/20W 1K OHM J CHIP.2K OHM CHIP.3K OHM CHIP. 1/20W 22K OHM J CHIP. PE0034A1 BACK AV PC BOARD ASSY.2A.3K OHM J CHIP. 1/16W 33K OHM CHIP. 1/2W 1.5K OHM J CHIP. 1/20W 47K OHM J CHIP. 76011103 76011102 76011103 76011333 76011332 76998333 76011103 76011102 76382122 76552152 76011472 76011103 76011473 76011103 76011223 76011223 76011223 76011153 76011102 76011471 76998332 76998223 76998222 76011102 76011102 76011223 76004718 23344522 75002024 75002024 23146590 23146584 75002021 75002021 75002020 75002018 75002019 75002005 75002006 75002007 75002008 75002009 75002010 75002011 75002014 75002015 75002016 75004945 75002876 75007110 23372117 75004853 75002058 75002057 75002040 Description CHIP. 1/16W 2. PE0032B2 BALLAST POWER PC BOARD ASSY. DLS5D1-O(M)0. 1/20W 22K OHM J CHIP. 1/20W 10K OHM J CHIP. SPK-1488AO SPEAKER ASSY. 1/20W 10K OHM J CHIP. 1/20W 10K OHM J CHIP. PE0032B4 SIDE AV INPUT PC BOARD ASSY. ET28-502-01 TRANSFORMER CHOKE. 1/20W 470 OHM J CHIP.25W RELAY. 1/16W 3. 1/2OW 15K OHM J CHIP. 1/16W 22K OHM CHIP.7K OHM J CHIP. 1/20W 22K OHM J CHIP. ET28-502-01 FILTER. 1/20W 3.LF LH28V 5MH 3.