This paper deals with the case of Gerard Depardieu, his renouncing of French citizenship and
receiving the Russian one. Throughout the media from different countries, we will get the full
picture of how Gerard Depardieu is seen and how his act is described. Thanks to newspaper
articles from France, Russia and England, we can conclude how each of them describes his
act and comments on his interviews related to this case. Several newspaper articles from
different countries are used and will be analysed. The most important thing above all is that
newspapers are from different countries, so that we can conclude by ourselves what approach
to this specific case is closely to reality. In the first place, French newspapers that strongly
condemned Depardieu, then Russian one that welcomed him with open arms, and after all,
English newspaper that are probably the most objective one. Corpus served for the analysis
consists of two articles from French newspapers- Expatica and France24, two articles from
Russian newspapers- Pravda and Russia Today, and two articles from English newspapersThe Guardian and The BBC. Theo van Leeuwen’s theory of social actors is used to analyse
the articles mentioned above. It is probably the most appropriate theory to use in this case.
Fairclough’s theory is also used to analyse these articles because in that way, we get wider
approach to the matter.

2. Corpus
Corpus that served for the analysis consists of six articles. Two of them are from French
media- Expatica (online) and France24, two of them from Russian media- Russia Today (RT)
and Pravda, and two of them from English media- The Guardian and The BBC.
Those from the Russian media date from January, 3 rd and January, 4th, when Gerard
Depardieu already took the Russian citizenship and got the passport. They are written by Lisa
Karpova (Pravda) with the title Welcome to Russia, Gerard Depardieu!, and the other one is
named Welcome to Russia: Putin grants citizenship to Depardieu, but the name of the person
who wrote this article is not mentioned.
Two articles from English media date from February, 23 rd (The BBC) and January, 14th (The
Guardian). The article in The Guardian is written by Miriam Elder and named Gerard
Depardieu praises Vladimir Putin and attacks Russian opposition. The other one from The
BBC is entitled Gerard Depardieu registered as Russian resident, but there is no name signed
below this article.
Finally, the last two articles from French media date from January, 1 st (Expatica) and May,
18th (France24). Names of persons who wrote these articles are not mentioned. The article
from May, 18th is included in this corpus in order to see that France could not agree with

Its main purpose is to provide information for people from English speaking countries and the international community.Truth). by the Russian Revolutionaries before World War I and for many years it had been a leading Russian newspaper.The British Broadcasting Corporation.) France24.is the international news and current affairs television channel founded in 2006. It is completely owned by the French government since 2008. Russia Today. (www. It is a social networking site to some extent because it helps expats in Europe to get news and information in English language. radio and web portal services and it is transmitted worldwide. and the second most popular website.com) . Pravda (English. The Guardian. It has television.britannica. It is the third most published daily paper in Britain. and the article from France24 is named Depardieu likens Putin to John Paul II. The article from Expatica is named Russians mock Kremlin decision on Depardieu passport.expatica.is one of the most prominent political newspapers in Russia. The Guardian was a local newspaper in the 19th century. (www.previously known as The Manchester Guardian. All the articles date from the time when Depardieu already received the Russian citizenship because throughout this paper it will be shown how different media represented him after renouncing of French citizenship and receiving the Russian one. but it became one of the most prominent national papers in the present. The BBC. the Communist Party of the Russian Federation started it again in 1997. was founded in 1821. It was founded back in 1912. 2005).Depardieu’s decision even though several months past. In the following lines it will be said more about each of media mentioned above. (www.founded in 2000. It is aimed to inform about current international events from the French perspective and to convey French values throughout the world. (BBC Press Office.france24. is an online news and information portal. Its main goal is to provide public service broadcasting in the UK.com).com) Expatica.is the international television network available in several languages. 2010. It was intended to improve the image of Russia abroad.was founded in 1922 by the British General Post Office and six telecommunication companies. the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Although it was closed because of economic issues. (Julian Evans. It is founded by the Federal Agency on Press and Mass Communication of the Russian Federation in 2005.

