You have newly joined a development team and your team member is developing a
report. He wants to put the validation for the vendor No. In which event he should put
the error message so that in case when wrong vendor is entered error message
should appear and focus the cursor on that field.


B. End-of-selection
C. At selection screen on field
D. Initialization
It boosted my confidence and the answer is : C . At selection screen on field.
2 . Business want to change the F1 help for the field for all Reports At what level you
will change So that it reflect for all place.
A. Domain
B. Data element
C. Change all table field
D. Code at selection screen on help-request in all the reports
As data element store the schematic information. It can be used and the idea of changing the
code of all reports with D option is useless .So the answer is : B Data element

which statement can be used to read a single record from the internal table.

A. Move it_tab to wa_taab with <i>.
B. Read table it_tab into wa_tab index <i>.
C. Move-corrosponding it_tab to it_taab1.
D. None of the above.
The answer is : B
4. Which one of these event will be triggered first when you execute the program ?
This one also does not take much time as loading of the program is the first thing which is done
and after that it will start looking into the code. So the answer is : LOAD-OF-PROGRAM
5. What is the valid combination among these for SAP R/3.
A. 2 –Application server and 1-data base server
B. 2-database server and 1- Application server
C. 2-Application server and 2-Database server
D. 3-Application Server and 2-Database server
The question is not that clear but As far as SAP is concern it believes in Central instance, So
answer is A.

Data base interface (that will be used to make SAP database independent) 8.FM1 and FM2 has a simple code of adding 1 into that variable And FMR has the code of returning that global variable.: SY-TABIX 9. Write : / Ret_val. A. Report test_fungrp.It also has one global variable Gl_val . Can database view used to fetch the data from the database using SELECT Query? A. ABAP interprter D. Data : ret_val type i. 2 C. False Anser is : A. True B.6. SY-TABIX D. Call function FMR importing VAL = Ret_val. None of thee above SO ……Easy Right ??? Answer is C. WORK Process B. A. SY-DATUM (What a option !!!!!!!! ) C. Clear gl_val. Call Function FM1. There is one function group name AG which contains three function module FM1 . So what will be the output of falling code. Which layer will be used to convert the OPEN SQL into the database specific query. 4 HHhmmm…need to use little mind in this As function Group will have only one instance through out the program run so only one copy of that global variable: Answer is : b.FM2 and FMR .2 7. You have 10 records into the internal table .you want to make use of loop statement to loop through all the records which system variable can be used to find out the loop iteration? A. 1 B. Call Function FM2. 3 D. SY-INDEX B. True . None of the above Answer is : B. Data : gl_val type i. DATA BASE interface C.

HTML GUI B. 16. 12. Which one of the following will contain user interface. What is the format of the system date variable sy-datum? A. 14.B. ( There are 3 correct answers) A. I know you want to kill me !!!!! but this question was there…Any way answer is clear it is B.C 15. A. What will be the output of the following code for the user has a date format as DDMM-YYYY?(Assume today’s date is 14th Feb 2010 !!!!!!! ) Report test_date. Data element C. Which of these are correct statements for SELECT-OPTIONS and RANGES. Wirte the mapping path into context’s attribute D. In Case of Webdynpro for ABAP how will you map context Attribute of view container and component container? A. Component container C. YYYYMMDD B.10. JAVA based GUI C. Domain B. You cannot mape. The structure of the internal table generated by SELECT-OPTIONS and RANGES are different. Drag it to the another container’s context C.c. SELECT-OPTIONS will generate ranges internal table implicitly.LOW and HIGH) D. RANGES statement will generate ranges internal table explicitly. Double click on that B. DDMMYYYY I know it is pure theory question but what can be done: Answer is A. MMDDYY C. B.Theory wins :: Answer Are : A. Window D. The structure of the internal table generated by SELECT-OPTIONS and RANGES are the same (contain SIGN. View Answer is : D. . A. Answer are : A. Web GUI Hmm…. None of the above Answer is : B. C. 11.b. YYMMDD D. Field level D. Windows GUI D. Parameter id is assigned at what level? A. 13. Model. Which are of those are GUI types in SAP. B.OPTIONS.

