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Guernsey Ladies Football Bonus Ball

Guernsey Ladies Football team are running a bonus ball scheme in order to help fundraise and
subsidise for the Island Games 2015. On average it is costing each player approximately £700
to represent the island. This is one method of fundraising we are using in order to send our
squad to compete in Jersey. Your support is very much appreciated 
The bonus ball will run over a 6 month period and participants can opt for option 1 or option 2
(see below). Numbers will be allocated on a first come first serve basis and then as closely to
a preferred number as possible. Draws will take place on the 1 st and 15th of each month
(March through to August) using a random number generator.
Monthly emails (on/around the 15th) detailing the winners of both draws will be sent out and
prize money will be paid by your preferred method of choice.
Option 1: Pay £60 for 12 draws/chances to win (2 draws per month)
In total this gives you 48 opportunities to win prize money over 6 months!!!
Option 2: Pay £30 for 6 draws/chances to win (1 per month – 1 st of each month)
In total this gives you 24 opportunities to win prize money over 6 months!!!
Prize money for both options will be EXACTLY the same – Option 1’s just have
double the chances of winning 
Each number per draw costs £5. This gives you the chance of winning one of the 4 prizes
below each month and for those who opt for “Option 1” it gives you 2 chances per month!
Please note:
When the 2nd draw is completed…if the winning number is NOT allocated to an “Option 1” i.e.
£60 paying person holder, the nearest allocated “Option 1” will receive the relevant prize
For example; if number 13 is drawn out and numbers 10 and 18 are “Option 1” holders, the
closest “Option 1” to 13 is number 10, therefore number 10 will be the winner.
Should there be a split decision in the 2 nd draw (e.g. the number drawn is 14) the prize money
will be split between the two parties equally.
Based on a 100 numbers being sold a minimum prize have been estimated below, these are
subject to change (increase) the more numbers that are sold!!! Final prize monies will be
circulated prior to the first draw.
1st Prize: £75
2nd Prize £25
3rd Prize £10
4th Prize £10
Payment must be received before the 27th February to guarantee your number. Option 1 can
be paid in two instalments (2nd instalment of £30 must be received by 25th May).
Please find attached the form should you wish to participate and support us and many thanks
in advance.

Guernsey Ladies Football Team

Guernsey Ladies Football Bonus Ball – Application Form
Please fill in sections below clearly.

I would like to participate in:
(6 draws)
(please circle)

Option 1 (£60)

(12 draws)


Option 2 (£30)

My preferred number of choice

Alternative numbers (if preferred is unavailable) that I would like (in order of
preference) are: ________________

Payment method:
(please circle)



Bank Transfer

Account Details are: Guernsey Football Association, Bank: Natwest, Sort code: 60-09-20,
Account number: 74058797

Please clearly reference your payment as the player’s initials and
IG BB (Island Games Bonus Ball) so we can correlate the
payments accordingly, for example: ‘VR IG BB’




Should I win my preferred payment method would be:



If your preferred method of payment is by bank transfer please fill in the following details:
Name on card__________________
Sort code______________________
Account Number________________
Many thanks once again for your support and we will be in touch shortly via email!
Guernsey Ladies Football Team