etc. As Van Leeuwen says that “there need not be congruence between the roles that social actors actually play in social practices and the grammatical roles they are given in texts..without privileging any of these choices as more “literal” than others.impersonally. 33) In the following lines it will be said more about each criterion of Van Leeuwen’s theory of social actors. represented as undergoing the activity or as being the recipient. It will be shown “how can “Sayers” be represented. Activation/ passivation.e. and identification occurs when social actors are defined in terms of what they are. rearrange the social relations between the participants. p. The reason for opting for Van Leeuwen’s theory is that the actors in this case are looked at from a social standpoint. Inclusion/ exclusion. interpretation of the relationship between . which can be formalization. These are the roles that social actors are given to play in representations. Impersonalization. subjection.” (Van Leeuwen. Nomination. Functionalization/ identification. It will be analysed how social actors are represented in the corpus and how they determine overall picture that we get about the case of Gerard Depardieu. by reference to their person or their utterance. Individualization/ collectivization. p.social actors are sometimes omitted or backgrounded to serve certain purposes. Representations can reallocate roles.social actor can be activated or passivated. exclusion. respectively who and why is represented as one or the other in the text. or personally. assimilation.functionalization occurs when social actors are referred in terms of what they do. The criterion for the analysis according to Van Leeuwen’s theory are: inclusion.can be realized through abstraction or objectivation. In his approach there are three stages of discourse analysis: “description of text.3.is realized by proper noun. Van Leeuwen distinguishes between the agent and the patient (actor and goal).first one occurs when social actors are referred to as individuals. Methodology The articles from newspapers on this case will be analyzed according to the features introduced by Van Leeuwen’s and Fairclough’s theory for Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA). individually or collectively. and without thereby also privileging the context or contexts in which one or the other tends to occur as more normative than others”. (Van Leeuwen. activation. 43) Fairclough’s theory on CDA was also used in the analysis. The role allocation is also one of the most important points in Van Leeuwen’s theory. Passivated social actors can be subjected or beneficialised. semi-formalization or informalization. individualization and others that will be mentioned. i. and the second one occurs when social actors are referred to as groups.

and explanation of the relationship between interaction and social context. “Supression is a kind of exclusion that . in that case we speak about assimilation. etc. From these examples. Gerard Depardieu is in this case represented as “the leading light of French cinema”.38) There are also two types of exclusion: suppression and backgrounding.56) Putin also said that he has long had “kind. Analysis A) Van Leeuween’s theory One of the important criterion’s in Van Leeuwen’s theory is the concept of assimilation. “Representations include or exclude social actors to suite their interests and purposes in relation to the readers for whom they are intended. friendly. “the ex KGB’s agent”. p.2013) From this example. “the recent recipient of Russian citizenship”.54). One of the subclasses of identification is relational identification. p.” (Van Leeuween.” (Van Leeuwen. but when social actors are referred to as group. kinship or work relation to each other. his name is substituted by “Russia” and “Moscow”. “Functionalization occurs when social actors are referred in terms of an activity or in term what they do. As mentioned above. the concept of assimilation is obvious. we then deal with the concept of exclusion. The terms of nomination and categorization are also seen throughout these articles. Relational identification “represents social actors in terms of their personal. etc. it is often seen that the name of Gerard Depardieu is often substituted by “the French actor”. we can see that Russia Today wants to show good relations between Putin and Depardieu. p. 4. grammar and textual structures in the text. In the Russian newspapers articles it is obvious that Putin is named by his full name.” (Van Leeuwen. The intrusion of such relations into the sphere of public activities may be branded as “nepotism” and “corruption”. There are two types of categorization: functionalization and identification. “the former Oscar nominee”.text and interaction. In the articles that made this corpus. There are two types of assimilation: aggregation and collectivization.” (Van Leeuwen.” (Fairclough. Categorization is “a representation of social actors in terms of identities and functions they share with others. individualization is when social actors are referred to as individuals. (Kroth. “the film star”.Vladimir Putin. there is a figure of Putin whose name is substituted by “the president”. p. In the other hand. Individualized social actors are seen as more important factors for the discourse analysis.52). there are many choices one can make when analysing the text referring to vocabulary. personal relations” with the leading light of French cinema. 109) In Fairclough’s words. p. When all social actors are not included. while in English and French newspapers.