Endclass. Endclass. You are working on a program which is updating the database now you want that if something goes wrong you want that your code should be capable of reverting the changes done in database. Data : gl_var type i hidden. class class_name Definition. Public section. you want to declare a variable which can be used out side class globally but no one should be allowed to change that variable except the method of that class. . B. class class_name Definition. Endclass. Lv_date = sy-datum. Write : / lv_date. 18. Answers are : B. ) And what about if i use lv_date as char 8.. Roll Back Work. Message ‘Changes aborted’ Type ‘A’. C. 20100214 C. Proteced section. 02-14-2010 Answer is : C. Public section.Write : / sy-datum. Data : gl_var type i read-only. which statements can be used to achieve this? (There are two correct options) A. Public section. Message ‘Changes aborted’ type ‘I’. D. C. Data : gl_var type i. class class_name Definition. Endclass. D.C. Suddenly i went back to time when i was preparing for the exam…what will be the answer of this question if I change the code as below:: Report test_date. 2010-02-14 B. class class_name Definition.how you can achieve this ? A. Commit Work.(In this case answer is : 20100214) 17. Data : gl_var type i. “(Try it out …. B. A. Data : lv_date like sy-datum. 14-02-2010 D.

SCREEN-ACTIVE = 0. SCREEN-ACTIVE = 0. SCREEN-ACTIVE = 0. A database table without MANDT field is called?(Select most appropriate anser) A. ENDLOOP. D. So seams tricky??? But for SCREEN it is only possible to use LOOP AT SCREEN. It is not possible to over right the next screen attribute set into screen 500. Structure C. Database View. ENDLOOP. you want to hide a P_MATNR field from the screen how will you achieve it? A.how will you achieve this? A. D. IN PAI of screen 500. Use statement SET SCREEN 0. As it will override the next screen attribute set into the screen 500. Client dependent B. C. Business want that in some of the condition instead of going to screen 501 it should go to screen 502 after screen 500 finish it’s execution . B. Structure (What an option!!!!!!!!!!) D. MODIFY SCREEN. ENDIF. To define the internal table using statement: Data : it_tab type XYZ Where XYZ should be of type. If SCREEN-NAME EQ ‘P_MATNR’. “where” condition in LOOP and “read table” statement with screen is not at all possible So Answer is B. 21. B. C. MODIFY SCREEN. 19. LOOP AT SCREEN. SCREEN-ACTIVE = 0. Table type D. Answer is : B. LOOP AT SCREEN WHERE NAME = ‘P_MATNR’.Answer Is : D. Client in-dependent C. Appropriate answer is C. LOOP AT SCREEN WHERE NAME = ‘P_MATNR’. 22. In PAI of screen 500. Use statement SET SCREEN 502. READ TABLE SCREEN WITH KEY NAME = ‘P_MATNR’. Data base table B. MODIFY SCREEN. There is a screen 500 with next screen set as 501 in it’s screen attribute. in PBO of screen 501. 20. A. View . ENDLOOP. Use statement LEAVE TO SCREEN 502.

4 C. Answers are: A. BADI can be reusable. C. A. Field EXIT D.? (There are 3 correct answers) A. B. D. The requirement is to give Error message whenever user give plant 567. Choose the correct statements for BAPI. You can redefine the BADI as per your choice. BADI can be filter dependent. .) 23. A. D. BAPI is interface which contain methods and data declaration. Internal table ITAB has the following data Name Salary John 80000 Bob 20000 Amar 10000 David 50000 What will be the sy-subrc in following case. 12 As the mandatory condition to use binary search in internal table is that it should be sorted. USER EXIT Answer is: C. BAPIs can be called from Java Application. Function module EXIT C. Read table ITAB into WTAB with key Name = ‘David’ using binary search. (As Rest will define work area not the internal table. Business want to put validation on plant No. Which all statements are true for BADI. B. 8 D. 26. For all the screen. C. B. So answer is : B (Note: what will be answer if you read ITAB without binary search? ) 24. Without sorteing it will lead to incorrect result.Answer is : C. 25. D. You can use filter to choose the implementation you want to call. C. 0 B. BADI cannot have multiple implementations. BAPIs are the methods of Business Objects.what can be most appropriate way to achieve this? A. Screen EXIT B. Answers are: A.