Tender Schedule Master Add

1)Change 'Tender Reference Number already exist' message (which pops up when use
r clicks add button by giving existing tender reference number) to 'Tender Refer
ence Number already exists'
Tender Details
1)Select a schedule-->select BSR radiobutton-->Go to BSR chapters-->Reload optio
n present at the bottom of each chapter is not working
2)Use 'fast'option inorder to select BSRitems-->Key in already added BSR code-->
Change 'Record already added' message to 'Record is already added'
3)Not able to add BSR items Using 'Help tenders' option since schedules are blan
Select tender ref number eg:TEST123 from the tender ref number dropdown-->Sche
dule is fully blank,but there is a BSR item for TEST123 tender ref number
4)Select 'Help tenders'radiobutton option inorder to select non BSR non vetted i
tems from the previous tenders-->Tender reference number dropdown is not contain
ing all the tender numbers which is having non BSR items.I wanted to select non
vetted items present in TEST123 tender but this tender number is not present in
the dropdown list
5)Rate field cant be editable for bsr & non bsr vetted items.It should be editab
le only for non bsr non vetted items
Tender Notice Print
1)Let the title of the screen & the name present under transaction tab be same
2)System should not allow user to feed offers before the tender notice print
D00032 test1 D00033
LOA Edit
1)'Remarks' & 'Special conditions'entered for 'TC restricted' items in LOA add s
creen is not appearing in the LOA edit screen & mentioned tcrestricted item is d
isplaying as a normal item
2)description of all the schedule items present in LOA add screen is not appeari
ng in the LOA edit screen.
3)Reload option present at the bottom of the vetted & non vetted grid is not fun
ctioning when user tries adding new items to the already existing schedule
4)Nothing is happening on clicking the plus icon in the BSR schedule,not able to
add BSR items
5)There is no delete option to delete the schedule items in both LOA add & edit
Variation add & edit
1)Reload option present at the bottom of the vetted & non vetted grid is not fun
ctioning when user tries adding new items
2)Not able to delete the schedule items since there is no check box to select it
tend-->ecn/25/2014-->sch B-->instead of 987091.5,it is 987091
tender notice report-->Date of Opening-->not displaying full year & Tender Ref.
No.-->displaying half of the tender notice number along with the tender number
PVC Bill
1)Change the nomnclature from 'Measured Date' to 'Measured From Date'
2)'Measured From Date' should be on or after LOA date & current date
3) 'Measured To Date' should be on or after 'Measured From' date & current date
4)There is no date picker to select 'Measured To Date'& with out selecting it us
er cant generate the bill

Partpayment Bills 1)Change the nomnclature from 'partpayment' to Bills' under transaction menu & ' Partpayment Bill edit' to 'Bill Edit' 3)D00042 .