This sentence has nothing in common with the case of Gerard Depardieu itself. The words as “terrorists”. named like “French regime”. we will see the concept of inclusion. innocent children? (Kroth. Maybe Gérard Dépardieu does not approve of how his hard-earned millions are being abused by the French regime? Maybe the star does not want his money to be transformed into bombs and drones. in order to terrorize the Syrian population and assassinate the Syrian President. among them thousands of small. bad light. sent to the Socialist Arab Republic of Syria. etc. (Russia Today. (Kroth. “terrorize” and “assassinate” gives us very threatening picture and one can conclude that all that France does is related to terrorists. Bashar Al-Assad. There is no negative picture portrayed about him. In the following sentence. 2013) In this example. role allocation and its main principle. France and its president and government are represented in the very negative light. In the other hand. etc. we can see how France is represented as the “French regime”.) . respected public figure. and the whole sentence shows France in a very negative. who is renouncing his French citizenship to search for an easier tax climate outside of his native country. but the Russian newspaper used it very cleverly to make the readers feel afraid of France. (Van Leeuwen.2013. Dr.leaves no reference to social actors. in the same way that the Syrian population is the victim of it in the previous example. “manipulators”. innocent children”. The French regime furthermore pays enormous sums of money to finance terrorists. President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree granting Russian citizenship to French film star and tax exile Gerard Depardieu. B) Fairclough’s theory According to Fairclough’s theory. it is obvious that Putin is represented as a very strong.39) In the articles from the Russian newspapers Pravda and Russia Today. textual structures. while backgrounding is a less radical method where social actors are mentioned elsewhere in the text. referring to vocabulary. but not immediately related to the given activity. words. while in the other hand. one can make several choices in the discourse analysis. killing civilians.2013) Gerard Depardieu (his money) is in this sentence represented as a victim of the French regime. one can conclude that everything that the French government does is financing people to buy bombs and drones and killing civilians and “small. the “French regime” is used related to Gerard Depardieu. In the following example. p. grammar.

2013) In The Guardian’s article. The word “regime”.object of scorn from Russia's youth-driven opposition movement -. Unlike the previous example from the Russian newspaper where France is represented in the negative light. On Saturday.2013) .com. so in that way France and Russia appear to be non-democratic states. 2013) The reporter also described Gerard Depardieu’s refusal to pay taxes as a “fight with the French authorities”. police arrested hundreds of Azeris who came out for a rare protest against the government's refusal to deal with hazing in the country's conscript army. it is written that the Russian opposition does not believe in democracy in their state and they actually make fun of Depardieu’s statements about Russia as a great democracy.exile. Depardieu praised Azerbaijan's culture and said it was "part of the culture of the larger Russia that was created by Catherine the Great"." wrote one Facebook user. whether French or Russian is mentioned several times throughout the corpus in order to represent both states as negative. which may lead to the notion of war between France and Russia.Baku.in January after getting into a fight with the French authorities over a new 75-percent tax on the super-rich.he has completely lost his marbles. Although unrelated to the topic itself.expatica. In this way he/she wants to show that Russia welcomes him warmly and that he went through exile from France. the reporter mentions it only because Depardieu gave an interview for the Russian television from its capital city.com. Vladimir Sokolov. (France24. "He is impressed by our democracy -. In the article from the website expatica.new Russian citizen. Moreover. according to Rossiya's translation. (www.From this example we see that the reporter calls Depardieu’s rejection to pay taxes and coming to Russia. (Elder. the following example from the French newspaper describes Depardieu as “the hulking actor”: The hulking actor received his new citizenship during a dinner with Putin -. so the reader may get the picture of war between Depardieu. the word “regime” is a feature of non-democratic society.with the French authorities. there are sentences about Azerbaijan’s situation in society and its culture.

In that way. so everybody reports from their own perspective. it was shown how the case of Gerard Depardieu is seen through eyes of different media from different countries.com. "Let's give our passports to everyone who has lots of money and doesn't want to pay taxes at home!" (expatica. . because they think he does not like Russia as much as his money.Depardieu’s love towards Russia. one can come to her/his own conclusion about the case of Gerard Depardieu. Both the English and the French newspaper have a common opinion that Putin uses Depardieu to promote Russia in a better light in the world. While Pravda describes Depardieu as a victim of the French regime. The attempt to represent France as a very negative and its authorities as a regime. … he (Depardieu) "loves money more than motherland”. the people who wrote these articles are naturally affected by political and social background. was very successful in the Russian newspaper Pravda. while Russia Today gave the objective picture without personal opinions. However. Newspapers from France tried to blacken Russia and its president and gave a very negative picture of Depardieu saying that he “loves his money more than his homeland”. one looks at his love with the certain dose of sarcasm. 2013) 5. the English newspapers express their rather negative opinion about his act. its people and history is mentioned several times in the Russian newspapers while in the French and English. Conclusion Throughout this paper.

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